Hunter Biden – purgatorio, facing his shadow

Hunter Biden has been found guilty on all three felony counts relating to buying a handgun while being a user of crack cocaine. Whether it will have much effect on the election seems undecided though it will take a personal toll on the president, who is already under scrutiny for his advancing years.  Sentencing will be within 120 days. It will have the (minor) advantage of undermining accusations of political rigging of Trump’s trial. Republicans will be turning their gaze next on Hunter’s business affairs with his tax evasion charges still pending.

  What seemed odd about the trial having skimmed the headlines was the way in which the ladies in his life, his former wife and daughter and his sister-in-law with whom he had an affair (and her sister), appeared to do his case considerable damage.

 Hunter, born 4 February 1970 1.46pm Wilmington, Delaware, has a friendly, keen-on-travel 9th house Sun Venus in Aquarius; with a sociable Jupiter in Scorpio in his 5th in an up-and-down opposition to Saturn in Taurus. An ambitious, go-getting Mars in Aries in his 10th opposes a volatile, excitement-seeking Uranus in his 4th. He has a Capricorn Moon conjunct Mercury on the cusp of his 8th trine a 4th house Pluto.

  A turbulent childhood home with a double-messaging Pluto and Uranus in his 4th – over controlling and constantly changing – with an intense 8th house Moon and a prone-to-mood-swings Jupiter opposition Saturn  does not make for a stable temperament. And he has a yod onto Saturn in Taurus inconjunct Neptune sextile Uranus which requires maturity and self-discipline to function well otherwise it is self-defeating.

 The car crash when he was two which killed his mother and sister and left his brother Beau Hunter with multiple broken bones gave him a fractured skull and severe traumatic brain injuries. He recovered to graduate from college, take a law degree and go into banking.

  Children are one of Joe Biden’s driving forces with his Taurus Moon in the 5th, almost as if he looks to them for nurturing. Despite both Beau and Hunter being Sun Aquarius and not an intuitive fit with father Joe’s multiple Scorpio planets, he has/had an easy Jupiterian connection with both. His relationship chart with Hunter has a composite Moon Jupiter connection; and with Beau a composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction trine Sun. Plus a few less easy aspects as well admittedly.

  The transiting Pluto in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus at one degree hits Joe Biden’s Moon exactly as the sentence was decided.

 Jill Biden looks less enamoured of Hunter despite her supportive show in court with a composite Sun square Saturn and a Venus Mars opposition Neptune – cool, critical, disappointed, irritated. Her Pluto opposes Hunter and Beau’s Aquarius Sun so she’d be firmly in control.

 Beau born exactly a year and a day before his brother, 3 February 1969, no birth time, who died after a long illness with a brain tumour in 2015, which may have been associated with his military service in Iraq, always seemed the brighter son.  He shared his brother’s challenging Saturn on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Mars Neptune but obviously rose to the challenge to cope with it.

 Hunter is now labouring under tr Pluto moving through his 8th house for many years ahead which even if it does not involve prison time will be tough going. A hint of Dante’s purgatorio – a longish phase of cleansing of the sins. Tr Saturn is also moving across his 10th house which often coincides with success but it is also a time when chickens come home to roost and mistakes have to be faced – as Richard Nixon found out.

  You can’t blame people for their relatives and partisan point scoring is a bore – but it still does seem an amazingly tawdry tale dragged into public view.  There is something very wrong in the land of the free and a Cancerian family-cherishing, god-bothering land at that, when the (as yet) only two contenders fall so miserably short of the national image.

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    • I wonder which planets govern sweeping statements like that one? It can’t be just Mars and Jupiter for all the hot pungent air.

    • Hunter and his brother were in the same car accident that killed their mother and baby sister. He and his brother had to fight to survive from their severe injuries.
      He has PTSD and survivor’s guilt. Who wouldn’t? What he has been through is hell. His father, aunt, other relatives, second sister, and bonus mom, Jill, did give Hunter love and a “happy childhood.” The poor guy lost his mom, sister, and older brother – he has a Big Soul Contract. Sending all of the Bidens Love & Peace♥️️

  1. I think the interesting thing – especially with astrology giving us the roadmaps and the snapshots – that sometimes we get mired in the mundane muck on this Earth plane. We forget that we came here not to have a perfect life, but to experience and tolearn And perhaps, if we believe in Karma, to work on that.

    My heart breaks for all of the Bidens – my family endured similar scenarios – and every one of us who incarnated during this huge time in history.

    But we chose this period, place, and experience – so no matter how the drugs get to the addicts – the ones of us who can, may want to shine brighter.

