North Node – the road less travelled ++

The Moon’s Nodes carry a theme that is echoed throughout a birth chart as if they encapsulated the fundamentals of the personality – its learning lessons and possibilities. The theory is well enough known of the South Node representing the pull from the past into what is comfortable and familiar – the line of least resistance. The North Node is the unfamiliar, the challenge that must be met in order to develop as a personality. What is not always recognized is how often individuals never rise to the test and exit this lifetime in much the same way they entered, clinging in to their South Node.

  The house position will be important as well as the sign so the North Node will be lived out in the life arena ruled by that house. Remember also that the signs and indeed houses have a spectrum of meaning, positive and negative,

   Although there probably is a need to find a way of integrating the South Node energies in evolved form as well as activating the unfamiliar North Node, it should not take precedence. Many/most don’t ever make the effort to move away from the South Node. Celebrities and politicians are not a good guide for most people struggling to lead a productive life – and many of them don’t reach out for the transformation involved which is why examples below may look negative. But it is instructive to see the groupings.

  On a personal note I recollect Howard Sasportas saying he was offended when he read Martin Shulman’s book on Nodes since he said ‘nasty things’ about his South Node (in Scorpio) – and I must admit I winced when I first read it – Capricorn South Node – and it took me a while to get over my defensiveness to grasp that much of what he said made sense. It may be the Second Nodal Return at age 37 which is the pivotal one for reaching out for the North Node.

ARIES North Node and North Node in 1st house  – needs to learn to build up a strong individual identity, be independent or take the lead and not be constantly trying to please others by sliding back into the Libra South Node. Rupert Murdoch certainly has developed his leadership traits though perhaps his obsession with finding another half even at 90 can be laid down to his regressive tendencies.

TAURUS North Node and North Node in 2nd house – one of the trickier Nodes which tends to bring a turbulent and tumultuous life with much intensity of feeling. Can smile sweetly but be plotting and planning behind the scenes. Dislikes taking advice. Tendency to be vengeful and lash back at perceived threats. Pulling away from the Scorpio South Node’s inclination to become embroiled in sexual or financial entanglements and reaching out for Taurus’s earthy stability is the way to go.   Schulman remarks ”will make much growth when able to see the actions of others as reflections of own subconscious.”   Sinead O’Connor, Prince Harry, Stephen King, Clarence Thomas all live out differing versions of this Node. King Charles may have overcome much of the storminess by developing his love of gardening and nature.

Gemini North Node and North Node in 3rd house – needing to pull away from wildness, constant rush, irresponsibility and free spiritedness of the Sagittarius South Node, and learn to listen to others. “Bull in a china shop” Schulman calls it. Donald Trump, Bashar Assad, Mark Zuckerburg, Harold Shipman (serial killing doctor).  Needing to understand that communication is a two way process. Interacting with others is a challenge.

Cancer North Node and North Node in 4th house – their Achilles Heel is pride, an obsession with status, extravagance, an overly materialistic outlook, resistance to advice, opportunistic, unable to admit when wrong (Capricorn South Node). Learning to give to others rather than taking.  Boris Johnson, Rudi Giuliani. Michelle Obama is one who has transitioned into the feeding hands.

Leo North Node and North Node in the 5th house – no shortage of those in showbusiness. Tom Cruise, Jerry Springer, Meghan Markle. Can be a dreamer, head-in the-clouds type, leadership potential though tendency to be overly scattered and at times not good at moderation. Needs to learn to stand alone.

Virgo North Node and North Node in the 6th house – need to learn not to allow suffering to drain strength and avoid sliding back into Piscean daydreaming and escapism. A life of service will bring fulfilment where playing the victim won’t. Interestingly physicist Stephen Hawking and actor Michael Fox, with incapacitating Lou Gehrig’s disease and Parkinson’s respectively have this Node, as does UK former politician Jonathan Aitken who had tuberculosis which left him an inpatient for three years from 4 to 7. And Joe Biden has not had his sorrows to seek on the family front.

Libra North Node and North Node in the 7th – needing to learn how to cooperate by truly understanding another’s needs, caring and relating. Forging a successful one-to-one relationship is the key to their development and overcoming a dislike of being dependent.  Luis Robiales, Kevin Spacey, Emmanuel Macron, Madonna, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Charlene, Raquel Welch (four short-lived marriages), John Cleese, David Koresh (WACO cult leader). Falling back on their impatient, restless Aries South Node, they prefer to lead rather than share and are edgy about having their free expression restricted for the sake of togetherness. Tina Turner found her other half after years of struggle so might be deemed a nodal success.

Scorpio North Node and North Node in the 8th – Prince Albert (Monaco), Asma Assad (Syria), Patricia Highsmith (crime novelist). A tendency to slide back into Taurus’s indulgence and acquisitiveness for possessions and money. Sexuality and self-control will be issues for some. Transformation comes at quite a price of letting go everything that was once deemed valuable. Unlikely in the case of Albert or Mrs Assad. Wrestling with the darkness in life will be the way to the light.

Sagittarius North Node and North Node in the 9th –  needing to learn loyalty and commitment, not swing around leaving all options open, and be constantly scattering attention in too many directions.  Travel will bring enlightenment and detachment from the trivia of everyday life. Learning faith and finding a belief system that holds will help. Silvio Berlusconi, Pablo Picasso, Noel Coward, actress Sarah Bernhardt, Bill Cosby.

