The Sun moving into a firecracker phase

Solar activity is heading for a peak period lasting several years which could result in power outages, grounded flights, and auroras. Solar flares which are powerful bursts of energy can disrupt radio and GPS communications and electric power grids.

  Intense geomagnetic storms do appear to occur when there is an astrological parallel though there’s no real way of linking the data in any meaningful way.  

  The Carrington Event of 1 September 1859 was the most intense geomagnetic storm in recorded history. It occurred over several days when the Virgo Sun was square Uranus and trine Pluto and the Aquarius North Node opposed both Saturn and Mars.  The magnitude of the event was best described in the global 22nd harmonic with a Pluto opposition Mars square Jupiter. With the 18th harmonic also indicating raw power.

Others of note:

13 May 1921, the most intense geomagnetic storm of the 20th century, which caused substantial damage to overhead and underwater telegraph equipment; electrical fires.  There was a Taurus Sun, with a volatile and disruptive Uranus opposition Jupiter square Mars; and Uranus trine Pluto. Again the 22H was well aspected linking Pluto Mars and Jupiter Uranus.

1 April 1960 solar flare, Sun Aries trine Uranus and square Saturn – with a Half Grand Sextile of Pluto opposition Mars sextile Jupiter sextile Neptune.

23 July 2012, solar flare, Sun Leo on focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto – and more starkly Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto. With a Half Grand Sextile of Mars opposition Uranus sextile Mercury sextile Jupiter.

  They don’t run on the same cycle of planetary ones but do seem to peak when there are heavy Mars Pluto ++ aspects.

P.S. This is not my tech-savvy area so I am unclear about some of the differences between flares, storms and other geomagnetic events.

 21 to 24 May this year with Pluto opposition Mars square Jupiter in Taurus will undoubtedly accompany a major event or two which may include solar activity.

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  1. Completely fascinating, thank you Jane. July 2025 is maximum according to NASA. 2023 is certainly showing the banks dithering on Pluto in Aquarius, 2 years before the event.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. The sunspot cycle is so fascinating – and the Carrington Event was extraordinary, with such intense magnetic energy that telegraph operators were able to use their machines using auroral energy alone….and auroras were seen all over the world, so bright they woke up both humans and birds.

    I’m sure you know about the research done on sunspot cycles – they seem to affect human behaviour, and the stock markets. Generally, it seems a solar minimum equals a depression – eg 2008-9, 1932-3. Peaks have been aligned with collapse of the stock market – 1929 for example. Lunar cycles also affect the markets, as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. 1929 Wall Street Crash had Pluto trine Mars in Scorpio. Mars opposed the North Node in Taurus, and Chiron.

    Society seems to be affected too, as well as human health, agriculture and so on.

    “Alexander Tchijevsky wrote the paper Physical Factors of the Historical Process. He compared sunspots records to major historical events in 72 countries from 500BC to 1922, and found a concentration around solar maximums. He divided the solar cycle into 4 periods and found correlations between human behavior and these periods: 1) a three year period of minimum activity characterized by passivity and autocratic rule; then 2) a two year period during which masses begin to organize under new leaders and one theme; followed by 3) a three year period of maximum excitability, revolution and war; and lastly 4) a three year period of gradual decrease in excitability until the masses are apathetic. He considered these variations as Mass Human Exitability.”

    Peak of this current solar cycle is, roughly, due in 2025.

      • This cycle, Solar Cycle 25, began December 2019 according to NASA. It is due to peak in 2025, but is already more active than scientists predicted. I think, without checking, a cycle of 9 years is possible, and as long as 14. 11 is the most usual length, but perhaps this cycle will be shorter? So we’re somewhere between ‘the masses’ organising (!), and maximum excitability. Lots of electromagnetic energy around at the moment, and a strong solar storm pushed a satellite out of its path in early January – Sun trine Uranus for that one. Hope we don’t see a Carrington Event, exciting and awesome though it might be. It would certainly be a ‘bonfire of the vanities’ for all internet-based things!

        • It’s worth noting that the Carrington Event happened a few months before Solar Maximum. Two years before, in 1857, there was the first worldwide economic shock event, which began in the USA.

          “News of the crisis in America caused runs on the banks in Glasgow, Liverpool, and London. The Borough Bank of Liverpool closed its doors on October 27, 1857, and the Western Bank of Scotland failed on November 9 as did the City of Glasgow Bank two days later.” Wiki

          There was also the Stock Exchange Panic of 1859 in the UK.

          • Pluto is opposing Jupiter in the 1801 Chart. Given what you are stating in you fascinating post. Perhaps this may be a monumental jolt for the UK? I wrote a few months ago that this opposition could mean the UK falling out of the G7 economies. I still have this feeling that we are teetering on a monumental crash. Even if it is a world stock market crash, it will leave us in a precarious position, as we have borrowed so much.

        • There was the memorable March 1989 solar storm which shut down the power grid in Quebec. Such were the induced damages that power transformers at substations blew up after catching fire.

          The date: March 13, 1989.

          Of course, it was overcast and raining in Seattle. Missed the whole show…





    • I notice there’s a whole series of planets in the early degrees of signs in early July 2025, Jane. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Aries.

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