Syria – hints of another uprising against Assad

Anti-government demonstrators in Northern Syria have burnt the face of Bashar Assad on billboards, calling for his overthrow, in protests against living conditions and corruption.  It is the biggest insurrection in living memory from a people more than 90 per cent of whom live in poverty. The war-shattered economy hit record lows last week with the currency trading at 15,500 Syrian pounds (SYP) to one US dollar. When the 2011 protests that led to the war broke out, it had been trading at 47 to the dollar. ‘While the demonstrations have not yet reached key government-held areas such as Aleppo, Homs and Damascus — where Assad would probably act against dissent much more harshly — anti-regime sentiments have been shared online in recent days.’

   Nothing is ever a sure fire certainty but 2025 would look like a nadir for Assad. I had thought he might depart when tr Puto opposed the Mars and Cancer Sun of his Presidency chart, (17 July 2000) between 2018 to 2021 but he hung on grimly. Several charts, however, all point to two years hence being a time of major disruption.   His Presidency chart has a destabilizing Solar Arc Sun opposition Uranus in 2025 and even before then tr Saturn will square the Jupiter opposition Pluto, denting his administration’s confidence this year and next. Late 2024 his unpopularity will peak with a devastating meltdown in 2026.

His personal chart, 11 September 1965, has Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Neptune in 2025 miring him in a swamp. Before then he has a trapped, high-risk Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Mars in 2024 and an extended run of ruin and desolation up to 2027. With tr Saturn running into his Second Saturn Return in 2024 and opposing his Uranus, Pluto, Sun and then squaring his Jupiter in 2025 – bringing him down to face a hard reality.  

 The Syrian Civil War started on 15 March 2011 and that chart with its revolutionary/rebellious Uranus square Pluto in Capricorn has the Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Uranus in 2025 – which may not be pretty, since it sounds explosive but it may shift the situation on from the present unhealthy stagnation. The war effectively started with tr Pluto conjunct the Sun on the Syria country chart which is a classic civil war signature.

 The Syria chart, 1 January 1944 12 am Damascus, is already labouring under an undermining and directionless Solar Arc MC conjunct the Neptune, exactly earlier this year as an earthquake struck. And does seem poised for change. One leg of the natal yod of Mars Uranus sextile Pluto inconjunct a Capricorn Sun has moved by Solar Arc to find the SA Uranus Mars conjunct the Syria Jupiter this year and next – which could suggest relief of sorts or even luck. Though the population look downbeat in 2025 with Solar Arc Saturn opposition the Moon.

  Tr Uranus into Gemini will start to rattle up the yod  in 2026/27 as it is conjunct the Mars Uranus; with tr Pluto opposition the Pluto in 2028/29 pulling away from the past.

One thought on “Syria – hints of another uprising against Assad

  1. This is somewhat encouraging. I’ve been a strong supporter of Syria’s liberation movement in the same way I’ve been an ardent supporter of Ukraine. I’ve a member of a few international social media groups where there are many diaspora Syrians (as well as a few still living in the Rojava autonomous region of Syria) who are anti-Assad and anti-Putin. Ukraine’s recent success against Russian invaders in the Donbas has given many of them hope that Assad will eventually lead to Russia becoming too weak to act as Assad’s crutch.

    I’ve asked Syrians who Assad’s most ardent supporters in Syria really are. Many have told me that Assad’s main support comes from ethno-religious Alawites (the ethno-religious minority Assad himself comes from), the ethnic Armenian minority (who also support Putin and Russia [so no surprise there]), and some members of the Shia Arab minority. However, most Sunni Arabs, Kurds, and other ethnic groups in Syria are vehemently opposed to Assad and Putin’s influence.

    I sincerely hope the Syrian people do rise up against Assad again – and this time, I hope they succeed.

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