The Duke of Windsor – sordid treason in high places – ++ Venus conjunct Algol

The Duke of Windsor was always known to have Nazi sympathies but a documentary this coming weekend based on Andrew Lownie’s recent book Traitor King goes further and says he knowingly passed information to the Nazis that aided in the fall of France in 1940 and encouraged Germany to bomb Britain into submission to be followed by his return to the throne.

   Some historians are sceptical but Lownie says everything is based on primary sources from the Royal Archives and from German and Portuguese police reports of the time. It reveals a telegram from Winston Churchill to the Duke in July 1940, following the fall of France, in which the he appears to threaten the ex-monarch with a court-martial. During the invasion, the Duke and duchess fled to Lisbon, Portugal, where they continued to socialise with German agents and sympathisers. Not long after, Churchill made the Duke the Governor of the Bahamas, removing him from Europe.

  Born 23 June 1894 9.55pm Richmond, England, the Duke had a Cancer Sun in an impulsive square to Mars in his financial 2nd house. His Pisces Moon, also 2nd house, was square a 4th house Pluto (conjunct Neptune Jupiter) in Gemini.  He evidently remained an adolescent all his life, collecting childhood toys (shades of Prince Andrew’s teddy bears). His Jupiter was in his sociable 5th. Relocating his chart to Berlin put his ‘comfortable/spoilt Jupiter on the IC, so a place where he could relax and feel supported.

 Hitler’s Jupiter in Capricorn opposed the Duke’s Cancer Sun and square his Mars which would provide a veneer of good feelings though there was no underlying compatibility.  

  The Duke was certainly a terrible match with Churchill with his Pluto opposition Churchill’s Sagittarius Sun, his Mars on Ch’s Descendant and his Sun on Ch’s MC for a competitive interface; and his Saturn conjunct Ch’s Mars Jupiter for outright dislike.   

  And he had an even worse fit with the UK since that relationship chart had a bitterly hostile composite Mars Pluto opposition Uranus, inconjunct Saturn – and that was never going to work.

  King George V1, his reluctant successor, wasn’t exactly stable with a 2nd house Sagittarius Sun and Mercury opposition an 8th house Neptune Pluto; but his Midheaven and Jupiter in Leo fell in the UK’s 10th which would provide a morale-boosting relationship.

  Churchill’s relationship chart with the UK had not surprisingly a ‘fated’ yod of Jupiter sextile Saturn inconjunct Pluto – the man and the moment came together.

  At the fall of France in 1940 with the war in full swing, tr Pluto was conjunct the Duke’s Solar Arc Jupiter and trine his Mars, pumping up his amour propre and determination. On his relationship chart with Churchill there was high alarm and anxiety which had been building for a year or so with tr Pluto square the composite Uranus and tr Uranus conjunct the composite Neptune.

  The Royal family has always been a coach crash in terms of personality failings but he does seem to have been worse than most. His mother, the ramrod straight Queen Mary never forgave him for the abdication and his brother George V1 had an aggravated interface with him which was being exacerbated as war broke out – with the composite Saturn square Mars catching the tr Pluto square tr Saturn.

  Exile was the least he deserved.  

Add On: The Duke’s Venus was in late Taurus conjunct the can-be-destructive star Algol. His brother Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester, also had Venus in Taurus conjunct Algol – he conducted a famous affair with married pilot Beryl Markham until his father put a stop to it.  Prince Diana’s Venus in Taurus was conjunct Algol which would make sense of the damaging side of the Fixed star. But so is Prince William’s Venus in Taurus, which sits within 15 minutes of a degree to Algol (= closely conjunct) and on the apex of a Yod. It’s less obvious in his case where the Algol effect operates.

  There are earlier degree Venus in Taurus in the charts of George V, Queen Mary of Teck, and the Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood ( the Duke of Windsor’s sister.)

 And of this generation – Zara Phillips has her Taurus Sun conjunct Algol. Princess Charlotte has her Mars in last decan Taurus; and her younger brother Prince Louis has his Venus in late Taurus, neither conjunct Algol.