Capricorn North Node and North Node in the 10th –  emotional entanglements within the family tend to bring a childish naivety which must be fought against. Taking responsibility and growing up are key issues and not being distracted by the pull of the past.  Yearning for the support of early childhood gets in the way of development. Learning to let go is vital. John F Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, Dalai Lama, Angela Merkel.  

Aquarius North Node or North Node in the 11th – learning detachment from the Leo South Node’s ego-centred outlook and pride is crucial. A romantic dreamer can with effort come to realise that friendship offers more than a fleeting passion. Dedicating energy to a cause that benefits humanity is the road to fulfilment. Elvis Presley, Taylor Swift, Elon Musk

PISCES North Node and North Node in the 12th house – oddly enough both Melanie Trump and Jill Biden as well as  Nicola Sturgeon have a Pisces North Node. Can be self-pitying and feel unappreciated. Tendency to be manipulative, being too stuck in practicalities, learning faith is vital and letting go.

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  1. This has been a rivetting and enlightening discussion. It sent me off googling. My whole natal chart, predominantly air/fire shows the tension between security and freedom, including 2nd house (Taurus) NN Gemini (reinforced by Ascendant Taurus my only earth) and 8th SN/Sagitarrius and the Lots of Eros/Eris and Spirit which I’d never heard of before.
    Throughout my life I’ve worked long and hard to achieve some sense of security, emotional, physical and financial. I even had to teach myself to value and acquire money, but it has never dominated me. I realised I needed to around the age of 23/24.
    But now at an advanced age, I feel I have lost or compromised some essential element of myself. I’ve never sold out, always needing to protect that inner something, but haven’t had the consistent energy to pursue creative interests professionally. I’ve always regretted that I didn’t have the courage to slog it out and see where I would have got to, following my heart rather than my head, although I consciously made that choice because of my difficult situation at the time.
    In all the discussion of nodes and life paths there seems to be an underlying assumption that we’ll feel more fulfilled at the end of it. I have progressed from SN. I think I was born having finished all that, but can’t take much credit as my childhood, strange and disruptive (13 schools by the age of 8, many different homes etc) told me clearly that stability was vital, and adventures overrated. I recognise and value my situation now, but I’m sad at what I’ve lost.

  2. The Lunar Nodes also pertain to people we attract. An activated SN can indicate a person
    from the past that suddenly reemerges. It often works out that these SN people require
    help or assistance to varying degrees. Even those with a personal planet sign corresponding
    to our SN sign can seem to need assistance more regularly.
    An activated NN, conversely, can indicate new people that enter the life offering opportunity, alliance & aid. Transits & progressions here can indicate someone new
    presenting a challenge, opening or fresh direction.

    • I think that’s really interesting Martha that the Nodes may pertain to who we attract. I have Libra NN conjunct Midheaven. Have always received support in my career, and have felt lucky in this respect. I guess might be other factors as well. Marjorie mentioned that the Nodes “seem to encapsulate the core meaning of many other aspects of the chart”.

    • This is interesting. My adoptive mum was a Sun Cancer and I have a Cancer NN – ‘new people that enter the life offering opportunity, alliance and aid.’

  3. My NN is in the 2nd House and SN in the 8th, but Schulman’s description of the nodes
    here didn’t agree wish Schulman’s book on the nodes.
    I switched my chart to WHOLE SIGN HOUSES….this moved my nodes one House
    further…NN in 3rd and SN in 9th…..presto! My nodes now agreed with Sshulman’s
    description exactly!
    So if you don’t agree with your nodes Houses description…..switch to WHOLE SIGN HOUSES.

  4. Having my NN IN Gemini in 11th house. I am trying to figure out the relationship to my personality and life. Not sure if it a sidetrack or a main issue?

    Not too wild , just having some interest in adventures (having my venus and mars in Leo?). Other then that rational (Sun, moon and Jupiter in Earth signs).

    I am fast and changing between subjects and interests… enjoy getting to know people and moved to the art world in one point (from the tech).

  5. Thank you, as always, for stimulating curiosity about both the self and the world, and how we try to navigate our lives!

    When I had my horoscope read by the well-known astrologer Robert Hand, his analysis highlighted my Lot of Spirit in Aquarius (a point I didn’t even know about) and said that I would have no trouble reaching for it, being conjunct with my ASC (& other points in Aq, such as the Part of Fortune). But since Spirit is also conjunct my South Node, I wondered to myself whether that was a good thing, and asked him to comment about the Nodes; I was surprised that he had nothing to say about them (not being an astrologer I didn’t push him on the matter).

    Now I wonder, maybe he meant that it was not an important factor in my particular chart?

    So as I am writing this, I decided to google a bit on Spirit, and one interpretation of the Spirit in the first house exactly describes what I have come to understand about my life’s path, which is and more or less the opposite of the South Node in the first; but better aligns with North Node in Leo, even though it opposes it, but the NN happens to be conjunct with Uranus, ruler of my ASC and Aquarius. So I suppose that it depends on the overall reading, taking every aspect into account

  6. Thanks Marjorie – this is such an important subject, with so much to understand personally and also in mundane astrology, synastery etc. In some ways it’s the push and pull between the Sun and Moon I think – the ‘I am’ of the Solar North Node and the gut feelings of the instinctive Lunar South Node, the symbolic Fourth House, the roots of the soul. As you write:

    “The North Node is the unfamiliar, the challenge that must be met in order to develop as a personality. What is not always recognized is how often individuals never rise to the test and exit this lifetime in much the same way they entered, clinging in to their South Node.”

