Republican Convention – will the volcano blow?

The Republican Convention to anoint Trump or not falls between 15th and 18th July in Milwaukee – and they could not have chosen a more incendiary moment. It opens on an explosive Mars Uranus Algol conjunction in Taurus which by day 2 will be opposition the Scorpio Moon.

   This also coincides with the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Mars exact to the minute of a degree on the USA chart which usually accompanies a considerable setback, can be accident-prone and highly aggravated. And as if that was not enough on the Sibly chart it is also when the Solar Arc Mars is conjunct the USA Aquarius Moon, rousing passions within the electorate to boiling point.

 It also opens with the Sun in last decan Cancer moving, in the three days following, across the USA’s fanatical, manipulative, beyond-stubborn and hostile Mercury opposition Pluto.

  On Trump’s chart the tr Uranus Mars is exactly square his Mars in Leo – which for a normal human being might look like an almighty shock putting severe strain on their heart. But with Trump who knows? He will be discouraged and pushing boulders uphill with tr Pluto opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint and confused with tr Neptune square his Mercury/Node midpoint which could indicate disappointments within a community. Though tr Jupiter is still sailing across his 10th house keeping him in the headlines and spotlight.

 Joe Biden looks rattled over the Republican Convention with tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint – though that might be other matters out on the global scene involving military decisions. Or indeed an accident-prone phase for him personally. That influence runs till early August.

 The Democratic Convention, 19 August 2024 in Chicago, will be memorable enough but nothing like as earth-quaking as the Republican one. It opens on a Full Moon in Aquarius opposition Sun Mercury and square Uranus – which despite the Fixed signs could hint at change. Tr Uranus will at that point be exactly opposition Biden’s Scorpio Sun. There is also Saturn in Pisces opposition Venus square an enthusiastic Jupiter Mars in Gemini – so the mood will blow enthusiastic and chilly. Plus a yod of Sun inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune which arguably suggests an uneasy mood of not knowing how to hold to a steady course.

 In addition to tr Uranus opposing Biden’s Sun, it also opposes his Mercury/Uranus midpoint and tr Neptune opposes his Mercury/Pluto midpoint = nervy, irritable, confused. Tr Pluto is square his Venus/Neptune midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘tragic loss, painful renunciation’ though his interpretations can tend to the overly dramatic – but he is not exactly upbeat for sure. And tr Pluto is reversing back to square his Sun/Neptune midpoint from September 2nd till late November = slumped, disappointing, a tragic illusion.

 Kamala Harris looks rattled over the Rep Convention and not exactly delirious over the Dem Convention with tr Saturn opposition her Venus in Virgo.

  Talk about nerve-wracking! And I don’t even live in the USA.

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  1. CherS, you have no reply button by your name but here’s what you requested.
    I’m choosing the obvious transit Uranus in Biden’s 6th opposite Mercury in his 12th, movement, speech disorder, possibly swift and unexpected and also opposing his Sun and Venus. Venus rules his 6th house of health. Onset possibly in 2022 when Saturn was opposing all three planets. I remember him being vigorous in speech and non shuffling in election year 2020 at the Democrat debates. Sun, Mercury and Venus are in the hidden 12th so likely not revealed or disclosed as shown by doctor not releasing his annual physical. Pluto will transit his 3rd house soon which can bring about extreme shifts in thinking and communication.
    That’s off the top of my head, I’m sure the more experienced astrologers here can point out other things.

    • @Maggie, Biden ‘s voice is showing the normal changes and weakening from aging, but he’s still clearly making sense and speaking in logical, connected sentences — in contrast to the unintelligible word salad spewing from Trump’s mouth.

    • Maggie, thank you for your response. I just checked … I have a “reply” button against my posts. I repeated my post below twice displaying Biden’s 2024 health report from the White House, as it had to be approved before being displayed. I thought I forgot to hit “post” when I didn’t see it so I hit “post” again. Whoops. Others on this forum have replied to posts I have made so I know there is the capability to reply to me.

