Sweden – all systems change

Sweden signed in a new centre-right coalition government on October 18th which represents a sharp shift to the right ousting the centre-left Social Democrats who had been in power for 8 years. Ulf Kristersson, the new prime minister, promised expanded police powers to fight violent criminal gangs that have grown more powerful in recent years and also indicated a “paradigm shift” on immigration, ending decades of liberal immigration policies. About 20 percent of Sweden’s 10 million residents are foreign-born, many of them refugees from war-torn countries including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.

  Opposition politicians have accused the new coalition of shattering Sweden’s international reputation as a tolerant, welcoming nation. He aims to expand nuclear power and backed the bid by Sweden and neighbouring Finland to join NATO.

  The Government chart, 18 October 2022 12 noon, has a charming Sun Venus in Libra in the 10th in an ideologically-inclined Air Grand Trine to Mars in the financial 8th trine Saturn in Aquarius. Mars is inconjunct Pluto which along with the Sun Pluto square hints at a controlling administration which will take an aggressive and perhaps subversive approach to law and order.  And face financial headaches (along with everyone else).

 Kristersson, 29 December 1963, is a Capricorn Sun with Mars Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus Pluto in Virgo – ambitious, conservative, ruthless and confident. He’ll run into a swamp by 2024/5 with his Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Mars.

 The Sweden 6 June 1523 chart is sagging somewhat through 2023 with tr Neptune square the Gemini Sun and undergoing radical changes with tr Pluto trine the Uranus in 2023/24.

 The Sweden 7 December 1865 chart is also wilting in 2023 from Solar Arc Neptune square the Sun. And like the Bank of Sweden chart will be further undermined when Neptune moves into Aries from 2025 onwards.

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  1. I would like to say that I appreciate some of the political “talk” that occurs in many of the comments to a post by Marjorie. Or sometimes the more personal comments. Yes, this is an astrology site. It is also a community of people living around the world in different places during difficult times. This helps.

    I’ve appreciated Marjorie’s moderating…. letting some of the discussions digress into less astrological but still informative directions. It is a way of actually getting some context to the astrology affecting a country and it’s politics du jour.

    When it’s off the wall, Marjorie steps in and shuts that done swiftly!
    And then we are guided back to the astrology!
    A good ebb and flow, I’d say!

    Solaia, Hugh, Jane, Roderick, Laurien and others…. I very much appreciate your input. I learn so much more from you! It spurs me on to look more deeply at the mundane charts or to check out some historical info. Even a post that has zero astrological input still stimulates my Astrology Brain!


  2. Mars at 24 Gemini inconjunct Pluto at 26 Capricorn again.

    So many governments being formed with this aspect in their term chart:

    Xi Jinping third term: Mars at 25 Gemini in the 3rd inconjunct Pluto at 26 Cap in the 10th.

    Giorgia Meloni PM term chart: Mars at 25 Gemini in the 8th inconjunct Pluto at 26 Capricorn in the 3rd.

    Rishi Sunak PM term chart: Mars at 25 Gemini in the 7th inconjunct Pluto at 26 Cap in the 2nd.

    And of course the USA natal chart of 1776 has Mars at 21 Gemini in the 9th inconjunct Pluto at 27 Capricorn in the 4th.

    They’re all going to affected simultaneously in the next four years as they catch various aspects to Mars & Pluto.

    I don’t think I’ve seen govts syncronised like this before (it’s unusual to have govts form in October within a week of each other)

  3. I was horrified to hear that Sweden has completely abolished its environment department in government. Really not a very intelligent move, no matter what flavour your politics. Really scary stuff.

    Also – Marjorie – am I correct that all government charts seem to be entering terrible times in 2024-25……? or is that just me? It seems that there is a big global challenge escalating ahead. could it be climate change hitting faster than anticipated?

    • Yet the charts show something is happening. One Astrologer stated Brexit would happened soon after the Referendum debate began. Therefore, Astrology can be extremely accurate. The Swedish 1865 has its Sun in Sagittarius in the sixth house, Sweden’s ethos and way of life has been based on high expectations of staying with in the law. That has changed with the violence. A lot of countries are looking at ways of protecting themselves. I used to get horrified about other countries attitudes . Yet I was not prepared to go to that country and tell them what to do. I was also not prepared for someone to come to my home and tell me how to live my life. Their energy is changing. Perhaps we all under- estimate the connection of the indigenous populations with their land.