    Sometimes I’ve noticed how people struggle to find a way to express their Sun sign fully, with others burying their Moon underground somewhere for long periods of time. The same thing appears to happen with the Nodes. If the South Node is our roots, our Lunar home (conception), then the North Node is the plant we see above the ground, and it’s fruits – or our birth? A symbolic Pole Star, guiding us towards fulfillment on our life’s path? There will be numerous invitations to take that path, but not everyone accepts those invitations to leave ‘home’. Maybe it’s one way to look at the thorny issues of fate, destiny, and our own part in life’s dramas?

    I have no idea how Black Moon Lilith might fit into this. But since these are all mathematical points, I suspect there’s some connection and meaning to be found somewhere!

    • Jane, That’s a good expression – reluctant to accept the invitation to leave home. I have a ‘thing’ about people who don’t learn from life or develop but sit stubbornly in their comfort zone.
      What piqued my attention about the Nodes specifically now was a piece about Rudy Giuliani saying he had at one point done magnificently looking after New Yorkers and then had completely reversed to being a waste of space in Trump’s pocket (and look where that has got him). His Cancer NN sparked to life and then fizzled out.
      And some people don’t even make a half attempt just sitting in their own puddle and refusing to budge. Why some people have insight/curiosity about the human condition and themselves and make an effort to find a better path and others don’t is a mystery that the chart won’t answer. It’s what I describe as ‘grace’ – not in the religious sense but maybe a soul yearning for greater understanding.

      • So interesting about Rudy Giuliani, who did indeed achieve a lot with NYC, and then appears to have lost it! I was also interested in Prince Andrew’s Virgo/Pisces nodal axis, and wondered how the eclipses might rattle them since he isn’t noted for his ‘hinterland’….and the Virgo elements only appear to manifest in his insistence on the precise arrangement of his teddy bears. Nodes in the 3rd house, Mercury’s house, too.

        Marie Louise von Franz or Jung said something about the soul congealing at some point in life, if the chance to delve deeper is refused. Stagnation is the result. But many are terrified of inner changes, or exploring anything. Perhaps it’s possible to compare this with physical travel, even exploring one’s own neighbourhood or country. Some do, others aren’t interested at all.

        Then I thought of Matisse, with his NN in Cancer in the 12th, Mars in Capricorn aligned with the South Node – and how he seems to have used that solid Mars/Nodes root his entire life, through much illness. He was expressing that 12th house Lunar imagination even when he had to make cut-outs instead of painting, when bedridden in his 80’s.

        • This reminds me of Edvard Munch’s life. He had NN in Scorpio conjunct Mars along with Venus and Jupiter also in Scorpio. Of this NN sign Marjorie says :

          ‘A tendency to slide back into Taurus’s indulgence and acquisitiveness for possessions and money. Sexuality and self-control will be issues for some. Transformation comes at quite a price of letting go everything that was once deemed valuable.’

          Munch’s early life was overshadowed by tragedy since he lost a number of close family members, including his mother and a beloved sister, Sofia to TB In adulthood his relationships with women were obsessive, possessive, sometimes unrequited and painful, unsurprisingly since as a child he may have experienced his mother’s death as an abandonment and he suffered from both depression and alcoholism. He never married.

          It was only in later life that he was able to somehow let go of a past which haunted him and had cast a shadow over his romantic life and to achieve that transformation so characteristic of a successful Scorpio that he was able to conquer his angst and dependence on alcohol through his art. You can see this progression when you look at the work he produced in later years – where he leaves behind the dark blacks and reds of the vampiric madonnas of his past and painted rising suns, verdant landscapes drenched with bright colour.

          • Thanks VF, that’s fascinating about Munch. He’s a mesmerising artist I think, and somehow very modern – not sure how to express what I mean here! We’ve just been through a Taurus NN time (plus Uranus and now Jupiter), so perhaps more tuned into that particular axis? I’m curious about how the Nodes (and eclipses) might work in transit on our collective concerns. Might they offer hints and clues about forthcoming transits of other planets? Preparing the ground, in a way?

  7. Marjorie, big thank you, since my 2nd house Scorpio NN is very much activated

    On a related note, what do the experts make of NN/SN being in “inverted” houses? For instance, in my case North Node in Scorpio, and Taurus ruled 2nd house, and South Node in Taurus, and Scorpio ruled 8th house (cusps are in different signs, though)? I personally feel I’m stuck with the same, work related issues over and over again….

    • Mine are inverted houses – Cancer NN in 10th (Capricorn’s natural home – South Node in Capricorn (Cancer’s natural home). I suspect it makes the dance between the Nodes become more complicated and interconnected. To reach the North Node you have to absorb the lesson of the South Node.
      Reading Gnarly Dude below: on the balance between the Nodes vis a vis Michelle Obama – “She has Cancer north node, so her Capricorn south node wanted to be successful career woman. Turns out she achieved greater recognition and success than she could probably ever have hoped for by becoming First Lady and supporting Barrack in ambitions.”
      In my case it was my personal search for understanding my family dynamics and emotional tangles (4th house SN) which eventually led to a fairly dramatic career shift around my second nodal return, leading to a Cancer NN 10th house direction.
      It may be marginally more difficult to disentangle Scorpio and Taurus since in many ways they are more similar than Cancer/Capricorn.
      Simplistically NN in 2nd is about becoming independent financially and not relying on others. And while Schulman points to Scorpio NN as having problems letting go – the same is true of Taurus.
      I am reminded of something Rupert Sheldrake once said to me about plants (he was a botanist) – there has to be a balance between creativity (evolution) and structure. If life is in constant change then plants/animals can’t become stable species. They need sameness over time. But not so much they become stagnant and can’t adapt to changing circumstances.
      Scorpio is essentially about transformation while Taurus is about unchanging endurance. So maybe bringing the tested-over-times ideas into your handling of money in a new way might be part of it.

