Saturn bringer of bounty for past efforts +++ more


  The 29 year Saturn cycle of transits round a chart can be split in a simplistic way into four sections which are seven years roughly each, sometimes less or more depending on the axis. The peak in terms of career and outer ambition is Saturn through the 4th Quadrant (10th to 12th houses) which is a time of hard work and consolidation of the preparations of the 21 years before.  Where the groundwork has been laid, then respect and recognition as well as heavier responsibilities come through this phase.

  When Saturn moves below the Ascendant and even slightly before, old ambitions become less important and there is need for a re-evaluation. People find they don’t want to work 80 hour weeks anymore which is the psyche’s hint to wind down and step back slightly for a rethink.

  Hyper-ambitious ego-maniacs find Saturn into the first quadrant (1st, 2nd and 3rd houses) difficult to handle since they live totally for outer achievement and approbation. So they keep pushing on as before, start making mistakes as their psyche short circuits their actions and they find success doesn’t come as easily as it had done in the previous 7 years, no matter how hard they push. Eg. Maggie Thatcher started to slide with Saturn here, as Emmanuel Macron has now as well.

  What Saturn really wants is for you to re-balance your life – to come off the ego and into the centre – to find time for play and emotional matters as well as work. Often people get married and have kids when Saturn is moving through the first quadrant since it fulfils more personal needs.

  It needn’t mean that life grinds to a halt. Shirley MacLaine stopped movies for a while when her Saturn was in her first quadrant and wrote her books. Saturn here is a time to find what is really important for you, not for other people.

  The last time I had Saturn into my 1st and onwards, I stopped a pole-axing schedule of producing live TV shows and then documentaries, took time out, wrote a novel and started doing astrology.

  You do usually have to get your finances in order to make do with slightly less when Saturn moves through the 2nd which is a time of getting priorities straight and realising that money isn’t the be all and end all it may have seemed before. But clearly you do need enough to get by so getting organised in advance is usually a good idea.

  Sometimes Saturn through the middle of the First Quadrant, usually at the start of the 2nd house brings up old unresolved psychologically issues. This isn’t a negative. More the psyche trying to plumb the depths to find parts which have been left lying on dusty shelves of the unconscious. So when you start gradually emerging usually with Saturn into the 3rd, you move ahead as a slightly different person, hopefully more rounded, with different ambitions. Then you’re into the planning phase of the next great Saturn sweep out and upwards in your chart.

  When Saturn reaches the nadir/IC at the base of the chart to move into the Second Quadrant (4th to 6th houses) you’re ready to go out and engage more fully with the outside world again. First requirement with Saturn through the 4th is to reorganise at home to create a solid base of operations for the future which may involve moving house, renovating as well as sorting out family tensions. The 2nd Quadrant Saturn isn’t necessarily a spectacular success but it is a vital and unglamorous stage of laying foundations for the future. Saturn through the 6th usually means extra hard work with less appreciation than seems fair but rewards come in later years. Also a time to get real about health and physical needs, learning where your limits are.

   Saturn through the Third Quadrant (7th to 9th house) is rising upwards in terms of outer activities, which requires sorting out and strengthening close relationships or abandoning those that don’t work. Then a hard lesson through the 8th of developing resilience and resourcefulness where money and emotional support are concerned. The universe can feel less than generous since this is a time of standing on your own two feet and often being responsible for others. Saturn through the 9th – rethinking beliefs and attitudes, testing out ideas, being intellectually challenged.  

  Then Saturn moves across the peak upper Fourth Quadrant (10th to 12th houses).

  To be remembered, the transits will only bring out what is already in potential or implicit in the chart. And Saturn does have tough lessons to teach about shirking the effort and discipline required to lay foundations. Like a house built on swampy ground with substandard materials and workmanship, it won’t turn out to be a success.

  There are always other outer planet influences in play which may distract Saturn from producing the results it might otherwise have done. Fate is not always kind – and there are missed opportunities in timing which are the result of random mischance.