  4. I believe Solaia, who regularly contributes on this site, may be best placed to comment on this point, but a person on Twitter (a Dutch Arab elections commentator who now lives in Sweden) had commented that about 34% of the population, just over a third of the entire population, have either their parents or their grandparents born abroad (i.e. they are either first or second generation migrants).
    I wonder what it does to a nation’s social and cultural cohesion when there is such a major demographic change in the past quarter/half-century.

    • We we have Swedish friends. They moved back from the UK after Brexit and describe the violence by immigrants as unbearable and out of control. They voted for the new government but usually vote for the socialists.

      • @Simon, as a Finn, I almost don’t know where to start here without sounding extremely rude, but I find it extremely Swedish that Swedes, who have themselves obviously been good, productive immigrants, are scared of immigrants in their country, without seeing how their attitudes and structures they built created issues at the first place.

        Astrological explanation will follow above. It has everything to do with Neptune and Swedish capacity of selfdeception.

      • I have no first hand knowledge of friends in Sweden but if you google ‘Sweden gang violence, bombs, shootings and Guardian’ there are a raft of stories about the problem.

        • @Marjorie, yes, there definitely is an issue there, and one that went unseen too long. The thing is, this is hardly affecting anyone above lowest three income brackets, which is exactly the reason why it was unseen, because these are the people who are in power.

          I have a very good, personal story related to this. My current boss is Swedish. He lives literally half a mile from one of the best known “Miljonprojekt” housing complexes, but himself at a very affluent . And his life isn’t affected in any way for many reasons, one being I think Carl Bildt’s Moderate Government opening school system to private, yet mostly publicly funded schools. He sends his kids to a good, English language school, where only foreign kids they see are kids of expats and diplomats.

          As said, this is just one example on how Sweden is not Olof Palme’s (himself upper class, and descendant from Baltic nobility from mother’s side) “folkshem”, but truly a class society. It’s also deeply racists in ways people might not see. I’ve quoted this before, but they still had an eugenics program running when ABBA won ESC.

          If anything, I’d like an open discussion about these issues in the society, but there really isn’t.

          • As a Finn, how are you qualified to speak about the Swedish. I accept your opinion, yet it is just that your opinion. My Swedish Great Grandparent came to England during the 19th Century. I see myself as European. Yet I do not think I am qualified to call the Swedish Racist for wanting to preserve their culture. Or finding violence alien and intolerable. Surely those who move to another country must show some respect for the host country who welcomed them? Sweden voted for change it was a Democratic Election. If you are a Fin, then why not accept it is their choice? You often post on here, therefore, you will understand the country has its own Astrological heritage and chart. Marjorie has put up charts to discuss the current flow of energy influencing Sweden – I am not sure why it upsets you.

        • There was an interesting article on this in a Dutch quality daily not so long ago. An interview with a Swedish police chief in one of the worst hit areas in Malmo, I think. He stated that the gang violence problem mostly stemmed from second generation migrants brought up on these housing estates. They have been to Swedish schools, speak the language and have grown up with a foot in each culture, so to speak. However they find themselves heavily discriminated against in adult society so they turn to each other, also for ways to earn money, which has led to the violence, turf wars. Essentially they have been assimilated but not allowed to integrate. As Solaia notes, racism is pretty bad in Sweden. They welcomed immigrants but never thought about the impact of their own system of apartheid. I have friends living in Sweden and when we have visited the village where they live in the south it is absolutely clear that there is almost no interaction between the locals and the small immigrant community whose youth hang around downtown and even have their own exclusive pizza parlour where no Swede is ever seen.

    • There is really too much I would have to say about this issue, but I think it’s better to stick to three points, as former Finnish Swedish speaking PM Alexander Stubb did (BTW, if you want to look him up, he is now International Relations professor in Florence and does quite insightful “ten pointers” on World politics and Ukraine in particular).

      1) Coalition Party Government shifts have not been viewed truly “pivotal” in Sweden since Moderates wan in 1991 and Carl Bildt became PM after a long Social Democrat run. In essence, while their politics might slightly differ in some more market related issues, these two parties are not extremely far apart each other in fundamental human right issues in that both are generally speaking socially liberal. They fully support LGBTQ+ and other minority rights and won’t deny climate change. They also believe in democratic process. This is also why Moderates would not take Sweden Democrats to their Government Coalition, but kept them as a “support party”. Sweden Democrats generally speaking have an adversary view on minorities that won’t “adapt” to their definition of Swedish lifestyle, including (lack of) religion, sexual orientation, or language. They are assimilative.

