Astrological predictions – a few musings

The knotty question of how astrological predictions work is an imponderable which practitioners tend to push to one side. No one pretends it is an exact science or art since in any given situation there are a myriad of complexities – different planetary cycles constantly shifting, a spectrum of meaning attached to each planet and aspect, a variety of calculation methods and the possibility of an individual’s choice impacting on the outcome.

  Was Brexit fated to happen or the pandemic? If neither had taken place, the same influences would have been in place – so what does that tell us?

Trying to unscramble my thinking on this several thoughts occur:

I think of the planetary influences being like winds (this is an analogy not a literal fact) and as captains of our individual ship we have a choice of how we react. We can use the wind to blow us along; run headlong into it in defiance and give ourselves more sweat; or ignore it altogether and run the risk of capsizing as it catches us sideways.

   This fits in with my (tentative) attempt to pin an explanation on astrology based on the physicist David Bohm’s notion of an explicate universe unfolding from an implicate substrata universe of potentials and probabilities. And given that most physicists believe the underpinning of the universe is mathematical, it could be that astrology is a way of tapping into this implicate universe. Assuming that the planets move in syncronicity with this implicate universe.

  There will always be a range of outcomes and we have (maybe, to some degree) a choice (some of us) about how we use the energy. The hedging is because I don’t think every soul who lands on the earth has the same degree of choice. Some get handed a difficult hand of cards or land in impossible circumstances, others don’t. Life ain’t fair. Countries also react differently, with less flexibility, than individuals since they have more of a critical mass to shift in terms of choice.

  There is always something the astrology won’t tell us from the birth chart – and it’s what I describe for want of a better word – grace. It allows some individuals to make choices and not others. I’m not fond of the notion that some people have no freewill but it is undeniable that some are able to utilise choice and freewill better than others.

   The Arab astrologers believed the greatest use of astrology was in understanding the past, which certainly is a valuable tool. But it is also helpful in looking ahead, as long as its limitations are understood.

  A cliched example is transiting Pluto conjunct Moon – the Moon rules childhood, adult family life, the domestic environment, the body. Pluto is about transformation, tearing down the old and clearing space for the new to emerge. In different individuals the same transit could a) bring up old unresolved issues to heal; b) cause rifts in the family; c) cause cracks and subsidence in the house, especially sewers/drainage requiring a rebuild; d) put additional strain on the body. It will also be affected by the chart house position of the Moon and its aspects to other planets.  So there is a wide-ish range of a spectrum of outcomes. For all it will be emotionally intense, stressful and challenging whether they are dealing with it at an outer event of house/body break down or an inner event of turmoil and cleansing.  To some degree which may be a matter of developed consciousness there will be a choice about whether it operates at an internal level or not.

  The Covid-pandemic – the 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn indicated hardship, deprivation, tough-conditions, an economic hit – those you could predict with certainty. Why a virus and not war which is another Saturn Pluto manifestation? Some astrologers did point to a coming plague of sorts, presumably because of Neptune.  But there is never an absolute answer. Nor are the influences ever exactly as they were at the same stage on previous cycles since there would be other planetary influences coming in from a different angle.

  Brexit – was it written in the stars? In a way I was marginally surprised nothing much happened a few years prior in 2013 when the tr Pluto square tr Uranus was battering on the UK Capricorn Sun which is a classic split or civil war/revolution influence. Hmm, now that I look that’s when David Cameron made his promise to hold a referendum when tr Pluto was exactly sitting on the UK Sun. The UK chart is extraordinarily Fixed and doesn’t budge easily if at all – so it would take a while for critical mass to build. What was around at the 2016 vote was pressure on the 7th house North Node in Aries – which indicates a country that isn’t good at co-operation in the first place being put under immense strain on the relationship front.

   In hindsight it looks more obvious than it did at the time (never mind personal bias getting in the way.)  Also it makes it easier seeing it as a historical set of events given the detachment of distance. When you’re in the middle of churning events it is more difficult to maintain the necessary neutrality to see the big picture. But that’s a personal flaw, not an astrology fault.   

    There is another oddity I notice from doing running predictions which is that when there are accident and disaster-prone Mars influences in particular in aspect to Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, there are often one of two notable headline-catching examples, such as Tiger Woods’ crash, while the rest of us muddle through the same influences in a bad-temper but remain unscathed. It’s almost as if the energy is ‘soaked up’ by a few instances.

  That’s the length of breadth of my thoughts to date since I’m pushed for time. I may return to it later. Practising astrology is an odd occupation since it has to be carried out almost in a vacuum with no explanation for it being available. That is a tricky exercise at the start since all of us assume that someone somewhere knows how ?? eg. computers, the internet, electricity – work even if we don’t. But astrology operates out in its own arena without any wider theoretical structure to hold it up.