  8. I’ve been keeping track of an idea I had ages ago re: the nodes.
    It seems that, as children, we are unconsciously more attuned to the North Node.
    Then, at 18 1/2, that South Node opens up more fully and we are kind of catapulted back into that.. .and THEN the work begins to integrate the SN and the NN. Like suddenly discovering a door to a basement you didn’t know was there!

    Parents may think they have a pretty good idea about their kids as they age, however BIG changes can appear at or fairly close after the first nodal return. I was a shy, uber nice, quiet child when young (Libra NN). I started owning my Aries SN at 16 by standing up to my abusive Mother. (like I said… 2 planets on each of the nodes). And then, at age 20, I BRAVELY, and with great trepidation, started to learn to fly gliders (airplanes without engines)…. the first thing I did without my parents permission. Full on diving into my Aries SN with Moon and Mars in Aries on either side!!

    I’ve always seen it as a “figure 8” journey, back and forth, ebbing and flowing, letting go and picking up the gifts and challenges.

    It also seems as though we DO already know a lot about our North Nodes!!… we just forgot!
    It’s more of a remembering.

    The nodes fascinate me…. likely because they are so important in my chart… being on the MC and IC.

    • I love this description Sandra. This resonates with me and my experience. Looking back, I feel I was enacting my south node in Scorpio at around 18/19 too.

    • I also have a Libra NN and your youthful experience is similar to mine, but I have no planets close to either of my nodes which perhaps explains why my bravery (it felt like bravery anyway) was not as dramatic as flying a glider, that sounds tremendous.
      I like your “figure of 8” idea very much, a useful symbol to hold on to re the nodes. Thank you, and thank you to Marjorie also for the main article.

    • I also like this idea of a figure 8 journey. I had similar difficulties with a NN in Libra and felt like I needed to go back and rescue my Aries SN with a mother who seemed to push me to abandon my sense of self to give over to her – but she had a reverse nodal position from mine, which I think is difficult. Also this probably highlighted my natal Venus/Pluto in Virgo conjunction and its power dynamics. Marjorie did mention the nodes pulling in the themes of the rest of the chart. I thought of the nodal axis as something to be balanced so you don’t leave your SN behind so much as balance it with the new direction, and the figure 8 idea is along the same lines.

      • Just to follow up on this since I’m at my home computer now and found something I saved, there’s an article by the astrologer Maritha Pottenger on balancing the nodes that I found helpful (can find online:” The Nodes of the Moon by Maritha Pottenger – Lunar Living”). She notes 3 paths people take on the nodes: seesawing back and forth, projection, and finding a happy medium. The “balance” idea for me probably resonates because of having a NN in Libra! Anyway, Libra isn’t leaving the self behind but balancing self and partnership.

  9. Martin Schulman remarks (with regards to Taurus North Node individuals) ”will make much growth when able to see the actions of others as reflections of own subconscious.”

    That’s a lot to unpack. I wouldn’t know where to begin!

    • It is a tricky psychological point to grasp. Carl Jung said – that of which we are unconscious meets us on the outside as if it were fate. It isn’t how we normally think about life – that everything that happens to us and the people/experiences we encounter are somehow inextricably connected to who we are.
      In the psychological universe you can’t get away with blaming someone else – look to see what you have been avoiding looking at in yourself. It isn’t altogether simple – as in ‘I attract thugs/liars so I must be the same’. It can take a fair amount of disentangling – where do you bury your anger so you attract it in primitive form on the outside, what am I not being honest about with myself?
      Prince Harry is the ultimate whiner about – it’s all somebody else’s fault.
      Not the way to development. Grappling with the unconscious is a lifetime’s job and never finished but it will sort out some of the issues thrown up by the Taurus Node.

      • Maybe it is about letting go of idealism and wishful thinking and learning how to wise up. I have NN in 2nd house, and have had repeated betrayals (8th house) but at an old age now have wised up and have learned out to see it coming and to get out of the way and not let it happen. I have NN in Second House and a Sun in Taurus. Big lessons in learning how not to trust the wrong people including siblings. Not an easy lesson. I am guilty of holding onto things – including family members who are not healthy for me.
        Taurus Scorpio is also about survival on a deep primal level.

        I love Schulman’s books.

        • I always think it can go either way. Yes, it’s possible that what we meet on the outside is a reflection of something we have not been looking at on an inner level.
          But I also think it can be quite the opposite: that someone’s behaviour can reflect what is going on within them, and the lesson can be not to take it personally.
          I read once that the scapegoat’s “shadow” is full of light.
          It’s about continually discerning which scenario fits the situation.

          • Yes it is a reflection of what’s going on in THEM. But the question is what are they doing in your life? It isn’t just coincidence or random chance.

        • LizM – when you say “wised up and have learned to see it coming” … then you have become conscious of whatever it was you were missing before!

          • I think you are right. This weekend transiting Saturn is conjunct my South Node in the 8th house. Transiting Nodes are conjunct my MC and IC, with NN Aries conjunct my MC. I have north node in Virgo in the Second house, and dad had five planets in Virgo, thank God. We lost him a few years ago. I love this post. The Nodes have helped me so much in my life, as it was hard to get over to that Virgo NN at first. I also have Part of Fortune conjunct my NN in Virgo as well.