    We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

    As Above, So Below. ️✨✨✨

    Bless us All.♥️

  2. One of the first things that jumped out at me with the synastry between Joe and Hunter’s charts is Hunter’s Saturn 2Tau59 sitting on his Dad’s Moon 1Tau00 in Joe’s 5th house of children…the absolute weight of that for Joe. With the Moon exalted in the sign of Taurus, Joe openly displays his unconditional love for his son. That family has borne unimaginable tragedies. Hunter is very fortunate to have loving parents who have always been there for him, which for a lot of addicts does not happen.

  3. Hunter has numerous aspects from Chiron to Asc, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune.
    These aspects describe his woundedness, suffering in areas rules by these planets.
    Click on magnifier to enlarge his chart showing Chiron and its aspects.

  4. Drug addiction is the great equalizer in this country. It can befall anyone, no matter their sex, color or status. I was surprised at the verdict since Delaware is a “friendly to the Biden family” state. Perhaps this trial will allow him to stay clean, something his family truly wants for him.

    My nephew went to jail for a year when he was 19, and being away from the drugs enabled him to become clean. However, the conviction still haunts him to this day. He and his wife just traveled 17 hours to Japan only to be refused admittance due to that conviction 20 years ago. They had to turn around and fly back another 17 hours home.

    It broke my heart to hear the phone calls from Joe pleading with Hunter to call him and to hear is ex wife in those calls trying to help him and worried about where he was. My brother and sister-in-law went through that too and it’s one reason I’m so adamant about border security and the huge amounts coming thru.

    Jail was a huge consequence for my nephew and allowed him to be away from the drug world and to become a human living without drugs. Nothing else had worked.

    And nothing so far has worked for Hunter. However, Hunter, being the son of the President, isn’t an average American citizen. His father could pardon him? ‍♀️ My guess is probation since it is Biden friendly Delaware.

    However, things aren’t so friendly in the Democrat’s world. The Daily Beast blames Biden’s own attorney general for bringing the case: “But we have Attorney General Merrick Garland to thank for the fact the case was brought, and that it was tried in the politically explosive time of a presidential campaign, only a month before the start of the Republican convention and two months before the Democratic one.”

    • Drugs, both illegally and often legally obtained, are an incredible tragedy and scourge both on the individual and society. I feel sorry for Hunter, as I would anyone whose personal tragedy is hijacked for political reasons. I hate this extreme partisanship.

      @Maggie, I’m terribly sorry about your nephew, though it sounds as if he’s been able to remake his life, as Hunter seems to be doing, with strong family support. Hunter seems like an extremely troubled guy, who both exploited his father’s name and has suffered from it greatly. I hope he’s able to overcome all his troubles and addiction.

      Maggie, did you know most of the illegal drugs coming into the US actually enter through the official ports of entry? My husband was a consultant to the Office of National Drug Control Policy and I worked on conferences he ran. The stories I heard of the smugglers’ tactics and concealment efforts were mind-boggling. That’s why we need better inspection and more officers Customs and Border Protection like all border enforcement agencies, is notoriously understaffed and short-handed, causing unconscionablly long waits (often 3+ hours) at the US border for legitimate travelers. Hiring more qualified officers, often based at isolated outposts, is exceptionally difficult, adding to the complexities of border enforcement.

      • I’m sorry but I must disagree with you on this one, Nicole. I have benefitted tremendously from the medical marijuana program in my state and it helps me with intractable pain and anxiety, and it may be a scourge for you personally, but I am a productive member of society that has loved the Mary Jane for a long time now. Alcohol? Never touch the poison. Perhaps you indulge in wine or other spirits. I don’t care either way, even though everyone knows that alcohol is the most dangerous drug of them all. I had an ex that had opioid use disorder throughout our marriage. When he couldn’t find dilaudid, he would secretly drink alcohol to get a very similar feeling of intoxication that he got from the narcotics. The therapy provided to me during his rehab stays all reinforced to me that alcohol has the EXACT same effect on people as opioids and benzodiazepines. Maybe you could check yourself before you judge empirically on this subject. Thanks!

        • Jody, I don’t believe Nicole was saying anything bad about marijuana. She lives in a state where it is legal. What is coming across is Fentanyl, it’s extremely dangerous and I know two young people who died while using it. I didn’t see her judging you about that. Fentanyl is a scourge, marijuana isn’t in my opinion.

        • Jody, I agree with Maggie. I too know many people helped by medical marijuana. By “scourge,” she’s right, I’m thinking of “hard drugs,” including heroin, fentanyl, misused and illegally obtained opioids (I have a friend dependent on legally -prescribed opioids for a chronic medical condition), cocaine and other addictive drugs. I have a friend whose successful lawyer son-in-law committed suicide after getting addicted to cocaine and opioids and destroyed his life through his addiction.

