TalkTV – a stifled Mercury not ideal

TalkTV, launching tonight, marks a return to British TV not only of Piers Morgan, but also his boss Rupert Murdoch. The mogul has been out of the sector since the sale of Sky four years ago and this is seen as his shot across the bows of the BBC as well as other news media. There is some scepticism about whether there is public appetite for opinionated TV news. And despite claims it will be a “news programme unlike any other that currently exists in the UK” there is doubt as to its prospects.

  It launches at 7pm with a heavily afflicted and curiously placed Mercury in Taurus which does not augur well. Mercury is in the hidden 8th trine Pluto on the IC sextile over over-hopeful Neptune, Jupiter, Venus and square Saturn. Admittedly there is a showy Moon, Mars, Venus in the entertaining 5th but that hardly seems enough to balance out a battened down Mercury – especially for a news channel.

  Piers Morgan is the undoubted draw opening tonight with a Trump spectacular, hoping to reprise his breakfast show success which came to a dramatic end over his Meghan Markle brickbats after the Oprah interview.

  Born 30 March 1965 he has a charming, if impulsive Sun Venus in Aries with Mercury also in Aries – and has all of Aries renowned rubber-ball prowess for reinventing himself, having had a roller coaster career with three headline sackings followed in each case by a resurgence. His take-no-hostages approach to expressing his unvarnished opinion comes from a volcanic collection of Mars, Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn (Moon) in Pisces. Plus he has a sunnily optimistic Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune.

  He’s not in his best of phases with a frustratingly trapped tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Node in 2022/23 with a raft of Neptunian disappointments this year and the next two; plus mega-confusion in 2023/2024.  Not ideal.

   The original SKY TV launch on 5 February 1989 had Jupiter in the 10th conjunct the midheaven and was a robust chart. This is more news and less entertainment but doesn’t have a chart indicating a lasting triumph.

Rupert Murdoch, 11 March 1931 11.55pm Melbourne, AU, is now into his nineties and not at his most successful astrologically with tr Saturn moving through his low profile 1st Quadrant. Tr Pluto is opposing his 8th house financial Mars in 2022/23 which will be blocked and risky – though given his age that could apply to other factors than this venture. Though he does also have a couple of mildly upbeat Jupiter midpoints as well.

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  1. It seems that we now have a plethora of news channels hosted by enraged men of mature years shouting about how things aren’t as good as they used to be in their day. It used to be the case that the likes of Trump, Morgan, etc would spend their retirement shouting at kids to get off their lawn. Now you start your own news channel in order to do so. Also the free speech claims are a little misleading since it looks like TalkTV on YouTube does not allow comments.

  2. Seems like a big week for the news industry. CNN scrapped its CNN+ after just 1 month and $250million investment after barely reaching 10k subscribers.
    Twitter forced to sell to Elon (legally no choice as quarterly earnings due next week which will have lowered the share price. Elon already paying 38% more than April 1st share price)
    Talk TV launches as per Marjorie’s article above.
    Jupiter and Mercury are soon to retrograde so maybe more to come and go through May.

  3. Hi Marjorie

    Elon Musk buys Twitter today. Don’t know what time but what does the astrology look like? I think he will bring back Trump. Oh dear.


      • This reminds me of the double wedding dates situation – in that I heard Musk’s bid wouldn’t be finalized for months. It confuses me. Date of sale versus date of closing …”idk”!!

      • Elon Musk tweeted “Yesss!!!” at 8.43pm this evening, 25th April re the deal. I think that’s the UK time zone, but not sure. Anyway, the planetary line up for this moment will be the same as the Talk TV launch, except for obvious differences like the AC and Moon. Mercury and the Nodes in Taurus…..interesting for another media story today. Especially with the May lunar eclipse coming up opposite that in May. As for his official taking over moment, we don’t know yet. That eclipse just keeps on popping up in recent charts, with Algol waving her snaky locks somewhere in the background.

    • Looks like these “news” ventures are less about communication (Mercury) than they are about money (Taurus Sun) and taking control (last gasps of Pluto in Capricorn). It would be interesting to know who is acting on behalf of Murdoch’s empire.

  4. Murdoch has tr. Neptune squaring his 12th house moon, which can’t be good for someone of his age. Makes me wonder how much he is calling the shots these days.

  5. CNN just got a new CEO by the name of Chris Licht. His past seems solid enough but one thing strikes me very curious. He purposely hides his exact birthday. Intriguing as to why.
    I suspect he has a Scorpio Capricorn combo somewhere between his Sun/moon/ascen.
    Can you look into his and CNN’s chart Marjorie?

    • He did an interview sometime ago that was published on the 22nd of October where the interviewer wished him a happy birthday. I figured he only may have said it was in that said week so the reporter maybe wasn’t being specific to that day. But when I extrapolate it, I figure he could’ve been born on October 24, 1971 at around 12:10pm. Which would be a Scorpio sun, Capricorn moon(which would make him CEO material and very secretive about his personal life) and Sagittarius rising(a fire and passion for journalism).

      • I understand hiding or altering birthdate info is suggested for cyber security reasons. Funny to think how loaded birthdate info has been. Age, security, and for those who want to keep astrological judgements at bay!

        I wonder what reason you think he was vague.

        • I understand hiding it for security reasons if you’re in certain areas of government. For example. A fella by the name of Dan O’Dowd(who ironically doesn’t like Elon Musk) is seemingly planning a run for Senate in California. There is no birth details for him; why? He’s a software developer that had military contracts. So understandable. But I suspect he’ll have to reveal it eventually if he registers as a candidate.
          Chris Licht has no such background as far as I see, and furthermore he revealed his birth month and year. So curious why he left out the date. Far more higher profile people have released theirs without any security issues. So as you alluded to, I figure he hides it for “astrological judgements”. He just gives enough info as a teaser.

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