        • LizM, I too have NN in the 2nd/SN in the 8th. Your comment about betrayals rings very true. My nodes are Leo (2nd) and Aquarius (8th), with Saturn tightly conjunct my SN. With my Leo node, I also seem to have a chronic situation where, whenever I try to “shine” in life, I seem to be met with ferocious opposition from some others. (And Pluto is getting ready to conjunct my Saturn/SN … sounds like fun, eh?) I believe in past lives, so I think this is likely a repeating pattern throught my various lifetimes.

          Actor Tom Cruise also has the Leo NN/Aquarius SN on the 2nd/8th axis. I remember when he caught a lot of criticism for bouncing on Oprah’s couch when he was in the early “glow” of his relationship with Katie Holmes. He was “doing” his north node perfectly via that action, but still caught a lot of criticism for it. I could relate!

      • Thank you Marjorie, this is really useful & helpful. I really like the term ‘psychological universe’.

        I won’t lie, I’m not the biggest fan of a Taurus North Node. That and the challenging yod I have (focal planet retrograde Aries Saturn) make the internal/psychological journey inside the ‘psychological universe’ very complex.

        I will call myself a work in progress as I continue on the evolutionary path that is life.

  10. Some experiences …

    – my Taurus sunb grand earth trine mother has her North Node in Taurus. Money is everything to her. But when Pluto went through Scorpio, she went through a string of changing job almost annually. Eventually she settled into working in the Scorpio trade as a funeral arranger! Did that for 25yrs until she retired – somewhat loved it but the money thing still dominates.

    – had an Aries Sun/Mercury/Venus/Chiron ex- with her NN in Aries. Unfortunately she had Saturn on it and a Libra moon on the SN. Always needed to be in a relationship, always looked to me to make the decisions. Complete agreeable, completely passive-aggressive. No idea of how angry she really was – what Goleman calls the Unflappables.

    – I have Aqua NN with Mars conjunct in 10th. I always did what is best for the company/organisation/group rather than for me. Not helped by Mars-ruler Aries being my 12th. It was only when transiting Neptune went over this conjunction, I even realised I could do what is best for myself rather than thinking of others. When I’ve led groups as I have done, I have always done what I think is best for the group – but I suspect sometimes the Leo SN didn’t engage enough to find out what the people wanted! With my sun/moon/venus all in the 4th with my SN – I always wanted a family and that along with having fun overrode any career climbing unless it was as a solo (mars) achievement (10th) rather than just say middle or higher management – so the universe made sure that wasn’t a problem by never giving me any kind of settled family life or relationship. Given that most people perceive me as an Aqualike weirdo, I’m not sure what I needed to do to be successful. I’ve noticed that since my last half-nodal return (mid40s) – the SN-side has seemed to be more prominent.

    • GnarlyDude, now that you are older & are finding that your South Node is more prominent, does this mean you are finding it easier to put yourself first? I’m wondering if our South Nodes become somewhat easier as we age & gain more wisdom.

      In regards to your mother, I also have a Taurus North Node, but I’ve never been driven by money. I do seem to be able to manage & budget with small amounts, though. But I don’t have any other Taurus planets (or such) on my birth chart so maybe the money aspect isn’t so obvious.

      • Doh … re: my mother … she has Taurus SOUTH node – so Scorpio North node which is why ending up in funeral trade is so relevant. As I say, she has earth grand trine involving 5 planets plus Saturn-venus-mercury – so with that Taurus SN it’s no surprise material things are important to her.

        I can’t say whether SN becomes easier with age and wisdom – there are so many factors in my chart and transits that led to how I got to be the person I am. Looking back though at my reversal nodal return around age 28, the themes of family became prominent again then dropping away at my age 37 nodal return. There’s not a lot written on reversal node return i.e. the point where transiting north node goes over natal south node

    • I reckon you’re always looking to find the balance between a pair of signs and house; and of course the nodes are always in opposition. Maybe it hedges 55-45 towards the north node.

      I always think of Michelle Obama as the prime example of nodal success (as mentioned by Marjorie). She has Cancer north node, so her Capricorn south node wanted to be successful career woman. Turns out she achieved greater recognition and success than she could probably ever have hoped for by becoming First Lady and supporting Barrack in ambitions.

  11. Thanks Marjorie.
    One aspect of this discussion is that the NN stays in one sign for around 10 months. It is almost a generational aspect covering a school year. Much must depend on the rest of the chart.

    • Yep, absolutely Jac. I’m wondering how individuals (including myself) manage this.

      Just taking another look at the celebrities with Taurus North Node (Scorpio South Node), I see that Sinead O’connor is also one & will have/had her Neptune in Scorpio (born 1966).

      I think Prince Harry also has 2 Scorpio planets.

      Both of them have had/are having turbulent & tumultuous lives…

    • House positions will to a degree colour the interpretation but it is still true that the North/South Nodes seem to encapsulate the core meaning of many other aspects of the chart.
      There will be other positions/aspects pointing to the same essential meaning but the Nodes remain pre eminent.

      • Jan Spiller writes in her book Astrology for the Soul that NN sign is “the psychological shift that needs to occur within the personality. The house containing the North Node shows the experience that allow the person to access this new psychological awareness.” ‘The house position is at least of equal importance to the sign. The house position indicates the arena in which the life lessons of the North Node are learned.’

    • The underlying point about being generational has its merits.

