France – Macron’s desperate gamble

France was always due for an almighty upheaval this year running alongside panic and confusion as Emmanuel Macron calls a surprise election in the face of considerable losses in the French sector to the far-right in the EU election (overall the centre-right was the winner). All of which coincides with high-stress turbulence on Macron’s Presidency charts – with the astrology being satisfyingly precise, even if all else looks like chaos.

 Transiting Neptune is opposing France’s final degree Virgo Sun and square Emmanuel Macron’s final degree Sagittarius Sun from May 3rd to early this September, then on and off until January 2026 – leading to a sinking feeling and a fair amount of dither and muddle. In addition France’s revolutionary Uranus opposition Pluto square Mars in Scorpio is taking a fair pounding from a highly insecure and volatile tr Uranus opposition the France Mars running into and over the 30 June/7 July election and again into early 2024; with the Solar Arc Sun in an unstable square the France Pluto and Uranus over coming months into early 2025.

  It will be a roller coaster ride for France and elsewhere. Early July is already on red alert for the Trump trial sentence and the GOP Convention with the approaching Uranus Mars Algol conjunction on the 15th. And the Paris Olympics opening on July 26th.

  Macron’s initial Presidency chart, 14 May 2017, has a destabilising Solar Arc Pluto exactly square the Uranus to within four minutes of a degree as he made his shock decision. And his 2nd Term chart, 13 May 2022 has tr Uranus conjunct the Sun and square Saturn now for another massive jolt.

 He will remain president until 2027 but lost his party’s parliamentary majority in the 2022 elections. His dramatic move is seen as a huge gamble, which could result in more losses and potentially hand right-wing Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella more power. The president has presented it as an existential choice for French voters: do you really want to be governed by the far right? Most analysts predict that the far-right party may emerge with more MPs, but will probably not win enough seats to give it a majority, meaning the next parliament may be even more ineffective than the current one.

 One analyst suggested “It could be that he is looking at a neutralising “cohabitation effect”. If – for example, Bardella were offered the job of prime minister, two and a half years in government may be just enough time to render the far right unpopular too.”

  Macron never did look the right man at the right time for the last election with tr Saturn heading downwards through his lower-profile, less successful First Quadrant – and presently sitting at the nadir. Plus tr Neptune square his Sun and Mercury now into early 2026 will find him disappointed, confused, indecisive, not winning.

 Marine Le Pen, 5 August 1968 11.20am Neuilly Sur Seine, who has cleaned up her party’s image in recent years, pulling away from its former racist, anti-Semitic slant, looks seriously rattled at the moment but jubilant from 8th July onwards with tr Uranus square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint into early August, repeating both successful effects in October and disaster in November. Both pluses and minuses run into spring 2025. September to late November she has the trapped, frustrating tr Pluto opposition her Mars – so not everything is going her way. She has a hard, challenging chart with a Leo Sun and a tough Saturnine yod inconjunct Pluto Uranus in Virgo sextile Neptune and her Saturn in a hard-edged square to Mars in final degree Cancer.

France does not look overly enamoured with her this year through till February 2025 with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mars.

  Her young protege Jordan Bardella, 13 September 1995 3.42pm Drancy, France, a Sun Venus in late Virgo opposition Saturn, sextile Pluto and trine Uranus Neptune in Capricorn is rapidly rising in prominence despite being only 28.  He has the same mix of positive and negative as Le Pen this year with extreme frustration mid July to early September with tr Puto square his Mars/Node midpoint; and then a successful phase at the same time as tripping over setbacks September to late November this year.

 Much has been made of the supposed alliance between Le Pen and Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, 15 January 1977 6.30pm Rome. But Meloni’s Capricorn Sun clashes badly with Le Pen’s yod apex Saturn and her Mars in Cancer; and Meloni’s Saturn is conjunct Le Pen’s Sun. Not much sisterly cooperation there. 2026/27 look splitting apart years.

 Le Pen’s relationship with Bardella has a super-successful (when pulling together) composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction. But their togetherness will hit a few bumps on the road ahead from this July 8th on and off into early 2025; with moments of chill as tr Saturn opposes the composite Sun on and off into January 2025 – with considerable upheavals and maybe a parting of the ways come 2026/27.