 A family signature.

14 thoughts on “The Duke of Windsor – sordid treason in high places – ++ Venus conjunct Algol

  1. fascinating, esp the Algol family links that even extend to those they marry – maybe not surprising for royalty in general that worried (and still worries, figuratively) about losing its crown – or had it removed, including through abdication.

    For William’s Venus in Taurus, since Venus in a man’s chart can be an indicator of the women in his life, it could point to Diana (with her Venus-Algol) as well as his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, who has consciously or unconsciously tried to occupy the role of Diana in William’s heart.

  2. Very interesting piece, Marjorie particularly these astrological signatures occurring through the generations. Prince William’s focal point Venus in Taurus conjunct Algol is also conjunct Chiron at the same degree which may add another facet to the placement.

  3. Also, Marjorie, in a previous post of long ago, was it you who said that the Queen Mum had a better romantic synastry with the (later titled) Duke of Windsor (DoW) than she did with Bertie, later George VI? And after pursuing the DoW, he refused her and she ‘settled’ for George VI?

    After marrying Bertie and having a family with him, the antics of the DoW and his abdication led to the early demise of her husband (not helped by his smoking) and she never forgave them for it?
    And weren’t we in the UK better off with George VI?

    Apologies if it wasn’t you, Marjorie.

    • The problem is the Queen Mother’s date of birth since it wasn’t registered for six weeks so is iffy. But if as stated then her Venus was conjunct the Duke’s Sun. Her interface with George V1 was immensely difficult with his Sagittarius Sun crashing into her Pluto, Mars, Neptune in Gemini opposition Saturn in Sagittarius – not remotely easy.
      Her chemistry with Windsor not easy either but not quite as hair-raising.

  4. Edward is buried near Frogmore Cottage and there’s a theory that his malignant spirit haunts that building and makes residents feel lousy. This would explain why the turnover in people who make this “cottage” their home is notoriously high. The latest to live there are Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank — and they lasted less than two months!

    • I think you may be confusing Frogmore Cottage with Frogmore House.

      The Duke and Duchess of Windsor carried out their premarital affair at the House and are buried in the grounds. The Cottage comprised three ‘terrace’ houses used by members of the Queen’s household. They were recombined and refurbished to form a country retreat for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

      I always suspected that Meghan really wanted to live at Frogmore House – the place where her evening wedding reception was held. The Cottage is nowhere near as large, or as splendid. I think she assumed Harry was much wealthier than he actually is.

      I doubt whether she understood the notion of ‘primogeniture’ ie that William and Kate will pretty much get everything eventually and that she was expected to work to support the monarchy (Charles, William and George) rather than her own family.

      It does seem unfair – especially to an American. But that is the way it is where the landed gentry is concerned. I feel it is the main reason why she and Harry moved back to America where inheritance rights are much more egalitarian. She will get her perceived ‘financial rights’ one way or another – even if it is via a divorce. I pity Harry.

  5. I remember seeing a newsreel of him reviewing the troops in 1915. He looked incredibly bored. I also remember reading that Churchill had to buy the estate that pays the sovereign”s income, off him: because
    he thought he could just walk away from all responsibilities and have his cake and eat it. Never mind leaving his brother in the lurch!

    He had no conscience, and we were well rid of him!

  6. If you read his letters he was a nasty, judgemental guy. He may of course have been a puppet for the Nazi. I reckon Wallis got sick of him, millstone around her neck and guilt kept her there. He upset his mother by referring to his late intellectually disabled brother as an ‘animal’ which had her hurt and pounding the palace to ‘tear a strip of him’. Most unpleasant man.

