Suella Braverman – nil points for nuance and sensitivity

The cartoonists are having a field day with Home Secretary Suella Braverman who has deliberately defied No 10 by attacking the police over the pro-Palestinian rallies and her claims that for the homeless rough sleeping is sometimes a “lifestyle choice”. Getting rid of her is not an easy option for Rishi Sunak since she represents the hard right of the party who would not be pleased. And she might well appreciate being fired and dissociating herself from a government destined to be defeated, allowing her to take over next year as a “clean break” leader.

  Born 3 April 1980 she is an upfront, pro-active Sun Aries (like Priti Patel) in a controlling opposition to Pluto. On top of that she has a prominent Mars in Leo conjunct North Node square Uranus and square Venus.

  Interpretations for Mars Uranus squares run from self-willed, through obstinate, intolerant, argumentative, reckless, risk-taking, erratic and impatient about overthrowing the established order. Great for high-risk, solo adventurers for whom constant adrenaline rushes are vital, less so for a reliable team mate.

  This weekend’s Mars Uranus opposition will have her rattled up though it is not quite exact on her chart. On second thoughts, her Solar Arc Sun may well be exactly square her Mars at the moment if she was an early to mid morning baby and that will detonate her Semtex qualities.

  Her Term chart as Home Secretary is the same as Rishi Sunak’s PMship – 25 October 2022. Both are in the midst of a panicky phase with the smell of failure creating havoc. Tr Neptune square the Mars has been running through October staying in place until Friday 17th next week and returns December 27 to early February. So an administration in trouble. Which does not mean it has to collapse but morale will be at an all-time low.

  Her relationship chart with Rishi Sunak is sagging badly, has been sagging badly for some time and will continue to do so for months ahead whether she is reshuffled or not.

  Braverman’s intemperate language over migrants and the homeless has run slap bang into the middle of the impossibly entangled Israel-Palestine mess which is peculiarly ill-suited to snappy soundbyte rallying cries from politicians or anyone else. Some of the free-Palestine demonstrators appear to have no understanding of who/what Hamas are. And equally the pro-Israel lobby refuse to consider the backstory and context.   All of which land in the midst of the Remembrance Day solemn memorials, important in the country’s history and especially dear to the hearts of the Tory Party, plus a discredited Met police – and it is a recipe for disaster.  

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  1. thankyou for your analysis Marjorie personally find it difficult to understand a woman who is a Buddhist has young children and as an immigrant herself has prospered educationally financially and career wise in our great democracy where her parents chose to settle. hope she finds a way to use her undoubted passion for the good of those less fortunate

  2. Suella spoke the truth and most people do not like that ,they prefer wishy washy Most Aries sign people I have known have been quite blunt and straight to the point Sunak has made a big mistake imo

    • She didn’t hold back in her letter to him post-sacking. Very Aries big gob giving him both barrels.

      Even so, you have to consider she also has a Libra Pluto so there should be some diplomacy there. But it’s hard for people with oppositions to do both ends, so with Sunak being Taurus-ruled and appearing placid/diplomatic/stable, he riles up her Aries Sun. And probably also her Scorpio Uranus as he will pick up the Venus in Taurus. That said, they’re born about six weeks apart and he has Aries Moon – Libra Pluto so he’s doing the opposite to her.

      • Sunak clearly broke his promise and has shown he has no backbone But after he stabbed Boris in the back what else would we expect Unfortunately Suella has the balls to be pro active whilst Sunak does not and the boat people will keep coming Cleverly does not come across as being very clever, inarticulate and he looks uncomfortable in his new role ,a Virgo sun sign. Sunak will not survive with the cabinet he has chosen ,Cameron….sighs

  3. Reading comment from one of Braverman’s longtime friends who says it’s “She’s sometimes opened herself up to criticism by means of the words she’s used – she’s always needed to work on that really – so I can understand, in a way, that’s becoming a distraction.”

    Which in many really describes her mutable t-square. The Mercury in Pisces providing emotive words and phrases but it’s opposition to Saturn in Virgo being harsh and cruel, less room for empathy.

    And, of course, add in the Aries sun opposition Libra Pluto and Scorpio moon and it’s all nastiness spewing out.

