The Queen & Meghan – chalk and cheese + 1936 Abdication

The never-ending tragi-soap opera of Meg-Haz versus the Royals lumbers on with tit for tats growing increasingly hostile. Claims are now being made, if you believe the Daily Mail, that Kate and Camilla are being blamed from the California side for leaking tales of bullied aides.

  The reality is – slashing through the undergrowth of too many charts – is Meghan’s most difficult relationship in the Royal family is with the Queen. HMQ’s rigorously dutiful, obsessively conscientious and strait-laced Saturn in Scorpio on the Midheaven clashes badly with Meghan’s freedom-loving, rebellious and unconventional 5th house Uranus.  And even more aggravating is Meghan’s volatile Mars in Cancer which is conjunct HMQ’s strong-minded 6th house Pluto which gives the Queen very clear ideas about how work and duty are carried out.

  Princess Diana had the same problem with her disruptive Aquarius Moon opposition Uranus squaring onto HMQ’s Saturn MC and her Cancer Sun conjunct HMQ’s Pluto.  

  Both Diana and Meghan appear to have (had) similar ‘wrecking’ tendencies when coming up against the constraints of a rigid system where personal wishes are discounted in favour of sacrifice and obligation.

  HMQ’s relationship chart with Meghan has a strand of affection and friendliness from a composite Sun Venus opposition Jupiter. But that is on the surface. Underneath there’s a composite Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus which suggests a bond which one side will find unfair since it demands total allegiance and respect for the other and requires personal ego-needs to be suppressed. So it will feel one-sided and with Uranus in the middle, the tendency will be for it to explode at some point.

  Diana’s relationship chart with HMQ was not quite as difficult but there was still a needs-space, different-agenda composite Sun Uranus and a power-struggling-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter opposition Pluto.  

   The relationship between the Queen and Meghan was already under strain by the time of the 2018 marriage with tr Uranus throwing hand-grenades onto that volcanic Mars Saturn Uranus composite T Square and continuing to shake it up thereafter. Tr Pluto is now sitting exactly conjunct the focal point composite Uranus through this year and next and then grinding down on the composite Saturn and Mars till mid decade, so it won’t get easier.

  Although Harry is now down the line of succession the Queen will regard this as a danger point for her life’s work with Meghan’s Uranus on her Midheaven having the potential to derail what she has stood for.

   Two thoughts. One is I wish people would stop saying Americans don’t understand the Royal pecking order. There is no hierarchy more starkly rigid than that of the Hollywood ‘star’ system. Try upstaging the diva at the top of the cast list and see what happens? Meghan was six down the SUITS dramatis personae, not even a co-star. She’s knows very well what deference is all about.

  The second: It always struck me that Diana’s downfall was her inability to let go and not get her own back. She always had to retaliate, so hung onto hurts and resentments and kept the ping pong matches of bitterness running.  Meghan appears to have the same trait. Diana did have a Mars Pluto conjunction on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to her Sun trine Neptune which would be part of the reason. Meghan has a 4th house Pluto which on its own will contribute to her need to maintain control and the upper hand where family are concerned. And her Pluto squares her Mars/Node midpoint which interestingly Ebertin describes as forced separation of relationships and will also give her a vengeful streak.

Third thought – I have a theory that at the end of life – sometimes – what has been brushed under the carpet in an individual life surfaces. The old persona is ditched or melts away since there isn’t the energy to keep up the pretence and what was always there comes into the open. Maybe the Di-Meg phenomenon is the Queen’s unconscious desperate to kick over the traces and say to hell with protocol and deference. She’s in no position to act it out but she must yearn to be free.

PS: There are surprising astro-similarities to King Edward’s Abdication in 1936 which rocked the Royal Family to its foundations. The Nodes and Eclipses were almost the same degree of Sagittarius as last December’s – still in effect. Uranus was in early Taurus and Pluto in late Cancer.

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  1. Obviously double standards exist when H&M laud Doris who allowed herself to be manipulated so that Oprah could gain access for an interview. While cutting all contact with her father who was paid to be photographed trying on a suit. Which in anybody’s book is petty and vindictive.
    However my main concern is Prince William and his determination to tackle his brother. Obviously there is huge resentment on Harry’s side which I feel goes back much further than when he brooched the subject of marrying Meghan.
    I feel this would be a mistake and make matters worse. Marjorie is there any way that the two will find a way back without Meghan preventing it? Or is the relationship between the two brothers forever doomed?

  2. Irrespective of Meghan, a catalyst for change, other events such as Brexit (sorry!) with it’s concomitant effect of Scotland’s independence and the unification of Ireland, are all heavily constitutional.
    Inevitably the status and scope of the Monarchy will be affected.
    It’s unlikely that they can potter along through the succession without major changes.
    Does the astrology indicate likely directions?
    Heavens! Haven’t they opened up a can of worms! But it was inevitable, sooner or later.

    • Zita, I love your optimism! Would you, or I, be thinking about radical change within the constitution…instead of hot chocolate, Corgis (and Beth) and adoring the grandchildren……? She is a figure of state, but her working conditions are hideous! who else would opt to say In Charge – until death! – its not fair, let her go to the races, check the bloodstock of her horses, have a few gins and enjoy herself! At 94, she is a wonder – she can walk and talk and still impress….just imagining myself at that age is….not a pretty sight!

  3. Going back to your original post, Marjorie, maybe this does bear on the Queen’s unconscious, aided and abetted by the passing of Pluto/Capricorn, and perhaps Uranus in Taurus as well?
    Maybe this is her last throw of the dice to induce radical change in the institution of the Monarchy, that she must know somewhere inside her is necessary, but perhaps feels unable or doesn’t know how to undertake herself?
    Ultimately the royal family is in hock to the press, who will always have the upper hand, because no one is perfect.
    Maybe it’s a last attempt to break the shackles of suffocating courtly convention? To break the iron grip of precedence.
    Heaven knows, it needs to happen.
    Also wouldn’t a reassessment of the royal finances be likely to be due soon as a result of Uranus in Taurus?
    The news of £100m earned from sale of sea beds for wind turbines, isn’t going to be ignored for long, even if the state earned £300m at the same time.
    What role does Uranus play in the Queen’z chart?

  4. I am a realistic American. I didn’t know that Meghan Markle existed on Earth until Prince Harry began dating Meghan Markle publicly. I abrubtly stopped viewing the wedding when the American Reverend began giving the Queen and Guests, Etc.,
    an American Bapitist Revival Sermon. Shocking, inappropriate and prejudicial to the United Kingdom! I thought, why is an American Baptist Reverand speaking at a Protestant Royal Wedding, why is he giving some race and equality speech, again, why is he there. I felt sorry for Prince Harry – I thought what has he gotten himself into? A flash ran across in my mind,
    “after this is over – his next wedding will be forever.” As an American, in the beginning – I was proud of Meghan Markle. I never thought that an American would marry into the British Royal Family because of the American Revolution. In spite of the blatant lie that Meghan Markle stated in the Engagement interview to the World that she didn’t know of Prince Harry. I remember seeing Prince Harry chuckle after Meghan Markle’s comment. I thought it was their private joke of mocking the press. I strongly feel that Meghan Markle is fake, fake, fake and has a mental problem of being a liar, narcisstic and a woman that Prince Harry should have dated for fun and sex. Meghan Markle is not mature enough to have become part of the British Royal Family. I just hope that Prince Harry hasn’t revealed any essential secrets that are his personally nor any of his Family affairs. Prince Harry lost his mother when he was 12 years-old- Meghan is taking advantage of his sorrow. Meghan believes that she can crack the Crown. I speak of Meghan frequently in this comment because isn’t what it’s all about Meghan, Meghan, Meghan. I have prayed to Jesus for his child, Prince Harry. Rest assured, when Prince Harry’s destined ordeal is over Prince Harry will return to his Beloved Country with his children and Meghan Markle will remain in the United States as a rockety wealthy woman who was once a British Royal. It doesn’t matter how many children she has, Prince Harry will wake up and see the real Meghan that used he, his heritage and the Crown as her stepping stone.
    Meghan’s ignorance and hatred of the Crown is extraordinary! Maybe British/World History bores the lady.