  7. Andrew is his great nephew. There would not be a direct line in Y DNA. If anything, I think he looks like the Queen Mother. I feel sorry for the Royals, in as much as their personalities and intellect is portrayed as a dysfunctional family forever. I am descended from the a Tudors and Eleanor Aquitaine. Thousands of us are. These traits would work themselves out eventually. The Duke of Windsor had Neptune on his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, straddling his 4th/5th houses. He must have struggled with the loss of power and control, after all, he was trained for power. His Moon/ North Node midpoint sits in his Mars. Perhaps War and intrigue awakened that loss – especially money? His sexual appetite. Sun/Pluto midpoint in the 5th house conjunct Jupiter is another power seeker through women. Spying may have appeared romantic and a thrill to him. The British Royals cut him off and this could have been pay back for his deemed outrageous treatment. Mercury conjunction his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint. Although not exact, it sits on his Descendant/ Ascendent axis. Relationships would have been tied up with power and authority. Especially as his own family Cancer on the Descendant may have become his enemy for what they did to him? I wonder if this book was triggered/ given birth to, when Pluto crossed his Ascendent. In some way there was a romantic view of being a maverick. He was born to rule and lost his power. One would either end up an alcoholic or sell out those they hated. The Saturn/Cancer could also stand for this country. We rejected him.

  8. Just a few historical rather than strictly astrological thoughts. Queen Mary and George 4th were cold remote parents. This resulted in George 5th bring socially awkward with a stammer. Edward (also damaged) always appeared emotionally needy despite his numerous affairs.
    Surprised that his astrological relationship with Churchill is showing up as bad since Churchill (ever the liberal in such matters) was supportive of Edward at the time of the abdication.
    Uncertain about these latest claims. The establishment had it in for Edward from the time he saw first hand the poverty in the Welsh mining areas and declared that something must be done. The latest book seems to rely on ‘believed’ to and ‘assumed’ to rather than produce any unassailable proof of treachery. On the available evidence you’d have to say he was at least naive – but reputably wanted to help both his country and his brother in his own way. It was the same establishment figures that oversaw his exile to the Bahamas. Ultimately a sad and lonely figure from a disfunctional background. A man who’s desire to improve things was thwarted by the Establishment leaving history to judge him a failure…
    PS for any younger readers. After living in France for many years his funeral took place in the UK. In a final petty slight his widow was not allowed to enter Buckingham Palace by the front entrance. She had to use the ‘tradesman’s’ entrance at the side. The Establishment and ‘Cookie’ vindictive to the last!

    • Queen Mary and George V were the parents of Edward VIII and George VI. It’s no surprise that politicians may have personal sympathy for human dilemmas while still making the hard decisions, and Edward’s sympathy for working class communities shows we all have positive character traits. Edward’s ‘exile’ to the Bahamas came long after Edward and Wallis had openly and publicly started consorting with and endorsing the Nazi regime, and after he passed on security documents later used by the Nazis.
      Also, for younger readers, George VI’s wife Elizabeth (‘Cookie’) held Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson personally responsible for her husband George VI’s early death due to the stress of being King – which may or may not be fair – but she would have been completely aware of the reasons Edward VIII was sent to the Bahamas at around the same time the London blitz started – you know the same people Edward openly admired were bombing London including Buckingham Palace and killing thousands of people and hitting the working class areas in the East End particularly hard. So, vindictive – yes, understandable – perhaps also yes.

  9. How horribly fascinating! What a deeply unpleasant, twisted man he was.
    Funnily enough, I’d just come across accounts of his youthful affair with Marguerite Alibert (9 December 1890), and how his apparently scandalous love letters to her were destroyed. She’s the French courtesan who married an Egyptian prince, and later murdered him at the Savoy Hotel in London in 1923. Some historians think she got off the murder charge because of Edward’s letters, and the wish to avoid a huge scandal should their contents be revealed. Although I suspect that’s only part of the story. Faint echoes of Prince Andrew’s scandals again perhaps?! How far does the ancestral apple fall from the family tree?

    Gemini Queen Mary (another Moon Pisces) may have been ‘ramrod straight’ as you say in most respects. However, she was well known as a kleptomaniac and if she was visiting, people would hide valuables and trinkets since she had a habit of taking whatever she fancied.

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