    I wonder what she was like in her legal career. I would have thought the combative win-takes-all arena of prosecuting/defending would work well for her.

  4. She’s fired – her Solar Arc Sun square her Mars must have been the trigger – it can produce a shock which feels like a collision. Not that she is likely to retreat gracefully. Will no doubt be in full flood from the back benches.

    • Announced an hour before the Scorpio new moon. Which I think hits across from Rishi Sunak’s Taurus Sun. With all the mars/uranus upheaval over there, this seems like a classic bit of astrology – in that Rishi will probably have been thinking he’d managed to get all his ducks lined up and everything orderly over the past year then Braverman opens her big gob last week and forces him to take action. The one thing Taurus never really wants to do, if they can settle for the status quo.

    • All highlighted in the New Moon Chart for today which is activating Sunak, the Conservative 1912 and UK 1801 charts as pointed out under that topic. The washout will come at the Full Moon on 27 November which also triggers those charts again. David Cameron has his Neptune exactly conjunct todays New Moon so no surprise he is in the news.

      • Yes, many Moon Mars Uranus connections with UK charts – interesting to see them working so clearly.
        Also worth noting, I think, is that Cameron became PM on 11th May, 2010. Sun 20 Taurus square Mars 16 Leo. 12th May 1707 is the earlier UK Union chart, as discussed elsewhere on here. 12th May is Rishi Sunak’s birthday. 11th May is also the ancient Edgar chart for the UK.

    • Just experimenting with Eris, and I note that Suella Braverman’s Sun conjuncts Eris with a tight orb of 0°40`. It just is additional evidence of her inclination towards discord.

  5. I worked with homeless people for three years at night,1000 of them, many of whom were abusers of alcohol and/or drugs . Suella Braverman is correct ,some people do choose to sleep rough as they cannot cope with four walls Unfortunately people do not like the truth being spoken She is right about many of the people coming here illegally across the sea too ,they are not refugees

    • Unfortunately if you are a minority or have a minority opinion in a certain area then marches are your only source to have your grievances heard.

    • The March went peacefully as I hoped it would, having looked at its astrology – with both Venus and the Moon in Libra. With Sun/Mars in Scorpio opposition Uranus across the MC/IC there was intense surveillance by the Met who observed the protesters closely via cctv from their underground suite. 10 have been arrested for pro-Hamas posters/headbands. However there were 82 arrests of far right counter-protesters led by Tommy Robinson, some displaying Nazi emblems who tried to surround the cenotaph as they broke through the barriers. More of them then entered a pub which was surrounded by police in order to keep them away from the main protest. Jupiter in the 3rd helped to make the protest a mostly good natured events with both Muslims and Jewish supporters. Mercury in harmonious asoect to Venus in Libra.

        • You’re welcom, GD. Bit of a relief tbh, but I put a lot of trust in the astrology and the Libran Moon and harmonious aspects to Venus as well as Jupiter in the 3rd gave me hope. I think the Mars/Uranus opposition did reflect the police side of things – the technology and the underground surveillance. I have to say that I think the Met did a good job.

    • Jackie – and blind obeience is so much better? Many early such activist actions here in the US helped to trigger the Revolutionary War. Eventually with England losing her precious Colonies.

    • Interesting then that MTG also has the same Venus/Mars/Uranus T-Square as Braverman, but in Cardinal signs and her Moon at 24 Leo.

  6. As a older person I do know who Hamas is and the story of Israel. I spent the 1st 49 years of my life in South Africa and the similarities are frightening. When South Africa was a Pariah, Israel was its friend, even though the government had anti semitic roots. They supported Israel. Both oppress opposition, refuse to share land and are brutal and disproportionate I their response. No idea of the astrology but those 40 years were awful even though I am white, but unfortunately a liberal in outlook.

  7. The Palestinian supporters are for Palestine, peace and a just settlement going forward. Of course they know who Hamas are. Stop the mindless slaughter of innocents, ignore the incontinent ravings of an owned politician on the make, and try to inject some humanity in to this dire situation. If a few fringe herberts appear on the sidelines the cops will deal with them.

