Ahed Hamimi – the high cost of Mars Saturn

  Ahed Tamimi, the young Palestinian activist has been arrested accused of inciting violence and terrorist activities because of a post on Instagram which her parents say was hacked.  She gained worldwide fame in 2017 after a video of her slapping an Israeli soldier went viral on social media. She later said the soldiers had shot her cousin in the head just before the video was taken. After being released from prison, she wrote a book and crisscrossed Europe and the Middle East, campaigning against Israeli occupation. See previous post January 3 2018 below.

 Born 31 January 2001 in the West Bank, she has Uranus in Aquarius on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to  Mars in ultra-determined Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus. Custom built as a trailblazer for change, though also a law unto herself, she was born on Gaza’s Uranus Return.  She also has her idealistic Aquarius Sun conjunct Neptune. Tr Uranus opposed her Mars as this present violence erupted in early October and will square her Uranus through into December and repeating next spring. It’ll be a stormy passage.

  What intrigued me astrologically speaking is her Mars opposition Saturn. Queen Rania (post 7th November below), also a Palestinian, has her Mars in Leo square Saturn opposition Neptune.  Winnie Mandela, who fought valiantly through her husband’s years in prison against oppression and apartheid, also has Mars in Leo opposition Saturn. She was ultimately corrupted by the brutal treatment she received from the South African authorities.

  Hard Mars Saturn aspects tend to go along with a life filled with acute frustrations and setbacks, often cruel treatment in childhood, and in some individuals can result in a resentful temperament, prone to outbursts of aggression. Unfairness is a key trigger.

  Mars, almost as much as the Sun, is the planet bolstering a strong sense of identity. “I want, I do, I am.” Where Mars is blocked either by harsh parenting or cruel circumstances there is an underlying sense of never being able to assert personal needs leading to a loss of personal autonomy.

 Mars Saturn has connections to the military since in a rigid command structure, personal needs have to be supressed to obey the orders of others. In traditional astrology Mars Saturn was the signature for assassinations and it does have a destructive side, not the least of which is a tendency for broken bones.

  It has its uses since it can induce grit, self-discipline and the ability and courage to keep trucking through challenging and even risky experiences.

  Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist for girls’ education who was shot by the Taliban, 12 July 1997, is another with a Saturn opposition Mars in Libra square her Sun.  

  Not all Mars Saturn types end up crusading against tyrannical rulers though they often go along with domestic dictators. Brigitte Bardot, 28 September 1934 1.15 pm Paris, has a Mars in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius, doubly emphasised since her Saturn is the focal point of a yod. Her childhood was prosperous; though she recalled feeling resentful in her early years. Her father demanded that she follow strict behavioural standards and she had few childhood friends. On one occasion when she and her sister accidentally broke a vase,  her father whipped the sisters 20 times and afterwards treated them like “strangers”.  The incident led to Bardot decisively resenting her parents and to her future rebellious lifestyle.

 Robert Downey Jnr, 4 April 1965 1.10pm New York, was introduced to drugs as a six year old by his addict father. He has Saturn opposition Mars (Uranus Pluto) which is a formidably difficult mix. What the boy wanted was a childhood, what he got was a drug habit as the only way to connect to his father.  What he wanted never came into the mix. It took him nearly forty years to get clean.

  Anyone with hard Mars Saturn aspects in their chart or those close do pitch in with thoughts if you feel able.

 Post January 3 2018: 17 year old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi’s trial in Israel will be held in closed court against the objections of her attorney. She is charged with 12 offences over multiple confrontations with soldiers spanning back to April 2016 – incitement to violence, aggravated assault, threatening a soldier, incitement on Facebook and throwing objects at people and property.  After an initial hearing the proceedings will start in March.

On this most recent occasion she was arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier (in full protective battle kit) after he and his colleagues had parked on her family’s land, fired a rubber bullet into her 14 year old cousin’s face and fired tear gas into their house. She is described as ‘a risk’ to Israel, was been held in isolation and denied access to her parents during interrogations.