      2020 was 4 years ago before he turned 80 so it makes sense that he was more spritely back then. The aging process takes its toll especially when we reach our 80s. I’m not sure what house system you are using, but Placidus has his 3rd house cusp at 13 Aq and tr Pluto won’t reach there for quite a few years. In Placidus it currently is transiting his 2nd house. It will sextile his Sag ASC early in 2025. Tr Pluto in Aq has been squaring his natal Taurus Moon and that is without question a tough transit. I personally have experienced that transit: tr Pluto in Cap sq natal Libra Moon. It most definitely brings about intense emotional experiences.

      I felt that the health report was a very good explanation of his odd gait and that stuttering is something he constantly has to manage, so his pauses are more than likely his brain trying to get in sync with his speech. I have a grandson who is 20 and I see the same type of speech actions from him from time to time especially when he is stressed or tired.

      Yes, someone with knowledge and expertise in the astrological medical arena would be very welcome to contribute their thoughts to this discussion.

      • Hi Cher, the one that starts “Here’s my” doesn’t have reply button but the other does. Could be because I read on my phone and after a number of posts, the replies get narrow and stretch? I rarely use my laptop so maybe a bigger screen doesn’t do that?
        I did find an article that said his neurological exam ruled out Parkinson’s, stroke, Ascending Lateral Schlerosis and MS but no cognitive testing was done which would certainly put these issues to rest.
        Yes, that Pluto to the Moon is a very tough transit. My daughter’s Cancer Moon was hit by it in college and she had a controlling roommate and boyfriend. She certainly learned a lot though.
        I’ll agree that aging takes a toll on most people which is why I believe there need to be age limits on the presidency and term limits in Congress. My personal opinion, despite others championing him on, Biden looks weak and frail with Jill leading him around, he has sentences that are completely slurred, he trips, stumbles and and almost falls before catching himself on stairs, they now have him using a short stairway at the back of AF 1 as the long one became too much. Nothing in the past two years shouts strength and it will be interesting to see what happens at the Democratic convention. He’ll be 86 at the end of 2028. Trump would be 82. Sigh.
        Thank you for answering.

  2. Les: Agree. Biden has terrible diction. He tends to slur his words. He has always had this speech problem. Has nothing to do with cognitive issues. He does make the occasional gaffe. Don’t we all… any age.

  3. Biden is old with physical and cognitive issues. Kamala Harris isn’t as newsworthy as Trump and Biden, but are people happy that she’ll become President if anything happens to Biden should he be elected?

    • Stop repeating right-wing talking points. Biden is old, but no evidence of cognitive issues. He has had a lifelong stutter, which right-wing media uses to claim he’s cognitively impaired. Never mind Trump’s word salad speech etc. Kamala Harris is fine, she’s smart and now very experienced, should she happen to have to take over.

      • It’s true. I worked as a nurse for years and worked with dementia patients some of that time. He doesn’t have dementia. He’s older and we all age differently, but just because people are past a certain age does not equate with dementia. It’s really ageism, assuming that.

        • I was an R.N. for many years, both my parents had dementia but what I see with Biden is Parkinson’s especially with his instability in walking, tripping and shuffling. Dementia can also occur with Parkinson’s and I see that with his confused looks, being not quite sure what he’s supposed to do and his slurred, whispery speech. It’s not a stutter though he may have had one in the past. I’ve seen him make speeches from 30 years ago and he never once stuttered, was always fluid and commanding.
          God help us all if Kamala and her word salad and cackling laugh that lasts too long takes over. The Dems surely have someone better than these two. Anyone have ideas who can jump in for the Dems?
          JMHO and what I’ve observed in videos of him. Disclaimer, I did not vote for him or for Trump.

          • Here’s my JMHO, regardless of what role we may have had in our careers…I don’t think it’s a good idea for any of us to be armchair clinicians. People are being labeled with something they may or may not have and it’s harmful, like the snowball that rolls down the hill, it has the potential to be dangerous.

            Link his mannerisms, his speech, his gait to astrology. Show us the connection.