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  1. Although I am not sure what I believe with regard to astrology as I tend to towards more atheistic viewpoints. Still I can be amazed when some astrologers get it right.

    My brother used to do horoscopes as a hobby until he agreed to do this monk’s horoscope and found that the poor man wouldn’t have been able to cope with life if he hadn’t become one. Afterwards he avoided the man like the plague.

    I had my chart done in the mid 70s when I was a student studying to be an actress. Needless to say that I would suffer major health problems, have a long marriage and an only child, but gain some success when I became old, weren’t necessarily the things that I wanted in life at the time.

    But as I have had Crohns Disease and associated problems, have been married for over 40 years and our son is an only child, you could say that it was a fairly accurate chart. Though the successful career never happened. But even if it did it would be as a writer, acting doesn’t interest me anymore.

  2. I wonder about Pluto getting closer to my moon. Sometimes I am concern. Anyway – today another thing at home. We need to replace the roof! So many many broken things at home this year, adding AC..
    My mom had stroke last year. I wonder what’s more..

  3. my view of indepth astrology is that it was in it’s past,as well as now even more a probability analysis based knowledge system,that early used the symbolism of planets,points,and zodiac whether sidereal,or tropical geocentric based,and earlier through spatial based systems like astrocartography,local space,and even asian based spatial based stuff like feng shui to guide us as humans to understand how us through births,and creating stuff around us go through multi level phases,and spacial based points throughout our lives,and even though it’s hard to quantify this stuff certain groups that look into indepth astrology are finding true gems of truth that like science proving tetonic shifts of ground beneath us took certain period of time to prove to even skeptics of that stuff,that indepth astrology will at somepoint have its day if most of us who truly believe what at the core indepth astrology is saying keep pushing for indepth astrology’s place among many of our human knowledge systems,and maybe by using ancient parts of indepth astrology as spatial based astrology,and other stuff such as hellenistic based timng techniques such as profections,we can revive a more indepth astrology instead of just a simple seasonal based geocentric psychobabble that seems more prevalent today as consumer based way to sell simple based astrology to make money instead of enriching us as humans as far as our past,present,and future probalbilities go,which is why stuff like indepth astrology,and what i feel is its enstranged brother indepth science,as well as both’s cousin religion were created to enrich our understanding of what really drives us,and stuff around us whether born,or created,and if these parts of knowledge we created whether indepth science,astrology,and religion could come together,as john lennon said imagine what we do,and probably create a path that could unite all of humans together on a path forward that truly allows us to appreciate what each of us has to offer to the bigger picture aka a puzzle of what we truly are,but maybe the reason alot of this stuff hasn’t happened is because some of us fear what we might create in our many probable futures,also it seems their is part of us as humans that want uniqueness even if a probable estimate of our true uniqueness might be small in some future probable estimate especially with all the even more advanced computer systems we create might show us,cause now today in bloomberg news service here in the usa was reported a group of international human hackers hacked into video surveillance networks here in the us,and probably around the world in partly a curiosity of human nature to see how they could look at stuff,and to prove no information system on our planet is safe from human curiosity,and what we humans want to know,whether for good,bad,or nuetral future probable plans of any of us,maybe thats why a probable a past warning was created saying curiosity killed the cat,not that we humans,and stuff around us don’t need to stop going through many phases,and spatial points,but that sometimes most of us should just appreciate where we are in these many phases,and spatial points in us,and around us,but i gather certain of usmight get bored,may this true gift indepth knowledge systems like astrology have to offer us is to see how everything is connected in a web of multiprobale phases,and spatial points,and we should just enjoy our part of the ride even if we’re in stressful phase,cause if we’re able we can always move to another spatial point,that gives a much better probable phase ,or spatial point,or just a more nuetral probable phase,and spatial point so we can readjust our view of us,and stuff around us,since isn’t this what indepth astrology through multiprobable phases,and spatial points is showing us,and if we can adjust,we might just help other’s,and stuff around them adjust,and this is what i feel indepth astrology truly was created for,and has helped me look as such more long term phases,and spatial points,and why i still study indepth astrology even now,and as long as there is a continuation of indepth astrology,i’ll,and hope many of you will have a guide that truly keeps delivering stuff of wisdom,even if i ,and most of us don’t see it in the short term,its always there available to help us ,and stuff we create adjust to the many probable phases,and spatial points in us,and created around us,sorry about this long view of what real indepth astrology i feel is,just really pondering stuff,hope this stuff helps you guys view stuff in much longer terms,instead of just short term cause of fear of what is truly guiding us in these many phases,and spatial points,and having a guide like indepth astrology helps us adjust through this stuff.

