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  1. Hello, what’s your take on the economy? The US markets collapsed last week due to higher inflation & likelihood of interest rate increases. I’ve been feeling very broke this weekend!
    Are we in for a few years of recession and hard times? Or any hope for a quick turnaround?

    • Just found some of your previous posts, sounds like 23/24 will be abysmal for The Fed. So potentially a few years of hard slog (economically) ahead

  2. Hi Marjorie

    On a slightly lighter note Britney Spears got married yesterday June 9 2022. Don’t have the time but it looks like after 2.30pm cause planners were still putting on finishing touches when her first ex husband gatecrashed and was running through the compound shouting her name before being apprehended by security and police. Already there is drama.

    If you have time what does the wedding chart indicate for her please? Thanks

    • Hi Reports say an evening wedding and California hitches tend to be anywhere between 5 and 7 pm. Will wait see if anything definite emerges. Also Sam Asghari appears to have a moveable birth date which isn’t helpful 3/4 March or 23/24 March

  3. Marjorie, could you have a look at Kate Bush’s astrology? ‘Running up that Hill’ has reached the top 10 in the US after featuring in ‘Stranger Things’, Netflix’s successful scifi series set in the 80s, introducing a new generation to her music. Thank you.

    • I will second this request. The phenomenon in popular music this summer is Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill which is No 2 in the U.K. charts, Number 3 in the Billboard 200 and is being streamed 8 million times a day on Spotify. A remarkable come back from an an enigmatic and unique artist who recorded the song in 1985 over 35 years ago..

  4. In light of recent developments – can we please look at the chart of Serbia.
    Wishing everybody a productive Tuesday,

  5. Congressional hearings on the Jan. 6 Insurrection will begin on Thursday this week. Marjorie, what is the astrology around these hearings? I was a teenager and watched the Nixon hearings in he 70s. Will they be as impactful as those hearings were or…will the “counter-programing” from the Trump camp undermine the hearings in some way?

    (For some reason, the thought of QAnon popped into my head–have you ever posted anything about that cult–or the disinformation/misinformation campaigns (wars really) waged through social media? I don’t recall seeing anything here on that strand phenomena.

  6. If time, Marjorie.
    Look at Mark Milley
    United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    : June 20, 1958 (age 63 years), Winchester, Massachusetts, United States.No birthtime
    Just love him.Steady as a rock.
    He is here on USS Kearsarge (LHD-3 amfibous ship
    in the middle of Stockholm Harbour.Astonishing
    Monday starts military major exercise in Baltic Sea.
    Andersson has done very well.Still Turky man …
    What a mess of powermen,who think they are powerful.Get out of the sandbox.for…

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