      For sake of accuracy, it stays in a sign for around 18mths – thereby giving us the nodal return at age 18-19 (12 x 1.5yrs); age 37 / 54 / 71 / 88. With nodal half returns in between at ages 27, 45, 62, 80.

  12. From memory, due to my own long-term inner work:

    Pisces North Node encourages releasing being caught up in the duty / perfection / guilt cycles of Virgo at south Node. Guilt can be a huge problem for Pisces NN when perceived tasks, duties or roles are not fulfilled. Pisces NN encourages the letting go of being of service to others and allowing oneself to explore one’s own inner needs and dreams, instead of being drained by the needs of others. At least, the need to strike a better balance is indicated. Any attempts at being Mr or Mrs Perfect will hold the subject back. In fact, Pisces NN personalities are usually infused with some type of glaring imperfection in order to keep them sliding back into their Virgo ways and to remind them of their humanness. For Pisces NN, acceptance and self-actualization via the spiritual, emotional routes is encouraged. Their unique path often allows them the freedom to operate away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and its demands – if they choose to. They are encouraged to flourish by letting life unfold in it’s own way, even with all its chaotic, vague and uncontrollable elements.

      • It’s a outsider observation, because I don’t know too much about her.

        But with Melania Trump I often got a strong Ms. Perfect vibe from her. A robotic, “I can’t make a mistake” energy. I’m sure at one point she was the Absolute perfect trophy wife for Don.

        But I also noticed she tried to push through all that ‘stiffness’, on occasion.

    • Hi JY,
      I know Marjorie is going to comment on house placements later, but in the meantime, do you think what you have written about Pisces NN also holds true for a 12th house NN placement? I have my NN in the 12th house (but in Aquarius) and I relate very well to what you have written about the need to let go of being of service.

      Also, my sister has a Pisces NN – she is a double Aries and is – frankly – incredibly selfish to the point of being callous. I’m not sure how to interpret this NN placement of hers. I can’t help feeling that it would do her well to consider others and think a little bit about being of service to others, rather than letting go of all that. Any thoughts?

      • Hey Curious,

        Someone above mentioned Jan Spiller’s Nodes book, which among others has been one of the books I’ve used on my own self-search and healing journey – which my Pieces NN has supported. Spiller mentions the house NN placement as being equivalent to the sign NN placement. So yes, I think a Pisces NN write-up can hold true for a 12H placement. Definitely, Curious.

        Re: your sister. Though it’s not exactly the way I approach it, I was told by someone that the Nodes should be treated like a balancing act. Rather than completely dropping the SN for the NN – and that this should be done using the NN as a vehicle. So maybe that approach could be applied with your sibling. I’m sure Marjorie will speak more about applying the Nodes in her upcoming piece.

        • Belated thanks for your response, JY.
          Yes I wondered whether there are nuances that play out differently for each individual. For instance, my sister with her Virgo south node does not seem to be remotely service-oriented – but she IS very concerned with wealth building and the material world (whereas possibly she needs to begin to shift towards a more Piscean spirituality…).

  13. I always found nodes fascinating, so this is a great post Marjorie.

    My South Node is in Virgo conjunct Pluto in the 3rd house -always had OCD-related issues. It is very difficult to understand my Pisces NN, but I have a typical 9th house profession, and life for that matter. I guess it is not a straight matter to follow the NN’s call.

  14. Be interesting to get peoples take on synastry and the Nodes. South node conjunct north node in familial charts appear commonplace but the connection isn’t a good one, with one holding the other back.

  15. I think the nodal placement is incredibly important in a chart but doesn’t usually get the attention it deserves. I have read historical biographies where I have been able to accurately guess the NN/SN of the subject. The nodal placement is like an overarching theme in life.

    I have a Sagittarius NN and I have found that I must be ethical. The smallest, harmless little lie and retribution is swift.

  16. Virgo North Node – “Interestingly physicist Stephen Hawking and actor Michael Fox, with incapacitating Lou Gehrig’s disease and Parkinson’s respectively had/have this Node”.

    I also have a Virgo North Node (17 degrees Virgo) and have been diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition. I am alright at the moment, but I have been told that it will get worse with age and that there is no cure, only mitigations to put in place (more yoga, stretches, etc).

    Can I request you to explore Virgo North Node from the health perspective in more details, Marjorie (I obviously have an interest in this)? Also would there be a correlation of the sign of the North Node and any other heath conditions or is it something specific to Virgo (which is supposed to be associated with health anyway, as the sixth sign of the zodiac)?

    • As an aside, the Vedic astrology perspective of Rahu (NN) and Ketu (SN) has many parallels with Uranus and Neptune in Western astrology.

      Rahu is the planet/point of unconventional change, Ketu that which dissolves/dissipates.

      According to Vedic astrology, the best place to have Rahu(NN)/Ketu(SN) is in the sixth/twelfth houses respectively. And that is exactly where my brother has them.

    • It wasn’t even so much the illness factor itself which sparked my attention – as much as their condition forcing them to be more in touch with the earthy realm and indeed learning about health to better manage their condition. I don’t think a Virgo NN causes illness.

  17. North node in virgo in the 11th. Doing stuff for the community?
    I almost ignore my south node in pisces in the 5th. It’s like creativity is too easy, I take it for granted.

  18. It would be great if you could touch on the question of nodes in houses, as well as in signs. Thank you, Marjorie. I’m really enjoying your focus on different astrological topics.