    • Anthony, you have just made the longest sentence ever in history. Unfortunately we’re programmed to stop reading because it is so rambling. Even a two word sentence can have huge meaning, if it is full-stopped. There are basic rules and its offputting the way it’s presented.

  4. Thank you so much for your thoughtful post ( as usual) i found it very thought provoking. Some time ago i sent a message saying i found your predictions very accurate on world events but when i read my leo predictions- less so – i wondered what that might mean. I hope it wasn’t interpreted as a criticism as it wasnt my intention i was just wondering along similar lines to your post today. Anyway years later i continue to read all your posts – thank you for your dedication and service!

  5. Thank you, Marjorie, for answering my rather incoherent question. So kind of you to take the trouble to make sense of it and to give such a thought provoking answer. Thank you too to those who have commented, past and present. You all add to our understanding. I learn a lot from all of you.

  6. I reread your post and I misunderstood your post.
    I though it was a comment on my comment.
    Sorry (English is not my first language).

  7. Thank you Marjorie.

    We might actually be in a war-psych opps thru massive disinformation and data harvesting used forpsychological analytics

    Different kind of war-but, messing with people’s minds in a deep way seems sort of Plutonian (Neptunian as well).

    • “Different kind of war-but, messing with people’s minds in a deep way seems sort of Plutonian (Neptunian as well).”

      I guess this comment is about my comment.
      Sorry for the goal is not at all doing disinformation and messing with people mind..not at all.
      It’s just my personal observation/though.
      I did not say it has been orchestrated, I just say the results are the same or almost, that’s why maybe saturn/pluton conjonction was in transit because usually pandemie is saturn/neptune signature.

  8. Dear Marjorie, thankyou for all your hard work. Knowing which way the wind is blowing certainly helps, each storm brings with it a new lesson however traumatic as well as a loss it brings with it the gift of insight and once the storm has passed a time to reflect. I’m here to listen and learn and through your website I’m certainly doing that. A big thankyou to all for the comments. I’m learning new lessons everyday.

  9. Just wanted to say thank you, Marjorie, for this post and all of your posts. I’ve only commented once or twice here, but I read often, at least once a day.

    And thanks to all of the other commenters here, especially the regular ones. It is a lovely community that you have here. I appreciate the kindness, empathy, and compassion that you have for one another.

  10. Indian epics clearly mention astrology as escape of the lazy…those who work don’t need any planets

    I adhere to that though I keep peeping to keep backup incase planets go in retro or mentally stay prepared for mishappenings

    • This is my philosophy, too, and interestingly, since it’s been Sanremo Song Festival week, I’ve been relistening a lot to what’s one of my favorite songs from the contest in the past 10 years that also encompasses this idea. Obviously, there are also disasters that can’t be avoided and would not even show on individual charts, but it’s good to be prepared.

  11. Thank you very much for that Marjorie. I’ve examined my birth chart a couple of decades ago, and had advice from professional astrologers, but the problems that are displayed in my chart are fairly intractable. I think if I’d used astrology from the get-go, I might have avoided the traps I fell into, but it’s too late. I feel like my fate was set out for me, and try as I might (and believe me, I have tried) using all tools at my disposal, including astrology, I can’t overcome the difficulties.

    In about a year or so, Saturn’s going into the 8th house, and opposing my packed 2nd house (sun conjunct uranus/pluto, and venus and north node). I don’t have the means to prepare, certainly not financially. When neptune transitted through my 8th house, it dissolved away my entire career, and much else. I’ve hardly earned anything since. My moon in cancer is in the 12th house, opposition Saturn in the 6th. I’ve living out the 12th house polarity.

    I have a deep karmic link with my husband, on whom I’m (reluctantly) dependant. I wonder how Saturn in the 8th will affect that.

    I feel like I’m in an ocean, clinging on to driftwood. Once upon a time I thought my actions could effect change. Now, not so sure.

    • Yes. I agree with all of your statements.
      I always felt that despite everything that was truly miserable in my life I would win in the end. Now I don’t.
      Saturn on Asc square to Pluto mc. Also, just for the hell of it, Saturn square Jupiter. If there’s one thing I detest on my chart its Jupiter in Virgo, useless service to others, endlessly especially the sick and dying where my soft heart always goes beyond the call of duty. Prog Sun there for 23 years. Interestingly, I look at others born near me and see why they get everything and I always lose. My Jupiter is going endlessly forward, others went retro to meet their Pluto and believe me that is fabulous, Saturn square mine means no. Their charts have Jupiter trine Sun, especially in the other earth signs. So, is it written? Yes, I feel it is, in the big book as my very elderly friend used to say. I have Saturn trine Mars in useless Pisces trine my Sun. I’m very hard working and fit, but no financial rewards, ever. So bloody discouraging. I am trying to accept in my sixties that there is just no way I can have security that my Cancer Sun craves and God its so hard. But, its the only way I can go on. Being an unpaid carer for dementia is no laughing matter with a very fixed and demanding husband. Marjorie told me that when she did a reading for me, I nearly laughed out loud.

