The Queen – the inevitability of time

The Queen has been told by her doctors to rest and restrict herself to light desk duties. She will miss the Festival of Remembrance on November 13th though hopes to be at the National Service the next day. It’s hardly surprising given her recent busy schedule, Prince Philip’s passing only a few months ago and her 95 years. All things considered she’s doing exceptionally well.

  But it does cast a chill as the public come to terms with the knowledge that she can’t be there forever.

  The late November Taurus Lunar Eclipse will fall across her Midheaven, Saturn in Scorpio and Solar Arc Neptune as well as her IC – so it will be significant for her. Perhaps at least a hint that she needs to find a better balance in her lifestyle.

  Charles equally is not having his best of years with his father’s death, the Fawcett financial scandal and his younger son Harry’s brickbats hurled across from California. He has his Solar Arc Pluto opposition his 10th house career-driven Taurus Moon; and his Solar Arc opposition his 2nd house Saturn – so love, money and career all being jolted; as well as a panicky, undermining tr Neptune square his Mars till mid January 2022.  If his birth time is accurate to the minute then 2023 looks to be his year of major change with his Solar Arc MC conjunct his Uranus then. Though it could come earlier.

  The Queen has been part of the fabric of the UK for so long its difficult to imagine life without her. It hasn’t always been an easy relationship but her conscientious 6th house Pluto is conjunct the UK’s Midheaven and her Cancerian North Node is conjunct the UK’s Cancer Moon, symbol of the country’s ruler – both of which suggest a crucial connection.

  Her relationship chart with the UK has an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction and a power-couple Jupiter Pluto conjunction so she undoubtedly raised the UK’s status. There’s also a less easy Mars opposition Neptune Saturn square Uranus – so she wasn’t always as popular as now.

  Charles is less good a fit with the UK though his Scorpio Sun does trine the 10th house Moon; and his Midheaven is conjunct the UK 7th house North Node in Aries which suggests he could be instrumental in leading the UK through its independence years away from the EU. The UK/Charles relationship chart has a friendly Sun Venus tied into Uranus Jupiter so he may be more popular than it seems as of the moment – though there’s also a bad-tempered, maybe hostile Mars Saturn Pluto Mercury so he will come in for criticism as well.

  William has his Cancer North Node in the UK 10th conjunct the UK MC which would seem to align their destinies and his assertive/decisive Mars in Libra is conjunct the UK Ascendant and square both the UK Sun and MC, so he could be an invigorating force. His relationship chart with the UK also has a friendly composite Sun Venus – and a composite Jupiter Saturn, which merges idealism with practicality.

   Although the Queen is unlikely to abdicate altogether she may continue to give up more duties and pay heed to the passing years. Her mother lived to be 101.

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6 thoughts on “The Queen – the inevitability of time

  1. A professional photographer friend of mine went to photograph her at the Opening of the Edinburgh Parlament a few of weeks ago. He said that she looks quiet frail and will probably not live more than 1 year from now.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    Having looked at your reading for the Queen and then for a number of UK politicians – it seems 2023 seems to be a flashpoint for the UK and a time of great stress? Will you at some point give an overview of the UK chart in 2023?


  3. She may have no choice to abdicate by 2023 when she is 97. I think she is keen on the 70th coronation anniversary next year, but after that it is likely that time will catch up with her.

    • From what I have read of her, her uncle’s abdication in 1936 deeply impacted the then Princess Elizabeth and her parents and instilled in her a determination not to repeat that event.

      Also keep in mind that abdication for the Queen will be quite an involved legal process as it will require legislation from all 15 Commonwealth Realms (now that Barbados is becoming a republic) and the UK Parliament. It is not as straightforward as it is in the Netherlands or Spain.

      There is already the concept of “Counsellor of State”, the four adults next-in-line to the throne who can be delegated some tasks by the Queen. It is much more likely that the Queen will simply delegate more duties to Princes Charles and William. Harry and Andrew, the next two Counsellors of State are no longer “working royals”.

      Indeed, the Daily Mail had an article just today that the Palace may have to ask more junior royals (such as Prince Edward and the Princess Royal) to carry out more tasks if the Queen is delegating more tasks to Prince Charles.

    • The Queen was anointed at her Coronation and dedicated herself to the nation. She, like her father George IV, sees this as binding upon her until death. She may well withdraw from most of her duties and let the younger members of the Royal Family fulfill those duties, but she will not abdicate.

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