Sylvio Berlusconi – eat, drink and be merry

The carnival that is Sylvio Berlusconi’s life aquired another roundabout on Saturday as he added a not-quite bride to his extensive list of liaisons. His children evidently objected to a legal hitch with his latest squeeze, some 53 years younger, which might affect their legacy from his £5 billion estate. So he went ahead and had all the trappings of a white wedding without the expensive ‘I do.’

 Born 29 September 1936 5.40am Milan, he started life as a cruise ship crooner, built a media fortune, became prime minister, saw off innumerable scandals, has suffered various bouts of ill health and is still standing and singing at 85. His ‘bride’, reportedly unhappy at not getting the full works, is a heavily-peroxided blonde Italian MP, Marta Fascina, 9 January 1990.

  She has the triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn conjunct her Mercury and Sun all in his 4th so home life won’t be too settled.  Her fun-loving Venus in Aquarius is in his playful, sociable 5th and her Jupiter (maybe Gemini Moon) are close to his Midheaven, so she’ll be drawn to his status and he may well regard her as an asset. Though his children are probably correct about the money since her controlling Pluto falls in his 2nd which will tempt her to get a grip.

  Their relationship chart has a power-couple Jupiter Pluto conjunction sextile Sun Mercury which will give both a boost – until it doesn’t and descends into a tussle for the upper hand. There is a one-side composite Saturn trine Mars sextile Venus which may be a reflection of the age gap but it isn’t a match of equals for sure.

  His relationship prospects don’t look too rosy ahead with tr Neptune square his Sun/Moon midpoint before mid year and tr Neptune heading for his 7th. But he’s having fun so probably doesn’t care. She’s also into a Neptunian year or two of some disappointment. So not much of a honeymoon.

PS The pic is the previous arm candy, aged 28, who like this one, pursued him.

4 thoughts on “Sylvio Berlusconi – eat, drink and be merry

  1. “…this really could be the final one. “
    (And don’t they Both know it!)

    Had a laugh w Marjorie’s send off line too: “PS The pic is the previous arm candy, aged 28, who like this one, pursued him.”

    A garish bunch, these.

  2. Berlusconi has always appeared to look up to Putin, and supported him when he went into Crimea. They appeared to get on very well socially, and/or it was another relationship that Putin deliberately cultivated.

    • @Xhane, there’s that famous “Putin’s bed” that Berlusconi got as a present in the early 2000’s when Russia was participating to then G8 meetings.

      The connection seems “friendly”, but is likely very superficial, since they are both NPDs, Putin of the “introverted” type, while Ber is more of a classic Narcissist. However, I think Berlusconi isn’t fooled by Putin the way Trump was, because he is actually smart. Putin and him definitely share more of the background, as sons of “middle managers” in their respective systems, who are driven by a need to show their worth to “real” elites. They are both lawyers, and people who know them tend to point out good memory and eye for the detail.. Berlusconi though is more “charming’ – a great communicator and storyteller, even with a decent singing voice, and I actually think this must, to a degree, infuriate Putin.

  3. The previous girlfriend in the “Vanity Fair” cover photo, Marta Pascale, probably showed too much initiative by speaking out in support of LGTB+ community and being vegan.

    Berlusconi has had health issues as of late, so this really could be the final one.

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