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  1. The English and French elections being so cancer influenced, will undoubtedly surely have issues around the home and who lives in the home, immigration is now a huge issue.I think the population sensitivity to immigration has massively increased since the policy of dispersal in France and the U.K. occurred, it is if you read about it. The French and English with a history dating back to the Second World War accepted multi cultural cities but do not want the same in middle England or La France profonde. You may note Brittany which never had rassemblement votes now has quite a few since dispersal started from Nantes. The affordability of housing is another issue and the feeling of security. All Cancerian Can anyone sort the mess out?

  2. Re UK election. In my diary for July 5th I’ve written, What fresh hell is this???
    Europe doing the 1930s all over again, it cannot be denied that Pluto in Capricorn is ending and has given the elites endless money at the electorates expense and are now leaving the sinking ships like the rats they are.

    • Who are the elites? Murdoch is one of them who is close to both Conservatives and the Labour party. He will still get to control the strings if Starmer becomes PM. What I see is the real power in the hands of same people, while their puppets change.

      • Or if it’s with regard to rise of right wing parties like Reform UK then take a look at its donors. One set of elites replaced by another – Hedge funders, CEO of a company that trades in private planes, Firm that sells aviation fuel.
        One of the largest donors was Harborne who is also the largest single shareholder in defence technology company Qinetiq, whose income was boosted by Ukraine war.

        Elites will always hold power no matter who wins.

  3. What’s with these “shock” elections? Has the distinct feeling of vote-splitting machinations behind the scenes…or globalists trying to speed up their agenda.

    • I thought that about the globalists too, as its strange in the UK the prime minister’s looks like he is relieved and we had an mp Andrew bridge whistleblow saying Sunack didn’t want to be a war prime minister for the globalist war thats coming in September . I wondered in macron was bottling it too.Can you see a war in September Marjorie?

      • Hi Marjorie, I have emailed you some info to see what you think as would like to see what the astrology says about it.You can always say its a load of rubbish

        • @ Snew A bit late in the day but globalists = world government an authority to oversee everything from trade, justice, governance in the hand of the few ignoring local customs and differences in development, a totalitarian mindset, quite spooky.

  4. I’m struck by the fact transiting Neptune is square Macron’s Sag Sun-Mercury. While it is easy to read it as a powerplay or cynical move, when Macron says “I have heard your message, and I will not let it go without a response. France needs a clear majority in serenity and harmony” that sounds exactly like my experiences of Neptune – sensitivity towards others, letting them choose their path rather than foisting something on them. (And probably like all neptune transits it will turn out to be a disaster!)

    • I agree. You would think that making a big decision such as calling an election with tr Neptune squaring natal Sun and Mercury would be doomed to failure. This is especially as Neptune is virtually stationery up to and including the election.

    • Thanks for this GD. Neptune always seems to muddy the waters. I interpreted Macron’s decision as simply calling Le Pen’s, the RN’s and French people’s bluff. He’s suffering from a virtual parliamentary gridlock with very little to lose. So why not cut the Gordian knot?
      She and her father have consistently been rejected in presidential elections, but even if elected in July, it’s unlikely the RN will be effective or even acceptable in government because as a protest movement they are not built for it, without government experience. They are a fighting organisation, who’ll inevitably disappoint their followers leading to factional infighting with everyone else uniting against them. If they win in July, it’s unlikely they’ll still be popular by Christmas. The French are renowned to be impatient, harsh critics of their governments. It will jeopardise Le Pen’s run for President in 2027.
      Perhaps looking at the astrology of Jordan Bardella prospective PM dob 13.9.95 at 3,42 pm, Gabriel Attal current PM dob 16.3.89 at 1.35 pm, alongside Mr Macron dob 21.12.77 at 10.40 am, all millenials, would give us a clue.

      • I agree about the lack of government experience, Zita. But, off the top of my head – what about Zelensky and his tv career, actually playing the President of Ukraine, then forming a political party in 2018? He’s Aquarius, Leo Moon, Gemini rising (25 Jan 1978). Also, the eccentric President of Argentina (22 October 1970) – Libra, Leo Moon, Gemini rising. Milei was an economist and author known from his TV and radio appearances who entered politics in 2021. And perhaps a “business man” and reality tv star without a long political career – Gemini, Sagittarian Moon, Leo rising – who became President of the USA?

        Is this a trend?

        • Just to add – article in the L A times 20 August, 2018 – “From comedians to pop stars some world leaders take office with little or no political experience”. One famous and now beleaguered example is Pakistan’s Imran Khan, 5 October 1952 – a Libran stellium of Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. Nodes Aquarius/Leo. Mars in Sagittarius trine Pluto in Leo. No birth time unfortunately.

