Putin family – tied together by fate and fortune

Putin’s close family will be on high alert given the pressure he is under and the risk of him being deposed or dispatched out of a window. They may not like him but their own position, financial and otherwise, may be jeopardized and undermined if he were toppled.

Maria Putin, 28 April 1985, St Petersburg, his eldest daughter, a paediatric endocrinologist, is according to reports splitting from her husband, a Dutch businessman. She is a stubborn, controlling Sun Taurus opposition Pluto trine Neptune. Her Neptune sextile Pluto is on the base of a Yod inconjunct Mars in Gemini. Such a Yod is overly forceful and impulsive. Certainly she’ll have had major power and anger issues – both doing and been done to.  Father comes across as dominating.

  Mid June onwards looks especially hazardous for her with tr Uranus square her Mars/Pluto midpoint, with her standing being diminished as tr Neptune squares her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint – 2023 will see her on high alert. Though her greatest challenges will come after mid decade with tr Pluto in Aquarius bearing down on her Sun opposition Pluto.

 Katerina Putin, 31 August 1986, a scientist and former acrobatic dancer, his second daughter, is a Sun Mercury in Virgo sextile Pluto, square Saturn in Sagittarius and trine Neptune Mars in Capricorn – controlling in her own way and forceful. She looked rattled and unsettled in January when the Ukraine build up started; and is in a flat panic at the moment until mid April with tr Neptune square her Mars/Saturn midpoint, repeating later in the year into early 2023. Her Progressed Mars in late Capricorn is catching the tr Pluto conjunction, which will be scared and trapped into 2023.

  Putin’s reported mistress and maybe mother of further children, a former Olympic gymnast, Alina Kabaeva, 12 May 1983, is a New Moon Mercury in Taurus with an alarming, hair-raising Mars in Taurus exactly conjunct Algol on the focal point of a Yod to a bleak, unyielding Saturn Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune. That is one tough and angry chart.

   February (last month) saw her in calamity territory and this month till mid April is no better. The rest of the year has one upbeat influence and several knocked-sideways ones. But it is 2023 which shows up as the major enthusiasm dampener. At that point her lucky Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius is under a dark Saturnine cloud. In 2023 as well tr Uranus will conjunct her Sun and Mercury for forced changes against heavy resistance; and 2024 will be worse as tr Uranus is conjunct her Yod focal point Mars giving her a considerable shock and forcing her life onto a different trajectory.

 Lyudmila Putina (as was), his former wife and mother of Maria and Katerina, 6 January 1958, has gone on to marry a younger husband. She’s a Sun Capricorn with a stressed Mars in Sagittarius square Pluto, trine Uranus with her Uranus opposition Venus. She would have attracted herself to a domineering husband with Mars Pluto though may, as she has matured, turned it round to become the one holding the reins. Her fortunes are mixed ahead with hostile arguments and discouraging challenges this year; but more confidence and luck in 2023/24 interspersed with a few setbacks.

  Kiril Shamalov, ex-husband of Maria, a billionaire, former economic adviser to the government and son of a Russian bank owner, confidante of Putin, was born 22 March 1982. He’s a Sun Aries with a formidable collection of Mars, Saturn and Pluto spread through Libra. His Progressed Mars is exactly square his Sun at the moment for a setback and shock; and his Solar Arc Uranus is also square his Mars now for much the same effect in a double whammy of unwished for thunderbolts.

   He looks suspiciously upbeat this August to November with tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint. 2023 will be so-so. 2024 he will find his mojo again with more confidence and luck though 2025 with tr Saturn Neptune conjunct his Sun won’t do his prospects much good.

  Not all the influences on these charts will relate to the evil overlord’s prospects but the ripples are bound to be felt.

14 thoughts on “Putin family – tied together by fate and fortune

  1. It’s curious to see that news of a Russian anti-satellite missile test and resulting space debris came days before the lunar eclipse (with Algol) in November 2021.

