Ingress charts – faint clues but no smoking gun

Ingress charts erected for the moment the Sun enters one of the four Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – were once deemed important in traditional astrology. But are not much used nowadays since they are not altogether enlightening. Opinions varied as to which was the important one for giving an overview of the year ahead. Some thought Cancer, others Libra and some Capricorn.

  The recent Aries ingress located to Kyiv puts a disappointing Neptune on the Descendant square the Midheaven, suggesting a deceptive neighbour, lack of support, and uncertain direction. There is also an explosive Mars in Aquarius square Uranus but it doesn’t leap out as a harbinger of war.

 The previous Capricorn Ingress last December does have a power-struggling neighbour with Pluto on the descendant opposition Moon for Kyiv, but again not much that is too hair-raising. Although digging deeper the Sun is sitting conjunct the ruthless/brutal Mars/Pluto midpoint.

 The coming Cancer Ingress looks more destructive with Mars square Pluto and sextile Saturn; with again an unsupportive, slippery Neptune in the 7th.

 The Libra Ingress has Uranus on the Midheaven for Kyiv – pointing to a sharp change of direction if it means anything.

  I would have to confess I don’t find Ingresses useful.  Eclipses are usually more indicative of what’s happening and where.  See post Eclipses March 5 2022.  

4 thoughts on “Ingress charts – faint clues but no smoking gun

  1. Looking for some beneficial influences and a bit of cheer (tho not powerful enough against the malefic ones) could Jupiter in the 6th in the Aries ingress chart help heal or provide some protection?

    And Venus in the 7th in the Dec chart could point to the overwhelming international support (tho Saturn is also there) Jupiter in the 8th for protection from danger as well as material support

  2. Thank you Marjorie. The December 2021 chart seems descriptive, particularly as it seems this Russian atrocity has been planned for longer than many in the West realised.

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