      • Sounds like such a challenge! I’m a sixty year old Cancer moon, also Cancer rising, so like you I deeply crave security – but not a chance of that. Saturn in Cap opposition moon. Very hard to deal with, especially at this age, when so many possibilities have ended, and pandemic has made things so much harder.

        Astrology can be a mixed blessing, especially if you have a very challenging chart, or scary transits coming up. But I think it’s still better to be aware and conscious, even though there is a price to pay for that awareness. It can be hard to feel like the stars have trashed you, but I have eventually found acceptance that this is the way things are, and just to be grateful for small blessings, and there are many small blessings….One blessing it seems is that you are fit and active – that’s wonderful, health is the most precious thing. I wish you continued good health, and hope life eases up on you. You really deserve it.

    • A friend sent me this quote yesterday apropos of something else from ‘Awakening the Buddhist heart’ by Lama Surya Das. “All life contains both joy and sorrow. We would like to concentrate on the joy and forget the sorrow, but how much more spiritually skilful it is to use everything we meet in life as grist for the mill of awakening.”
      Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche used to say that the more shit you encounter along the path the better your spiritual flowers will grow – so long as you know how to use shit as fertiliser.
      In Tibetan Buddhism there is evidently an expression about having vajra (diamond) teeth. ‘With vajra teeth we can grind everything we encounter into dust and digest it easily as pablum; thus all our experiences become the equivalent of food to nourish and nurture the spirit.’

  12. Oh..about observing astrology: each time I had Moon trine or * Jup I won at the casino.
    Moon Jup (pure chance) is in my natal chart (trine).
    Also Moon Pluton aspect (but any aspect in natal chart).

  13. “The 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn indicated hardship, deprivation, tough-conditions, an economic hit – those you could predict with certainty. Why a virus and not war which is another Saturn Pluto manifestation?”

    To me it’s like a war, results are the same (because a virus: Neptune): death around the world (as a war), economic hit (as a war, all around the world). Next: construction (as after a war).

    Usually if you don’t have the aspect in your chart, your not suppose to be affect by the transit.
    But I observed a transit might affect, even if I don’t have the aspect in my natal chart.

    Saturn/Pluton/Jup Capri VI square Sun Balance IV – some health problems.
    Saturn/Pluton/Jup o/Moon Capricorn VI – my biological mother died (2 cancer) and I knew my domestic life will change, but I did not know why. Because …pandemic!
    Having any of these aspects in natal chart but the transit have play.

    Next Pluto VII square Nept Balance IV…will see! (Having the sextil in natal chart).

    So is it all transits who will affect a theme, even if the aspect is not in the natal chart?

    Thanks Marjorie!

  14. In 2000 it sunk in that Pluto would be transiting over my ascendant in 2005. My prediction was early June. Being a science gal (love David Bohm and his implicate/explicate theory!!), I decided to test astrology!!
    I worked it for the next 5 years… really worked it!

    Also using the weather analogy, my thoughts were… if a tsunami is coming, do I want to be by the ocean or up on high ground? In that 5 years I cleaned up my finances, sold my beater truck and bought a new car, did a 2 year course in looking at deep family emotional patterns, decided to sell my absolute dream home on 10 acres because it was just too much work. My ascendant is Sag so my aim was To Be Free to meet whatever came. I even imagined various people in my life dying.. just to prepare!

    This was all done in a curious and open way.. not from fear at all.

    I even took the month of May off!!… 4 weeks to process any last little bits left unattended. Interestingly, I unexpectedly felt very, very depressed during that month.

    On May 29, 2005, one of my best friends died in a plane crash. I was supposed to be in the plane, but postponed it until later. I was at the scene and it was both awful and strangely beautiful. As I was in the ambulance, screaming down the highway for 60 km., sirens blaring. Holding his head and bagging him.

    I was SO calm and just kept thinking…
    This Is That Thing That I Knew Was Coming.

    I was prepared…. I NEVER thought if THIS friend dying… but I was prepared.
    My finances were in order so I could take 6 months off to grieve. I am in the hearth care field and working would have been out of the question.

    I am not one to over predict using astrology.
    But that experiment showed me the value of knowing that some preparation can happen.

