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  1. Mo Farah is about to retire. Can you show us his chart, Marjorie? Or as he was trafficked as a child is his birth data unavailable? I think he was a twin… Mo is such a source of inspiration.

  2. “The UK’s air traffic control system was brought down on the August bank holiday in a “one in 15 million” event, its boss said.”

    Classic Mercury retrograde.

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    Wondering if you may have a quick look at the Qantas chart The past couple of weeks the company has been under a lot of pressure due to a variety of reasons, such as selling tickets on already cancelled flights and government support ( monopoly) to stop other airlines such as Qatar to have more flights in and out of Australia ( which would have given us cheaper fares), the list goes on. And today the CEO Alan Joyce announces his immediate retirement ( was due in November 2023).
    Something just doesn’t sit right and I feel there is more to come so would appreciate your insight.
    Thank you

  4. Over the top with Royal trimmings?

    Elizabeth II honored with basketball-sized gold coin worth ‘around $23 million’


    Made from almost 8 pounds of gold and some 6,426 diamonds.


    Which pocket would I use to carry it to go shopping?

    Or rather, how many low-income food markets could hv been opened?

  5. The death of Jimmy Buffett sent me to Astrotheme to look up his planets. Was shocked to see that he was a Capricorn
    sun with a Capricorn moon. I was certain that he had a double dose of super laid-back Piscean energy. But no. He was most definitely a Goat. I realize now that his many business ventures–from restaurants to hotels, etc.–reflect the strong Capricorn influence. His Libra ascendant no doubt partially explains his charming, free-and-easy persona. Interesting guy……he virtually turned one song–“Margaritaville”–into a commercial empire. Yep, most definitely a Capricorn.

  6. I saw an episode of Building the Dream and a painting of George iii as a young man was shown. Despite the powdered wig, the resemblance between him and William was eerie! Marjorie are their charts similar?

  7. Diving into history for a moment, is there any chance of looking at Charles II’s chart please? I had a glance at it and it looked very interesting for someone described as ‘mercurial’. I was reminded of his reign from the recent news article re the man who raised the alarm for the Great Fire of London. I think there was a notable comet during his reign too which caused a lot of consternation. Interestingly, William will supposedly be the first King to come to the throne who carries the bloodline of Charles II (through the illegitimate children). Birth details: 29 May 1630 Jul.Cal. (8 June 1630 greg.) at 11:25 (= 11:25 AM ). Love that we have an accurate time.

    • Chas 11 was very Mutable – Gemini Sun Mercury on the point of a T square to Jupiter in Pisces opposition Uranus; with a heavyweight Mars in Leo square Pluto in Taurus.

      • I’ve always been interested in seeing that actors portraying historical figures can sometimes have surprising links with that long-gone person’s natal chart. Rupert Everett played Charles II in an entertaining film called Stage Beauty (2004). He shares his birthday day with Charles II – 29 May, 1959. A Gemini with Mercury in Gemini, and Neptune in Scorpio like Charles II. They are different personalities, but Everett’s Black Moon Lilith at 21 Taurus is conjunct Charles II’s Taurus Moon conjunct natal Pluto, amongst other links. Charles II Black Moon Lilith and Jupiter in Pisces are conjunct Everett’s Pisces Moon.
        Both men seem to have hidden their more serious side beneath a cloak of flamboyance and an abundant sexuality.

  8. Just saw an interesting news story on the arrest of a Ruby Franke, Mormon mom Youtuber on child abuse charges. Would be interested to see the astrology on this if there is any info around. Thanks Marjorie.

  9. Please could you give us an update on Andy Murray who just exited the US Open – you haven’t looked at him since 2019?

    I think he’s probably due his 2nd nodal return soon (age 37ish) and that seems to be a career turning point for many. He says he still loves playing, training and trying to improve so wants to play but then he’s a Taurus Sun as I recall. Transiting Uranus must be creeping up on him too.

  10. Be interesting to get peoples take on synastry and the Nodes. South node conjunct north node in familial charts appear commonplace but the connection isn’t a good one, with one holding the other back.

    • I had Moon conjunct my stepdad’s North Node and it was a lovely, nurturing connection, he was a good bit older than my mum, so more like grandpa age to me and I felt very protected by him and fussed him a lot. Not quite familial but still. My brother’s NN is on my AC and I am carer to him (and have been most of my life). Feels like destined connections to me in both cases, important to my life path.