    • I don’t think Harry is to be totally let off the hook. He has to take some responsability for his actions. It is possible that unconsciously he was drawn to Meghan (who has some emotional and mental similarities to his mother and their deep need for attention) and he had some serious grievances with his own family that none were willing to listen. I think he has subconsciously channeled his deep frustrations through Meghan who was willing to turn his unconsciousness into the manifest world. Though he’s probably now deeply uncomfortable of both their shadows and the damage it is doing. This might be where the deep fractures are born in their marriage which will be the roads that either take them on the same journey ahead, are tear them apart. But he still has to hold some responsability.

      Plus, as a sarcastic side note, by creating this chaos, Meghan gets to be portrayed in the storyline of The Crown! Yaay!! For a narcissist, it’s better to be portrayed badly in one of the worlds most famous shows than completely forgotten. Sad, deeply empty lot, that they are.

  5. All I know is that my 90 Year old mother who was born and grew up in Canada – has never forgiven the Queen for what happened to Princess Margaret -Mom would be close to the same age – She remembers all the press and the heartache of that time
    She told me she does not want to hear anything about the Royal Family – she finds them loathsome – and not wonderful at all

    – Think about the history of this family when people marry or fall in love – A disaster mostly ! why!
    The Diana story does not help
    Both sons most likely traumatized – and their father is much to blame in this, not totally but he bears responsibility

    So what astrological aspect makes the Royal Family be so nasty where love and marriage is concerned – Do they need to get rid
    of their courtiers who might be the biggest problem in this –
    What aspect would the courtiers be > in a chart

    • @tata Am not sure if it was Marjorie who did the astrological analysis of Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend’s charts and composite, but apparently Margaret dodged a bullet astrologically. I don’t think in the end it would have been a happy match. This kind of reframes your dear Mum’s feelings no? Another reframing might occur if you consider that Charles and Diana were actually happy in early days until her Borderline Personality Disorder (IMO) came roaring out under the stress of royal life. She had all the classic traits. I also believe Harry inherited the BPD from her (perpetually aggrieved feelings and victimhood, among other personality issues. I wonder if the Monarchy will survive the last years of Pluto in Capricorn and all this new Aquarius energy?

    • Tata, I don’t think the royals are different from other families, with all respect… would WE cope with people taking photos, following us, etc – they are not personally responsible ALWAYS as they are figureheads or something to look up to perhaps in most societies. I think its far more difficult for them – as ordinary people with the same problems as everyone else – to seem perfect, impeccable and beyond reproach. We did admire them half a century ago, and individually, still do – but its a job description hardly anyone else on the planet has – tough, sacrificial and imposed from the start. I have great sympathy, especially for the people they married: decent, honourable, but stuffed by their public position. Ugh…!

  6. Just as an aside – William and Harry (and their children) have Armenian/Indian dna from Diana’s Indian ggg grandmother. The tests were done with members of Diana’s wider family at the University of Edinburgh I think, back in 2013.
    There’s also the story of current royal family ancestor, Queen Charlotte, with her black Portugese ancestors a matter of fierce scholarly debate, but the research looks pretty solid to me. And, although not an ancestor, there’s 14th century Queen Philippa, who was said to be “brown all over” in a contemporary description of her appearance. She had Moorish ancestry. Her husband, Edward II, had red hair.

    • Jane, a lovely post – I love it that their backgrounds are multi-cultural, how much more scope that gives for a full, individual life. “Brown all over” lucky them, gorgeous as well as immensely diverse and real with such backgrounds….

  7. I don’t really think it matters what the Queen does, Lady Markbeth will never stop complaining about her treatment, Archie’s treatment and how unfair that he is being denied his rights. Even though it wasn’t a big dark secret that from the 7th in line wouldn’t be considered a senior royal. I mean I knew it.

    With the libel laws being non-existent in the states, there is absolutely no reason for her to stop. It doesn’t help that she and Harry together feed each other paranoia on top of paranoia etc. Etc…

    I don’t really feel she was ever that close to committing suicide. Of course it is something that can’t be proved one way or another. But if I was going to be depressed, it would be after a miscarriage of a much wanted baby, not dressing up to the nines and attending the Circus Soliel at the Albert Hall.

    Everyone says that she is modelling herself on Diana, but strangely I see her and Donald Trump as having more in common. Before everyone gets on their high horse, just look at the similarity of behaviour patterns:

    Trump likes to tweet at 4am and Lady Markbeth likes to send texts to her staff at the same time. Trump likes to sack people and and so does she. Trump has an ego that just doesn’t quit and so does Lady Markbeth. Trump likes to take his revenge and obviously she does as well. And they can both be very thin skinned and suffer hurt feelings over things that most wouldn’t notice.

    And when you have finished laughing Marjorie, are there any similarities in their charts?

  8. I don’t really think it matters what the Queen does, Lady Markbeth will never stop complaining about her treatment, Archie’s treatment and how unfair that he is being denied his rights. Even though it wasn’t a big dark secret that from the 7th in line wouldn’t be considered a senior royal. I mean I knew it.

    With the libel laws being non-existent in the states, there is absolutely no reason for her to stop. It doesn’t help that she and Harry together feed each other paranoia on top of paranoia etc. Etc…

    I don’t really feel she was ever that close to committing suicide. Of course it is something that can’t be proved one way or another. But if I was going to be depressed, it would be after a miscarriage of a much wanted baby, not dressing up to the nines and attending the Circus Soliel at the Albert Hall.

    Everyone says that she is modelling herself on Diana, but strangely I see her and Donald Trump as having more in common. Before everyone gets on their high horse, just look at the similarity of behaviour patterns:

    Trump likes to tweet at 4am and Lady Markbeth likes to send texts to her staff at the same time. Trump likes to sack people and and so does she. Trump has an ego that just doesn’t quit and so does Lady Markbeth. Trump likes to take his revenge and obviously she does as well. And they can both be very thin skinned and suffer hurt feelings over things that most wouldn’t notice.

    And when you have finished laughing Marjorie, are there any similarities in their charts?

    Everyone feels she models herself on Diana. But rather strangely she seems very similar

  9. And it seems that Piers Morgan is done. Here is the article
    Piers never got over being ignored by Meghan after she met Harry. She might have saved some headaches. I wonder what is up in the rich and famous world that they don’t google before meeting people. Piers is super toxic. This is an excerpt from an astrology blog (Archie Dunlop) from last year. He explored the dynamic between Meghan and Piers. “What are the takeaways? Decades ago I read a book on the astrology of relationships that referred to “double whammy” aspects. Megan and Piers have a double whammy – Meghan’s Venus in Virgo is opposition his Saturn in Pisces, Piers’ Venus in Aries is opposition her Saturn in Libra. This is a toxic configuration, as I’ve explained. Meghan, when dealing with Piers, should have been aware of this. His birth date is publicly available. She was probably unwise to have met him for drinks – but as she did, she shouldn’t have ghosted him.”

  10. “”

    Article from the BBC regarding a “royal” initial response. Has anyone read it? Thanks.

  11. Harry piqued my interest on two points. He neglected to mention important information about the security situation while there were living on Vancouver Island. His comments appear to be poorly informed or disingenuous.

    His claims of being cut off financially don’t seem to reconcile their Jan 8th announcement “to step back” and to become “financially independent”.

    As a minor point, have a google to see if his claim of never having been on the back of the bike with his father.

  12. A sensible piece by a writer who is mixed-race mother.
    “I would never in a million years want to make anyone feel bad by accusing them of being racist for simply commenting on my skin colour – but then I don’t go around looking for things to be offended about. I’d rather put someone right with a smile.
    Meghan is absolutely entitled to her views and if she feels offended by something, then that is her right – but it doesn’t necessarily make her right.”

    • Marjorie
      Great sense of perspective from Linden Kemkaran especially given her own mother’s horrendous experience of inter racial marriage and motherhood in the 60’s!

    • Thank you for that, Marjorie. Much needed indeed.

      But I was appalled at the treatment of poor ‘Crawfie’. What cold people they are.

        • I recall reading an extract from a book by a former employee about how she was drunk before 11am and on occasions which required her to be driven past the crowds to wave and smile, she often had to be propped up by a flunky.

          • She swilled it down – and lived to be 101 or whatever. A massive contradiction for the medical naysayers who tut tut about a glass or two of vino. She would down gin and vermouth which is a powerful combination.

