Australia – truth and reconciliation in the balance

Ensuring an Indigenous voice in the Australian parliament appears to be causing an unholy fuss. A referendum on the issue, a requirement before the Constitution is changed, will be held this October on the 14th, the day before the Libra Solar Eclipse.

 The referendum campaign has been vitriolic and racially charged despite the PM Anthony Albanese’s plea that it was a “once-in-a-generation chance to bring our country together”. The key “no” spokespeople are backed by conservative groups with links to conservative Christian organisations and have been accused by the government of importing “Trump-style” political campaigning to Australia.

   The Eclipsed New Moon is on the focal point of a yod to Neptune sextile Uranus, and is exactly conjunct the Neptune on the Australia Settlement chart of 26 January 1788 5.25am Sydney, AU.  

 A Neptunian yod with religious bigots involved. Who’d have thought?  If the settlement chart is accurate, the Neptune in the 1788 chart is in the 9th house of spiritual beliefs and heavily aspected so a key part of the early settlers’ mindset. The Virgo Moon is quincunx Pluto and Venus in Aquarius conjunct Saturn is chilly – not sweetness and light. Four planets in Aquarius might have suggested an interest in furthering the great brotherhood/sisterhood of mankind but maybe Pluto and Saturn in Aquarius have tilted it towards its less humanitarian and intolerant side.

  The referendum chart does have an implacably hostile and determined Mars in Scorpio square Pluto and an emotionally bleak Saturn opposition Venus – not exactly overflowing with inclusive compassion.

  The modern Australia chart has not much of note showing apart from the Mars/North Node midpoint being triggered by the Eclipse at the same degree. Since it can either mean collaboration or arguments, there is not a helpful signpost from that.

   Nonetheless there are far reaching changes ongoing in Australia’s direction with Pluto now moving across the 10th house of the 1901 chart. And major upheavals showing on the settlement chart.  There will be some shifts ahead though referendums are evidently hard to win.  

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  1. I am always a little worried with my midpoints. yet looking at the Settlement Chart is appears its Sun/Moon midpoint is in the 10th house at 24 degrees in Scorpio sextile Mercury in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn and the 10th house. As Mercury is in Capricorn, it really does look like this could be a stalemate situation. I chose the Settlement Chart as this Chart appears to be at the crux of this argument – Settlers verses Indigenous.

  2. Thank you! The heavy fire, earth and air placements in the 1901 chart reflect the actual arid landscape of Australia perfectly. Which is fascinating! The lack of water in the chart is evident in the actual earth as well as the general behaviour/mannerisms of Australian people.
    @Marjorie Pluto going through the 10th would that be a long term change in Australia’s reputation?

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    As an Australian I found your post on the referendum extremely interesting. I’ll admit I am a “yes” voter but will also admit that sadly I am not convinced it will get through.
    The “No” campaign have momentum.
    One question I have is in your last sentence you mention “there are far reaching changes ongoing in Australia’s direction” can you elaborate?
    Thank you

  4. Apologies – I meant to say – in general use – for the Federation date when discussing the countries Natal Chart and Transits. How was this rule of thumb developed? Obviously in relation to Australia we can’t work out exact dates of habitation by First Nations People. You recently had a post re: Russia and different political events that might have had interplay with current. I’ve often wondered how the parameters are set when looking at astrological local/country/nation events.

    • It is difficult with most countries – usually if there is a unification date that is used which if I am correct the 1901 chart is. There is no reason why a first-colonial-to-step-foot should be taken as the country chart. But usually if there are choices I would track later significant events and see which chart worked best.
      The different possibilities usually have points in common which makes sense. The 1788 North Node is conjunct the 1901 Jupiter and the 1788 Jupiter is conjunct the 1901 Pluto. Both exact.

      • Thank you. The jupiter/node/Pluto contacts are fascinating. Easy going colonised Australia has never really liked having to directly look into it’s inherent racism. It’s such an amazing opportunity that I hope isn’t squandered

      • I’ve noticed something else that could be relevant to Australia’s astrology.
        On 26 February 1606 Willem Janszoon made landfall on the West coast of Australia. He was exploring and mapping coasts for the Dutch East India Company. That date has Pluto 27 Aries, squaring the 1788 Uranus, opposing its MC. It also has Uranus at 22 Taurus, where it will be for the coming October Eclipse.
        Uranus was also in Taurus (14) trine Pluto at 15 Capricorn and Neptune at 12 Virgo when Captain Cook claimed New South Wales on 11 October, 1770. Black Moon Lilith was 26 Capricorn.
        The Austrialian West coast Nyinggulu Eclipse of April 2023 at 29 Aries, square Pluto and conjunct Jupiter may have drawn attention to this history in some way? Uranus was 17 Taurus.
        In the year before Willem Janszoon made landfall, in April 1605, there was a Solar Eclipse at 28 Aries, conjunct Pluto, and square Jupiter at 26 Capricorn. Uranus was 20 Taurus. There are other connections between these charts, but the Uranus in Taurus theme, plus those later Cardinal degrees, seem quite striking. Certainly, a chance to make big changes – or will big changes come anyway?

        Oddly enough, yesterday’s big, bright Full Moon in Pisces aligns with the 7 Pisces Sun for Willem Janzoon’s landfall on Australia’s West Coast.

  5. Can I ask why Federation date is used rather than colonisation (as stated above) especially in relation to Reconciliation? I feel like Australia’s trajectory as a nation is far more influenced by the 1788 event than the 1901. There’s even debate around changing the date of Australia Day but the date of Federation isn’t anywhere near as embedded in the nation’s psyche. Most probably don’t even know about it.

    I also find it really interesting that Cook would never have ‘discovered’ Australia if it had not been for the transit of Venus they were sent to study.

    • My approach to the question on which chart to use (in this case) is that the Federation chart is the birth chart of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, and any changes to that document should show up in that birth chart.

      The debate and vote is about amending that document and therefore it makes sense to refer to the birth chart of that document.

      In general, I tend to use either charts of first coronations, foundational documents or major cataclysmic events that redefined a nation. So 1066 for England, 1792 for France, November 2017 for Russia, etc.

      Then again, for the US, I normally use the date of the Declaration of Independence, not the date of the US Constitution coming into force. There are many different possible approaches.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. Interesting to see those late Cardinal degrees cropping up again.

    The January 1788 chart is particularly interesting, with what seems to be much awkwardness between the planets. The 9th house Neptune would work for travel too. It is the moment when the British flag was raised at Sydney Cove, on the day the First Fleet arrived there after rejecting Botany Bay as an unsuitable location for settlement.
    The First Fleet also carried the first “shipment” of approximately 775 British convicts to Australia. They were destined to work establishing the new settlement. A hard working Virgo Moon quincunx Pluto does suggest some of this, plus the chilliness you describe. Men, women, and sometimes children were sent there for crimes such as fraud and theft, often very minor crimes indeed.
    It’s Mercury/Uranus/Neptune t-square will be activated by the transiting Nodes – so eventually perhaps new alliances and connections can be made, but not without a struggle.

    Also worth noting is the Mars in Cancer at 11 degrees. In one of those cosmic coincidences, the flagship of the First Fleet was called Sirius. In 1788 the potent, blazing bright fixed star, Sirius, was at 10-11 degrees Cancer.

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