          I agree there are legitimate uses for some of these drugs, including fentanyl and opioids, for chronic pain. It’s the misuse, abuse and addiction, plus the involvement of criminal cartels in trafficking, that pose the problems. No judgement on legitimate use here!

          • Got it! There is an article in the Atlantic, November 2021 entitled something like: Can we even call it meth anymore? It describes the unintended consequences of banning ephedra Sudafed product purchases in order to stop the home meth cooks from producing methamphetamine. It was the Hell’s Angles that brought their recipe books up here when they retired from California to the PNW so they could continue producing methamphetamine. Now, meth is called P2P SuperMeth and it is produced all with synthetic chemicals from China going directly to Mexico, and I believe Myanmar is a big synthetic meth producer for the slaves working the sweatshops in Asia and North Korea.
            The author describes how this P2P meth rots the brain in a very short time, unlike the other “organic” one made with ephedra. (I am not endorsing using organic meth, however.) When I moved here from the MW 25 years ago, I couldn’t believe the casual meth use from mothers and fathers. These people worked every day, owned their own homes and businesses. I am not going to go so far as to say they weren’t codependent and dysfunctional, but they somehow made it work, at least for a few years.
            But referring back to the article: The gangs in LA were the first to notice the new formula that they called “wierdo meth” when their clients who once had a job, a relationship and an apartment now have none of those things and are hallucinating and stabbing at the air, raging at people with a demonic voice. What once cost $14k a kilo, now costs $1400 a kilo. My community is flooded with meth and for as long as I have lived out West, I have been inadvertently at times around tweakers. It is very common here and a lot of people would just ignore it. But not now with the P2P supermeth.
            I highly recommend the article for further reference. Thanks

          • It is also believed that Myanmar is responsible for the huge problem with “ice”, which is the crack form of meth, plaguing the Hawaiian Islands since the early 90s. There doesn’t seem to be a family untouched there by that terrible form of meth. I used to enjoy camping in Hawaii, but when you are with your children arriving at Anahola on Kauai and there is a psychotic woman screaming “Where are my drugs??” and the bathroom is trashed beyond any repair, it just becomes too much of a problem. So we no longer go camping in Hawaii

          • @Jody, how could I forget about meth, one of the worst? I didn’t know about the newer variants. But about 20 years ago we had an erratic young neighbor in an adjacent apartment house who operated a small meth lab. We discovered the debris after he moved out. We were lucky he didn’t blow up his building and ours as well!

            Even if you deliberately avoid these drugs it’s hard to be untouched by them.

      • Hi Nicole, yes I do know that about ports of entry, dogs are used abundantly to sniff under cars and drug mules are often U.S. citizens. However, illegals have reported that they pay the cartel to get them to the border, upwards of $8000-$10000 and are often asked to cart drugs across. Whichever way the drugs arrive, they are arriving. And naturally, with so many agents pulled to process illegals they are definitely understaffed.

        We have no country without a border, as I’ve said, it’s my number one concern of many, and I’m seeing that it’s not good for Biden’s re-election because he has demoted Black Americans in favor of illegals. The percentage of Blacks voting for Trump has shot up and is now noticeable. They see their replacements arriving. They see he could go to jail and compare him to the men in their community, right or wrong. I’ve heard numerous interviews with Black men on X, saw the UFC championships, a huge arena where Trump had a standing ovation and the winner, a Black young man jumped out of the ring to hug Trump. The crowd was chanting “FJB” and “USA”.

        Please don’t make excuses for this as no Liberal wants to see this, I understand. Just giving a wake up call and a heads up as to what is happening.

        • Yes, so many stories, few good! We desperately need comprehensive immigration reform but it won’t happen as long as the issue can be politicized and played for maximum political benefit. Sigh!

          And I’ll stop my non-astrological comments — though I wonder if astrology can offer any signposts to an eventual resolution, which seems to torment most prosperous, developed countries worldwide???