  13. Ooh the backlash at on here…wow. Talk about rose colored glasses on. People enamoured with a relic of the colonial past to the point of excusing a clumsily ignorant and racist query about a baby’s potential skin color.
    Some comments on here are more curious than any revelation in that interview.
    Any clinical psychologist in the house? Lol

    Maybe Megz is a vessel for the ghost of Diana…..channeling through her daughter in law to get even! 🙂

    • Troy, one reflection regarding your comment is everybody has an opinion and if you put yourself out in the public forum then in this internet society we live in people are going to comment; in the same sense you would get opinions and comments within your family and friends circle when you tell someone or them something. Publicly you are not afforded that same privacy but you made that choice. Because we may or may not agree does not mean we do not have a voice (well on this forum anyway, within reason).

      Further, everyone is enamoured with the relic of the colonial past (so called) because people are living it everyday in their perceptions, the establishment, how they go through daily lives (especially people of color), etc.

      Caribbean Black people (and I am one) make jokes and laugh when we speak about shades of black especially when speculating in relation to slavery and the slave master and that story. We see the humor and some shade too in jest. We talk in seriousness and debate, but it is not that serious, and life goes on. We are not so sensitive about the shade conversation (well I can only talk about Caribbean black people). Even as Jamaicans we have talked about Archie’s heritage and his skin color in relation to the RF. These conversations are always light touch and we move on. Our self esteem is not built on whether someone has a problem with our shade of black or us being black at all. We find a way to get on with it (life) regardless and in spite of.

    • Sorry jus5 want to be clear that racism is no joke and some affected more than others on a personal level. As black people it touches us all on a collective level but also on a personal level for some more than others. Our perception and perspective is key.

      This Megz and Haz thing feels very different . Don’t appreciate them using the Race card when black people in the States are losing their lives because of their color or shade of color.

    • The British Empire in its heyday lasted for 72 years. Yes I know some country’s were a little longer. However not any of those who find the Royals offensive, mention China. The real, power in Africa now. The Brits for want of a better word, ruled only about 30% of Africa. China is rapidly approaching 45% and rising. It is also interesting that China’s contribution to Africa, by way of infrastructure and investment, is only beneficial to the Chinese. The roads they build are where they want them. When the old Colonials where in Africa, they built schools, railways, roads and Engineers worked on water pipes. Investments was give and take. We still do money tomAfrica. Farming was organised and productive. We left in 1960’s-1970’s. Interestingly, the minute we left a country, China moved in and have been there for ever since. It is a modern day colonisation. China looks like staying. Yet I never hear or see written, any anger considering the Chinese. I believe there are more Chinese in Africa than there were white British people. They mine the resources for computer chips. On a large scale and other mineral resources, much more than the white people did. All done on an industrial scale. I suppose it it easier to whip the devil you know, than attempt to reconcile the truth. It is not only the African Continent, some of the Caribbean Islands are receiving Chinese investment too. Don’t get me started in Slavery. I have studied that as well.

  14. I think the truth is that Meghan would have struggled no matter what family she landed in – with Pluto in her 4th and her Moon Saturn Jupiter square Mars – and a 5th house Uranus. Though why she had to pick THE most difficult family I’m not sure – in psychological terms I mean. The Disney fairytale factor was clearly a draw.
    I’m not sure I buy the story about being stopped from getting mental health care. Prince Charles was best buddies with the great (late) Jungian Laurens Van Der Post and Prince Harry has talked of getting therapy in the past. She sounds to me as if she picks up stray, maybe clumsy, comments and inflates them into typhoons.
    Will wait see how HMQ/Buck House respond.

  15. This was a huge interview – part of Pluto in Capricorn shaking up the establishment? A lot of what Meghan (yes, she is a Leo) was describing in terms of how bad she was feeling while expecting Archie may be seen in his chart. He has a loaded, challenging 12th house which could describe the conditions of his gestation. Venus, Mercury, Uranus in the 12th square Saturn and Pluto on the MC – Meghan was talking about experiencing feelings which are still considered taboo, especially in pregnant women. It is interesting how the theme of protection or rather feeling exposed and unprotected by the Palace was her major gripe – she has Cancer Ascendant square Pluto. Perhaps the Palace machine could have done more to protect her from the relentless media onslaught. The comment that Harry relayed about the mystery person questioning the skin tone of any kids Harry would have at the beginning of H&M’s relationship, I think it came from William – clumsy banter.

    • I don’t know. I’m surprised nobody is pointing fingers at the Duke of Edinburgh. Isn’t this the sort of mindless and ignorant thing the arrogant Prince Phillip would say? He’s FAMOUS for his thoughtlessness. Check out some of the terms he has used over the years. One of the worst ones I remember is when he quipped in public to a student or worker who was in one of the Far East countries. He said something like, “Well, don’t stay here too long or you will end up with slitty eyes.” And we are not talking in the far distant past either. The man is useless when thinking of others outside his privileged white elitism.

      • Sorry this is what he said. “If you stay here much longer you will all be slitty-eyed,” the Prince told British exchange students who lived in Xian in 1986. When asked on his opinion of Beijing, he replied: “Ghastly.” His insensitivity has always been off the charts. An ugly man if ever there was one.

      • Oprah has clarified that Harry has said it wasn’t the Duke of Edinburgh or the Queen unless he is covering up? Harry has said the conversation happened at the very beginning of his relationship with Meghan. I imagine he would talk to William about the relationship at that stage rather than his grandparents? To me, it sounds very much like it was a unguarded chat between siblings. Could be wrong, though. Andrew..?

        • Andrew was my first guess, after Harry’s clarification that it wasn’t either of his grandparents. I seem to recall reading that Andrew was the least welcoming family member, and we already know he lacks a filter.

    • Sarah
      Clumsy banter from William feels quite possible to me.
      I know Harry is said to have been very angry with William when he advised caution as the relationship moved so quickly and so little was known about Meghan. He knows how big a deal it is marrying into the RF.
      Harry obviously finds it difficult to let go of perceived hurts and he and Meghan seem to magnify that in each other. They seem oblivious to the hurt they have caused their families with both openly criticising their fathers to the whole world.
      Does the astrology bear that out Marjorie?

  16. The most interesting thing about the racism claim towards Archie, is that in a court of law it would be considered hearsay and therefore inadmissible. And as for Prince Charles not taking his son’s phone-calls Harry was told before-hand not to keep ringing until he did the number crunching on what he could afford to contribute.
    I must congratulate Meghan on her sterling performance, because prior to this I thought she was a terrible actress. On Oprah she gave the performance of her life except for the ones where she brainwashed hubby into believing that they were victims of racism by the firm. The Queen must consider putting all royals on the civil list on contracts with NDAs attached.

    • I agree with most of the comments. My neice will be blessed to have mixed race children with her partner and its a conversation that they have both had-does this make her racist?

      Meghan like every pregnant woman in the UK will have had a midwife and a gynaecologist throughout her pregnancy so surely she should have sought help there.I wonder which of the Royal family are medically trained in mental health who she went to?

      I do not know anyone who likes their family laundry to be brought out to the public or family secrets to be revealed-even though they want a private life ? Is that a $7 million more private life. I wonder if Harry think its been worth what they have done to the Queen as ultimately she’s head.

      I feel for the Queen who must be livid and lets hope it doesn’t finish her husband off. Meghan will have lost a lot of sympathy with the UK public for this versus our 94 year old Queen. As for Harry he really needs to grow a pair. You wonder what they will do next.

      • Seems a little harsh, Meghan like Diana, has a very easy and natural way of interacting with people she shows empathy and warmth which could be why Harry was drawn to her. I imagine there is a real pecking order in the palace and just maybe she was suppressed to prevent her from upstaging more important members of the Royal family.

  17. It is worth remembering that when Prince Philip, a blue-eyed blond-haired man, married into the Royal Family, he was also faced with adversity.

    He was famously told that his children would not take his name and he had privately complained, “I am nothing but a bloody amoeba. I am the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his own children.”. It took a lot of behind-the-scenes activities, and the Queen’s strong determination, to allow the Queen to declare that her children would bear the surname of “Mountbatten-Windsor”.,_Duke_of_Edinburgh#Royal_house

    The monarchy has expectations of its new members and all new members, whether Diana or Fergie or Meghan or Kate or even Prince Philip have faced those challenges. It is worth keeping that in mind when shouting that it is racist and/or sexist.

  18. Now that I’ve watched the interview – I may not like Meghan any more or less (who clear chose to remain ignorant prior to getting hitched, despite knowing Diana’s story; and Harry seemed to choose the same denial of reality).
    But unless what she and Harry says are total lies, which did not sound that way to me, the Firm has a long way to go to explain, in particular, the ‘concern’ over Archie’s skin color, and preemptively denying him the title of Prince. Alas, no one should be surprised that members of the family, or senior aides, are racist, in a culture that had colonized much of the world, directly led to American slavery, and has retained feelings of superiority.