          • Biden walks stiffly due to spinal stenosis, which is common in older adults. I don’t really get the dislike of Harris, but whatever. There will be no other Democratic candidates on the presidential ticket this year, like it or leave it. The choice is still obvious to me – fascist dictator wannabe with multiple indictments and convictions (not to mention multiple civil frauds adjudicated including rape) or the current president and VP upholding democracy and maintaining long-standing ties with our allies around the world.

        • I agree Nancy. Here is Biden’s health report from the White House as at February 2024. It explains the stiffness in his gait.

          I don’t have the necessary astrological skills to determine from his chart where his various physical disabilities are evident. Sam Neill, the actor, has also been afflicted with stuttering since he was a child. There is no known cure for stuttering; it requires therapy and practice to manage it.

  4. Marjorie, thank you for being sensitive to the Americans. Many of us are anxious and worried. There are some causative factors – The outlying crazies getting elected due to Gerry Mandered districts. Major media outlets all owned by for profit companies now. However, it has given the rise to the Substack culture (which is really good). Oligarchs running around – Musk, Thiel, more. Dark Money in elections (Citizens United). Packed court (Leonard Leo). Backlash against the Obama years. Kids at Universities that will learn hard lessons in a few years if the Orange Menace wins. There is a divide between blue states and red states. Christian Nationalism is a real problem. There are many people here who truly believe in the Rapture – and it is sad – but it is a crazy belief that has taken root. Social Media has given rise to a lot of this. Social contagion as well. He who is loudest and shouts over others wins. I got rid of Twitter, Instagram, all of it. I have a Facebook account to keep track of the old people in my life and that is it.

    I am with Nicole, Lisa, Several others. I turn to your website for insight. I like the fact you were a journalist in the past, and you harbor no illusions.

    Clicks and Eyeballs as to what is reported. The more clicks and outrage it can generate, the more it is reported. I turned the whole thing off.

    Reality usually takes over Idealism – and that is all that is happening at the Universities. When I was very very young – I was a true believer in communism. I read my way out of that one. Learned about the Holomodor, Stalin, Pol Pot, got rid of that whole thought process. I understand what it is to be caught up in bad ideas. I outgrew it by the time I was 30. A writer who is very out of favor now helped me get out of that mindset. What did one of the other famous writers of last century say – “We are in a race between education and barbarism”.

    It is a hyper mobile society here, you are expected to work until you drop, off shoring to China did not help anyone, enriched them, impoverished a certain demographic here, and had me flee Product Development for IT. For a while every time I turned around my job was sent to China (multiple companies). It kept Wall STreet happy. Wall Street drives a lot of behavior.

    52% of the Electorate are classified as Independents. It is they who choose between the left or the right candidates. Ideas matter.

    • Where I live, the crazies have taken to putting a device on their Boss Hogg pickup truck and then when they are in a crowd – blow huge amounts of thick black smoke onto the people. This happened a lot in the other (liberal) town I lived in and it happened two days ago in a crowd in the (mostly liberal) in the university district of the city I reside in now. The person pushes a button, a huge cloud of foul smoke emits and people cough and choke. Not good

    • @LizM: Actually based on voting data, it’s really only 5 to 6% of registered voters that are genuinely Independent. A lot who claim themselves Independent are really not so if you analyse their voting patterns. They publicly claim to be so because it’s no longer fashionable to identify with either party in these polarized times.

  5. Can you look at Robert Kennedy Jr? He has his Jupiter return on election day. Also, his Jupiter is opposite the ascendant of the US Sibley chart (5.10 p.m. 4th July 1776 Philadelphia). And his Moon is at 10 Cancer, conjunct the US Sun at 13 Cancer. His Sun is at 27 Cap conjunct the US Pluto.

    I can see people being drawn to him out of despair at the other two.

  6. I mentioned the usually ignored influence of Ceres in a previous post re Michael Mosely, while all emphasis is usually given to Pluto. Its slightly smaller than Pluto but far far closer, and since we often rely on mythology, then we could remind ourselves that any story about Pluto always involves Ceres in astrology. And it as Ceres who had the most impact and devastation on human affairs in that myth, and it was her revenge that forced Pluto to compromise. So in effect Ceres eventually had more power in that scenario.
    I note transiting Ceres is in Capricorn in the 2nd house currently bang opposite the US Cancer Sun in the 8th.