        • Maggie, I suggest you check out Peter Santenello’s videos with US sheriffs in both Texas, near Alpine, and Yuma, Arizona, at the border with Mexico. He found IDs and currency on the Mexican side from hundreds of countries! The sheriffs explained that these people want to be caught and have gotten rid of all forms of identification because they are entering for economic reasons and not humanitarian. They know they will be sent back. The sheriff said that these people will get a sponsor and a court date and maybe a cellphone and then be cut loose in the US until their court date in maybe 5 years.
          Also, there are those that don’t want to be caught and they likely are criminals or have entered the US before and have been sent back already. He said that the cartels pay for their passage and that they have to pay them back, just like you said. On another video where Peter is in Chicago talking to all the migrants living inside the police station there, while homeless veterans live outside in tents, they said that coming from Venezuela was “catastrophic” and that they were much more fearful of the Mexican police than they were of the cartels.
          Peter is non partisan and creates videos to show what is happening. He is correct when he states that the media is divisive and fear based and so this is why he does the vlogging. I was so impressed with both sheriffs, although I liked the Texas one the most. He can’t do anything to the people (from India, of all places!) walking past, having entered the US illegally, except wave hello kindly. Peter said that someone is making a fortune off of awful despicable human misery at the US border. I recommend all of his videos. He is non partisan, so one won’t necessarily find their bias with him, but he is a person of integrity IMO. Thanks

          • Thank you Jody, I did a search and found his border videos which I will watch.


            I also follow Bill Melugin on X,


            And I’ve seen the Chicago horrors a while back, police station, airport where they are hidden in plain view by a black curtain and a creepy man patrolling it to make sure no one sees behind the curtain which is full of people sleeping on the airport floor. A Chicago hotel full, the Mayor of Chicago refusing to answer the reporter’s questions. No doubt he’s getting money via this crisis as are many others.

            You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.
            Rahm Emanuel

    • @Maggie, I’m also sorry to hear about your nephew’s continuing to suffer the consequences of his drug addiction, but glad he was able to get clean. Apparently, Hunter Biden has been recovering from addiction and I hope he continues to recover, though the consequences to him and all around him continues.

      Joe Biden has said he would not pardon his son, upholding the rule of law despite what must be incredibly painful for him. Hunter Biden had a plea deal in place to avoid a trial but then the House Republicans made a lot of noise that helped squash the deal, thus allowing the MAGA GOP to attack Pres. Biden when they were unable to impeach him given they had no wrong-doing found. They’ve hoped to wound Biden politically through his son, and happy enough to cause personal pain while at it. Hunter, of course, has no political involvement at all, unlike the former guy who had his family members installed in White House positions.

      • Thanks Les, I didn’t know Biden had said he wouldn’t pardon him. I believe he will probably get probation, as I said friendly Delaware, but obviously I know nothing about which way the wind will blow.

        • You Rock, Maggie! Thanks for posting the video! I liked the part in the Texas video where sheriff Dodson and Peter were just a foot from Mexico and Peter said “If I step over past that plant, I’ll be in Mexico. Can I just walk back over?” and the sheriff said “No, you have to enter through the Port of Entry, but I’ll take a snapshot of you in Mexico!” And wasn’t it incredible, the identifications from all over the world that was shown in the Arizona video? And how they fly to countries that don’t require a visa: Dubai to Mexico City to Cabo and then to Mexicali and on to the US! The people crossing our border into the US will certainly owe a large debt to whomever is financing their long journeys. If it is okay with Marjorie, I will post the video of Peter and Sheriff Dodson in Texas.

    • Yes, probation is likely not just given Delaware is friendly to Biden but because first-time offenders get lighter punishment, particularly when the firearm was not used in committing a crime and when the offender expresses remorse. Probation, fines, are most likely. (It will be interesting to see what happens with Trump’s sentencing given his blatant lack of remorse, contempt for the ruling and ongoing ignoring of the gag order with ongoing attacking of the judge, judge’s family, prosecutor, jury, etc etc.)

    • Maggie, Daily Beast has distorted facts. David Weiss who prosecuted Hunter after beginning his investigation in 2018, is a republican who was appointed by trump. Biden and Garland, not wanting to appear partisan chose not to replace Weiss with a democratic appointee mid-case.

  5. Thanks, Marjorie. Beyond the headlines, the women in Hunter Biden’s life expressed the full gamut of emotions that might be expected, including concern and love. They testified truthfully, as required under the law, but were not exactly enthusiastic about it.

  6. Seems a bit unfair to smear the entire 340 million+ population of the United States over a minority cohort of religious nuts and two prominent families—one a collection of narcissistic vulgarians (Trump), the other beset by extraordinary tragedies and ordinary flaws (Biden).

    Anyway, looking to the UK (or really any country on the planet), it doesn’t appear we have a lock on family dysfunction, in high places or low. It’s just the human condition.

    I do agree that the God-botherers are a blight and a nuisance, and too many of them are in positions of power. Funny how they claim to follow Jesus’ teachings, yet seem to ignore such key Bible verses as “Love one another” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Pharisees.

  7. ‘god-bothering land at that’ :D!
    I’ve yet to meet a godly god-botherer, as christian they are as I’m a chinaman. Ye olde virtue signalling.

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