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  1. I am a bit confused about Argol, as looking it up online the progressed Argol is 24 degrees in Taurus. Why is it called a fixed star at 18 degrees of Taurus, yet it is circa 24 degrees in Taurus sidereal time at present?

  2. Last one i promise but possibly the most important card in the pack as Marine Le Pen fades out….Marion Marechal …absolute mayhem in Paris right now

  3. Hello Marjorie, I’d appreciate your take on Richard Gadd’s chart. He’s the creator and star of Baby Reindeer (Netflix), a fictionalized account of his experience with seduction and rape at the same time a (crazy…crazed) female was stalking him. The show is about his acute self-examination during this period, very dramatic and compelling.

  4. Would be interesting to see a write-up on Holly Valance – the ex-Neighbours star is now fronting for Trump at a London private dinner.

  5. Marjorie, can you please look at Tony Kushner and also his long, and 2-part play (& film with Mike Nichols & a stellar cast) Angels in America? It had its 25th anniversary in 2018. A Pulitzer Prize winning highly acclaimed work that is relevant to the current moment.
    I just re-watched the TV version & the level of artistry blows me away.

    You’d made some comments about the US in your post on Hunter Biden & this play addresses many themes of what it is to be the United States. (It is to me, however, a story about what it is to be human)

    The play is also relevant in the world-wide backlash we are seeing through politics—the fear of moving forward is fueling vast efforts to take us backwards.
    (Kushner’s 1st play dealt with the raise of Nazism)

  6. Francois Hardy (17 January 1944) has died. Singer, songwriter and actor, I didn’t know that she was also an astrologer, and had studied with Andre Barbault. I have a beautiful album she made about twenty years’ ago, very drifty-dreamy music. I noticed that tr Jupiter in Gemini is at her MC, with its striking conjunction to Mars, 5 Gemini, and Uranus,5 Gemini. RIP to a French icon.

    • Sad news indeed. I do hope Veronique Sanson isn’t next. Very intersting the she studies w Andre Barbault. His daughter Anne did my chart 20 yrs ago and was very accurate.

  7. Reading that Rory McIlroy (who was detailed in post last month) has called off his divorce. I noted that he’d filed within a week of transit Uranus going over his Taurus Venus. Now it’s moved on a couple of degrees and he’s reconsidered. Uranus giving him the opportunity to figure out what he values – money, love or ?!? Doesn’t seem like it will be retrograding back to hit Venus again so I assume they won’t be on/off in the near future.

      • Quite possibly! He certainly wouldn’t be the first.

        Actually talking of Taurus men getting divorced – I read something about Princess Diana’s brother – Charles Spencer – is engaging divorce lawyers (again) – can’t remember his astrology but I seem to recall from a previous article he had something late Taurus – possibly on Algol.

  8. Nigel Farage is standing in Clacton, and polls suggest that he will win the seat and finally get into Parliament.
    What clues does astrology give for him and the Reform ‘party’ (brackets cos it seems to be a limited company…)

  9. Clairvoyant or hyper-prescient…

    I am frightened by some of the things I “see”, I will express the opposite in efforts to shift to more positive outcomes

  10. 1) Macron calls for an anticipated election after an European Parliament defeat.
    2) Gantz leaves Israeli Government after and calls out Bibi for political games on hostage liberation (justly so, they all should be at home).

    Me here trying to watch the excellent Polish noir “The Mire” I was only made aware of via husband’s colleague last week, and am now finishing the second season with Detective Anna Jass who just so happens to have been introduced to astrology by a gypsy granny…

    Fun things happening with Jupiter directly on my MC.

    • Good grief! Been out walking by the sea most of the day today. Get home. Look at news. Yet more chaos! Mars entered Taurus today, opposing Pluto. Sun squares Saturn. Can’t help wondering what awaits later this summer.

    • Solaia: In some of the US emigration threads, there is panic over right-wing politicians taking/making gains. Here in the US, those who want to avoid another Trumpian term…possibly permanent…have had impossibly high hopes dashed.

      Still, it is early in the day, and anything can moderate. I was talking with my French relo consultant a few weeks ago – just remain patient for the long haul, I was told.

  11. Are there any astrological pointers to the rise of the extreme right and totalitarianism world-wide — and hopefully any pointers to their decline as well? Any timelines? Thanks!

    • Oh, they’ll all fall. I really do not know what’s the marker for Finland, but our cycle has been 2-3 years ahead of Europe. Right now, Finns Party COLLAPSED at European Elections, with a -10 gap from General Elections 2022.

      Big winner, Left Party, whose leader Li Andersson decided to leave domestic politics after running for President earlier this year and run for the European Parliament instead. At that election, she got 158 k personal votes, this time around, 256 k after dominating every single debate with her facts and prompt delivery. A 05/13/1987 Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon and most likely 0′ Gemini Mercury (there is a chance it could be Taurus, but I really dount that), she is actually more “Hillary” than Sanna Marin, who often gets the comparison, and I think she will be our President one day.

      • In Finland, what happened was they started to touch workers’ rights as the second largest party of a rightwing coalition. Severely reducing unemployment benefits for seasonal workers (many supporters are on heavily seasonal fields such as infrastructure building), further contributing to downfall of the public health sector… Most importantly, selecting a very unrelatable female leader for a party that’s mostly voted by men, and having some seriously unqualified Minister. People are not buying the “we’re in mess because of immigration” narrative anymore.