    The other revelations of the overall neglect of human emotions are, sadly, not surprising either – the British stiff upper lip, Royal version (which means the couple will continue to be criticized as elite whiners).
    More interestingly is the power of the tabloids which both keeps a check on the monarchy but also gives them overwhelming power to do as they please with little pushback, even if The Firm had wanted to protect Meghan. Oprah did well demonstrating the disparity between the treatment of Kate and Meghan, tho part of it may be due to the latter espousing various progressive causes, thus setting herself up as a target should she fail in any way to walk the talk (the avocadoes criticism was just over the top).

    One curious body language I couldn’t help notice – while Meghan kept reaching out to Harry (the same way she has clung to him, maybe more understandable now), Harry not only didn’t appear as eager to grasp her hand, downcast as he felt, but spent a lot of time playing with his ring. This is one of those unconscious behaviors I’ve noticed of men who feel the guilt or burden of their marriage. Unlike Oprah’s optimistic closing, I don’t know that Meghan ‘saved’ Harry ; it feels more like he needed to save someone because he couldn’t save his own mother, and is paying a high price for it.

    I can also imagine that, if the bullying charges vs Meghan are true, it could be in part because she sensed she needed to assert herself in what would increasingly become a gilded cage, even and all the more so on insignificant details: when we lose control we tend to obsess on the little we still have. However, and without excusing Meghan, many have pointed out the Palace’s total disregard for the accusations regarding Prince Andrew – far far more serious in the worst way possible.

      • I’m confused and probably being a bit dim, but I thought the couple wanted rid of the Royals and all who sail in them, so why are they miffed about lack of titles?

        • Indeed. At the very least, the child is already entitled to the courtesy title of Lord Dumbarton (Prince Harry’s secondary title) from birth, but his parents pointedly declared that they would not use it and that he is to be addressed as plain “Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor”.

          As I understand it, that was Meghan and Harry’s decision, not the Queen’s or the Royal Family’s.

          In any case, Archie would automatically become a Prince when his grandfather accedes the Throne. Whether Meghan and Harry use the title themselves or allow him to use the title is a different story.

          Charles is looking at consciously slimming down the Royal Family and there is obviously a buy-in to that from Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

          Princess Anne’s children aren’t even noble, never mind royal, while Prince Edward’s children have taken the title of children of junior nobles (as children of the Earl of Wessex) rather than Prince or Princess.

          Prince Andrew is the only hold-out, holding out for the full panoply of royalty for his children.

  19. While I wish them all the best, one wonders when this unbelievable archaic system of the royals seized to exist given the current state of the UK.

    • Perhaps it could down-size in coming years. Prince Charles has expressed a wish to do that, while William used to say he didn’t want to be king. He may have changed his mind. There are other, more low-key, royal families in Europe that could offer examples. But some kind of figurehead is required, and probably the RF are better than the alternative.
      As for the self-obsessed Californian branch of the RF, I hope they find positive and joyful ways to channel their energies very soon. Of course they have faced challenges and grief in their lives, but so have countless others on this planet. Everyone’s suffering is unique, yet everyone’s suffering is also universal – perhaps that’s symbolised on the Leo (self) and Aquarius (humanity) axis? We all need to give and receive compassion and empathy. Those two seem to have lost their way at this point.

      • My early followings of astrology remembers that it was said “Charles will never be king”; which given he’s 72 and his mother is still on the throne now begins to seem quite possible.

        And I believe William’s chart being born on eclipses is said to be the end of the monarchy.

        Leo is the sign of royalty, so Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2040) could easily bring it all to an end; just as it did in France on the last go round. At the least, I’m guessing we’ll end up with a ceremonial Royal Family like some of the Benelux/Scandinavians(?) have.

        (PS my other anecdotal memory is when Harry was born, although he was christened Henry, the Royals said “we want him to be known as Harry”, simply to try and avoid the bad boy associations to the last Henry in the family i.e. Tudor the 8th. Something rather fateful about how it has all turned out)

        • * Re: William – specific 1982 eclipses that is. Possible something to do with their Saros series dating back to the first English monarchy.

          I think there may be something in Bernadette Brady’s book about this – will go check.

          • Thanks GD. Very interesting re the eclipses and William. Kate was also born on an eclipse I think.
            The Harry/Henry name is interesting too. Perhaps they also wanted to reference Henry 5th – “cry God for Harry, England, and St. George”?

        • The last Prince Henry was the Queen’s uncle the Duke of Gloucester who died in I think 1974? There have been other Prince Henry’s including the Prince of Wales son of James 1 who died in 1612

    • Thank goodness for the balanced comments re the skin colour discussions that take place in private amongst our diverse communities! It gives a proper perspective. I am a black British woman who has lived in the US. I have commented here and on a previous one of Marjorie’s article re my opinion on M’s exploitation of race. She was never famous enough in the US for anyone to ask about her racial background – esp since it’s so ambiguous at a glance – it was only when she met Harry that anyone was curious and she jumped on it when she thought it could raise her popularity and value but she didn’t like it mentioned in any other context. I’m fuming and have so much to say haha! For now,if anyone wants to know who she is try to see my dad’s favourite movie, “Imitation of Life” with Lana Turner – tells you everything you need to know.

  20. “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive” ~ Audra Lorde. Life in a gilded cage. But, alas, challenges are the nectar of life absent of which we would neither grow nor learn. I wish the best for Meghan, Harry and even the Queen.

  21. I’m an american and african american. I found all Meghan’s whining as superficial and out of place. There are many things taking place in this country that are worse than not having a voice. I see her as a spoiled entitled person who wants the center stage. She sought him out snagged him and all I hear are complaints.

    If they really wanted privacy as they stated they would sit down, shut up and let time go by and people will forget all the drama. I wouldn’t waste my time viewing the interview and don’t read article about them. I do love this website.

    She had it all and chunked it away because she couldn’t be the top honcho. Her husband is a poor excuse for a royal representing his family. His past behavior is a joke. Self righteous and delirious. Do you really thin anyone would be interested in them without his status and title. Heck no………..I wish they would go away……………………………………..

    • KM It’s really refreshing to hear you say that as an African American. I think we Brits are sometimes afraid of being thought racist if we criticise Meghan. You are right there are far more important things to be concerned about at the moment with so many people losing loved ones and their jobs in the pandemic and the BLM cause finally coming to the fore again both in U.S. and U.K.
      I find the interest in influencers and celebrities baffling.
      I think Marjorie was quite prescient in her summing up of Meghan’s chart even before the wedding.
      I for one wished her well when she joined the RF but have been disappointed in her behaviour and now both of them as they go ahead with the Oprah interview as Prince Philip (Harry’s grandfather to whom he is close!) remains quite ill in hospital and could possibly have died.
      The planetary aspects’ similarity to Edward VIII’s abdication is very interesting.

      • I watch the morning news and now you hear all the drama coming out but no naming anyone. His dad cut him off, he’s a 30+ man with his own money. he should not have received money from the taxpayers, they left. She wanted to kill herself and don’t get me started on Oprah, I’ve never been a fan. A the revelation of the color about Archie’s skin tone, we do that within our own communities not just the royal family.

        My first husband was white, my second black. I have one that could pass and one that is brown. My siblings and I wondered how my oldest would like have my features or his German father. His father’s gene’s are dominant. African american kids and even his cousins were mean and made hateful comments like white boy or when he would walk into class, (who turned the lights on) it’s a natural curiosity. If we are together, we still get questions are you hispanic, white, etc. He says, I’m a person.

        All of this is for their brand to make money. Who would listen to their podcast and netflix special if they didn’t add the drama. The fact that they were married 3 days before and then had a sham wedding……it’s all too funny. No wonder her dad didn’t go he was sick and they were already married.

        I’m done with this subject.

        • Yes, say it! Skin tone is a conversation whether joke or not in our black communities, i.e bleaching cream popularity etc, and we all joke about it within our space and life goes on. We don’t hate or whatever. The media try to perpetuate that and actually we really don’t care that much. We don’t take umbrage.

          Furthermore, even if within a predominantly white establishment one person mentioned race, and we don’t know the context, except how she and Harry has delivered it, why should we as black people be so offended?? I would say we are not, and watch out for how Media trying to portray and milk this. Something is ‘off’ with this whole thing for real!