    Transit Pluto is whacking my chart like crazy… was opp my Sun, has just squared my Mars.. then will square my nodes and then my Moon and Neptune. It’s just going on and on.

    My experiment now?
    I am USING that Pluto energy and diving into a strong, daily practice of martial arts… the internal arts. This is a journey of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. A one-stop shop!!

    So far… my Pluto events this past year have been manageable!!….. certainly some deaths.. actual and of friendships. But also a tremendous healing with my Mother.

    I’m workin’ it!!
    Take it seriously… and then?… let go and live!!

    take care all,

    • Thank you for such uplifting comments…Make hay while the sun shines, then when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I definitely need to take a page out of your book in order to handle a few rough transits. (Lately I’ve been wondering if Neptune is ever in a good place, or has positive attributes, with respect to my Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon, and Virgo rising…lol )

  15. Marjorie, as a sailor i get this. Thank you for the perfect imagery! We are all buffeted by the planetary winds, waves, and weather, making way with varying levels of skill, capacity, and resourcefulness. Every natal chart is as unique as each individual boat. Some cruise along in luxury yachts, others in classic wooden ketches or in plastic production boats, some in rudimentary bathtubs, etc, etc..

  16. Marjorie, great pst, this…we do have choice but really are programmed/disposiitoned, to follow our own ‘truth’. It’s a way of tapping in, certainly but ‘there is no truth, only points of view’ as someone famously said…..we lurch towards what we call truth from our own highly biased viewpoints. When we comment on, say, the royal family thing, we go on auto pilot to justify our own viewpoints. Noboday knows – or can prove – how we live within….it’s our own need to have a voice and for it to count, because the world has progressed (?) to a herd (and very HEARD) mentality – as though nothing counts except our own point of view.

    Wendy’s contribution is grown up and wise – how would she come to those conclusions without astrology? The mystery of the natal chart offers the goodies – and leveling up – to show the paths which make us personally productive and real, but….they’re purely subjective. I’d be amazed to know what can offer more than the astrological viewpoint in it’s widest, most detached, and universal way. Religion is dependent on belief, astrology on facts. Even if the accumulated knowledge is from personal experience, it is centuries of experience recorded by wise people who worried exactly about the same issues of free will/religion/gender/bias….bless the scribes!

  17. Just an addendum.
    The nodes.
    My south nodes in Gemini 8th house of death.
    1984. My beloved Grandma died. Nodes 10 Gemini.
    Mother died nodes in Gemini, Saturn on my Venus.
    Beloved Grandfather, both he and Grandmother both had Pluto 1 degree from my Venus, as did my second lovely Father in law. Total love, no matter what the astrologers say about it.
    Grandfather died nodes in Leo, Father in law died next nodes in Leo , Father died next nodes in Leo near or nearly on my Pluto at MC. Joy!
    2021. Nodes again in my 8th house reversal on wedding anniversary in August where there is a full moon opposite our Wedding Sun, he has Saturn on his next birthday on his Sun and his sons moon. 1 dramatic pass.
    Like watching a car crash before it happens.

  18. When I was going through an extraordinarily difficult time, I found astrology to actually help me answer why it felt that the universe had zeroed in on me personally and decided to see if it could utterly break me as sector after sector of my life disintegrated in front of my eyes.
    I have, over the years, had many many you-would-not-believe-it-if-it-was-in-a-film events which i have survived.

    Why? I like to say I have Mars in Scorpio in the first which gives me endurance and rebirth as my superpower.

    Why do I need that super power? Because I am in for a karmic return / lessons to be learned path in this lifetime.
    The other positive of my Mars in Scorpio – I do not like to lose. If I allow myself to carry the burdens of hurts done to me in the past, the abusers win. They do not get to win more than once with me. I refuse to allow people who hurt me to continue to hurt me after the first time. It is not forgiveness or grace my end – it is determination and obstinacy. And it is in my power to choose how to react. I choose to not allow people to block my way forward. I choose to not carry mountains of regret as burdens that block the sun shining on me.

    I believe firmly that we are all given the astrological chart / tools that we need to learn, grow, and overcome whatever is destined to it us personally in this lifetime. It is our choice to find those inner tools, activate them and use them. Some times it is harder than other times.

    I love the wind analogy. I use “weather”. Our chart is our house. Some have leaky roofs. Some have subsidence issues. Some withstand some types of astrological weather (hurricanes, tsunamis, storms) better than others do. It depends on the chart, the astrological weather, and how much the owner has invested in shoring up the weak areas.