  19. Hello Marjorie, you have Sagittarius North Node described here really well, appreciate you sharing solutions for the negative side effects that come with these placements. Would love to know more. I feel a fascination with esoteric subjects but have difficulty being focused on it. Have my north node conjunct Neptune exactly square Jupiter in Pisces. Would love a more detailed explanation on this topic. Thanks for the knowledge

  20. I think the trick is to find a way to blend them. My SN is in my 12th Gemini with NN in 6th Sag. My ‘way with words’ has been the golden thread running through my life and that skill I have put to use in the service of many international and multinational organisations as a freelance editor, translator and writer/content provider. This has enabled me to continue to enjoy the variety and freedom of not being tied to any one master while at the same time exploring the opportunities and adventure offered by an international career and thus come into contact with different ideas and outlooks. Where I struggle with my 6th house NN is in being consistent about things like exercise, sleep, self care in general. Too easily sacrificing my own needs to ‘fit in’.

  21. This is great Marjorie. Thanks

    Would planets conjunct NN or SN made them stronger/more determine in moving forward (NN) or stubborn in staying with what is familiar (SN)?

    • Well… I have 2 planets conj SN (Aries) on the IC; and 2 planets conj NN (Libra) on the MC! It has certainly felt like a “do or die” kind of life…. no free passes… dig in deep… tie up a LOT of loose ends! It feels crazy important.

      I seem to be a springboard for others to courageously go forward in some important way in their life. Once I figured that out, I could embrace that journey. Helps a lot that Jupiter is in Libra on one side of that NN.

    • Good question. Uranus conjuncts my North Node, but my South Node is in Aquarius. What if the ruler of your SN sign is conjunct your NN? How does that work?

      • VF – we have reverse nodes!

        For a while I found my Leo planets got the attention they wanted by being very Aquarian. I will happily talk to anyone – always say hello to checkout assistants, the refuse collectors or the cleaner at work. Equally I would say hello to the CEO and not think twice about treating him as an equal – no deference here!

        Leo wants to be special, Aquarius shines its uniqueness. Aquarius can get load of attention from people just by being themselves. Leo often tries to get attention by playing up or acting important. When I tried to be funny – my humour was always too offbeat and people just didn’t get it – I realised I was aqua kooky enough that just being myself was enough for them to feel good around me.

        Not sure that answers your question directly but hopefully gives you some ideas about handling the energy.

        Just a general aside – we often hold mental images of what something needs to be like for it to be a success rather than actually feeling/experiencing what we have. Take Michelle Obama (who I mentioned above) – I think it would be easy for her, especially with capricorn sun, to cling to her lack of cappy SN success and miss what she is achieving by living the cancer NN.

        • Thanks GD, that has given me food for thought. I find that my pride tends to lead to self-undoing. With Uranus conjunct my NN, I have an inner rebel which tends to go its own way (BML) often to my own detriment. I don’t like being the centre of attention, but I’m also aware that the shadow side of that is a craving for recognition I never really had in childhood. Life is full of paradox.

          • I’ve just realised that Princess Diana has the same Uranus/North Node aspect, only in the 8th and I could have been talking about her inner rebel too.

  22. With a Taurus North Node, does it mean that a turbulent and tumultuous life happens to a person or that they, themselves, bring it upon themselves?

    I think I’m asking whether turbulence is part of the evolutionary journey and therefore it will be brought into the TNN’s life so that they can try & learn the lessons of the South Node.

    So far, I have, indeed, had a turbulent & tumultuous life & I’m trying to learn to incorporate the Scorpio South Node lessons. What makes it harder. I think is the 3 Scorpio planets I already have my birth chart.

      • Hi Jac, I thought I replied to your response but I’ve replied in the ‘general’ reply box, so the response is now much further up & out of sync! Just accidentally proving my ability to bring a very tiny bit of turbulence! 🙂

    • The imponderable question of all astrology – you attract who you are. My impression of a Taurus North Node is a requirement to move away from Scorpio and towards an earth-connected, nature-embracing contentment and acceptance of all things. Scorpio likes to lock horns and wrestle which is what causes the problems.
      Number Two in the I Ching if you use it.

  23. After looking at Francis’s comments, I might add I also work from home and my wife often tells me I don’t charge adequate lawyer’s fees. Fortunately, she has Chiron conjunct my NN.

  24. I was looking in your list for my Capricorn North Node. Not easy for a Capricorn Sun and Chiron opposite a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Need to take leadership in a conventional social structure (in my case, politics, government and the law) and to avoid being the acerbic outsider who enjoys shaking the established order. Need to express authentic or creative views instead of hiding them because of Cancer oversensitiveness. Need to work outside the biological family instead of spending life in resentment or anger brought by family history.

  25. I have a Capricorn NN and although I never liked doing so, throughout my career I’ve had to push, organize and make an effort to advocate for my own niche in the workplace. I found though that in private practice self promotion was too much of a leap for me. Interesting though as i think about it, my office where I worked with clients was always in my home which I think is more of a South Node Cancerian pull. My working class roots also influenced how many times I negotiated my fees downwards out of sensitivity to others who couldn’t afford therapy without making huge sacrifices, this also seems to me to be a pull toward my South Node in Cancer. Thank you Marjorie for discussing the Nodes which has always been challenging for me to integrate into a chart. I look forward to reading your final piece on this!

    • But what if you just don’t like the traits of your NN?! I too have NN in Capricorn. But i’m just not a corporate animal, and the social climbing i regularly witness in other Capricorns (mars, sun) honestly leaves me cold.