          • And not just in black or even white communities.

            My ancestry is Middle-Eastern/Asian. I take after my father in complexion. He has got a health tan complexion, while my mother’s family can pass off as Europeans and get sunburnt very quickly.

            While my maternal grandmother doted on my father (her son in law) and me, she was not exactly thrilled that I had his (ever so slightly) darker complexion. She did not love me any less and pampered me (like all grandmothers do their grandchildren), but it was something that she thought about.

            It’s not racist (my mother and father are from the same community), but skin colour and ideas of beauty and looks are ingrained in social culture, even when they are not the basis of discrimination.

        • KM Interesting what you say about skin colour as according to the Guardian when pushed by Oprah Harry said the question was “What will he look like?” (could have been “who” given parents have different eye and hair colour) so not sure if skin tone mentioned and they could have over-interpreted the question knowing their sensitivity?
          As you say it’s natural to wonder which parent a child will resemble and isn’t necessarily racist. I know a lot of people were wondering if Archie would have Harry’s red hair for example.
          My daughter in law’s father is ethnic Chinese so I assumed my grandson would have dark hair and brown eyes. Was a surprise when he turned out to have blonde hair and blue eyes like his father and other grandmother with some Asian features. A very lovely mixture! Can’t wait to see who the next one looks like.
          I’m sorry your son was teased for being too pale. That’s kids I’m afraid.
          I’m not going to watch the interview either. These are private matters to be resolved in private I feel.
          We’ve heard more than enough..

    • KM, I am Jamaican British and I totally agree with you. No one can make me believe she didn’t know what she was signing up for. How do you marry such a high profile man and not know anything about him or his background? She apparently said she didn’t google him – are we supposed to believe that? It’s starting to feel like all this was plotted from the get-go to get Harry out of ‘Dodge’. Harry used her, she used Harry or they both used each other …..? Whatever! I feel more sorry for the kids because they should know both sides of their family good and bad on their own terms as they grow up without being held prisoners to only their parents’ perspective. She has a horrible history with hers, it seems, except her mother and Harry is creating a horrible period in time with his, and they have decided that’s okay as a legacy for their children. Hmm….! She seems used to her disconnect from family but not so sure about Harry, as much as he moans and groans what happens when the novelty wears off.

      I also won’t be watching the interview, and rarely read any report because the headlines are enough for me to get the gist. In any event, good luck to them. I hope it all works out.

      • Sigh. It has been and seems to continue to be that some Black and Brown people will continue to be the gatekeepers for white supremacy. It isn’t about the color of the skin. It’s about how the color of the skin limits opportunities for people of color. I’ve noticed, even in the Black community, the lighter the skin, the more favored one is. In Hispanic and Indian communities, the lighter the skin, the more opportunities. My friend from India, has much darker skin than her sister. At a young age she was told that she was too dark and would not find a husband. Upthread, someone mentioned that it’s natural to wonder who a child will favor. But when it’s a mixed couple it’s absolutely naive to think one is talking about resemblance and not color. It’s 2021, let’s move out of the denial stage that racism isn’t deeply woven into the fabric of society. The sooner the admission, the sooner we can move to a solution. In the meantime, I am always saddened that some Black and Brown people continue to be gatekeepers for white supremacists. Sigh.

        • Jan, in slave plantations it was some black and brown people job to be that. Your life depended on it. Browner or lighter black persons got an easier life. Possibly because the slave master allowed that so, etc. I could go on but will not. I am black Caribbean from slave descent and I am proud. I refuse to appear like the narrative. My ancestors did not die for me to have this conversation. Check out the history and then it will make sense. One love

          • As a Jamaican myself my ancestors did not die so that I would refuse to speak truth to power. What’s the argument here? What’s the debate here? Are we saying there is no racism involved in suggesting that the color of baby Archie maybe too dark. And are we saying that that sentiment is okay? I’m from mixed heritage so I understand the complexity of the race construct. By the way, we are no longer on the plantation and our lives don’t depend on us to go along to get along. You may not choose to live the narrative (whatever that means to you) but others will force that narrative on you. See the journalists who published a monkey representing an innocent baby. See the Doctor who goes to a hotel to receive an award. Later that evenings he stands in front of the hotel waiting for his car a white man gets out of his car and hand the Dr. his keys. See the Dr. believed his was an impressive Dr. but the white man saw him as just a valet. Know your history. One must be strong enough to push back and say no to racism. One love

          • Hi Jan, you missed my point but okay….! My answer was more about a couple of untruths and then truths that popped for me. We know our history and it’s a complete entanglement and that’s another conversation but in all truth we ourselves among ourselves do have the shade conversation. So why is it impossible to think that they are not going to have it too when they are the ones who created it? That’s one of the real points for us. Until we realise the real point we we won’t get the real point. Peace out. 1Love

        • Agree, it was definitely a racist comment when my lovely Chinese daughter in law was pregnant a ‘friend’ made some appalling comment about how the baby might look which made me very upset. I watched the interview and have every sympathy for them, l wish them well.

  22. I’d also like to see the composite chart for Prince Philip and Meghan. Philip was/is head of the family behind closed doors – he made many of pivotal decisions in the upbringing of Charles. Philip coined the term ‘The Firm’ meaning the family itself but Meghan will use it in the documentary to refer to the palace machine hence blurring the lines between the two in public’s mind.

  23. Pluto has been a major player in the lives of the House of Windsor. Is this event an example of Pluto in Capricorn with A period of purging, while the establishment makes its desperate last ditch attempts to conserve itself. Megan the Leo lion has her prey and whilst she plays the victim, Harry will try to defend his new mum. Times are changing and the Queen must feel if she lets go it will all full apart. But it needs to and rebuild into a new form with William as king, now M&H will love that.

  24. Very interesting theory regarding the Queen’s unconscious projections;
    dovetails with the one that parents consciously or unconsciously often have children or grandchildren who live the lives the parents wanted to live. A good reason to have kids, after all.
    Certainly all her children eventually got together with the one they wanted.

    And since people tend to be truer to themselves when there is little time left (or so it is hoped), it would make sense that any conflict between duty and personal desire would express itself more forcefully – as any psych knows, the more it is repressed, the more extreme the expression.

    (as for Meghan – one thing for sure, as a Leo who knows what she wants, and likes attention, she must not have expected that she’d have to take a back seat, not only to her superiors in the family, but to duty. She might have understood Hollywood, but her pride and thus self-deception about her own importance refused to accept her new situation, one she must have imagined was a step up, social climber that she is. Too bad she didn’t watch The Crown beforehand 😉

  25. If I remember while watching the wedding – Camila and Kate were seen engaged in conversation laughing – they were sitting together
    It was strange
    I think Marjorie’s comment about the Queen is quite interesting- and true

    • The next Queen consort and her successor being seated together and engaging in conversation can hardly be surprising.

  26. I think Marjorie’s analysis gives a lot of insight into Harry and it looks like he married someone quite similar to his mother Diana. How predictable but how sad really! and it probably won’t end well.

  27. Meghan came into the royal family claiming that she would shake up the monarchy and modernise it; having failed to recognise the fact that the Queen has modernised the firm and has contributed greatly to the peace process in Northern Ireland and brought about reconciliation with Eire.

    Meghan doesn’t have to sit down with dictators and tyrants. She doesn’t understand the value of not reacting to everything that is said about her. The Queen welcomed Meghan with open arms and is repaid with malice and a ridiculous sense of self-entitlement. She should just grow up!

    • Spot on Linda, that’s the best summing-up I’ve read. And you’re so right about the Royal Household and its modernising approach. I know some of them, particularly the Press Officers, and they are bright, forward-thinking people. Many are women, so this nonsense I keep reading about the ‘men in grey suits’ must be doubly irritating for them.

      • You may know people working for the Royal and you are talking about your experience with them. Does it occur to people that everyone has a different experience and to deny that is denying their humanity? Maybe the issue was not with all the staff in general but they are all representing an entity. Maybe they do need a whistleblower.Will you defend Andrew? I’m sure there are some people who had positive experiences with him
        And it is appealing that the firm didn’t move to completely cut him off when he refused to cooperate with the law.

  28. “Meghan’s most difficult relationship in the Royal family is with the Queen”

    It is striking that you say that, Marjorie. Another astrologer, who makes no bones of her liberal leanings, had predicted at the time of the H&M wedding that Meghan’s closest relationship in the Royal Family, after her husband, would be with the Queen.

