The Kardashians – the flavour of the times

Brash, trashy, over exposed and obscenely rich – as an icon for the spirit of the recent Pluto-in-Capricorn age the Kardashian tribe is truly dispiriting. In ancient Greece the populace thrilled to Aeschylus, Euripedes, Aristophanes; in 17th century England they flocked to Shakespeare and Marlowe. Now the plebs sit riveted to the antics of a bunch of exploitative, flesh and soul-baring profiteers selling a tasteless fantasy designed to arouse envy in the under-privileged. A modern-day ‘bread and circuses’  entertainment brewed up to distract from the grind and grievances of ordinary life.

  Just as their 20 season reality TV Keeping up with the Kardashians, launched in 2007 on the tail end of Pluto in Sagittarius, grinds to a halt there is much excitement about new ventures on another channel. And Kim K, having split with bipolar, mega-rap-superstar Kanye West, has taken up with an-all-too-public comedian Pete Davidson. She appears to be in dispute with Kanye over visitation issues with their children. Kanye has been making hostile attacks in songs and on videos recently, to which Davidson has now responded in texts to him, one of which said he was in bed with Kim.  Classy.

   Kim, born 21 October 1980 10.48 am Los Angeles, is a Sun Pluto in Libra, (like Gwyneth Paltrow, though different houses) and she has a lucky Jupiter on her Midheaven with a well-organised Saturn also in her career 10th. And a Pisces Moon on her IC, hinting at close family relations and a need for a protected domestic life.  

  Kanye, 8 June 1977 8.45am Atlanta, Georgia, was a better fit for her, despite his mental problems, with his confident, upbeat Sun Jupiter in Gemini sitting on her Descendant; and his super-enthusiastic Venus Mars opposition her Sun. Though his controlling Pluto also falls in her 10th so he will not find it easy to let go.

 Pete Davidson, 16 November 1993, who lost his firefighter father on 9/11 when he was 7 years old, is an intense Sun Pluto in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius. He will be beyond stubborn and unyielding, though covers it over with a superficially charming Venus, Mercury, Jupiter in Scorpio. His Jupiter is conjunct her Sun which is supportive but his Sun Pluto falls in her 12th conjunct her Uranus with his Saturn square which is a whole lot of unsettled energy. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun, Pluto, Mercury conjunction maybe square Moon – and that is very suffocating and possessive. And won’t part company when the time comes with friendly agreement.

  Pete’s spat with Kanye will ramp up in July or even a few weeks before with their relationship chart erupting then into angry exchanges which run on into 2023. And Kanye’s relationship with Kim also looks likely to rock n roll from late May. So their streaming-live agony aunt reality show will run on in the public prints.

  She took  a step backwards after the high-profile robbery in Paris in 2016 as tr Saturn moved into her lower profile First Quadrant and had two more children during what is traditionally a phase more focused on personal life than ambitions. It runs on for another two years. She’s got the challenging and transforming tr Pluto square her Sun this year and next; with Neptunian disappointments at work and at home around 2024 and a dead-halt in 2025.  

  Her recent remarks about people lacking a work ethic and needing to get off their butts is classic Libra – not a sign who appreciates the idle, unemployed or the great unwashed.

  The Kardashians may be a peculiarly American phenomenon but the UK’s cosmetically-altered, former glamour model Katie Price with a train-crash, much-publicised personal life is just a shrunken version. She’s a Sun Gemini – so another Air sign for another flesh-exposing flaunter.

   I’ve no idea whether the Kardashians will fade into a bad memory or not. But if they are symptoms of the under-belly of Pluto in Capricorn, with some luck Aquarius will dash their chances of prominence ahead.   

15 thoughts on “The Kardashians – the flavour of the times

  1. To the younger generation they are already irrelevant. My teenage daughter and her friends couldn’t care less about the Kardashians. They’re not really into Instagram or reality tv either they think it’s for “tragic 30 year olds” (I kid you not )

    You’d be surprised who does register with them; they were quite sad and all nostalgic about the passing of actress Linda Baron. She starred in a much remembered childrens TV show in the 90s and 00s. Same with children’s illustrators Jan Pieńkowski and Shirley Hughes.

  2. Kim’s a Pisces moon so it’s hard for me to say a bad word about her as women with this moon are my type. Pisces moons make compassionate women. She’s a genuinely good person but her Libra sun makes her vain. It is what it is.
    The combination makes her terrible at choosing a mate.

      • @Jennifer E: That level of complexity is outside of my jurisdiction milady. I leave the finer details to the experts. I suspect her ascendant is in Leo tho, which should amplify her attention seeking drive and polarizing popularity.

  3. Thank you. I was hoping that finally it would state that this family would disappear. I am not a fan of Kim or Kanye and I believe this entire mess is only to generate ratings for their new show.

  4. Poor Shakespeare spinning in his grave mentioned in the same breath as the Kardashians. Made me laugh.
    Very much enjoy your thoughts and insight and the comments from someone who admires the planets and stars for their beauty and wishes they could read their movements.

  5. Also, since we’re on the topic of Kardashians.. can you read Wolf Webster (Kylie’s newborn) chart? He has a fascinating one with venus mars in the 12th and uranus + north node in the 4th which is a bizarre mix of energies. I am curious to your analysis.

    Thanks Marjorie.

  6. They are launching their new Hulu show on April 14 with Sun in the 10th so it doesn’t appear they’re going anywhere. Can you read that chart, please? As trashy as they are, they do dredge up something from our subconscious where we are interested in knowing what’s coming next for them. I guess that’s part of the collective conscious bringing them
    To prominence.

  7. The Kardashians are living proof of Oscar Wilde’s famous quote, that they “know the price of everything and the value
    of nothing.”

    It should be noted that Oscar was also a Libran.

    There is less to their trash-can ethos than meets the eye. Like the odious Jeremy Kyle, they talk loud and say nothing.
    They will eventually fade into the decadent oblivion they so richly deserve.

  8. Do Saturn and Jupiter in the 10th have the effect of ‘cancelling each other out’? They don’t seem like comfortable bedfellows here.

    • This gave me food for thought.

      Apparently Jupiter sits just before Saturn in her 10th, so I would have thought that publicly and career wise there would be a trend of Kim K receiving the 10th house Jupiter highs before they solidify into sober Saturn realities, and prices to pay whenever that conjunction is meaningfully activated via transits etc.

      One would always come with the other. Usually in the above order. So Jupiter and his blessings first, then their inherent realities via Saturn.

      It’s certainly played out that way with the publicity Kanye brought, her original sx tape + the backlash etc.


  9. Perhaps we should stop giving them attention then.
    It only feeds the beast.
    There is nothing remotely interesting about any of them beyond their grostesque vulgarity.

  10. Echo’s of the late Margaret Thatcher in terms of not having time for the unemployed or anyone down on their luck. Another hard nosed Libran woman. With Edwina Curry as a seemingly similar third…

    • You are forgetting Theresa May. Air signs all blowing in the wind everywhere you look. Putin another. Libra Sun’s I’ve found are very charming but cold as ice underneath with little emotion, the only sign with a machine as its symbol, the scales.

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