The Royal great-grandchildren – 12 in total

The Queen’s great-grandchildren are making the most of a family jubilee with Louis’s balcony antics taking the edge off the formality. Even the Sussex minis are across, with Lilibet, celebrating her first birthday, meeting her namesake for the first time.

Of Kate and William’s three, Prince George the eldest with the heaviest burden to bear being in the direct line of succession, is the quietest. Born 22 July 2013 4.24 pm London, he has a final degree Cancer Sun in the well-travelled and well-read 9th house; with a private Water Grand Trine of an 8th house Mars Jupiter in Cancer trine Neptune trine Saturn in Scorpio, formed into a Kite by Mars Jupiter opposition Pluto. He’ll be ultra-determined but tend to live within his own bubble of reality and not be overly outgoing. With a 9th house Venus he’s likely to marry a foreigner.

  Princess Charlotte, 2 May 2015 8.34 am London, has a friendly Sun and Mars in Taurus in her 11th with an intense Sun trine a 7th house Pluto, sextile a helpful/healing Neptune on her Midheaven. Her Jupiter in flamboyant Leo is highlighted being on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune – not short of ambition or confidence, she will make a difference.

Prince Louis, 23 April 2018 11.01 am London, is a Taurus like his sister, with a tempestuous chart. His 10th house career-oriented Sun is trine a sensible and hard-working Saturn, but is also conjunct a wayward Uranus which in turn is square Pluto Mars in Capricorn. His life is likely to be dramatic with a fair few crises. He has an indulgent Venus in Taurus opposition Jupiter in Scorpio; and his flashy Leo Moon in his 1st is conjunct a ‘leadership’ North Node – he’ll make a splash one way or another.

Harry and Meghan’s two follow slightly similar pattern with the eldest Archie, 6 May 2019 5.26am London being the more serious. He does have an outgoing Taurus Sun on his Ascendant but it is trine a battened-down and determined as well as dutiful Saturn Pluto in Capricorn in his 10th. His Saturn Pluto are also square a 12th house Venus and Mercury in Aries – so he won’t be a light-hearted gaddabout for sure. He does have an 8th house (= generous grandparents) Jupiter in a lively opposition to Mars square Neptune – he’ll be attracted to showbiz pzaazz as well as making money. If his birth time is accurate, his mother comes across as overly rigid and disciplinarian.

  Lilibet, 4 June 2021 11.40am Santa Barbara, CA, has a 10th house Gemini Sun and Mercury trine a hard-working 6th house Saturn sextile an 8th house Aries Moon – destined for a public career, communicative, emotionally secretive. An expansive Jupiter in her 7th will make her a persuasive and popular social companion; but a Mars in Cancer opposition Pluto does suggest major aggravations in her life.

  Louis and Archie will clash mightily with their Capricorn planets clashing – though that may not matter much down the road.

10 thoughts on “The Royal great-grandchildren – 12 in total

  1. They really shine. They were such a delight!
    Looks like such a happy, loving family and so nice to see they are so comfortable with their cousins. It’s a shame that Archie wasn’t there to see all of the dazzling sights and to start getting to know them, one and all.
    Charlotte has real boss energy with a groundedness, IMO. Possibly queen one day?

  2. Is there an overall chart representing this family? Or as long as the Queen is clearly in charge, is her personal chart the one that also represents whether the overall UK public supports this royal family or is close to having enough of them? If it’s her chart that matters, when she officiall retires or dies, will Charles’s chart then stand for the family as a whole re: the public attitude about them?

  3. Everytime I look at Prince George’s chart, I see an early kingship.

    He has the Mars-Jupiter conjunction signifying monarchy, but it’s a tighter conjunction than the Queen’s, is in the 8th house of inheritance, and is opposed by his Pluto.

    Transiting pluto is approaching opposition to his Sun and conjunction with his Moon, and will be exact in 2024. Does something happen to his father and mother? Some sort of life-changing experience at any rate.