    That prediction certainly fell wide off the mark.

      • It’s always difficult for astrologers to do predictions around the time of a marriage or just after since you don’t want to sound as if you are always finding fault and raining on their parade. I remember being asked to do a ‘sunny’ prediction for Paul Gascoigne, the footballer’s marriage in the 1990s. It was quite clear it was going to end in tears and probably black eyes as well – and so it transpired. When the wedding bells were ringing I had to hedge in all directions and search for twisty words that might cover all eventualities – ‘challenging’ is always a handy description.
        Meghan might have been able to bring a breath of fresh air, though her Uranus crashing into the Queen’s focal point Saturn is a sledgehammer to crack a nut kind of combo. Meg’s Leo Sun is conjunct HMQ’s Moon but Leo plus Leo? Can be tearing flesh in the fight for centre stage.

      • Thanks, Unmystic Mom, for the link. It’s not the time or place to discuss it, but I found it enlightening going back to October 2018, then rereading the wedding post. Comments good too.
        The Oxford Astrologer, an American woman living in Oxford, approached differently to most.
        Libra with its quality of charm was commented on. It reminded me that the opposite of charming, is being anything but. Lethal in fact. And it can turn on a sixpence. But really, as with Marjorie’s posts on the subject, it was all there right from the beginning.
        Too much neptune on our side as well as theirs?

  29. There are members of the RF who think that they would make great actors simply because they smile and do their job even when they don’t feel like doing it, not realising that that is the way probably 70% of the world goes about our lives. We don’t all love our jobs and we are pleasant to ppl we don’t care for because it makes life a little bit easier. The problem is that Harry is fool enough to believe he has something that sets him apart probably because he got to meet Beyonce and some other famous ppl who made him feel cool when he was in their presence. Diana had the same delusion in my opinion, hence the relationship with Dodi who was going to put her in the movies. The question is, did he look for Meghan for that reason or did she, through networking her way into his friendship group, simply exploit this fantasy? She’s a great exploiter and they are now jointly, doing their best to exploit the RF. We’ll have to wait til Monday but I don’t expect Meghan to have the grace to say thank you to anyone even though it didn’t”work” out. The reason is that she had no intention of making it work, neither did he. They had their plan early on and all the racism etc was just their get out of jail card haha. Let’s see how far this delusion will take them, especially the Duke of Haz-zards!

    • U r right…though meg had it tough but then v don’t know what she was trying to get inside the household that she had to b shown the door n now is on revenge mode

  30. if you guys look at bernadette brady’s jigsaw group analysis indepth astrology she goes into depth,why certain groups of us humans,and stuff we create such as royal families have stuff like viewing a certain member of a group as promethesus,and other stuff,plus if you guys do really deep research into jigsaw,as long as you as accurate dates for stuff like marriges,it really rectifies charts,and shows what truly drives certain groups of us,plus if you go to you tube she uses jigsaw to truly though indepth probability analysis ,how covid 19 is going,which is why i feel the true gift of indepth astrology is to guide us to truly understand the many seasonal phases,and spatial points ,of as certain astrologers who say spatial based astrology is the basic core of indepth astrology,and how we all are part of much broader indepth phases,and spatial points and even american astrologer alphee lavoie has created a indepth astrology program called right decision that gives you the best probable times,and places for any question we can think of,but i feel if indepth astrology were viewed through these unique astrologers by maybe more indepth scientists,and others that maybe we humans can truly understand why certain phases,and spatial points continue for us,and stuff we create,or maybe we humans have to continue through many phases,and spatial points,which is why i felt you guys would enjoy battlestar galactica from the 1970’s,and early 2000’s,especially the 2003 version of battlestar galactica cause it really puts alot of this type of stuff in prespective of a space opera,even one of the characters is named hera,wonder how if william shakespeare were reincarnated how he would view what is considered modern humans,just more stuff to ponder,or do most of us want to hide in sand like ostrich’s,i imagine if we every colonize the solar system,then galaxy they even more stuff like the british royal family on more worlds than just our earth,as well as more william shakespeares,and others to ponder this stuff,happy indepth researching to all of you,and have a good st patrick’s day coming up.

    • Anthony I’ve no idea what you are trying to say. If you tried punctuation and sentences rather than a string of alphabet salad it would help.

      • Marjorie, I have tears running!!!! from laughing so much.
        I have been saying on a daily basis for months now, the way the English language has been taught in recent years, has left a huge gap in the understanding of how to interpret what is heard and how to respond.

      • Yes, it’s very hard on the eyes and brain. I got about four sentences in before hairline fractures in my mind began to occur. There seems to be commas and apostrophe’s but no full stops and paragraphs. It gets very difficult to read, like wading through a mathematical equation and no idea how to solve it. Sorry Anthony, I know you probably mean well.

  31. An interesting article I read yesterday suggested that HMQ doesn’t feel it would be a good precedent to take away Harry’s titles and remove him from the line of succession, but that overtures are being made to sway him to do it himself. What you said about similarities to abdication aspects was intriguing in this context.

    • The crucial thing is that taking away Harry’s titles and place in the line of succession is not in the Queen’s power.

      Removing (or altering the descent of) a peerage title requires an Act of (the UK) Parliament. And neither the government nor the Queen would want all the press attention that the passage of an Act of Parliament (which can take a year to get through both Houses) would generate.

      Removing a person from the line of succession requires an Act of Parliament from at least 16 Parliaments (all the Queen’s Commonwealth Realms) and possibly more (I think all the Australian state parliaments have to approve it as well, but I am not sure on this point).

      Nor can Harry do either of those things himself. He can voluntarily stop using his titles, but his legal right to them cannot be diminished except by Act of Parliament. And his place in the line of succession can’t be given away by him either.

  32. Marjorie, you are spot on regarding American’s understanding of the “Royal pecking order”. Speaking for myself as an American, I would view marrying into the Royal family much the same as being commissioned as an officer / enlisting for military service ( something which I’ve done). Working members of the RF are required to give up certain aspects of their personal life in the service of the monarchy, and country, much as military personnel temporarily relinquish certain (civil) rights to serve their country. This is the essence of the distinction between military service, and civilian life. I find it implausible that Meghan was unaware of the expectations, and requirements that go along with becoming a working member of the RF, as well as incredibly arrogant that she would even try to buck a system known for reverence of tradition. As we were often reminded during the most difficult moments of US Navy training, “You chose this, no one forced you to join the Navy”.

  33. Majorie, I think one of the most important players in this whole scenario is Oprah. I met her years ago and was astounded by her ability to transform herself very quickly from an incredibly charming and charismatic individual into a rude and mean-spirited person. (This happened when she felt the people around her were unimportant or were there to serve her.) A true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. Make no mistake – in her mind, this is all about Oprah and ratings. The more controversial the interview – the better. I can understand why in a previous post you said that M & H’s relationship with her could sour as time goes on. They are more pawns to be played than friends. Her chart with the Queen must be interesting?

    • You don’t get as successful and rich as Oprah or as enduring without having a backbone of titanium. Her Mars in Scorpio sits on HMQ’s Saturn MC with Oprah’s Pluto in Leo crashing into HMQ’s Fixed T Square as well. Not a good mix.
      Love the story of the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Meg-Haz wedding asking Oprah what she did as a job.

  34. It occurs to me Meghan was born the week after Charles-Diana married. Diana came into The Queen’s life around the time Uranus was transiting her Saturn back in the day.

    I’m beginning to tire of this saga, it’s going to be neverending. It’s like 5-year-olds in a playground. Boy pulls girl’s hair. Girl complains to teacher. Teacher tells boy off. Five minutes later girl is over talking to boy again.

    PS While looking through an old post came across this prominent statement in one of the early pre-engagement appraisals of the relationship – “The downside is that her independent-minded Uranus opposes his 4th house Moon which could pull him away from his family and roots; and her Sun squares his duty-bound Saturn in Scorpio and Midheaven, so she’ll feel constrained by his role in life.” Spot on Marjorie!

    • I’m tiring of it too, GN.

      Regarding Uranus transits and the House of Windsor – I think it’s been mentioned on here before that when the planet was discovered in 1784, it was initially given the name ‘King George’s Star’, thus it seems to be connected with the fate of House of Hanover/Windsor. Charles and the Queen have significant synastry since both have luminaries within the first 3 degrees Taurus as well as in the case of Charles the nodal axis. Incidentally, Meghans’s nodal axis in the first degrees of Leo/Aquarius crosses that of Charles and squares the Queens Sun, forming a Fixed Grand Cross.