  8. Thank you Marjorie. Suella B seems to be a conduit for some of the ramped up, free-floating rage and confusion that’s around in our world. Her Mars/Nodes have military and argumentative possibilities involving many others, and the potential for big dramas.

    I notice her Mars is the same (one degree) as Donald Trump’s Leo Mars (26), and Sunak’s natal Leo Nodes also 25 Leo – so has had the transiting Pluto/Neptune yod effect we’ve been discussing recently. Braverman and Sunak’s Pluto have had the October Libran eclipse too – along with numerous others, obviously, in a generational hit.

    What’s interesting, too, is the Edgar, 973, chart for the UK. I’d not really realised that it’s date, 11th May (OS), is one day before Rishi Sunak’s birthday, 12th May, 1980. It’s Taurus Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunction at 25-6 degrees squares Pluto in Leo at 27 – Suella’s Mars/Nodes, Rishi’s Nodes – the general population and allies in the picture again. If ‘the people’ are also represented by the Moon, then the ancient Edgar Moon, 18 Leo, square’s Suella’s natal Scorpio Moon. Edgar’s Uranus in Scorpio, 14, is likely to sit somewhere close to her natal Moon too – stirring things up. Monday’s New Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus could feed into this tension as well.

    Also of interest is Suella’s mutable Virgo Saturn square an optimistic water-horse Neptune in Sagittarius, and her Home Secretary 22 Pisces Neptune. The Edgar chart has Saturn, 27 Gemini, square Jupiter, 23 Virgo. Her own Jupiter is also in Virgo, although right at the beginning, and close to the Edgar ascendant using a midday chart. Perhaps worth noting the Nodes for the Battle of Hastings, 1066, were 25 Virgo, Saturn 13 Virgo, Jupiter 2 Virgo.

    • Well, this Diwali celebrations New Moon (Diwali is the day before) is certainly meaningful! So I’m focusing on the message of Diwali, with light in the darkness I hope, and some spiritual inspiration for our Hindu PM…..

      The Moon with that Mars/Uranus opposition connects with so much, and in the UK it seems worth watching, as Marjorie notes. The degree area reaches back through history here in a thought provoking way:

      1066: Neptune 22 Taurus
      House of Commons, 1265: Saturn 21 Taurus, Mars 23 Taurus (explains a lot!)
      UK Republic 1649: Venus 20 Taurus, Mars 28 Leo
      Glorious Revolution, 1689: Uranus 19 Taurus
      UK 1707: Sun 20 Taurus, square Pluto 20 Leo, Jupiter 21 Leo, MC 21 Scorpio. This chart dates from 12th May 1707, so also aligns with Rishi Sunak’s birthday, like the Edgar chart. It, too, has a Taurus Sun square Leo Pluto.
      UK 1801: Neptune 18 Scorpio square Saturn 23 Leo

  9. Thank you Marjorie. It’s quite a storm!

    I note that the Met’s Moon at 21 Libra clashes horribly with Braverman’s Pluto, a rather toxic combination. Her Venus at 29 degrees of Taurus is conjunct that of Farage, both have Sun in the 2nd decan of Aries, a Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio and his Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts her Neptune. There have been rumours that he will be given a (shadow) ministerial position in the event of her becoming leader and being elected as PM.

    In response to Jane in the comments section regarding Mars at 25/6 Leo – I’ve seen it cropping up everywhere including in Netanyahu’s chart who also has Mars at 26 degrees.

    • Late Leo has been hit big time this year with firstly transit Saturn opposite in Feb, the Pluto-Neptune yod plus the Venus retrograde combining with Mars going through.

      If you’ve got that urge to be powerful as all these big names – Netanyahu, Trump, Braverman have – that’s a lot to tolerate if you haven’t been working on the inner life. And I suspect the reason they have the urge is precisely because they don’t work on it.

      I can’t believe how quiet its been personally. I did change a tap in the kitchen, rebuild the backstep and clear the shed out over the summer. I guess that’s the benefit of having it hit you in the 4th house – peaceful perhaps a touch too lonely.

  10. Absolutely most free Palestine supporters have no idea nor even read up on Hamas online…v seem to b in a turning age where anything is used as March …anything anti authority n power seated is called brave …ironically

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