Andrew – Royals torn about family embarrassment

Royal watchers are perplexed by Prince Andrew’s rehabilitation into the family as he attended a church service along with the Royal tribe.  It is odd for two reasons – one it misjudges public antipathy which is implacably opposed to his resurfacing and therefore risks damaging the monarchy and Charles’ popularity. The other is that William dislikes his uncle as does Kate and it must have taken a hard word to persuade him to do his duty as chauffeur.

  Marina Hyde, as usual, has it nailed. “Sticking a disgraced dimwit in the front seat of your car is not just some random thing that happens of a Sunday morning. This is a planned and choreographed moment, with William as the designated driver.”

   William’s determined 9th house Pluto opposes Andrew’s Aries Midheaven exactly and squares Andrew’s Venus Mars in Capricorn so he won’t be backward about stating his vehement objections to his uncle’s decisions and inclinations. Their relationship chart has a toxic composite Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter conjunction – suspicious, distrustful, aggravated, all of which is quincunx the composite Sun. Stressed and strained to a remarkable degree – and it is being pummelled by tr Saturn square Mars, Neptune, Saturn from late this August through till January 2024. As well as tr Pluto square the composite Sun at zero Taurus in 2023/24.

  William’s relationship with his father is also under pressure from mid this September with tr Saturn dampening enthusiasm as it squares the composite Moon opposition Jupiter; with uncertainty, anxiety and distrust from October through till March 2024. They have not always been on the best of terms until William stepped up to the mark to take on the mantle of duty. But Charles’s 4th house Neptune in Libra which may cloud his judgement on family matters and make him an easy mark for pressure from the unrepentant Andrew. His Neptune clashes with William’s steely Saturn in Libra.

  Prince Andrew, 19 February 1960 3.38 pm London, has dollops of undeserved Jupiter this year and next (like Trump, sigh) which will keep him pushing ahead with bullish confidence. However those sit side by side with a whole plethora of complications and difficulties. Tr Saturn is hitting his Pisces Sun opposition Pluto throughout this year, noticeably across this autumn and into early 2024, which will be discouraging. Tr Pluto is also in a trapped, frustrating conjunction to his Mars, Venus in Capricorn until late December this year. Tr Neptune is in an undermining square to his Solar Arc Midheaven this year and next as it is made clear he will not resume Royal duties.

 2024 looks disappointing and self-esteem-denting with tr Neptune square his 5th house ebullient Jupiter with tr Saturn following along behind in 2025. Plus a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune, exact in mid 2024, which is when tr Uranus starts to oppose his Moon in June, hinting at a house move and relocation and maybe family upheaval – running into 2025. Plus a volcanically irritated and shocking Progressed Mars conjunct his 8th house Mercury in late 2024. With his Mercury being on one leg of his yod sextile Saturn inconjunct Uranus that will have a powerful effect. And may drag more dirt out into the open from the 8th.

  Not plain sailing ahead for him despite his bluff and bluster.

  King Charles’ relationship with Andrew, which has always been competitive with a composite Sun Mars Mercury in their relationship chart, is moving into a disappointing and bumpy phase from next May 2024 with tr Neptune square the composite Jupiter and tr Uranus square the composite Pluto, running into 2025. Whatever is going on at present with the playing-nice scenario, family togetherness is unlikely to hold from this autumn onwards.

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22 thoughts on “Andrew – Royals torn about family embarrassment

  1. First of all Prince Andrew’s birth date is 19th February, not the 18th as quoted in the text here .To call him a dimwit as Marina Hyde has claimed is rather unkind and probably untrue,naive would be a better description, I would call him arrogant and a typical Naval officer who was used to giving orders when he was in the Navy People seem to forget that he was hailed a hero when he returned from the war in the Falklands ,a shame that it all went pear shaped for him after that,a good looking Naval officer who could have had the world at his feet. A shame he was not allowed to marry Koo Stark whom he loved. I do not envy anyone born into the Royal family,their every move scrutinised There are plenty of men who were ruled by what is in their pants when they were young and some still are when they are older Andrew was very stupid to allow himself to be used as a trophy for young girls by Jeffrey Epstein but to call him a paedophile as TS has done is also stretching reality to be honest Who knows what Andrew has been through privately,there are far worse than he walking amongst us Whether we like him or not he is still a member of the Royal family and still brother to King Charles, Anne and Edward . Charles has shown compassion towards him by including him in a FAMILY gathering near the anniversary of the Queen’s death which is surely what she would have wished and what most of us would wish for within our own families.

    • Thank you for pointing out the typo. The chart is accurate. Dim is the description given by most of those who had the misfortune to work with him in later years. Naive does not quite cover it.

      • He is certainly very arrogant and that is typical of quite a few Naval officers,I had the misfortune to go out with one ‘you should control your feelings’ he had been taught and told me thus A friend of mine has friends in the Police protection who have worked with Andrew and testify how spoilt and arrogant he is

    • I agree Jessica. Charles was showing compassion and rightly so. Particularly apt as it was a church gathering and happened under a Pisces full moon. Andrew is family after all and they cant live their life according to image alone. Too exhausting and not authentic. The BRF are not Hollywood.