    • As I recollect Ceres/Demeter wanted her daughter to remain a virginal child which was hardly helpful for the future of the human race. It ended up half and half, Demeter and Pluto.

  7. It is nerve wracking but after the last Trump election, I confess I’m turning my attention away from the US, not only in disgust at their shennanigans but because their ideological influence has been disastrous for the UK and the world in the last four years. We are not the US, we have different issues, but the ‘culture wars’ coming from US universities has fractured societies everywhere, mostly for women. And handed the Right a weapon to beat the Left with good reason.
    Uranus in Gemini is going to emphasise the ongoing divisiveness of the US psyche with its natal Uranus and Mars in Gemini.
    They will always be divided and divisive.
    We dont have to be like them, or give them more creedence than they deserve.

    • Perhaps a touch of empathy for the Americans on the website who don’t have much choice since they are stuck there?

      Plus you can’t blame it all on the US – ‘we’ are big grown up people who should be capable of deciding for ourselves.

      Anyway this is an international site – so the us/them argument is hardly relevant.

      • I have heaps of empathy for them, but none for Trump and little for Biden.
        Im sorry but every American I know and decent American pundits acknowledges that their country is divisive and that they influence the world via their culture as a form of colonisation. Thats not a novel, or a ‘mean’ take, just observatory. For instance the Dems have been predicating their loans in places like Afghanistan, Africa etc on taking on board gender issues, and that appart from being blackmail has given ammunition to groups like the Taliban etc.
        We are not talking about individuals, but cultures as Astrological entities after all.

      • Thank you both for the analysis and the compassion, Marjorie. Most of us Americans on this site appear to be responsible, decent people trying our best to live out lives making the best choices for ourselves, our country and our world.

        Incidentally, I watched several of Steve Judd’s fascinating YouTube videos last night, including the one forecasting terribly disruptive events for this past April.

        Aside from the ongoing horrors of the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, I had difficulty pinpointing anything as awful as what he anticipated. Is it a matter of interpretation or is he a bit of an alarmist?

        Does anyone else have any insight? Thanks so much.

        • They are a little alarmist. He was anti vaxx during the pandemic with a tendency towards conspiracisn on the subject of COVID. During the Trump admin he predicted that Trump would die in office and said that crypto currencies would take over standard currencies. I take his predictions with a pinch of salt.

          • Thanks, VF. I didn’t know about the anti-vaxxing or conspiracy tendencies.

            I much prefer astrologers/card readers/psychics who look at or predict “potentials” or possibilities rather than make firm predictions.

            The Republican convention sounds like a hot mess. And yes, there will likely be pro-Palestinian demonstrations at the Democratic Convention. That’s almost a given.

          • Yes, me too, Nicole. To be fair to Steve, he’s good at presenting astrology in an accessible way, and he has some interesting points to make, but yes I tend to avoid conspiracism due to all the horrors and persecutions it has unleashed throughout history against groups and minorities, not least its current appeal to the Magahats.

        • Steve Judd is on the record maintaining that neither Biden nor Trump will contest the 5 November 2024 US election which is a huge claim and would be pretty major to say the least. I recently saw that statement from him again on the Skyscript forum regarding the upcoming US election.

          I have followed him for years. His predictions are hit and miss, but he puts himself out there and I give him credit for that, although I view his analyses of events with a certain amount of measured scepticism.

        • I think he is a bit of an alarmist, but he does give some balance to the ‘over the top’ idealistic astrologers out there.

      • US politics seem stuck in a very destructive mode at the moment. This is having ramifications across the western world where the political classes take their lead from Washington. One of the problems for countries such as the U.K. is that the major parties slavishly tend to follow US political trends regardless of whether they are beneficial to Britain or not. This is not the fault of the Americans but more the fact politics in Britain is largely bankrupt of any ideas and the nations leaders just flounder when in office. A similar situation exists in much of Europe.