      If I remember correctly, Meghan and Harry’s wedding day was the same date of Anne Boleyn’s execution!

      • Except it may not be their Wedding Date. I read a post that flashed on one of the papers a year or so ago. The post emphatically stated Harry married Meghan in Africa, it was written in a way that appeared to be by someone who knew Harry. It stated “Harry the fool, married after one night of drunken lust in Africa what have you done mate”. I am not stating it is true and it disappeared as quickly as it came. Although I have always been very psychic and that night I woke up, with a jolt. I saw a pink iron type small Church nestled in an Africa Savannah. The time was 2.00 pm, 12th August, 2017. I am not a mad person and I don’t normally write about the psychic work I used to do. I am not stating it is true. I am just writing what I saw. I looked on You Tube the other day. There is a Tarot reader who did a reading a year or so back. She did it live and was shocked when she asked the question did “Harry marry in Africa” and the cards stated yes. It there for all to see.

        Apologies Marjorie, I posted this just in case anyone wished to do a chart and see if it ties in. I quite understand if you take it down. I am not always correct with my dreams or psychic work. However, my gut feeling is , he did marry Meghan in Africa. There marriage time is wrong.

      • So many layers to mull over here! Meghan’s Leo nodes align with the UK 1801 Jupiter, in the groups and parliament house of that chart. Although, unless Harry and Meghan insisted, it is unlikely that any acts of Parliament would be needed. They can easily choose to drop/not use their titles.
        I also noticed that UK Saturn at 23 Leo (royal history?) squares the Queen’s own Saturn, and Meghan’s Uranus in Scorpio. Diana’s Uranus in Leo is conjunct it. She did deliver a number of shocks to the Saturnian establishment of the time, while it in turn constrained her as we now know.
        I was also fascinated by the little line up of Meghan’s Mars in Cancer, Diana’s Sun in Cancer, and the Queen’s Pluto in Cancer. Quite a celestial chord being played there I think. And for Harry, each of these important women in his world must carry a similar vibration there, played out in different ways. Interesting, too, that they are in ‘motherly’ Cancer, the sign that likes to hang on tightly….All oppose the UK Union Sun in Capricorn too – what a see-saw this suggests.

        I do feel the strange similarities with the abdication story. That event led, eventually, to the Queen becoming the Queen. Her father became King – not a role he ever wanted. Harry and Meghan cannot change anything in that way of course, bar some horrendous wipe-out of everyone. But I do wonder whether the next steps the RF takes will be straightforward, or whether the spirit of the abdication era will find a way to manifest in a new form. We’re looking, after all, at family patterns running through time. Royal charts, being pretty accurate and going back a long way, make this possible – whatever you think about the RF family shenanigans.

        • The line of succession is indeed interesting astrologically speaking. As mentioned before, all members of the line have planets or angles in the early degrees of fixed signs. The fixed quality to the Windsor line probably contributes to its success and longevity. Meghan’s nodal axis conflicts not only the astrology of Charles and the Queen but also William too because William has his MC at 2 degrees of Scorpio conjunct Jupiter at 0 degrees Scorpio and even his son Prince George has Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio. That’s 4 generations of Royals all affected by Meghan’s Leo/Aquarius nodes. There’s something almost fated about it!

          It also occurred to me that when Megxit happened, transit Uranus was conjunct Meghan’s South node. This is often interpreted as opportunities from the past coming back to bring in much-needed change. But there’s also the feeling of karma and fatedness. Marjorie’s thoughts about the Queen’s unconscious, how when you shut something out, it sure as heck is going to come back at you in some form. Whatever you think about Meghan, there’s no doubt that the astrology is telling us she’s a catalyst for change in the Royal family that will reverberate down the generations.

    • Brilliant comments, Gnarly Dude… but who expected such devious tactics? Harry, whatever his faults, is quite…disingenuous – i.e. does not plan to wreck/subdue/annihilate … is dreadful to see – and somehow Meghan’s face seems super taut/tight – surely she hasn’t…. already? It is terrible to witness and the Queen & Phil have to see the unfolding/demolition of something we all thought was real……they truly love the boy.

      • Yes, Maggy C – I noticed Meghan’s face seemed a little, well, as if she’d had some kind of “work” done, as they say. When in California….

  35. I have little doubt in my mind that Meghan can be somewhat controlling and manipulative, based on her chart and Marjorie’s thorough analysis of her placements. But Harry is also very much his own man and he is on the record as having wanted out of the royal life long before Meghan appeared on the scene. I think the interview with Oprah will emphasize that it was just as much his decision as it was hers to step down and move some distance away. The term should be Sussexit, not Megxit, please.
    And I wouldn’t call Harry a “rich aristo brat”. He founded Sentenbale and the Invictus Games, and did two military tours in the Middle East. He wants to be active and involved in things bigger and more important than himself – I don’t call that bratty behavior.
    As for the timing of the interview, it was filmed, I believe, before Prince Phillip went to the hospital. The date for airing the program is/was decided by CBS and Oprah, not by Harry & Meghan. It is unlikely to be postponed, no matter what is going on with the royals when it airs, and I doubt that even if H & M asked the network/Oprah to postpone it, that they would agree. This Sunday night program will be a ratings bonanza for them and the commercial sponsors.
    Whatever nicknames Meghan and Harry use for each other is their business. I think “Haz” is cute, and I am sure he has some affectionate nickname for her as well.

  36. Haha,Meghan is an actress…The Stage is important to her.Always will be.
    Is Harry really,really on her bus???Perhaps today,but not in a couple if years.Feel a bit sorry for this bloke.

  37. The queen and Prince Philip have a good relationship with Harry and Megan. It’s just the daily mail making up lies to sell the paper. Piers Morgan works for the daily mail. When Megan first landed in London, he was one of her first friends and she unceremoniously dropped him like a hot potato when she met Harry and made other new friends. She has got the right to cut off with people she isn’t interested in. He got upset and has been waging a massive hate campaign against her for ages. It would be interesting to see how their charts match.

    • Piers Morgan has an Aries Sun Venus which is conjunct Meghan’s Midheaven from the 9th and his Mercury is in her 10th – so very much a career/promotion connection. But clearly she found bigger fish to fry – like Oprah and would have been warned off possibly by Harry from Brit tabloids.

      • Thank you so much for replying. I was wondering if you have seen the recent James Corden interview of Prince Harry on Youtube. It was very funny and entertaining. They drive around LA together and also tackle an obstacle course. Harry seems very normal and happy and Megan was looking very pretty and seemed totally normal and chilled out. In my humble opinion it’s just the daily mail making up stuff to demonize them. They both seem very nice from what I saw in that video.

  38. As with Diana, this is a battle where neither sides will emerge as a winner. H and M are clearly petulant and entitled but the palace counterattack is an own goal. Most of the royals have been accused of bullying behavior in the past with Charles, Philip and Andrew reported to be the worst offenders. And bring up M’s wearing of Saudi jewels owned by the crown is absurd. The royal women are covered in Saudi jewels despite the Saudi royal family’s funding of al-Quaida (67 UK citizens died in 9/11), their treatment of women and their brutality in Yemen. The optics of this purported investigation are terrible and the hypocrisy of their protection of Andrew even worse. What a dysfunctional family!

    • I do feel that while that elephant in the room, Andrew remains protected from the Epstein allegations and failing to carry out the promise that he would talk to the FBI, that morally the Palace are on shaky ground here. And the stuff about the Saudi earrings is ludicrous – they’re owned by the royals and Kate also wears Saudi jewels.

      • Reminds me of the Yes Prime Minister episode “The Smoke Screen”, where Sir Humphrey threatens to reveal “embarassing” details about the Prime Minister’s dealings with the tobacco companies, but the details are so dull and boring (and so regular, in that all politicians have done them) that the PM does not feel at all threatened.

    • I agree the timing was off. Though I imagine it was swept under the carpet for fear of making a bad situation worse before. And I’m sure Andrew is a nightmare – pompous and bombastic with an extraordinary sense of entitlement.