    Also, last November, Alexei Navalny is alleged to have exposed Putin’s “secret love child” identity, his daughter with very wealthy “housekeeper” Svetlana Krivonogikh (10 March 1975). It comes in his documentary about the vast and mysterious Black Sea villa that doesn’t “belong” to Putin, but is rumoured to be used by him….and on into endless knots! Part of this documentary has a section called “The Women” – featuring Putin’s partners and ex partners. In an article on Forbes.com it says:

    “Despite its splash in Russia, the Project investigation garnered scant attention in the West last November, obsessed as it was with the then-uncertain aftermath of the US elections.”

    So, I think that 27 Taurus November 2021 lunar eclipse marked a significant moment for Russia, and for Putin and his wider family and associates. The forthcoming May 15th lunar eclipse at 25 Scorpio is, I think, a very powerful one – totality lasting for almost an hour and a half, and visible in Europe. The ripples are stretching far and wide.

  2. I think Putin will be arrested and all family will suffer for it. His partner will face the shock of life alone with her children and the world wide disgust at her former partner and the affects that has on her. Already there is a petition with 64000 signatures for her to leave Switzerland (assuming she is actually there). She has been called Eva Braun, so this indicates how those who signed in the world, see her. I myself think she is the partner of the authoritarian leader of her country and may or may not have had much choice at being with Putin who seemed besotted with her when he first meet her.

    • @Dalia, they will definitely be “gone” when Putin is done. Howeber, I feel Putin being arrested isn’t a likely outcome here. He is still far too in Russia, and has created a void of power around him. The rumored “rebellious fractions” inside FSB and/or Military who want to end the war/overthrow Putin don’t have anyone who could guarantee a “stable” regime change if Putin was arrested. There might be even risk of a civil war they must be aware of. Since Putin won’t leave peacefully, like Gorbacev, after the coup attempt he probably needs to be the very least “Yeltsined”, if not eliminated.

      But it is to be noted that Putin’s “ladies” don’t have a similar role in public life Yeltsin’s daughter Tamara had. In fact, they seem to be kept away from his life in all ways possible. What it seems Putin has provided them with either very nominal looking jobs (Maria and Kabaeva) or commercial real estates (Luydmila, and an alleged earlier mistress, Svetlana Krivonogikh). And what can I say, being a Russian public servant or owning majority of shares of a mall might not be very lucrative in the coming years if/when the country goes bust.

  3. So interesting to see this group of charts. Family patterns, and “the ripples are bound to be felt” as you say.

    There’s the possibility of a kind of eclipse “ripple” as soon as April/May I think. Maria Putin’s Saturn 26 Scorpio, Alina’s Mars 26 Taurus connect with the May 15th lunar eclipse at 25 Scorpio. Both eclipsed planets could symbolise Putin himself. And depending on how many degrees you allow, Maria also has Sun at 7 Taurus, three degrees away from the April Taurus Solar eclipse. Tempting to wonder what happened last November, with the 27 Taurus/Algol eclipse then.
    Lyudmilla has that t-square with the Nodes 8 Taurus/Scorpio, square her Uranus in Leo at 10. so that could suggest a shake-up for her aims, cash, or assumptions about how her life is going.
    Kirill Shamalov has natal Jupiter at 9 Scorpio, and his progressed Sun at 10 Taurus – April eclipse again.

    Solaia has reminded me about Roman Abramovich’s role in this (friend or foe?). His chart also catches the May eclipse on his 24 Scorpio Mercury – news and travel? And another lunar eclipse in November is conjunct his NN in Taurus – life direction, security, and money emphasised there?

    Well, we’ll see. I’d imagine things are very tense behind the scenes.

    • @Jane, I’d say Abramovich is “neutral evil”. He is out there for himself. A likely Scorpio Sun/Pisces Moon, like Hillary Clinton – and actually the charts has other similarities -he probably has really good instincts and is seldom wrong about things. Marjorie pointed out he is looking better than most oligarchs on her “Londongrad” post. I think his He is also good 10-15 years younger than Putin’s inner circle of silovikis.

      I saw a post at Twitter today from a “mainstream” US news outlet that he wasn’t sanctioned by the US because Zelinsky asked not to do so, because he thought Abramovich could broker peace. If that’s a true, this seems the ver least a very smart move from Abramovich, buying time.