  She comes from a family who have been engaged in active resistance to Israel’s occupation. From 2013 onwards, they have staged regular demonstrations against the military and the nearby settlers who have taken over their lands and water spring. The protests are met with tear gas, rubber bullets, skunk water and live ammunition. In 2012, Ahed’s father was declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. In 2013, her uncle was killed by a tear gas canister shot to the head. In 2014, her mother was almost permanently disabled when she was shot in the leg. In 2015, a video of Ahed preventing her younger brother from being arrested went viral. Her cousins and her older brother have spent time in Israeli prisons.

  Born 31 January 2001 she’s a Sun Neptune in Aquarius; with an astonishingly formidable and aggrieved Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio square Uranus. She won’t budge easily.   Her Fixed Saturn, Mars, Uranus collide with Israel’s equally Fixed Taurus Sun square Mars in Leo. So it’s an inflammatory and unyielding relationship on both sides. The relationship chart has a bitterly hostile and struggle-to-the-death composite Mars Pluto opposition Sun square Saturn and they don’t get bleaker or more aggravated than that. Chained-together by circumstances and resenting it.

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  1. Marjorie,

    I think my comment may have lead to some confusion. So, I’ll try to clarify any ambiguity. I didn’t list all of these tragic events because I have an obsession with “crisis hunting” nor do I take pleasure in immersing myself in other peoples’ tragedies. I was just explaining to WiAS why I’m not at all surprised by the international community’s (and by the “international community” I’m referring to the various governmental bodies, offices, and organizations….not the private citizens) indifference and lack of concern for the humanitarian crisis taking place in Gaza. As far as global governance is concerned, self interest is often prioritized over humanity.

    Also, when I listed all those events, it wasn’t to convey frustration with you or any other astrologer for not having covered all of them. After all, I think you’ve been more than generous with your time by sharing daily write-ups (which I do enjoy reading) and I also appreciate that you allow us, as patrons of this website, to make requests for topics we might be interested. Again, I was listening these examples to support my point about the international community…as well as many news agencies.

    I have my Moon in Leo in the 9th House and it squares my Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th House. That makes me a true xenophile and I have always had a strong interest and very deep emotional connection to foreign countries, cultures, peoples, and societies. In fact, I often care more about other countries than I do my own. And I’ve been studying Anthropology, Cartography, Geography, History, International Relations, Linguistics, Sociology, and Vexillology since I was 7 years old…and I’m in my early 40s now.

    Also, I’m an Aries with a well aspected Uranus in Sagittarius in the 1st House. So, I do gravitate towards center-left, classically liberal politics, social justice, humanitarianism, and human rights causes – I often take foreign humanitarian crises (like the war in Ukraine, the persecution of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil, the Yazidi Genocide, the occupation of West Papua, etc) personally – which, at times, might seem a bit unusual to others.

    • Intensity addict, crisis hunting – however you care to phrase it there are risks in continually homing in on the darkness – which is a fact of the human condition and has been so at all times. There is always misery, anguish, unfairness, unbearable and unthinkable experiences for certain people. But this I know from having worked in the trauma field, unless you learn to be selective and put up boundaries you will drown in the horror and terror and grind to a halt.

      I’m not suggesting turning into a Pollyanna and glossing over injustices. Apartheid and the suffragette movement before that did win through after activists kept up the pressure. But getting into a frenzy about the US elections and myriad miseries around the world is neither good for your state of mind or anyone else’s since the anxiety is contagious.

      I would suggest you go read Ernest Becker’s The Denial of Death which won the Pulitzer in the 1970s – “The individual has to protect himself against the world, and
      he can do this only as any other animal would; by narrowing down the world, shutting off experience, developing an obliviousness to the terrors of the world and to his own anxieties.”

  2. Macron: The French capital of Paris and its metropolitan area has the largest number (2.5 million in 2019 according to INSEE) of Muslims out of any city in the European Union. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2017 France has Europe’s largest Muslim population, with 6 million Muslims.
    Maybe a factor in his intervention.

  3. Re:Anyone with hard Mars Saturn aspects in their chart or those close…

    Upon reading the above I immediately thought of one of my 3 siblings. The family harda**.

