Taylor Swift – hyping old flame for publicity

Taylor Swift’s fan obsessives are at fever pitch with the rerecorded reissue of her 2012 album Red out this month which appears to have references to her short-lived relationship to Jake Gylenhaal more than a decade ago. One celeb magazine said: ‘It has received obsessive levels of textual analysis that would make a Talmudic scholar blush.’

  She’s had a stream of extremely speedy and very public liaisons through the years – all good publicity –  though her present beau Joe Alwyn has stuck around longer than most. The smooch with Gyllenhaal lasted three months but seems to have become embedded in fan mythology like Brad and Jen. He evidently baled because he didn’t like the media attention.

  Taylor, 13 December 1989 8.36am Reading, Pennsylvania, is a Sagittarius but has a controlling and possessive Pluto (in Scorpio) in the 10th so she won’t let go easy; as well as Mars in Scorpio and a Cancer Moon.

  She’s not remotely easy on the emotional front with her Moon opposition a changeable Uranus, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn in Capricorn.

  Jake Gyllenhaal, 19 December 1980 8.08 pm Los Angeles, is also a Sun Sagittarius conjunct Neptune with a restless Gemini Moon. It was never destined to last since his Uranus in Scorpio is conjunct her Mars for a tinderbox chemistry – fiery, then explosive.

  Their relationship chart has a wildly enthusiastic, upbeat composite Sun Mars Uranus trine Jupiter and opposition the composite Moon so it would be a rip-roaring adventure at the start. It would transition into running arguments and a definite need for space on his side. But her Pluto wouldn’t be keen to let go control.

  Their relationship chart is sagging under Neptunian influences now and through next year. With last week’s Lunar Eclipse and next May’s rattling up the composite Saturn for less than romantic vibes.  

I suppose it beats politics for water cooler gossip.

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  1. Taylor re-records have to be as close as possible to the original songs(except for the vault songs) for them to be considered re records. Otherwise, the albums can’t replace the originals in being used. The whole purpose is to devalue the old albums not to rehash old relationships.

  2. there is a reaction to all too well 10 on youtube where the fan says ‘she has grown so much’, and if you look at the 2014 grammy version of atw (and tour): heartbroken, saturday night houston 2017: strong and whole but still jarred, and now the 10 minute version: reflective, going over the material one last time: witnessing it, giving it its full due, letting it go, the progression is clear

    the journey from ingenue to woman – women who run with the wolves (clarissa pinkola estes), and by ripple effect holding that space for each of us with her songs, her loved ones cheer her on (as we do) and as our loved ones cheer us on.

  3. Or ‘working together with saturn and pluto’ ?

    “With a staggering output of four chart-topping albums over the last 16 months, totaling nearly 100 songs, Republic’s Taylor Swift will end 2021 with market-leading total activity north of 6.1m – she’ll finish the year somewhere around 6.5m – and six albums crossing 500k: evermore and Fearless (Taylor’s Version) will be 1m+, folklore and Red (Taylor’s Version) will be 800k+, and Lover and 1989 will surpass 500k. The productivity, savvy, and cultural influence demonstrated by the multiple Grammy winner, who took AOTY last year and is nominated in that category this year, has been, as far as we can tell, unprecedented. Nobody works harder – or smarter – than Swift. From repeatedly posting record-setting vinyl sales weeks, to joining TikTok and rushing to rerecord a viral track to turning in the most memorable Saturday Night Live appearance in ages, Swift has been in peak form all year. She also scored a #1 album with three different titles in 2021 – which hasn’t been done by a solo artist this century – held the #1 spot on the Top 50 five times and topped the song chart with the longest #1 since “American Pie,” her 10-minute revision of All Too Well.”
    — Hits Daily Double on Taylor’s tremendous year (December 2nd 2021)

  4. Interesting that she’s a South Node Leo and he’s a North Node Leo. The NN Leo needs to let their own light shine brighter, and the SN Leo needs to extend their concerns beyond the Self.