  4. Family dynamics are always so interesting. What to do when dad (your ex and father of the groom) gets drunk and starts harrassing people at your son’s wedding?
    Latest news is that ‘unfriendly countries’ must pay for their Russian gas and oil in roubles from next week thereby forcing them to buy the currency from Russian banks and providing Putin with the liquidity he needs to keep his war going, as well as neatly sidestepping western sanctions. So the West will be effectively arming both sides of the conflict. Now there’s a conundrum. Economic analysts all over Europe are predicting doom and gloom: bring on the energy transition, I say!
    Sorry if this post seems too flippant, more an expression of frustration about the lack of foresight among those making decisions, really.

  5. Update on Putin’s “ditto heads”: Sergei Shoigu, on whom Marjorie wrote the following “Mid March for a few weeks looks disorientating and devasting; late May to mid June will rattle his stability as tr Uranus opposes his Saturn.” hasn’t been seen in public since March 11th, and he usually appears somewhere at least every couple of days. Talk on Russian Telegram Channel seem to be that he has heart issues – I certainly would, in his situation. But could be he has been sidetracked.

    In any case, there are indications blame game between Military and FSB many observers expected has started.

    • I just saw BBC online that “international envoy” for Putin, Anatoly Chubais (16 June 1955) has resigned, and is apparently now in Turkey.

      • @Jane, Chubais was more than anything a Yeltsin/Gaidar guy, who got somewhat sidelined after they fell, because Communists who still were a force in Duma and in local level in the late 1990’s didn’t like his “ultraliberal” line. But, having just incidently listened to chapters on Yeltsin’s last years of “Putin’s People” by Catherine Belton, where Chubais is a prominent character, it’s likely he knows how Putin’s money is hidden. Not impossible there’s some kind of a “dead man’s switch” related to this.

        Interesting point is that his Gemini chart is much more similar to typical English politician chart than those of Russian charts we’ve been looking at.

    • I saw that news Solaia and remember you saying that judging by his astrology, SS would probably be the first of Putin’s inner circle to ‘see sense’ so to speak. I think it was due to his Virgo iirc.

      • Oh ok, apologies — you were referring to Valery Gerasimov in that post, not SS. I notice SS isn’t doing too well astrologically with transit Saturn/Mars squaring his Taurus/Scorpio.

        • @Virgoflake, yes, Shoigu seems to have been “buddies” with Putin, arranging his fishing trips and riding shirtless shoots, and has a “ride or die” type of chart. I think that if/when Putin comes for him, he will be genuinely shocked, also reflected by his transits

          Interestingly, Gerasimov has been MIA too. I’m not sure if he has deserted in a way or another or is “in care”. His deputy Nikolay Bogdanovsky is January 17th, 1957 Capricorn Sun (Mercury and Venus too, but not conjunct) square Aries Mars. Leo Moon. Interestingly, he is an astro twin to American TV host Steve Harvey. They have very ambitious, driven charts, but it’s questionable whether 65-year-old Bogdanovsky wants to or is let to step up.

  6. Thank you for posting! I looked at these charts a couple of weeks ago, and was particularly intrigued by Kabaeva’s, because obviously, she doesn’t have an official position. But looking at her Taurus stellium, it would make sense she values material security over everything. I notice similarities to Melania Trump and her Taurus stellium, however Melania’s Capricorn Moon is a good indicator on her life that seems separate from that of her husband despite her being financially dependant. I also think Kabaeva’s Saturn 29′ Libra is significant, and will be hit hard early next year by tr. Pluto. This will also be exact almost in conjunction to tr. Saturn square her Mars – this is actually a potentially PHYSICALLY perlious time for her.

    Another chart that is of particular interest is that of Kiril Shalamov. He probably knows where all the money Putin has been stealing since the early 1990’s (and even before) is buried. This is an interesting chart given his role in Putin’s family could have been similar to that of Anatoly Chubais with Yeltsin’s family, and Chubais reportedly just left Russia. There is some talk of “economic liberal” oligarchs including Roman Abramovich being extremely critical of Putin at the moment. They have certainly been making some interesting moves, for instance Abramovich flying to Moscow some time ago seemed a bit counterintuitive.

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