Brexit – a not so merry-go-round

Another lurch in the incessant tug-of-war between the EU and the UK has Brussels threatening to stop ratification of the trade and future-relationship deal struck on the cliff edge late last year, which would also delay any discussions on vital financial services agreements and might end up in court for breach of contract. Because of tensions rising sharply in Northern Ireland, with paramilitaries talking of withdrawing from the Good Friday Agreement, the UK has announced it would extend temporary rule exemptions intended to help companies adjust to new trading arrangements. Simon Coveney, Ireland’s foreign minister, in response said that the EU was “negotiating with a partner it simply can’t trust”.

   What is clear scanning a handful of relevant charts is that while this year has its hitches, glitches and problems, the real stumbling blocks will turn up in 2022.

  Boris’s Government chart hits a swampy, undermining tr Neptune square the Sun from the 21st of this month, and that runs on and off till next January. In 2022 the hidden (and none-too-practical) Government Solar Arc Saturn will conjunct the Pluto Venus in the 12th for a major hindrance with a shockingly insecure tr Uranus opposition Mars at the same time.

  David Frost, roped in recently to replace Gove as chief negotiator, will have his disappointing moments and a few nerve-stretching encounters this year with Ursula von der Leyen. But it is 2022 which is real stalemate time running across 2023 as well; and the same shows in his relationship chart with Boris as extreme frustration settles in between them from early 2022 to late 2023. So whatever masterly strategies they have up their sleeve are clearly not working.

  Boris’s relationship with the EU representative Maroš Šefčovič is aggravated at the best of times and sagging badly this year; ditto Frost, so that’s not working well. Boris and Ursula von der Leyen are adrift at points this year and locked in stalemate in 2022/23.

  All much of a muchness in terms of lack of progress.

  Boris’s relationship with the UK is tumbling from the present vaccine-success glow from late this April and sliding rapidly downhill in 2022/23.

  The EU/UK relationship chart is wilting into discontent from later this month, into disaster territory in April/May and on, with financial woes, misunderstandings and differences from May this year through 2022 as well.

   The UK chart itself will be facing tr Saturn in hard aspect moving round its financial Fixed planets from later this month, on and off till late 2022. That will be discouraging on the money front but the real problems will come as tr Uranus tracks tr Saturn in square hitting those same financial planets from early this May which will undoubtedly have disruptive economic repercussions. Tr Uranus will rattle the key planets this year and especially in 2022, extending into 2023. Once Covid subsides into the background (pray soon) the full effects of Brexit on top of the virus damage will be exposed.  

 See previous post 21 February 2021.

11 thoughts on “Brexit – a not so merry-go-round

  1. ‘Could the cultivation of flickering political warfare with the Continent be a conscious British strategy?’

    Thanks Marjorie. Yes, I agree with Matthew Parris – the whole thing has been treated as a game by some of those involved – from the start of the Brexit campaign, until now. It’s hard to know whether any of those involved in the Brexit campaign saw this current crisis coming.
    I noticed that May’s lunar eclipse at 5 Sagittarius will conjunct the Term 2 chart’s Mercury at the MC. Will that send Mercury on a journey to the underworld at the IC? More silly and destructive games played at everyone’s expense? It square’s Boris’ Saturn/Uranus opposition. Never sure about eclipses when they aren’t conjunct or opposed to a planet, but perhaps it signifies rumblings of legal/political challenges approaching?

    Then, the solar eclipse at 19 Gemini in June is close enough to the Term 2 Sun at 21 Sag, and opposes the UK Mercury at 17 Sagittarius. Boris’ own tricksy Mercury is also at 19 Gemini. I’d forgotten (and why wouldn’t I?!) that the Boris Mercury opposes BML and squares Chiron in Pisces. So this approaching solar eclipse looks very meaningful for him, and for the UK too. We will reach mini-peak Mercury! News, announcements, and scandals may emerge then? BJ might even think or talk about stepping down at that point, at least in private. His instinct has always been to run away from any mess he’s created. Bit harder to do that now though isn’t it?