22 thoughts on “Saturn bringer of bounty for past efforts +++ more

  1. Thank you for your wonderful insights. A true neophyte here, sorry. Still figuring it out…

    *** Trigger warning ***

    Last time Saturn tr. Capricorn – Aquarius (12th house, opp. Natal moon Virgo @~0’19”) survived being killed… by an intimate partner, in a jealous rage, while I was sleeping… I was key witness for prosecution; he denied everything and defence paraded individuals of dubious veracity through court with intent to assassinate my character. Lots of delays, dropped charges, some reinstated, some failed to be stayed…

    Judge’s summation, very similar to: “the half truths and untruths spoken by the defence are unacceptable to this Court…”

    Thank hmmm, must check.. where was Neptune? Mars? Venus? Mercury? Saturn! – Capricorn -> Aquarius cusp – Aquarius -> Pisces cusp; then a Saturn return…

    The ensuing court trials left the individual in prison – a near impossible feat in early 1990s (and still is, imo); finalized with his sentencing in first quarter 1994, if memory serves (need to look at Juliette . It was a horrifying, chaotic and absurd time in my life with his father stalking me and the Judge calling people out for lying in a court of law.

    Same again, recent Saturn transit to Aquarius – mob bullied out of my career. Still figuring out judicial, human rights, union processes, with many delays… second

    Astrology is uncannily accurate and weirdly, repetitively wonky 😉 IMO.

    I’m no angel, however… ??? Must have a bit of karmic debt… or? Supposed to make a difference, for others, in this lifetime?

    Marjorie, Thank you for sharing, love reading your work and insights <3

  2. Ah, Marjorie, you haven’t mentioned what it means when Saturn is transiting the quadrant of the Descendant to the Mid-Heaven. That is where Saturn is transiting through on my chart currently.

    • It seems Marjorie *may* write some further posts for the other quadrants.

      But see the recent Q&A as my question about Saturn from IC to MC triggered this post. And that itself was triggered by questions/comments in a recent Meghan/Harry article (13Nov2021)

  3. Thank you Marjorie.
    This post gave me really a lot.
    Saturn square Ascendant, active from feb21- dec21.Transit in Aquarius 3rd house for the moment.My natal Saturn in Virgo.
    I can’t wrap this up.If I look to my life I can figure it out.

  4. My life is clearly just weird. Transiting Saturn through the 2nd was the time when I earned the most money in my life – ended as soon as Saturn moved into 3rd. The rest of my life I’ve been underpaid for the jobs I do – admittedly Saturn is natally in 2nd, I’m a saver by nature and material stuff has never been a driving force.

    Fortunately I’ve Jupiter-Neptune on the 8th cusp so money always flows to me through inheritance, gifts, luck and my investments.

    • I received an inheritance when Saturn was transit my 2nd house Sun. I also had a knee operation (Capricorn rules the knees) for a torn cartilage that year.

      • Weird eh? I guess the big lesson of astrology is to work out how everything affects you. For example, transits to my venus never bring love (that’s usually my neptune) but they affect my money. That’s why I read around so much, looking for better explanations as the cookbooks often don’t seem to fit me.

        As an aside, your knee op might have been slowing you down to work out what you valued – the real purpose of Saturn through 2nd.

    • Saturn is the god of the harvest and rules over the Saturnalia celebrations. The Emperor in the Tarot in one of his facets.
      There is a reference somewhere in Michael Baigent’s book, I think, of a client who kept suffering bereavements when he had happy-go-lucky influences – and looking deeper into his chart on the midpoints, when the upbeat planet was being triggered so was a ‘mourning’ Moon/Saturn midpoint – and it was that which oversaw the separations.
      The transits will only trigger what is already there in potential in the chart which is why you sometimes get what appear to be unexpected outcomes that don’t fit the cookery book interpretations.

  5. Thank you for this wise post, Marjorie. Could you continue with transiting Saturn through the other quadrants to complete the circle please? Saturn’s just entered my eighth house and am involving myself in group fundraising for a cultural project. Thanks!

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