    • I too have Mars in Scorpio as well as Pluto rising, I was born a blue colour with the umbilical cord around my neck – a very Scorpio-themed life as transit Pluto has conjuncted every one of my below-the-ascendant/descendant personal planets over the course of my life. This makes me feel like a survivor and strong now, which I didn’t feel when I was young. Plutonic experience can give you an inner strength and resilience that you never thought you were capable of and I am very grateful for it.

  19. Marjorie I’m always thinking the same as you are. Astrology must only be part of all of our wanted answers.
    For 5 years full on study of mine and my families astrology charts has only resulted in me feeling doomed and picked on, its almost killed me, it fact its changed my whole persona from being totally outgoing against all the odds to miserable and afraid of what is coming.
    The Sun part is obviously who you are and the most powerful part of you. The Moon is next.
    The mother has a massive influence, mine totally disliked me and wrecked my chances, father wanted sons, so,me the eldest was a massive disappointment, but I didn’t know until about 6 years ago. Mother literally tried to drown me when my brother was born!
    Fathers Pluto on my Sun. Mothers Pluto 1 degree off my Sun. Mothers Saturn opposite my Pluto which squares Saturn. Her Saturn in my home and my Fathers Saturn.
    Cold, cheerful and hungry childhood, beaten slapped ignored. But, written in the stars. Of 6 kids, I’m the only one Neptune in Libra. Raped 1981 by 1st violent husband because I was leaving him, child born exact Sun between my Moon and North Node. I am Saturn on his moon, he Uranus on my Saturn and he was a total nightmare. I almost died on his birth.
    1984, August 8th. My Progressed Mars stopped in 5th house of male children, 6 months pregnant with daughter, August 10th 1984, less than half a mile away, my daughter in law was born, that day my baby aborted. Devastated to this day.
    2018, Pluto 20 Capricorn part eclipse on my birthday, new moon on my 8th house Venus, August 22nd 2018 progressed Venus exact on Progressed Uranus as Venus jumped over Uranus, father died. I got a few thousand in his will which I spent on funeral for me. My only ever inheritance, so much for Venus in the 8th.
    The feeling of being hated by the universe has really changed my outlook.
    What could have changed it all?
    Number one.
    Having parents who loved me.
    That’s the greatest gift in the universe.
    Of course, many people have dreadful parents but to be without money, you are forever trapped, with money, you can escape.
    Only yesterday I realised that that I am the only sibling without a daughter, they all have daughters except me. Bizarre.

    • Mimi, my heart goes out to you! But here’s at least one good that’s come out of your pain: your posting for all to read that having parents who love you is “the greatest gift in the universe”. For readers who’ve been so lucky, you have given the gift of GRATITUDE. For what it’s worth, I, as a grateful stranger but linked by Marjorie’s generosity, am sending you prayers for healing and comfort which I hope you experience as LOVE.

      There was a great Christian saint who had to deal with the devastation and depression of complete defeat in a great cause for which he would later be executed. In a letter he wrote the next day to a friend, he sounded numb and shattered but he included a comment that sounds like an expression of karma and dharma: what you’re given and how you deal with it: “How can success make us arrogant or failure lead us astray with a life of this (good) kind.”

      If you try to be a moral, good person despite the bad things that have happened to you, then you have already buttressed yourself against worse unhappiness. So please hang on, be well, feel healing. Things WILL get better for you!

      • Cathy. Thank you for that, very kind of you. I am moral and kind but I’ve found it to be a curse really, however, just in case there is a reckoning when you die, I have always tried to be decent and truthful and that means an immense amount to me personally.
        I am grateful for everything I have done right for others and learning to cut off people who use me, unfortunately that has meant family. I had a reading from Sally Kirkman in 2018 just as Pluto was to oppose my Sun, followed by Saturn followed by Jupiter 2020. My Mars Saturn midpoint is 22 Capricorn, you can imagine what I thought was coming for me, Jan 2020. Haha.
        She said I would not know myself when the big boys had done with me and she was absolutely correct. I’m glad I had the getting rid Pluto opposing me. Bless it.
        Dharma, interesting that I recently looked up the meaning. Endless misery followed by Joy. The full moon in 2022 on my birthday is exact in the lovely Capricorn. Dharma indeed. I get my pension!!! Is that Dharma, God knows but it will be a big thing for me. I know this much though, I want to be free to be me, for me, not others. Thanks again, lovely of you. There are many souls much worse off than me.