  2. ‘Could the cultivation of flickering political warfare with the Continent be a conscious British strategy?’
    Surely just a continuation of the anti-EU rhetoric which led to Brexit in the first place? UK may no longer be ‘under the yoke’ of the EU but the blame game has to continue to ensure that there is no change of heart among the Tory faithful and easily l(i)ed (to). Curious that there is been no reporting of yesterday’s legal review judgment which found that the UK government had not followed tendering protocol on government contracts. Corruption writ large, but ignored by the fourth estate. I worry for the future of the UK.

  3. Matthew Parris goes on an excoriatingly critical rant in the Times (behind paywall.)
    ‘Frost’s fight with the EU is political thuggery.’
    ‘Johnson signed up to what Theresa May had refused to concede. The prime minister is not one to lose sleep about undertakings he may have given, but in his life before Downing Street the victims of his carelessness in matters of conscience were only his readers, his editors, his wives, his girlfriends, or the leader of the Conservative Party.’
    ‘Frost and Johnson will not. Like two delinquents on a spree with spray-paint guns, they’re careless of consequence.’
    ‘Could the cultivation of flickering political warfare with the Continent be a conscious British strategy?’

  4. And we brought it on ourselves. Well, strictly speaking only 17,410,742 out of the 46,500,001 in the electorate did.
    As insane as the alt reality Trump helmed/helms.

  5. Terrible news – Of all the bad outcomes from Brexit, the end of the Good Friday agreement would be the worst… undoing hard-won peace. Can anything stop this self-created train wreck ?

  6. Marjorie, I have asked this before and someone else did recently. It is a genuine question. Given all these planets indicate conflict and difficulty, in current circumstances they can be put down to Brexit. If Brexit hadn’t happened, how would you interpret them? Did you know in advance from looking at the planets that whatever happened would take this form?
    I noticed with Covid, for example, that many, most astrologers in fact, indicated something terrible and global. The majority supposed it would be some sort of conflict. A game changer. One or two mentioned a virus because of certain planets and their positions.
    Is it true to say, that astrology is largely a historic analysis, in that something happens, you look at the planets and then analyse what is happening and what is likely to happen, rather than look at the spread and see the indications of the future and know that X will happen. In the case of Brexit, for example, was it clear that a domestic situation would encompass external entities? Was it clear that the UK would be at odds with other countries? If so, how would you know it is largely diplomatic/political, so far anyway, rather than a war for example?
    I am using Brexit as an example because it is broader than using a personality like Donald Trump, who certainly personifies various contemporary issues as well as the effect of his particular personality on our times. I can see that personalities can drive events. The most recent obvious example is Gordon Brown refusing to join the Euro, largely to block Tony Blair, something that in effect changed history, in that it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for the UK to have left the EU otherwise.
    I’m not making a judgement here, merely showing that two personalities can change things which couldn’t have been foreseen.
    Maybe this question is really stupid and maybe I’m not explaining myself clearly. I can see that astrology is a very useful analytic tool, but I’m wondering how ‘written’ the interpretations are. I don’t mean fated. I can see that interpretations are tricky, because the interplay of planets, houses etc is complex, but do you need to extrapolate from now to arrive at later? Or was the form of now evident yesterday?
    Thank you.

  7. It must be difficult to work with personalities in Mundane work as some of them might have moved on? Boris, Frost, Barnier?

    • For sure. Years ago I said (I think) Maggie Thatcher would fall out with George Bush Snr and in fact she resigned – they did split but for different reasons.

      • Majorie … Unrelated …but you were spot on with Mitch & Elaine, I posted clip on yr Twitter, it looks now that he has no intention of finishing out his term as he is pushing a bill though the KY state house to take the power away from the Dem. governor to appoint a Dem replacement of he quits. It remains to be seen if it works.

        • @ Anita. Even if Mitch’s wife is investigated by the DOJ and McConnell resigns nothing adverse will happen to them criminally.

          Maybe, just maybe Chao will pay some minimal fine if anything and ride off into the sunset with Yertle the Turtle and their multi-millions.

          • @Roderick, I don’t think McConnell’s exit plans are related to possible legal ramifications of the family businesses. He is a 79-year-old polio survivor, who was seen with bruised hand a couple of months ago. Polio has serious long term effects, including a condition known as post-polio syndrome. So, I think McConnell’s health is failing at a rate he might have a diagnosis for losing mobility on rather short term.

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