    • Thank you Marjorie. I did some work last year and spoke to many of the people who left the Sussexes employ when the offices shut down and it was very interesting! I also known friends who work for celebs and what they are asked to do sometimes is totally revolting! I think that the charges were swept under the carpet probably (somewhat ironically) to protect Meghan in her early days as a royal. I wouldn’t be surprised if story was leaked more because positioning of H&M setting them up to make people nicer and kinder upset them (those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones). We shouldn’t be surprised about M’s reactions historically we have seen how she is happy to throw friends, husbands, family under a bus once they no longer serve her purpose. Why should we be surprised if the Royal Family is next on the list and it makes me wonder who next, well I think we have a hunch who next! If I was an advisor to the Sussexes I would make some claim to having made mistakes before you attack the Royal Family as everybody knows one side is seldom in the right 100% of the time. Please don’t play the victim or the race card. Everybody was hugely excited and determined to make it work at the engagement and the fact it became such a car crash so quickly lies in all parties, and Harry obviously needs to take some responsibility as he did not outline emphatically what the demands and expectations of Meghan would be. Don’t get me started on the EQ of this interview taking place whilst the Duke of Edinburgh is obviously very seriously ill in hospital…

  39. Interesting observation, how in life’s final chapter pretense is cast aside and truth emerges. Wonder what freedom means for the Queen. She must be appalled by Meghan’s arrogance, bad manners and selfish choices. Hearing the Queen’s recent encouraging speeches you feel that more of her natural warmth and sterling character are on display. Maybe it’s the gilded cage that her majesty is laying aside. Her dedication and caring are authentic and endearing. What people like about Harry is his honest, warm and cheerful nature. Meghan is a stark contrast to both, phony from the word go. From compassionate wishes for the world delivered from a palace in Malibu, to cutting off Harry from family and career while claiming to love him, this is a woman on the make.

  40. Back when Harry and Meghan were breaking away from the Royal Family I was firmly on their side as I believed they had the right to speak out, at the time, and then move on. Today, Meghan is now seriously grating on my t***. I believe if you want to break away from something you feel oppressed by, you clear the decks as best you can, and then YOU MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. I have this feeling there is no intention on her part to create a new life and become something successful outside the Royal Family. She desperately needs them to define her standing in life. Without the RF to contrast herself, is she worried she becomes NOBODY? What is she outside the RF and marriage and motherhood to a prince? Can she push forward and become something individual and respected for her own individual works? They have all the money and public attention they need to get a brand or business together and move forward. It’s just so bloody dysfunctional.

    I’m on the fence with Harry at the minute. I find him a nice genuine guy and he has shown zero famewhore tendencies previously. I do think he has grudges against the stifingly rigid Royal Household, understandably, but I also think he is extremely supportive of his wife. But I do wonder if these two are going to last the distance. I think Harry will be okay in the long run as long as he has something to focus on and I do think he will be allowed back in to the fold. I hope Meghan proves me wrong as I think her ‘career’ will be media manipulation and using their kids to remain relevant. But her whole family seem like that.

    And ‘Haz’, honestly, was one of the most completely naff and disingenuous things I have heard come out of her gob in a while.

  41. Interesting.
    But some feel good royal news just announced. The Queen has two new puppies. Wonder where she gets her enduring love of dogs from? 6thH Pluto?

    • Amazing Adele, given that she said she wouldn’t have any more since the last one died. Maybe she feels she needs their love and devotion to comfort her and bring her joy. Maybe for once, she’s put her real self first. Maybe we’ll see more of this?

      • I can’t help but see that BLM conjunct the Queen’s Neptune in Leo, Zita and knowing how the conjunction gives that yearning to merge with the collective unconscious, which can be lived out through a love of nature and feeling part of the natural world, it is probably how she copes with the pressures of office – open spaces, nature and caring for animals can be so healing and in her mid 90s she still rides. How telling it is that her Neptune/Lilith squares that heavy duty Saturn in Scorpio conjunct the MC.

  42. “It always struck me that Diana’s downfall was her inability to let go and not get her own back……Meghan appears to have the same trait”.
    My thoughts exactly Marjorie.
    Is this gonna end well?
    But I also blame that family. When you join they don’t seem to lay down (firm) ground rules to newcomers? After a few years Harry’s exe’s figured the lie of the land and hightailed it out of there. Not the American divorcee actress.

  43. I can’t help but think this pouring out to Oprah can only back fire. If something happens to Prince Phillip sympathy for the Queen will increase and Meghan and Harry will take the backlash. The pendulum always swings.

  44. “Maybe the Di-Meg phenomenon is the Queen’s unconscious desperate to kick over the traces and say to hell with protocol and deference. She’s in no position to act it out but she must yearn to be free.”

    Thanks Marjorie. What an interesting thought, above. It has occurred to me that there is something about the situation that speaks of lessons not learned in the past – Megxit happened just as Uranus was in the early degrees of Taurus, conjunct the Queen’s Sun and in the same early degrees of Taurus that it was during the Abdication crisis, so strange that history repeated itself 84 years on. The way the Palace operates often makes it look too rigid for the times we live in, plus it has a history of not allowing individual royal family members full autonomy when it comes to individual freedom and affairs of the heart. Perhaps Diana and Meghan represent the Lilith to the Queen’s dutiful Eve.

    • RD Laing, the psychiatrist before drink and fame got to him, had some bright insights. My favourite is that every family is like the cast of a play with each member assigned a role. Should one decide to step out of that role – the scapegoat, the sick one, the crazy coot, black sheep or whatever – there is huge resistance within the family since the others then have to take back their projection and assimilate into themselves the qualities they had dumped on the (usually) persecuted one.
      And there you have the Royals, following in the Queen’s duty-bound footsteps. But as in any stifling family culture there will be a need for air vents and the wild, wayout disgraceful ones to act out what the others can’t – Princess Margaret, even the Duke of Windsor, Diana. They live out what the others feel unable to do.
      Not that I’m a great supporter of the rebellious ones who want it all – the Royal title, privilege and money and no obligations. Which always struck me as one of Harry’s problems. He wanted to be a rich aristo brat like some of his school chums who didn’t have the weight of the Royals cramping his style. But like Princess Margaret when it came to crunch point he didn’t want to walk away and leave the Royal perks behind. He’s just lucky he was left half his mother’s divorce money. Without that he would have been a good deal poorer.

      • I like that insight by RD Laing! I kind of had the same inkling over the years with my own dysfunctional family dynamics but this was put together so much more succintly. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

        • n I got it early as my sis said one day…If u go away who will v blame for all wrongs

          Now I know it’s not jealousy but that they got none to blame n so all wrongs have to b accounted on them which makes them hate me so much

      • Haha, Jo. Have had similar thoughts about my own family – there’s more than enough crazy coots therein! I don’t think anyone involved in this sorry mess is doing themselves any favours here and with the world reeling from the pandemic it all looks like a collection of people living in their own privileged bubble. Also, I would imagine the Queen is mostly worrying about her husband atm – ‘The Palace’ is the cabal handling the media side of things in this battle.

    • What is also interesting, VF, is that the Queen only became Queen because of the abdication. Her mother made no secret of the fact that she blamed Edward VIII for forcing her husband into a demanding job he wasn’t suited to.
      Maybe her unconscious is yearning for the days she felt free, despite the heavy weight of the Crown in her future? In effect, she sacrificed her wonderful, dynamic, enterprising husband for a job.
      Maybe there is resentment and jealousy that they seem to feel entitled to a freedom that she gave up? Maybe she feels doing her duty hasn’t been worth it, that she has given up too much, and they appear before her, showing that maybe it could have been different? She is a Taurus after all.
      She was so driven and dutiful, you do wonder just how hard it’s been for her.
      And she’s old. As you age, you do wonder what it’s all been about. And whether it was worth it.

      • Its been worth it as for her people she’s (only her due to her devotion to her country) above reproach.Cant say the same for the rest of her spongers.What an embarrassment Harry is now -however led by his trousers he is.To go on Oprah- is pretty damming as is any daytime tv.The stiff upper lip has been conquered by the kardashian greed and mentality of Meghan.

      • Elizabeth of York would have become Queen either ways, except that she would have likely acceded to the Throne in the 1970s rather than in 1952.

        Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson did not have any children in spite of a long marriage, so the throne would have passed to the Duke of York (George VI) and then Elizabeth II anyway, though the circumstances would have been different.

        • I should not have called the Queen “Elizabeth of York”, forgetting that there is a much more famous Elizabeth of York (Henry VIII’s mother) in English history.

          Rephrase the above as “Princess Elizabeth”.

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