Spain – Women on the Verge of a Breakthrough

Snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory, Luis Robiales, the Spanish football chief, has managed to drown out the celebrations of the victory at the Women’s World Cup final by acting the bully in forcibly kissing winning player Jennifer Hermoso and then doubling down on refusals to apologise. FIFA has suspended him though the internal Spanish association have not (to date), even in the face of general condemnation and resignations within the sport and government ministers demanding his resignation.

  As he celebrated at the final whistle Robiales grabbed his crotch, with Queen Letizia of Spain and her 16-year-old daughter standing nearby, for which he later apologised.

  It is being called Spain’s #MeToo moment though the hashtag has become #SeAcabó = “it’s over”. 

 The Spain 22 November 1975 12.45pm chart is certainly in a Plutonic, maybe transformational, moment. The Scorpio Sun has Solar Arc Pluto conjunct exactly now and the Solar Arc North Node is square the Spain Pluto. With Pluto involved it will be a bitter and prolonged wrangle for the upper hand which appears to be playing out.

  The Spain chart does have a Cancer Moon square Venus Pluto opposition Jupiter. That would certainly indicate intense emotional involvements where women/mother are concerned. Females will be seen as sexualised (Venus) and possessive (thereby needing to be kept under control). Jupiter Pluto tends to the over confident, pushing aside social niceties to grab what is desired. The Sun is also quincunx Mars hinting at problems handling anger and assertion in a modulated way. And Saturn in Leo square Uranus which can be autocratic.

  Robiales, 23 August 1977, is a Sun Leo/Virgo with Saturn in wannabe-important Leo and Mars in Gemini. His North Node conjunct Pluto is in Libra which hints at a difficulty in understanding what others want in close relationships.  It is not an especially alarming chart though the angles will make a difference. Where a birth time is missing it is often worth looking at the midpoints since they can round out some of the missing pieces.   His Venus is conjunct his unkind Mars/Saturn midpoint and his Uranus squares his Venus/Saturn midpoint – both of which suggest coldness and lack of sensitivity in romance to put it at its mildest.

  He picked the wrong target for his exuberant caveman kiss. Jennifer Hermoso, 9 May 1990, is a stalwart and unbudgeable Sun Taurus opposition a Scorpio Moon and Pluto; with her Sun trine Saturn in Capricorn as well as Neptune (Uranus) in Capricorn; and a formidable Water Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Pluto trine Mars in Pisces, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Uranus and Neptune.    

    Robiales has tr Neptune square his Mars in Gemini late November/December this year for a sense of sinking failure and undermined masculinity.

  Jennifer Hermoso intriguingly has her central Jupiter opposition Uranus having moved to trigger her Aquarius North Node – putting her in a position to spearhead a cause.

There will be more to Spain’s SA Pluto conjunct Sun than this spat so worth watching for what else is ongoing.

8 thoughts on “Spain – Women on the Verge of a Breakthrough

  1. There were similar issues with the previous coach, who had to be forced to leave by team members.

    Meanwhile, I’d already been hearing about increasing violence, including murders, towards women in Spain over the past year.

    So definitely a problem
    encompassing not just the coach, the club (which had first tried to defend him), but all of Spain.

  2. Evidently there are other women footballers that refused to be on the team purely because of his past behaviour. What goes round comes round.

  3. It’s interesting that, following on from Marjorie’s piece about yods a little while ago, Rubiales is experiencing transiting Pluto and Neptune sextile each other creating a yod onto his natal Sun, which suggests this is a big moment for him and a change of direction. His Moon/Mars opposition does suggest an uncouth approach towards women.

    A curious coincidence (?!) also, that without a birth time for Hermoso, her chart calculated for midday has her Ascendant almost exactly conjunct Rubiales’ natal Sun position.

  4. The failure of Prince Willam, the President of the English Football Association, to even attend the World Cup final is arguably an even worse affront to women’s football. There is no way he would fail to attend if the English men’s team was in a world cup final.

    • While he is President of the FA, he is also the heir to the throne of both the UK and of Australia, and there are complications on that front, an issue that the Spanish Queen does not have to contend with.

      Were the finals not to have occurred in a Commonwealth Realm, Prince William would likely have attended.

  5. Previously a family member (an uncle) alleged Rubiales had misappropriated funds from the football federation and used the money for orgies. The uncle also claimed he was spied on, stalked and harrassed for reporting this.
    Meanwhile, his mum has locked herself in a church and gone on hunger strike because they’re picking on her boy. No wonder he’s an arrogant numpty!

  6. Thanks Marjorie. I’m glad you’ve picked up on this, and your reading of this incident as the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in Spain more widely is really interesting.

    In addition to the Neptune/natal Mars square, doesn’t Rubiales also have transiting Saturn in early Pisces opposite his natal Sun in late Leo/early Virgo for a good few months ahead, including the Saturn station? This would definitely cover the period of his FIFA suspension and maybe more. A big dose of reality and facing the consequences of his actions.

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