      • I believe north node connections are ultimately satisfying, but it’s when the south node conjuncts a planet (a fated connection) is where it can sometimes hold individuals back.
        I’ve both read and experienced, that ‘enforced’ caring often shows up in Cancer north node charts e.g. disabled child, sibling or sick parent etc.

  11. There’s finally an official birth time for powerhouse Gov. Gretchen Whitmer at 8:51pm.
    Could you take a look at her over the election period please?

  12. Hopefully this isn’t a stupid question, but any chance Vulcan can be looked at? I remember, some years ago, it being talked about as the being the ruler of Virgo rather than Mercury.

    It all sounded very interesting at the time, but I don’t know what’s happened since.

    • Think it is still hypothetical so no ephemeris with positions. Makes sense mythologically since Vulcan slogged away working as a blacksmith while Venus his partner flltted about on the party circuit.

  13. Uranus in Taurus has just turned retrograde.
    I associate Taurus with food and Uranus with sudden progressive change.
    I had thought this might mean a collective move to veganism but there has been a lot in the news lately about ultra processed foods, particularly at the time Uranus and Mercury turned retrograde Marjorie, do you see this as the food industry reviewing their stance?

  14. Hi Marjorie. You’ve written extensively, and very well, about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. How do the charts for Vivek Ramaswamy look?

  15. Hi Marjorie,

    President Biden and Vice President Harris just announced lower prescription drug costs as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. This is historic and a VERY significant achievement for the Biden Administration. It’s been top national news coverage (besides Hurricane Idalia here in Florida) and many political analysts believe action will help boost President Biden’s support with many senior citizen voters going into the 2024 election. Many are comparing this achievement to the passing of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) back in 2010.

    President Biden received a lot of praise from progressive Democrats (like Congressman Ro Khanna) and even from some “Never Trump” Republicans. Lowering and negotiating medication prices has been an issue many Democrats have run on in the past (including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton)…and even Republicans like Donald Trump, surprisingly, discussed the need for this. We have over 50 million senior citizens here in the U.S. and many of them consider the cost of medication a pivotal issue when voting.

    Granted, not everyone is happy about this historic achievement by the Biden Administration. A number of pharmaceutical companies are already in the process of filing lawsuits to try and counter this.

    So, my question is this: what does the astrology suggest with regards to all of this? Any thoughts or insights you could share would be sincerely appreciated. I’m curious to see where all of this might be headed.

  16. Good day Marjorie.
    Could you take a look at Judge Aileen Cannon vs Jack Smith on the Florida Docs case? It’s somewhat under the radar but apparently she hasn’t learned her lesson from being put in her place by a higher court last year and is up to her Trump supporting shenanigans again(probably being a willing accomplice for delay), though this time Sir Smith seems to be on top of her.
    There’s no birth time for them but whatever you can glean would be appreciated.


  17. Ukraine are furious after Pope Francis made a speech praising Russia and its Imperial past (much of which adversely affected Ukraine), telling Russian youth in a speech made a few days ago to be proud of their imperial past and mother Russia. This at a time when Russian youth are being subject to similar propaganda from the Kremlin and then sent to the war front is perplexing to say the least. The Pope’s speech has been praised by the Kremlin. I’d be interested in seeing the astrological dynamics between the Kremlin and the Vatican, Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin. Thank you.

    • @ Virgoflake,

      I am so furious with Pope Francis right now. It gets worse than that. Pope Francis wants the Vatican to have “observer status” within BRICS (an alliance full of failed states and politically corrupt cesspool nations in the Global South). How dare him even propose such an idea.

      • I don’t know if you are being (heavily) ironic in your post or you are being sincere.

        While not a fan of BRICS, I will point out that it does include India and China, two of the five largest economies in the world and neither of them can be considered a failed state. And the two of them together account for a third of the global population just between the two of them.

        While not doing quite well, Brazil likewise is not a failed state, experiencing issues and divisions very similar to the US. And the US is hardly a failed state.

        And the Holy See having observer status, giving a moral ballast to an organisation that is economically strong and with an impact on a third of the global population is not a bad idea at all, even though I doubt that the observer status will have much impact, given that India and China are both antithetical to Christianity as a whole at the moment, and Russia being antithetical to Catholicism in particular.

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