Mariah Carey – songbird under attack

Mariah Carey, best-selling singer and actress, has come off the high that her recent successful memoir produced with the New Yorker describing it as “incisive, entertaining, and impressively well-written”, and Rolling Stone calling it an “instant classic of pop diva lit”. Then her sister and now her brother have stepped in to dispute her tales of a dysfunctional childhood. She had claimed her sister, eight years older, gave her Valium, tried to pimp her out, and threw boiling hot tea on her. Her brother she described as drug-dealing, drunk, violent and in receipt of money to murder someone. Both siblings are claiming substantial damages.

  Mariah has attested to her bi-polar disorder and her sister alleges she was “profoundly and permanently damaged as a result of being forced by [their] mother, while a pre-teen, to attend terrifying middle-of-the-night satanic worship meetings that included ritual sacrifices and sexual activity.”  The Adams family writ large.

    Mariah, born 27 March 1970 7.27 am Long Island City, NY, has a 12th house Aries Sun and Mercury opposition Uranus; with Venus in Aries also in the hidden 12th. She has an attention-demanding Pluto in her performing 5th house. The one hint of damaging childhood would be a cruel-treatment Saturn Mars in Taurus straddling her Ascendant opposition Jupiter. Her final degree Scorpio Moon is conjunct Neptune in her 7th so good for creativity, not so great for discrimination in choosing partners.

  Though now that I look deeper I discover – dratted woman – there’s doubt about her birth year which may be 1969, same day and time. 1969 also puts her Aries Sun in the 12th along with a Venus Saturn conjunction. The latter is on the focal point of a difficult Yod inconjunct both Neptune and Pluto. Her performing 5th has Pluto as well as lucky Jupiter Uranus and her Pluto is opposition her Mercury for an intense approach. A Cancer Moon squares that hard-edged Saturn.

  Her brother Morgan Carey, 6 August 1960, a record producer, fitness trainer, is a Sun Uranus Venus in Leo with a seriously determined and can-be-ruthless Mars in Gemini square Pluto. On either of her birth dates his Mars Pluto collides with her Neptune for a panicky interface and for a 1970 birth her Moon as well, so she would be wary and feel threatened by him.

  The relationship chart between them for her 1969 birth has a really stressed and aggravated composite Mars Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Sun – and that is seriously bad chemistry .

Whichever of her birth years is accurate she does have tr Pluto crossing her Midheaven from now onwards which can bring a fall from grace or a change of career direction.  And the 1969 chart has a depressing tr Pluto square Saturn over the next two years which will be an uphill struggle.   

4 thoughts on “Mariah Carey – songbird under attack

  1. Thanks for this Marjorie.
    I believe she was born in 1970.

    Numerogically, her rumoured 1969 birth date gives her a 1 lifepath number.
    1970 gives her a 11/2 lifepath number.

    She is sooo a 11/2 person. Her longevity, her spirituality, her ability to inspire her flock, her eccentricities and her personal sensitivity all point to a fairly heavyweight 11/2 person.

    Just my opinion tho.

  2. Why write a book about your family dirty laundry. If I wrote one it would be a best seller, molestion of siblings by a step parent, mother depressed with 3 fathers for 6 children and never married. Second child did not know they had a different
    father than they four younger sibling until they needed their birth certificate at 16. It could be a hollywood movie. Children abused by both parents and then having to take care of the mother diagnosed with dementia and taking care of them for 7 years with 2 years of hospice care at their home.

    No, I haven’t talked about this with anyone except my therapist. My life was said but it order to survive I need to move forward. Yes, may past was sad but not even for a million dollars would I write a book or have anyone make a movie. I have chosen tp forgive and move forward.

    I can’t change the past but I can change my future for me and my children.

    • But you’re not Mariah Carey. We are just regular folk.

      You’re not one of the most successful female artists of all time.

      I believe she wrote that book to illustrate what she has been through, and STILL has managed to achieve in her life.

      It was supposed to be inspirational…but now we have the siblings’ lawsuits…

      Just realised she has a very close Sun Chiron conj. Never knew that.

  3. Either chart looks possible. That Cancer moon in 3H would be very trusting and allowing towards siblings. The Scorpio Moon conjunct Sag Neptune could easily experience the highs and lows described.

    Interesting that transiting Pluto is going over MC. She’s had a very successful career this far, so hard to think it can go any higher. Maybe it’s more explanatory of the opposition to the IC and uncovering the family legacy.

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