Hunter Biden – the President’s Achilles Heel ++ ex-wife memoir adding pressure

The tortured tale of Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell’ abandoned in a repair shop may finally be about to wriggle free from the smog of claims and counter-claims about disinformation. The media largely buried the story before the 2019 election partly because the Trump camp had lied and smeared so copiously it was easy to write it off as yet another self-serving falsehood and because the chain of custody of the offending emails wasn’t clear.

  The laptop content now appears to be accepted as substantially authentic and in keeping with Hunter Biden’s trainwreck of a life. It reveals the bulk of the $11 million he earned from 2013 to 2018 came largely from his seat on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company and two deals with Chinese business interests. Despite which his drug addictions, hook ups with prostitutes and riotous lifestyle ended him up in serious debt, with unpaid taxes, leading to an ongoing federal investigation. His wife divorced him after a daughter found evidence of his affair with the widow of his brother Beau Biden, who died of cancer in 2015. The laptop contains photos and video clips showing him in a series of sexual liaisons.

  Evidence in laptop emails also show him apparently trying to leverage his father’s reputation for financial gain in Ukraine when Joe Biden was the point person for US policy on Ukraine under President Obama. The White House insists that Joe Biden had “never spoken” with his second son about “overseas business dealings”. An FBI executive said there is a national security risk when foreign powers like China see an opportunity to get close to someone like Biden.  The computer repair shop owner behind the data being made public, has written a book to be published in November giving his side of the story.

   One striking clue from Joe Biden’s chart vis a vis his defensiveness about his clearly out-of-control son is his 5th house Taurus Moon suggesting that his (Joe’s) nurturing and comfort come from children. A daughter died young in the car crash that killed his first wife and his eldest son Beau died seven years ago. What raises the stakes are his Moon being on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Neptune sextile Venus Sun. So he will have a distorted emotional take on situations involving his children and not find it easy to face the reality.

  This year’s Eclipses were always going to rattle up Joe’s chart with his Mars in Scorpio catching the April Solar Eclipse and the May Lunar hitting his Sun Venus. Which could just be part and parcel of rolling global crises. But significantly the late October Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will oppose his Moon severely testing his relationships, not just with the public, but in particular with his son. That repeats in October 2023 with a Taurus Lunar Eclipse close by. And by 2024 tr Pluto will be squaring his Moon for family challenges – and public approval as well since the Moon in a politician’s chart reflect his popularity.

  Hunter, 4 February 1970, has his Pluto in his father’s 10th so he has the potential to damage pa’s reputation and career; and Hunter’s Neptune is conjunct pa’s Ascendant which again could be undermining to pa’s image.  

   He’s a Sun Venus in Aquarius with a reckless Mars in Aries opposition Uranus. Plus a see-saw, up and down Saturn in Taurus opposition Jupiter in Scorpio. He’s got a handful of discouraging, panicky Solar Arcs and transits through this year into 2023 with a logjammed Solar Arc Saturn square his Pluto in 2023 as well.

  Whatever mess he’s in won’t disappear quickly or at all.

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Add On: Just to add to the Biden family’s angst a memoir by Hunter Biden’s long-suffering former wife and mother of his three children is about to be published. She lived through his alcohol and drug addiction, his gaslighting, his debts and the grim realisation that he was addicted to porn and prostitutes. When she divorced him, he had run through his considerable earnings from Chinese and Ukrainian investments and she was left with almost nothing.

  Born 5 December 1970 in Chicago, she’s a Sun Sagittarius with a Pisces Moon which may be conjunct Hunter’s North Node. Her Venus in Scorpio is conjunct his Jupiter and her Jupiter is square his Venus Sun. This would bring good feelings at a superficial and social level but her Mars opposition his Saturn points to running aggravations. Their relationship chart is argumentative and volatile with a composite Sun, Mercury, Mars square Uranus. The initial passion from a composite Venus square Pluto would wear off.

 Although she got on well with Joe Biden at least superficially – again because of Jupiter Venus crossovers – it was a relationship based on power and none-too-comfortable at times. The mood between them looks strained and discouraged throughout this year and next.

5 thoughts on “Hunter Biden – the President’s Achilles Heel ++ ex-wife memoir adding pressure

  1. Moon suggesting that his (Joe’s) nurturing and comfort come from children….

    There is so much dirt in this family, but unfortunately we are all blinded by our own preferences and prejudices. If we want the Dems to be the good guys, then we are not wanting to believe the Reps. And vice versa.
    Astrologers are deluded by their own egos. I don’t study astrology, I study astrologers. VERY INTERESTING.

  2. Thanks for bringing this up Marjorie. This is a much bigger story than the Dems want to acknowledge. The media and FBI/CIA colluded to supress it pre-election. Over 50 former intelligence bigwigs dismissed it without any evidence. How irresponsible. I don’t see any of them stepping up now. nope.

    A poll found 16% of voters would have voted differently if they had know about it pre-election.

    There is a direct line to Biden. He shared a bank account w/Hunter and is listed in the breakdown of influence pedaled gains as the “The Big Guy”.

  3. I’m close to his age and sometimes despair about not having made anything of my life, in contrast with these political families. For example, I made about $11 million less than Hunter during the years in question. But then, I’ve also never got mired deep into scandalous problems with drugs, prostitutes, political influence-buying schemes, taxes, affairs and cheating, disgracing my late father’s career… so maybe I need to give myself a bit of slack about the eleven million shortfall with a clean conscience!

  4. I agree with Roderick, so tedious. Let’s take a look at Jared Kushner’s 2 Billion dollar Suadi deal. Now there is a story.

  5. *yawn* If there was any there we would have heard about it since they’ve had the laptop for almost three years now.
    It’s funny that the Rethugs only mention the laptop or emails but nothing specific.

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