  5. I see it differently, she has come of age, has her own views and takes advice (legal), is a professional entertainer musician business woman. The pandemic has give many people the opportunity to step out of big shapes into more human sized ones, more in-house, more simple, more freedom.

    ? The rerecordings are to gain control of her work – Paul McCartney felt that Beatles music being used for advertising soft drinks etc trivialised it, most artists songs don’t have multi decade money value and it makes sense that the creator has more sway than the middle man? Of course she is doing the best job she can and finding creative ways to advertise them, and with each trying to get them to number one to see if she can. Given that Adele announced her release on the day Taylor had chosen months before, it seems the industry would prefer that her rerecords didn’t do number-one-well. Taylor released a week early and did what she could to get a number one slot for a week. Getting a 10 minute song to come in at number one on the singles chart is huge.

    I love her that she takes the time to sign 70K cds to get herself extra sales, for the fans it is just fabulous to have a signed album. Ariana’s management offered the same deal but the signatures were printed… As Jack Antonoff said – no one (else) this talented works this hard.

    • The chatter may well be since Taylor’s music is so popular worldwide, just before RedTV’s release she was regularly #1 worldwide streaming – even from sunday, which feels unprecedented (2 days after Adele’s album release) she was back to that #1 worldwide streaming spot

      • Yes, she is immensely popular and a gifted lyricist and I get that she has made a clever move against Scooter Braun too but I think it’s time to leave Jake Gyllenhaal in the past. If the tables were turned and a man was doing this to an ex girlfriend of a few weeks from more than ten years ago the response would be very different. Adding all the extra stuff was unnecessary.

        • I don’t understand the furore around this. Taylor is just re-releasing her entire back catalogue to gain control from what Scooter Braun took from her. I’d understand if she rewrote more songs about Jake but she hasn’t. It’s just a re-recording of the 2012 album, Red. It’s ridiculous people thinking she’s hankering like some sad cow onto the past. I’m going to assume when she re-records 1989 everyone will pin it on her what a pathetic mare she is for lingering over her relationships with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. It is such an easy stick to beat Taylor with. They’re are just re-recordings of all her old material to take back some control. She’s going to be doing her entire album collection up to Reputation (I think)

          • There are no songs about Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston on 1989, which was released in 2014, before she ever met them.

        • Also Taylor was clear to indicate that these relationships are long out of mind, the film to highlight coming of age vulnerability and different expectations (naive, happy ever after vs ?agreeable sexual partner or…), a heads up she would have liked to have come across as a young woman.
          The vault songs and 10 minute ATW are long anticipated by the fandom (and a good incentive/added interest for the rerecords), ATW sung back to Taylor at the concerts gave her a second memory of what the song means. There are many layers. The focus across my dash has been Taylor’s side, and young women taken up by older guys and how sometimes that is healthy and sometimes not, and interest in video clues for upcoming material – I haven’t seen any ‘swifties round the water cooler’ 🙂

          • and (swifties’) love for the rerecordings (i was surprised just how profoundly moving hearing these old songs afresh was with the ‘new’ songs, loved that we had the 10 min lyric video (new arrangement), an impromptu 10 min live acoustic at the film screening, and then SNL with the Agency and the original pent up unshed tears arrangement)

  6. His Neptune-Mercury conjunct her Sag Sun – he’s her absolute dream man.

    But then throw in the weakness of him being a Sun-Neptune person and her Scorpio mars-pluto was probably enjoying being in control.

    His chart does scream commitmentphobic to me.

    • That Neptune Mercury combination of Jake’s also falls on her Mars Saturn midpoint, along with her Sun so I think she’s pretty vindictive by nature. Of all her many exes, I guess it’s that synastry that means he’s still copping it, poor guy.

  7. Lol…thanks Marjorie. I suspected it might be Pluto on her part. Those Capricorn planets opposite her moon are also squared by his Saturn, not good. Thanks again, I’ll have some fun with this at work.

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