      2) I think it’s really telling of Swedish politics that in a multiple party system it was the leader of party that finished third that got to form a minority Government because of the “bloc” had minor gains and got some kind of confidence deal from a more popular party that they wouldn’t even take to Government. And, even more incredibly, Sweden Democrats duly obliged!

      This is result of Swedish people’s tendency to try and smooth things over and be nice. There haven’t been any major conflicts in the society between the early 1930’s and early 2010’s. Most “Swede-Swedes” -people whose folks have been in the country for centuries – are absolutely terrified of causing any sort of conflict anywhere.

      3) Swedish self-image has been, and will be, obviously tested by people coming from cultures that are, or have, recent memory of conflicts. The Finnish 20th century mass emigration came from a culture that couldn’t have been closer to Swedish one, but happened in the 1950’s and 1960’s, with people who had lived through a war, with quite a few combat veterans, and even had recent memory of a civil war. And these people would be called “Finnish devils”. Even today, you don’t have to look no further than popular thrillers to find “wild Finn” stereotype (side note, many of the most popular writers in genre come from Norrland boardering Finland and often bring forth themes of otherness, because they have the same “direct” streak).

      That this glossing over conflicts would lead to issues when immigrants brought to work in menial jobs, first industry, then much worse paying service, were isolated to neighborhoods that were meant as improvement to working class living conditions but then abandoned by all but the latest newcomers or most desperate people with multiple issues when money markets were liberated and interest rates dropped, and an average Volvo worker could build their own house, might lead to problems, should have been clear.

      3) The worst test for Ulf Kristersson might not, therefore, be gang criminality. Obviously, something has to be done, but I feel this is essentially easily fixed by, yes, not glossing over certain aspects of it.

      The worst test comes from real estate bubble burst that is now on the way in Sweden. Swedish real estate market is peculiar in that banks have been willing to give mortages with very long loan terms. For instance, in Finland, banks are hesitant to extend loan terms to 30 years. But in Sweden, this is almost a minimum, and 50 year loan terms are not out of question
      This, combined to very low interest rates has led to house prices ballooning. Now that interest rates AND energy (although Sweden still has functioning nuclear power ans abundant water power, with great rivers of North) prices are up, inflation in general galloping and Swedish crown is more vulnerable to exchange chances than currencies backed with bigger economies, many Swedes find they can’t or don’t want to afford their houses.

      While Moderate’s traditional base who have accumulated wealth can probably handle this, there might be pressure from younger generation, as well as Sweden Democrats, with many voters coming from lower middle class and even having crossed over from Social Democrats.

      Therefore, not an easy term.

        • Agree. Thank you for a very detailed overview, Solaia.

          I felt very confident that you would have a much better understanding of that part of the globe than others on this site and I was right 🙂

      • Thanks,Solaia.
        It won’t bode well in Sweden at all.
        People who wote for the far right side will surely be aware in the near future.
        Great misstake,id say.
        People were only focusing on immigrants and violence.Now other problems will rise.
        Free spech journalism etc etc.etc.
        Carl Bildt he can take the bus far far away from here,even Rheinfelt…
        Never mind.Done is done.
        Kristersson is a very weak person.A clown.
        A schoolboy .He is already ridiculed,here.
        The person’s in the new government have no experience.Havoc,I’d say.Pretty soon.

        • Also,Sweden has been too generous with
          money to immigrants far too too long back.
          They have taken advantage of the system.Has been easy,don’t want to learn Swedish,don’t want to work.Just taking advantage.
          If course not all,but a great number.
          Demands = easier to earn money on drugs. Those who have started with that would never even try to take a decent work.
          I doubt this government will fix it even though big mouths before the Election.
          Now they are silent…
          The problems won’t be solved tomorrow for sure.

      • One of the reasons I am withdrawing from online discussion sites is because politics takes over. If this was a Newspaper – fair enough – yet it is not. Your politics is not Astrology, it is pure politics. If you looked at the above Charts you will see Sweden is changing. Many countries are changing. The problem is – you do lot like it and are spoiling enjoyment for those who seek Astrological inspiration!

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