    He also has close links to the 1066 England chart – his Sun at 29 Cancer 58 is trine the Moon in the 1066 chart at 29 Pisces 6. His Sun is also opposite the 1066 Venus (which is at 29 Cap 51, and which is conj his Moon). These elements in the 1066 chart will also get triggered by aspects from transiting Pluto in 2023/24.

    As for the 1801 UK chart – George’s Sun is conj the 1801 Jupiter (which is at 1 Leo 51). And the 1801 Pluto (which is at 2 Pisces 53) is trine George’s Mars-Jupiter conj in Cancer, and conj George’s Neptune and trine his Saturn. Transiting Pluto will oppose that 1801 Jupiter in 2023/24/25.

    Queen Elizabeth’s connection to the 1801 chart was through her Mars-Jup conj which opposed the 1801 Saturn. The 1801 saturn was square QEII’s saturn and conj her Neptune.

    • When I hastily wrote that George’s chart did not really look like a chart for a monarch I realised afterwards that it needed revising because, first and foremost, George’s chart is actually saying a tremendous amount about his parents, repeatedly; that’s the essence. There is an overwhelming emphasis on the Cancer/ Capricorn axis (and the 8th house – legacy). All those planets in Cancer are ruled by the Moon in Capricorn (father?). Pluto and Saturn are in mutual reception, and in hard aspect to his Cancer/ Capricorn planets. There is a mournful quality to the chart (many watery charts can feel like this) which is so waterlogged (Neptune conjunct Chiron in slippery, elusive Pisces towards the bottom of the chart added to the mix). Those Cancer planets may crave familial security and safety but it may be a struggle with the hard aspects from Pluto, Uranus and Saturn.

      And, yes, George does have the regal Mars Jupiter conjunction but it is in a stressed, explosive t-square – so it may speak of unsettling transformations on his way.

  4. George’s water-logged chart doesn’t really look like a chart for a future monarch, does it? With so much water by signs and houses, and the final degree Sun in Cancer there is a feeling of letting go and dissolving, the natural ending of a cycle. Using this house system Saturn is in the 12th with the NN which could point to retreat, seclusion, renunciation on some level? Saturn also represents the father so maybe something to do with William. George’s Virgo MC (for a King??) is ruled by Mercury which is in a tight square to Uranus – shocks and disruption – the MC/IC axis relates to the parents as well.
    He does have the royal Mars Jupiter conjunction in his chart but it is heavily stressed being in a t-square with Pluto in Capricorn (father?) and Uranus.
    Even Venus, the most elevated planet, is in fall in Virgo conjunct Regulus. The paradox is that Regulus (a Royal Star) has moved into Virgo, a sign which is associated with servants/ workers/ commoners: it could partly explain Kate Middleton’s rise from commoner to future Queen.

    • Just realised how immensely challenging this chart is, with the parental signs of Capricorn and Cancer (and the eighth house) taking the brunt. He does share a Mars Jupiter conjunction with the Queen and Prince Charles which apparently signifies monarchy. But for George, it is in a turbulent t- square with Pluto and Uranus. If he does become King he may experience unexpected, transformative changes along the way.
      Pluto at 9 Capricorn (associated with grandparents) exactly opposes Diana’s Sun in Cancer which is a nice touch.

  5. A pity George and Charlotte weren’t allowed to (quietly) use their ipads during the show. Two hours is far too long for children aged just 7 and 8 to sit twiddling their thumbs with nothing in their hands.

    They were really cute though.

  6. Louis and Charlotte lol. Those two…it’s really going to be interesting to see how their natural energies manifest.
    Sounds like they’re gonna raise a little hell together! Ha

    • Weren’t they just so funny to watch? George strikes me as quieter and more serious but I do hope Charlotte has inherited the Queen’s dry sense of humour and talent for mimicry with her Mercury in Gemini and Sun square Jupiter. I think the queen has Jupiter in Aquarius in the first – I always note Aquarius features in the natal charts of comics and stand-ups – and it’s said that in private she can be incredibly funny.

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