  8. @Roderick. As to the Trump veep stakes bet. I have moved Ben Carson to being the lead horse and added Doug Burgum in second position. So Tim Scott has been relegated to last; this fella is just too cringey and weird.

    • @ Troy. It won’t be Ben because he is almost as bad a speaker as Little Timmy.
      Besides Ron DeSantis has declared that the VP won’t be a diversity hire.

      More than likely Burgum. will get the VP I am sure that Trump will feel most comfortable with a fellow billionaire on the ticket.

      I have no idea what is going to happen at the Democratic convention but whoever chose Chicago as this year’s location should be fired because there is too much physic baggage from the 1968 convention.

  9. Confirming what I just said about a GOP excrement show of a Convention.
    My interpretation. The RNC-C is a couple days after Judge Merchan hands down his ruling for Felon Don, which I think may be a short term house arrest at Trump Towers in NY; probably a month. So imagine the Felon in Chief having to appear at the Convention on a big screen because of a court order that bars him from being physically present. This would send the entire GOP into volcano mode. Talk about a popcorn gorging moment. 🙂
    Curious to see what the blindly ambitious and opportunistic chameleon that is Nikki Haley will do at that time.

    Now as to the DNC-C, I think there will be protests from not only the pro Palestinian crowd, but also the MAGA nuts that are pissed about what happened at their Convention to their Felonious Messiah. Outside of this, Biden will be fine as the process will play out as expected.

  10. Biden’s problems/challenges may be linked to his failing health and questions over his nomination; but it might also be the fate of his son, Hunter. Not sure when the court case is due to end, but a gaol term must surely be a possibility.

    • @ Ken, Hunter’s case is going to end sometime next week.
      If he is found guilty his sentencing may be right before the DNC and that may be something else that stresses out his father.

      Biden has already ruled out pardoning him.

  11. I live in the USA. East Coast. Close to DC. Always a political junkie. Always an astrology junkie. I mean that in the best way. Marjorie, your postings have been so insightful. You’ve helped us stay a few steps ahead of the constant chaos that is Trump. A mighty wind that has to blow itself out.

    Thank you.

    • I second your comments, Lisa, as another life-long political junkie with roots in DC and a never-lost fascination with UK politics. I read Marjorie’s posts and posts from so many knowledgeable commenters here looking for insight that helps me cope with my fears about Trump, the Republicans and the demise of democracy, while also learning about astrology and so many interesting people and places I knew little about.

      What a grand education! Thank you all, but especially Marjorie for this wonderful site!

  12. Sentencing in Trump’s New York hush money case takes place on Friday 11 July. Might that prove a trigger for an explosive reaction?

  13. Nerve-wracking and the world hangs in the balance. No single country should have such a grip on the entire planet but that is where we are in human history. Unfortunately, the rest of the decade looks even more tragic. However, I firmly believe the end of Trump is at hand. He will not be elected in November. His transiting Jupiter in Gemini is only a silver lining of secondary importance. Biden would obviously be too old to run in normal times. Normal times these are not and I do not expect to see them again in my lifetime. Kamala will complete his second term in very trying circumstances but that is two years away.

    • Rome. Byzantium. Ottoman Empire. Holy Roman Empire. England – the Sun never Sets on her Empire. Royal Dutch company. More I have not mentioned. Rise and fall. It was just our turn. We were not much before the 1940’s and had a 30% unemployment rate in the 30’s, and now 80 years later an adjustment. Concern is the next great power to rise? A combination of China and Russia. Is that what we want?

  14. “It opens on an explosive Mars Uranus Algol conjunction in Taurus which by day 2 will be opposition the Scorpio Moon.”

    With Taurus and Scorpio involved, perhaps a financial emergency?

    Somebody in the comments on one of the UK election posts had said something about a private credit crash coming down the path in the US, which is why Sunak may have decided to call an early election, to get out of the way when that hit.

    Could that be triggered in July? Could Trump’s finances be negatively impacted by that?

    • That makes sense–think of the crash in 2008–right before the election. Also, the choices made to “fix” the problem–those choices worsened wealth inequity and benefited the folk for usually finance political campaigns.

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