    • In feudal India u would b called lucky to have no duaghters..God did justice by giving daughters to those who indirectly were reasons for your pain

      I go thru this till date as mom lives nearby n unfortunately in pandemic I need to take their help n she doesn’t let a second pass by without cursing me n making me feel I don’t deserve to b alive

      But then I tell myself that better to focus on those who love me then toxic. What g can’t control v should ignore. Y insult those who love us by focussing on such toxic

      I say when I m down or even at every success ..without parents all useless..but I m wrong..adulthood is cut off umbilical cord as my dad used to’s time to b happy with spouse n kids n if nothing with your work n yourself

    • Mimi, my mother tired to kill me too – a few times. The stepfather hated me and sexually abused me.
      No food. It is really hard for people wo have not experienced that consistently to understand.

      Lets see – offered up for sale to others. Lots and lots of abuse. Stalked. Nearly killed a few times. Made some absolute dire relationship choices which I realised at 50 was me perpetuating the abuse I had become used to. It was me finding someone to flog me to prove my own feelings of worthlessness that had been ingrained in me.

      I don’t do that any more. I keep myself in good repair and show myself love. You cannot give from a broken cup. And I do want to give.

      I realised that other’s actions do not define me. I define me. I define myself not my incredibly awful parents, incredibly awful experiences. I refuse to carry those shadows. I will not live with ghosts of the past. It is all about now and living in personal integrity. I have little contact with all of those people from my past. The little remote contact I have – they are sad, lonely, unhappy people. That is their karma and their problem, not mine.

      Astrologically, I believe those repeated experiences. the ones which happen over and over. They will continue to happen because it is this life’s path to learn the lesson. I just had to find a different approach, a different outlook, a different lens. Often, the different approach is internal. Finding a way of looking at the tsunamis that beset one’s life in a different way. Sending love and peace. Namaste.

      • Wendy thankyou.
        I know I haven’t had the worst childhood in the universe and so do you.
        To get back to what Marjorie was saying.
        Were we doomed because we have to learn to stand up and fight for ourselves because no one, ever has helped us do that?
        I believe that may be right.
        I bet you help everyone beyond the call of duty and then get stabbed in the back and then go back for more from them or others. Or did!
        Do we have to learn we are the most important? SO HARD for me when its been drilled into you that you are worthless except as a skivvy.
        Do we have a bigger conscience than a lot of others, do we attract conscienceless
        I believe that is what one of the answers is to Marjorie wonderings.
        The key to a happy life.
        1. Have parents who love you, hold you and you are not terrified of.
        2. Be born male and good looking.
        3. Have money in the family.
        4. Born lucky…maybe that encompasses the above.
        5. Have a good astrology chart! Perhaps this encompasses the whole lot.
        Namaste to you on International Women’s Day. And thank you again.

        • HI Mimi
          I am so sorry you carry so much hurt within you. I do not say this in ay kind of mean way. I am really really sorry. Living with hurt and ghosts and boulders of pain is wearing and crippling.

          I believe strongly that the key to happiness lies in ourselves. I am not dependent on others for my happiness. I am not dependent on money, or a ‘good’ chart, or good looks, or being born male, or loving parents for my happiness.

          Being happy or not happy is my choice. How I react to the boulder in my path is my choice. Ultimately, I decide how I will approach all things that happen. I will not carry the negativity of the evil that others do. It is a heavy burden that i personally will not carry.

          Again – I am no angel – I am stubborn. I just will not continue to lose and have my happiness dissolved by others. That is not a life I wish to live. I will not add pain already inflicted on me by carrying it around with me any longer than I have to. I refuse to play the victim role. I won’t do it.

          How I choose to interact with others is up to me. Whether the recipient appreciates my actions or not (in my eyes) really has nothing to do with me. I kind of don’t care actually. If I am sharing with someone, it is because I want to. Whether it means anything to the recipient or not is not really involved in my original decision to help others.

          I wish you peace whole heartedly. I have personally found huge comfort in astrology – knowing the “weather” and knowing where my own weak spots are and my strengths. Knowing when to tone down my presence and watch, and when it is better to have more of a presence.

          I am also grateful for people like Marjorie who so selflessly shares her expertise and, I must say, quite astute psychological observations. Bravo to all. And you know Mimi, bravo to you. You clearly have backbone, strength and endurance. You should be proud of that and give yourself a bit of a break. I am guessing you are possibly kinder to others than you are to yourself. Peace and love be with you.

  20. Well Marjorie, you do an extraordinary job of weaving it all together into a coherent narrative which is so often on point to how things unfold. At an individual level, it is, as you say, so sensitive to the condition of particular planets in the original natal chart and the environment someone is operating in.

    My particular fascination is how the same planetary activations mirror across different charts at the same time, then I know for sure something big is afoot.

    • ….An interesting question – the fascination of how the same planets mirror across different charts, is exactly the definition of a timed, accurate birth chart. It is where you clock in, complete with personality (waiting to unfold) and the realisation that you are completely individual. We all want good relationships but never entirely understand the interaction with others – what other disciplines can compare character?