  2. BRF are like hollyweird celebs. They all know Epstein. They’ve done business with epstein. They hang around and borrow money with epstein. Heck they’ve been on epstein’s love island.

    • No they are not at all ‘they’ve all been on Epsteins’s love island’ ? no,they have not actually If you lived in Britain you would know that what you are stating is very inaccurate What about your ex president Bill Clinton ? he was definitely there , he has been very quiet lately ……

    • Petra, no, I don’t think that’s true at all. The Yorks were involved with him, yes, but that’s it, and I don’t think any of them ever visited the island.

      • …maybe they played bridge and sat around dabbing their mouths with napkins as they passed the scones….? One somehow doubts this.

  3. William’s chart doesn’t look to me like the type that would speak up directly about personal matters. Sun/moon in Cancer in 7th, Mars in Libra – it’s all very passive-aggressive. A Mercury in Gemini trine Mars would almost certainly spout off but William’s is trine Saturn in Libra so again more thoughtful and limited. I don’t know if that’s how it all plays out in reality.

    • Hmm he has a 9th house Pluto, Mars Saturn – which will be opinionated and short-fused. That’s turbo-charged Sagittarius outspokeness.

      • 9th house can be quite an impersonal energy though, thinking philosophically and in broad brushstrokes or talking too abstractedly And those planets are in diplomatic Libra. I agree he may be explosive at times speaking his mind but then feel bad about it and cover back up.

        As I say, would be interesting to see how it plays out. The only real indication I’ve come across is Harry’s claim about William grabbing him, breaking his necklace and pushing him over. Not sure how reliable that account is about the aggression being reported but I think it does show a different side.

        • Interesting views on a Libra 9th house. I have a Libra Moon there, and have no qualms at all about speaking out. Especially around a perceived injustice. I think the Sagittarian themes related to the house are very influential.

      • I think you are right. The British tabloids like to describe William as “incandescent with rage”. A hilarious and terrifying description, I mean how angry do you have to get to be “incandescent”?

  4. UGH! In the USA, and I Hoped with the Queen’s passing, the Pedophile “prince” would be politely forced out and left on the fringes of the family, not put front in center with the new Prince of Wales.

    Here is hoping he “reaps what he sowed”.

  5. Thanks Marjorie. I wonder if this uncomfortable show of family unity is connected with the approaching first anniversary of the Queen’s death? It’s the only valid reason I can think of, and what you’ve written suggests it will not lead to anything that might resemble Andrew’s (delusional) personal hopes for his future.

    Not sure if this is too subtle an influence (for Andrew, anyway) – but there’s a pair of Lunar Eclipses on his own Lunar Nodes in October 2024 and March 2025. Tr Saturn in Pisces opposes the one in Virgo in March 2025. The Eclipse is on his North Node in the Second House of values – a new direction? Focus on his associates? Money matters? It’s hard to see how he has lived out his Nodal axis in Virgo/Pisces. Although perhaps he is stuck in the Piscean realms of his South Node with all it’s dreams and fantasies, plus ideas of his own ‘victimhood’? Anyway, as the Dragon’s Head and Tail are swishing away in his subconscious, he has an opportunity to learn something about himself. He doesn’t have to take it, of course.

    • Think you may be right about the anniversary of the Queen’s death as a driving factor. Maybe this is part of the horsetrading Charles is having to do to remove Andrew from the Royal lodge he’s in.

      • Charles and Camilla are at Balmoral for the anniversary, with nothing public planned. Like many of us in similar personal circumstances, he says he wants it to be a quiet time of reflection. Perhaps that includes appearing to accept/tolerate Andrew – it is the kind of thing that happens in families, only to unravel again “from this autumn onwards” – and as Marjorie suggests:

        “Plus a volcanically irritated and shocking Progressed Mars conjunct his 8th house Mercury in late 2024. With his Mercury being on one leg of his yod sextile Saturn inconjunct Uranus that will have a powerful effect. And may drag more dirt out into the open from the 8th.”

        I thought that timing was interesting in view of the Lunar Eclipse on A’s Nodes in October 2024. With A’s tendency to be friendly with unsavoury types, who knows what else is rattling around in the closet?

        • I don’t see Andrew as capable of deeper change – not at this stage of his life – and of course, most people don’t change much anyway. I assume he’s playing Charles in the way that someone who gets a speeding ticket then drives carefully for a few months before going back to his old habits. So almost certain for everything to unravel again.

        • T.S.
          As much as I and a great many others don’t like PA, it’s totally inaccurate to call him a paedophile. Such a person is defined as being attracted to pre-pubescent children, nominally up to the age of 12. That category does not apply to him, his attraction seem to be for much younger women, typically over the age of consent (UK at 16) but generally in their early 20’s. Not a crime but probably inadvisable for a man of his age & public status. Possibly William was told to ferry his despised Uncle for optics sake as W & C are very popular with the public. Poor them. Catherine didn’t look happy in the photos.

        • Exactly, Jane…why does he looks so hostile in every photo? trying to scare the reporters off? His body language is too defensive for innocence, my guess is that there is far more.

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