    Sure ‘nuf:
    Mars opp Saturn (10 degrees ) but squaring snugly onto Jupiter.

    He attended West Point, continued for decades w a military career and prospered in real estate.

    There is another big T square in the chart and A Ton of fixed signs ( at least 6, but probably 7 ). So not sure I can pin all that harshness in Mars and Saturn…but boy, how he leapt to mind.

  4. @Chris Romero While I appreciate you bringing other concurrent atrocities around the globe to light, please be aware that simply because I am writing about one doesn’t mean I am not aware of the others taking place.
    Some of the silence has to do with the involvement (direct/indirect) of geopolitical superpowers with outsized veto powers (security council members as Majorie mentioned), which is why I support one nation one vote in the UN, which I realize is unlikely to be adopted.
    For instance, U.S. business interests in Myanmar and China likely keep the press from widely covering the former’s revolution and the latter’s human-rights violations against the Uighur (also pressed into slave labor making affordable consumer goods for U.S. brands and markets).
    What’s frustrating with the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that although the world is forced to pay attention through constant press coverage, and many are protesting, Netanyahu is basically pulling a Trump by simply refusing to play by international geopolitical norms (you know, giving into public pressure), which, as we see now and saw with Trump, the world is terribly equipped to handle. This is why I’m looking into astrological explanations.
    And Marjorie, I don’t buy Netanyahu’s excuses, especially as Hamas’s tunnel network is not news, which Netanyahu could have prepared the IDF to attack without causing as many civilian deaths as he has, the number of which considerably outstrips (~5x) average monthly casually rates for U.S.’s invasion of Afghanistan.
    I believe Netanyahu is deliberately making a show of persisting with this unwinnable land invasion only to avoid the end of his career. While he may appear to be empathetic toward the Israeli public (Uranus, which rules his 3rd house in his 7th-house portion of Cancer), it’s a slight of hand, since he refused large-number (~50) hostage trades in exchange for short short-term ceasefires (a few days) in mid October.

    • *the average casualty rate for U.S.’s invasion of Afghanistan.

      Coincidentally, similar to Netanyahu’s chart, Macron’s also only has Uranus (secondary first-house ruler) in a water sign (Scorpio 9th house), so I do think he means well instead of just blah blahing.

      Also, his 7th- and 10th-house cusps fall into water signs (Cancer and Scorpio, respectively, as opposed to only the 4th-house cusp for Netanyahu, in Pisces–so an idealistic/unrealistic upbringing/roots?)

    • *the average monthly casualty rate for U.S.’s invasion of Afghanistan.

      Coincidentally, similar to Netanyahu’s chart, Macron’s also only has Uranus (secondary first-house ruler) in a water sign (Scorpio 9th house), so I do think he means well instead of just blah blahing.

      Also, his 7th- and 10th-house cusps fall into water signs (Cancer and Scorpio, respectively, as opposed to only the 4th-house cusp for Netanyahu, in Pisces–so an idealistic/unrealistic upbringing/roots?)

    • See how he plays with facts to gain empathy through ally media coverage?

      This is also the person who 1) relentlessly starved and bombed civilians, then pretended to be humane by opening up short 4-hour evacuation pauses, after much international harangue, and 2) continues to bomb southern Gaza though he blames civilian casualty on people’s reasonable insistence to stay in their own homes in the north.

      Like Putin and Trump, with whom he’s friends and share similar approaches, Netanyahu obliterates standards, then wants to be patted on the back for building lowered ones and somehow is able to convince enough people to question and jeer those who have healthy boundaries and standards.

      He’s a blatant gaslighter to whom the media continues to offer its deference, despite seeing the atrocities unfolding with their own eyes, thereby sharing responsibility for the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

      Through the history of dictators, genocides, corruption, child abuse, police brutality, MeToo, we see that society shares this sickness of deferring to the seemingly powerful though their actions ultimately devastate us all. Still, we turn a blind eye when these predators come in stripes that either benefit us directly in the short-term or we can live with.

      What’s broken in us? Will we ever learn?