    • To be remembered the rise of fascism in the 1920s/30s only affected a few countries – Germany, Italy etc and not UK, USA – so it will be a combination of the individual charts plus outer planet effects.

  12. Hi Candy. I understand that King Charles is still receiving treatment for cancer, that this was his first trip abroad during his illness, and that he was following medical advice as to whether or not to attend certain events?

    • Possibly. The King and PM both attended the D-day event in Portsmouth on Wed, and the British beach/Gold beach event in Normandy on Thurs.

      In my opinion Sunak avoided the international event (at which no veterans were present) because he was avoiding Macron.

      Macron’s team had pre-briefed that there would be a major announcement about Ukraine at the event. But no announcement was made – France just released a statement that “several NATO countries” had agreed to send troops to Ukraine to conduct training and they hoped to enlarge the coalition.

      No prizes for who they were hoping to bounce into contributing. In the middle of a general election too.

      Sunak isn’t keen on war – he’s the first PM since Callaghan who hasn’t lost a soldier in combat (if you don’t count Truss and her 49 days).

      • It all makes sense now with Macron calling snap election. All the optics for D-Day in France was to make Macron look great.

  13. The word Algol has been used by you recently. Could you – or anyone else – explain to me what that is and what its significance is? Thank you.

  14. I wondered what it was about Sunak’s chart that reflects his ability to shoot himself in the foot so spectacularly, following the debacle of the D Day commemorations this week. Then I noticed that Chiron has been hovering around his Aries Moon throughout his term in office. But I also noticed he has Ceres at 25 Taurus, conjunct Algol in line for the July 16th Mars/Uranus conjunction. Though one doesn’t need astrology to know his days are numbered.

    • Yes and Moon in Aires is always impulsive and opposite Pluto, easily panicked and selfish. Calling the election early was classic.
      Venus in Gemini opposite Neptune in Sagittarius square Saturn doesnt help either. He is quite ‘flighty’.

    • I think he’s being unfairly criticised for D-day. He went to the British beaches in Normandy to met veterans and honour British dead.

      He didn’t go to the international event at Omaha beach designed by Macron to big up France, and King Charles didn’t go to that one either. They sent Prince William.

      Since when did D-day become about prioritising Omaha beach and American efforts over British and Canadian ones?

      As for Sunak’s prospects – I’m getting deja vu from summer 2022 when Truss was a sure thing, but Sunak became PM anyway.

      I wish we knew Sunak and Starmer’s times of birth.

      It’s still a puzzle how Sunak became PM – something to do with his ascendant or midheaven, but we don’t know where they are.

      • Acharya Salil a famous Indian astrologer did a forecast about Sunak when he became PM in 2022. He claimed on Twitter that he was being contacted from London to predict if Sunak would be PM.
        According to him Sunak has north node in the ascendant in the sign of Leo based on Vedic astrology calculations. Plus Sunak’s Mars transit started on 7/7/2022 which puts Sunak’s time of birth around 2:40pm.

        • Hi Ann,

          Thanks for that! By western astrology, he has his NN at 25 Leo, conjunct the UK 1801 Saturn.

          Sunak having his NN conj his ascendant makes sense as when he became PM, tr Pluto was at 26 Cap and tr Neptune was at 23 Pisces, both quincunxing his NN (and Asc) to form a Yod. That’s destiny, isn’t it?

          On election day, tr Pluto is at 1 Aqu and tr Neptune is at 29 Pisces. Is a 5 – 6 degree orb OK? If so, the Yod is still in place.

      • Candy, King Charles did not attend the International event by order of his doctors, who also did not really want him to attend the British event at Ver sur Mer, but he insisted.

        Rishi Sunak dashed back to the UK to attend a TV interview, rather than take his place at the International event, so was missing from the photo shoot, (although Cameron was in it), and, as Prime Minister for the UK, not only missed the opportunity to have private conversations with other leaders prior to the G7 meetings, but his actions were also seen as a snub to the veterans for whom this event was to honour. (In his lead up to the interview, he apologised for being late saying the events in France over ran, starkly showing his lack of understanding of why he was there in the first place) This was a massive miss-step. showing he has no ability to work out the consequences of his actions, or have the knowledge and ‘feel’ of the reason why they were actually there. The D-Day landings took place solely in France so it was natural that President Macron was there to represent France, surely not to ‘big up France’

    • Desperation clouding his brain. His Mutable T square onto Saturn won’t help since it makes him more highly strung than he appears. And maybe more hyper-sensitive to criticism since he seemed keen to address the tax rise mis-statement.
      Plus have looked more closely in the calm light of day at his chart and added the below to the 23 May election post.
      Amended: Now that I look carefully, if his birth time is late evening then he has two fairly catastrophic aspects. One is his Progressed Mars square his Neptune exact on a 10pm birth with his Solar Arc Pluto less than a degree away from a square to his Mars. Both of these look like a swingeing defeat.

      • Thank you, Marjorie. It’s hard not to think ‘dead man walking’ as he wades, clumsily through this election campaign and it’s almost painful to watch. But as El Aznar points out, post election he’s bound to land on his feet in the US.

  15. 1984 was published 75 years ago today. Given its increasing relevance it would be great to look at its astrology if you havent already. Thank you

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