        • I recall reading a couple of years ago when Matt Hancock (while still a Tory MP) went on I’m A Celebrity that he claimed it was necessary as a way to communicate with younger audiences. Go further back and you have Penny Mordaunt on “Splash” reality TV show learning to dive and Nadine Dorries also on I’m A Celeb. They were already MPs but it then allowed them to become part of the front benches.

          However a certain Boris Johnson made his name as a newspaper political columnist and then appearing on Have I Got News for You before getting elected as an MP in 2001. If you dig back to 1992 you have Seb Coe (athlete) and Gyles Brandreth being elected as MPs and in 1997 Martin Bell, the war correspondent, being elected as an Independent MP. Also you could look to certain U.S. filmstars such as Ronald Reagan/Arnold Schwarzenneger who became governors of California as well as Clint Eastwood becoming the Mayor of Carmel.

          So is it a trend? Not sure But I suspect most voters have never met their MP so when presented with someone who they have actually seen they are more willing to vote for them if they have displayed a likeability or competence in other arenas. It is a big mistake of human nature to believe these qualities will make someone right for something completely different (see also job interviews/promotions/Peter Principle).

        • Celebrity has been a factor for years as GD has pointed out, with Mr Trump perhaps being its leading example. There was a war for Mr Zelensky to unite the country against, while Mr Milei had a massive inflation rate. Mr Khan is different in that after starting the PTI, a political party, in 1996, he had 17 years parliamentary experience before being elected president, though his celebrity has undoubtedly helped him.
          Mr Khan has gone the way of so many Pakistan leaders, but Mr Khan is learning that co-operation is necessary in order to govern, but is finding it difficult to make cross party deals, especially without a majority in Congress.
          Mr Macron came to power with 66%, having formed a party En Marche, after winning against Marine Le Pen, 33%, with one third of the population abstaining etc. Presumably he thinks it will work again.
          It easier for someone with a following, not always without good intentions, to exploit existing dissatisfactions and to be against something rather than for. It’s a fertile ground, especially now.

          • Thanks GD and Zita. Yes, I agree celebrity and politics are connected for a long time in our history. And this particular era offers many more platforms for people to publicise themselves too. I think when I wondered about a trend, I was also looking at the air and fire planets in those more recent individual examples – we’ll soon enter an airy and fiery time with the outer planets. Could be a lot of hot air to come?!

    • I noticed that tr Neptune is also square Rishi Sunak’s natal Venus in Gemini. Plus, Black Moon Lilith opposes Neptune in Virgo, which am not sure how to interpret, but it feels dynamic in a hidden kind of way. They’re all meeting up at the G7 now, under a very mutable sky – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in Gemini, Moon Virgo, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. Possibly hard to achieve much with all that going on.

  5. “Le Pen’s relationship with Bardella has a super-successful (when pulling together) composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction. But their togetherness will hit a few bumps on the road ahead from this July 8th on and off into early 2025”.

    The second round of the elections will be on 7th July. Therefore the results of who won will come out on 8th July.

    • What an exciting weekend that promises to be – UK election on Thursday 4th July sandwiched by the two rounds of French elections! All on the Cancer new moon although I’d think the moon will be into Leo by then.

      • And the quarter finals of the Euros, GD! I would imagine France will be playing then too. Kylian Mbappe is a December Sagittarian, like Macron. 20 December, 1998. His ascendant, 9 Libra, and MC, 11 Cancer, align with Macron’s 12 Libra/Aries Nodes, and the Nodes for M Le Pen – 11 Aries/Libra. Plus the Venus, 11 Libra, for France itself. Perhaps the Libran Solar Eclipse in October will be kicking in early? Ill-fated Louis XVI had Moon’s Nodes at 10 Libra/Aries. Moon’s Nodes on 4th July 11 Aries/Libra, on the 5th July, 10 Aries/Libra.

        Perhaps of astro interest too – the revolutionary Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 3 Leo on 29th June 1789 was just before the famous storming of the Bastille in July. That chart has Mars 27 Taurus, conjunct the South Node, on the descendant, 23 Taurus. The July visit from Mars, Uranus and Algol may be significant.

        • It’s all happening, isn’t it? As Marjorie has pointed out previously we are at the beginning of a big changeover with the outers moving into the more optimistic/positive/outward signs of Aries/Gemini/Aqua. It may be my own personal transits but I can feel change in the air so I am just sitting quietly waiting to see what comes along.

          We also have the north node shifting back into Pisces in January 2025 and then Aqua eighteen months later which I think may put the world into a less egocentric mode.

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