      • Capricorn isn’t all about being Gordon Gekko (greed is good). It is the stander on the threshold between the unconscious realm of ideas and the real world. Thus it is creative and has the capacity to ‘turn thoughts into things’. Ideas turn into money-making ventures for some Capricorns but for other Capricorns their inspirations become artistic creations.

        • Having “capacity to turn thoughts into things”…
          Becoming target/goal orientated, with a material (actual) reward at the end. Thanks Marjorie, I’ll push for that.

      • I have Capricorn SN conjunct my Capricorn Sun in the 4th and I’ve never felt that ‘at home’ with it. I’m not ambitious in the workplace and I’m not climbing any mountains! I do struggle with housework and I’m selfish with my time. I have Saturn in the 4th too.

    • I’m interested to read this Francis… I’m a therapist who in works private practice, from home too. In my case, Cancer NN is in my eighth house and Jupiter in 4th house (square NN) so what you say about the Cancerian pull makes sense. I’m very content to spend a lot of time at home. My Libra sun is opp Jupiter so I have both those planets at the bendings of the nodal axis, though if anyone has more info on that I’d appreciate it, I’ve always found it hard to get much info on what this actually means. I was born 3 days before Fernando Villavicencio and my NN is in a water grand trine – Mars & Neptune in Scorpio 12th house, behind Scorp ascendant and Chiron in Pisces, opposite Pluto in Virgo conjunct MC, making a kite – hard for me to think that I could do any other job really! I work with children as well as adults, but the best thing I ever did was having my own children, and fairly early. I know quite a few fellow Cancer NNoders (male and female) who were definitely more interested in the career success that I would associate with Capricorn South Node and who waited a long time to have children, well into their 40s. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that at all but I knew from a young age that I **should** have children and have been very lucky to do so.

  26. I have a Leo NN but it’s in the 12th. I don’t really see myself as a leader, I’m more the cat that walked by herself. My Part of Fortune and Black Moon Lilith are on the same degree, whatever that means. Oh and asteroid Psyche – all exactly conjunct.

  27. Wow, those libra north node examples are not positive..

    I have libra north node, am an Aries, what does it mean to have the present south node libra transit making a conjunction with the north node, Marjorie?. ..and is it destined to get an equal right partnership with this natal libra north node?.. Ty.

    • Hi A, on a positive, it seems that a Libra North Node gets things done. Sometimes putting oneself first leads to great achievements or at least personal achievements 🙂

    • Hi A
      When I discovered the importance of the North node and began to work with it, it changed my life. My NN is in Libra as well, and like you I’m a Sun fire sign (Leo). But my chart is also pretty fixed. Anyway for me I simply began to trust in partnerships more, whether at work or home or in friendships. I stopped thinking it was up to me to fight all the time, on my own all the time. I probably got the ability ” to trust” from Jupiter which is conjunct my NN in the 12th house.

      • Yea .I am on my on with my battles…never had have someone or sought someone for this..feel I have to fight on my is at times too much esp correcting someone else’s probs…but how do partnerships work no idea..dont feel comfy… have someone with you seems more difficult I feel, to manage ppl..

    • I have known a few Libra NN women and found them courageous. Odd thing though, gay men seem to be drawn to them, not sexually obviously but very close friendships. I think it’s the strong sense of self from the Aries SN, especially if you are struggling with your identity.

    • I have my north node in Libra–8th house. My ex husband was a Libra sun (lots of scorpio in his chart too.) I can’t say trusting others in romantic partnership is strong with me–after that marriage and also after a childhood in which I was the oldest of five and often took on responsibilities for adults. I also was a teacher for 30 years–and, in addition to teaching academics, teachers are often expected to take on the role of parents–teaching values, shaping behavior. I’ve definitely been a little warrior, fighter to speak out for myself and my siblings when I was a child (which I’m realizing at 64 must have really annoyed and upset my parents but it did get me some extra help dealing with the situation which was pretty awful.)
      I am hopeful that I’ve dealt with that aspect of life–Libra north node — I was married for 14 years and went along with all sorts of life paths that supported my husband’s advancement much more than my own. in my teaching career I often worked in partnership with other teachers and with parents and feel that went well too.

      So what happens if you’ve actually accomplished some of what is in store for you in the north node? What then? I feel a little weird claiming I may have addressed my north node but seeing the description and looking at my life in which I had to put aside a path for myself in order to serve others–I think I did it!

      • In my case nothing happened, your life story and Tina Turner’s are the exact copies of mine. I am extremely pleased with working from home and got reluctant to changing this situation. I actually always wanted that, controlling my own environment / social interactions is the perfect solution for my mental health.
        After a short marriage in my youth I enjoy living alone – NN in Libra and 4th house (Cancer) – and even though there are luring ‘partnerships’ occasions, I still enjoy my freedom as a woman, it is a hard fought for liberty and I’m quite reluctant to waste my time and emotional energy just for the sake of being able to say ‘I have somebody’. I don’t care if I have somebody. You can’t ‘have’ people anyway, so why bother.
        I also understood that I dont ‘attract’ who I am, I gravitate towards them because of my traumas, subconscious tendencies and my own preferences, when I surprise myself getting caught in the Us vs Them narative (which by the way is a normal, deeply ingrained, primate inherited mental trait), I prefer to stop and think about what and why and so far I didn’t get a good enough answer to make me consider giving up my freedom for the sake of a ‘partnership’. But I still live succesfully my NN ‘lesson’ – partnering with others in teaching from home, 27 deg is a Geminy deg so the ‘lesson’ is integrated through communication. So, nothing happens, you get to feel comfortable in your own skin and life and that is a gift to be cherished.

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