Hong Kong – being crushed out of existence

The Chinese boa constrictor is coiling round to exert an ever-tighter grip on Hong Kong. Even HK loyalists are now being cut out of decisions about forthcoming changes to the territory’s electoral system with mainland officials brought in to increase control. Opposition politicians are now largely disqualified or being prosecuted.

 The Hong Kong 1 July 1997 midnight chart has a disappointed and financially damaging Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the Jupiter across 2020/2021; with tr Pluto conjunct the Solar Arc Midheaven in 2021/22 which fits with blockages and suppression; and there will be worse in eighteen months when there is a panicky-failure Solar Arc Mars is exactly square the Neptune and tr Pluto conjunct Neptune for confusion and devastation come 2023/24. The relationship chart between HK 1997 and the China 1912 chart (which works better than the 1949 one) has no good news on the horizon with mayhem and deception in 2021/22, acute frustration and anger in 2023/24/25 as tr Pluto squares the composite Neptune and then opposes the composite Mars and squares Saturn.  

   All a mess and tragic for the Hong Kongers who were promised their own separate system.     

 The new USA Biden Administration has already been speaking out about Hong Kong as well as the “genocide” of 1m Uighurs in labour camps as part of a broader “push back” against Beijing’s “economic abuses and coercion that undercut the foundations of the international economic system”. Biden hopes to rope in allies like Australia, India and Japan to counter China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific. And there has been talk that the US would “impose costs” on China over any abuses.

  Of the four Quad countries above, Japan is the one who looks most stressed about China moving ahead, ramping up next year and reaching breaking point from 2023. The US will be pushing boulders uphill in 2023/24 but not making much headway.

  Xi Jinping’s presidency will be backed into a corner around 2023 and not winning but it doesn’t mean he won’t retaliate if pushed. And the China chart is in a state of upheaval, disruption and maybe even facing rebellions in 2022/23. With disinformation being rife as the Mercury opposition Pluto (shades of the USA) is being wreathed in Neptunian smokescreens in 2023/24 as well. Even the 1949 chart looks significantly stressed and insecure as well as aggressive towards neighbours from this July onwards, on and off for three years.  See previous post June 14 2020.  

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  1. China kidnapped two Canadian citizens a few years ago in retaliation for our arrest of Weng, the HuaWei CFO for extradition to the USA. They are pawns in Xi’s mad power game.

  2. A solution: Let China have at it with Hong Kong. Officially recognize Taiwan as an independent state and watch some HK citizens flock to it. Then watch Xi squirm. Send an armada of western coalition ships to Taiwanese waters to make it crystal clear!
    Taiwan has much to contribute to the world(as an example, they were way ahead of the tardy W.H.O(whom got suckered by China) in warning about Covid 19’s transmissibility) so to hell with pissing off China.
    Time to play hard ball.

  3. Hello Marjorie – all very concerning. China has already been making aggressive moves towards India, and Australia for some time now. I seem to remember some threat to Bhutan as well. What’s also interesting is what you say about Japan in the next few years.
    I looked at the date for the start of the second Sino-Japanese War, 7th July 1937. There’s Uranus in Taurus, three degrees off squaring Saturn in Leo in the 1889 national chart for Japan. And since the date is only seven months after the Abdication Crisis in the UK (December 11th, 1936), there’s also Neptune in Virgo, and Pluto in late Cancer. The nodes are in Sagittarius/Gemini too. You talked about that crisis re the Harry and Meghan situation. It begins to feel as if a cosmic chord is resonating through history here.

    • Out of curiosity, I looked briefly at the first Sino-Japanese war date – 1st August 1894. There’s Uranus in Scorpio (11) and Neptune at 15 Gemini, squaring the 1937 Neptune in Virgo. Saturn is conjunct Japan’s Uranus in Libra, with a war like Mars in Aries opposing.

  4. Quote “All a mess and tragic for the Hong Kongers who were promised their own separate system.”

    When will the democratic world learn that the statements and promises of Marxist dictatorships like China are worthless? Such governments are only interested in establishing and maintaining their power over their populations.

    This principle was laid down in Karl Marx’s writings in the 19th century, he stated that if people would not embrace Marxism it must be imposed on them by force and any who opposed it should be eradicated.

  5. This is tragic and incomprehensible. Why does China want to kill the golden goose? Surely Hong Kong as a world renowned financial centre will lose its credibility once China takes over. HSBC has already shown what is possible by interfering with Hong Kong activists’ accounts.

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