  21. When transit Pluto made an exact conjunction to my Moon, I ended up in hospital and nearly died. That was before I even knew about astrology. Another experience of trauma happened when a transit Saturn/Mars landed on my north node in the 12th house. It literally was my hidden enemy, it literally was an embodiment of that conjunction. That was partly what drew me to astrology when my mother studied it in the 80s which is how I came to it (Moon sextile Uranus).

    I think of astrology as the most ancient of arts. I think of 2,400 years ago and of intricate study and observation by our ancestors.

    • I won’t live long enough to see transit Pluto conjunct my natal Moon (natally it’s in H2 and the transit is only now just going through H5. My moon is H10, so it’s a long way off!). However, I had a Pluto transit happening in January 2017. I wondered if this opposition might have something to do with my mother and had some worries. Just days moving into opposition to my Moon conjunct Saturn, a dear close older friend of mine who was very much like a mother and grandmother rolled into one died of a freak accident while on holiday in the States. And I’ve just checked now, when my mother had a heart attack in Aug 2018 Pluto was retrograde into almost the same spot as when my friend died. Quite strange.

      Even more strange is I knew when my friend went to the States, my gut told me I was never going to see her alive again. And for 5-6 years, I kept getting the number 63 in my head regarding my mother and assumed it might be to with health. She had her heart attack at 63. She’s out of the woods now but I’m getting the number 67 feeling with her now as well as the number 47 with me which is the age gap between us. I feel either she will pass at this time which is why age 47 for me is important, or perhaps something might happen to me. Think I might have to look at my chart. But I think from Sep 2021 to August 2022 might be pivotal for me. I’m currently trying to get my own health sorted in the meantime.

      I heard Jessica Adams say something like astrology is not neccessarily about predicting with accuracy but looking ahead at the aspects unfolding and at the potentials that might come about regarding the astro landscape and preparing for the worse if need be to navigate a storm. Or just be prepared anyway that when the crap hits the fan it won’t be anywhere as bad as if it came out of the blue. Astrology is more about enhancing one’s navigation tools to deal with bad scenarios or opportunities. We just have to be awake to use them to their potentials!

      • So Sorry to hear about your friend, Jo. Yes, when we’re close to someone on that deep level there may be certain things we just ‘know’. I remember saying goodbye to my brother for the last time and I had an overwhelming feeling that I wouldn’t see him again. Incidentally I had the Venus/north node synastry with my brother which I believe you have with yours.

        If there’s a Saturn transit coming up for example, I know it’s time for plain old hard work, which will be rewarding once the Saturn transit is over.

        • This is all so interesting and helpful. I just checked the dates for a big medical drama in my life, and see Saturn was squaring the Moon on the day of a Mars return, and a lunar return too. I ended up in hospital with salmonella poisoning. According to the doctors I was extremely ill when admitted to hospital, and it was touch and go apparently. I must say I found this hard to take seriously, even though I had been in a lot of pain. I didn’t think it was my time to leave. Mars in Scorpio, stubborn as ever…

          More literally, when Neptune was conjunct my MC I woke one night to a dripping sound. It was water coming in through the roof!

  22. Wanted to say, in support of astrology, that humans are generally very bad at prediction.

    Economists fail to predict market crashes despite all the info and data they have about markets and business.
    Pundits can’t pick the results of football matches, let alone the exact result and how many goals will be scored.
    50% of people can’t make an accurate forecast about how marrying a certain person will turn out.
    Doctors are outperformed by algorithms when assessing heart patients (and other conditions).
    And as for the weather …

    It’s interesting how astrologers are held up to a higher standard and their failures are used as evidence against its existence.

    • Nobody fails…all economists know the markets r.gonna fall but the big fish don’t let us open mouth lest they lose.their profits early

      • You speak the truth Rachana. The markets are manipulated. A large group of ordinary people at the Reddit website (subreddit Wall Street Bets) recently caused chaos in the stock market by buying the low value Game Stop stock in masse, and the GS stock value soared. Became millionaires in a couple of weeks. Proved how stocks prices are being manipulated, rather than stocks prices being based on real value. Anyone curious about this should google it, it’s an amazing story.

        Also amazing is Gnarly Dude’s rock solid post. Way to logic, Dude. 10/10

  23. I’ve just had Pluto on my moon (22 degrees Capricorn) in the first house and though I haven’t felt anything personally I think it’s been lived out by my mother who is undergoing Altheimer’s. I haven’t got her time of birth but she’s a cancer from 1931 so she’s been having a pluto return plus an opposition to her sun.

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