      “Netanyahu said Sunday that Gazan authorities had refused Israel’s offer Saturday night to provide Shifa with ‘enough fuel to operate the hospital, operate the incubators and so on.'”

      ‘Bursh confirmed that health authorities had turned down the offer, saying it was only a fraction of the 10,000 liters of fuel the hospital needs per day.”


  5. I have Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn which may well be my saving grace.
    The only time I ever broke anything was on my second Saturn return when I broke my ankle ( I am an Aquarian).
    It’s in the third- I am partially deaf which may be as a result of this conjunction.

  6. Hi Marjorie,
    As a child I was acutely aware of the possibility of breaking my bones. I don’t know where I got this awareness from. Where other kids would rush into wild and (to me) potentially dangerous physical exploits, I would hold back. My chart has a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius ( I don’t know if a conjunction is considered a hard aspect). I also have in total 6 planets in Aquarius. Re frustration, resentment, anger and reaction to what I am perceiving as unjust, that certainly is a major theme in how I react and what I struggle with on a personal level.

    • A conjunction is certainly a hard aspect. The one benefit of Saturn is does mellow and get easier the older you get – not total nirvana obviously. Learning to accept your pattern does come hard but gets easier with age. You have strengths that others don’t. You walked through the fire and survived. Seeing what Mars Saturn has designed you for can help.

      • I’ve got a Mars (9th house)- Saturn (3rd house) opposition of within three degrees.

        I had a difficult relationship with my brother when we were younger (Saturn in 3rd House), but we have become much closer in recent years, as we have both mellowed.

        And your advice was exactly what I was told when I was younger; that as I become older, the burden of Saturn will lift.

  7. Marjorie,

    I know you just looked at Netanyahu’s chart last month. But I am hoping you might have time to explore his relationship charts with the ICC, the UN, Macron, France and the U.S.? WhiIe they are of little help to the thousands of murdered Palestinians now, I am hoping that he will at least be held responsible for his war crimes.
    Also, Saudi Arabia just held a 57-nation peace summit, attended by Iran’s president (https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/11/11/saudi-arabia-to-host-arab-islamic-summit-to-unify-efforts-on-gaza), which called for an immediate ceasefire that Netanyahu is ignoring.
    Just what does it take to get him to stop massacring people? I know I’m asking a lot. I just don’t understand how the international community keeps failing to stop genocides from taking place.

    • @ WiAS,

      Palestinians in Gaza aren’t the only victims of the international community’s indifference.

      For example, there is a literal revolution taking place in Myanmar (Burma) right now and according to Al Jazeera, BBC, Reuters, The New York Times, and Voice of America, the opposition forces (which is mostly made up of marginalized and heavily oppressed ethnic and tribal minorities) is making significant gains in the northern states and even China and the Russian Federation (both of whom support the corrupt military govt. in Myanmar) are getting nervous.

      The international news media, until now, has been completely ignoring Myanmar’s revolution. Nobody seemed to care that the military government has murdered thousands of civilians since 2021.

      And then there’s Kurdistan. While Turkish dictator Erdoğan pretends to care about the Palestinian civilians who are suffering in Gaza, he continues to carpet bomb and terrorize Kurdish and Yazidi civilians in Northern Syria and the Kurdistan Region. The international community doesn’t seem to mind a Kurdish / Yazidi genocide taking place….I guess the Kurdish and Yazidi people have nothing to offer them.

      Ethnic Kazakhs and Uyghurs in Western China are still being forced into re-education camps and Kazakh and Uyghur women are still being subjugated to forced sterilizations (to lower their birth rates). Again, the international community doesn’t seem to mind that genocide either.

      The ethnic Hazara (who are an ethnic group of partial Mongoloid heritage and predominately Shia Muslim) are still being subjugated to random attacks from the predominately Sunni Caucasoid ethnic groups (like the Pashtun) in Afghanistan. Many have been murdered and their mosques destroyed since the recent re-takeover of the Taliban. I never hear the international community condemning this genocide.

      West Papua is still in dire straits as the Indonesian military continues rape, torture, imprison, and murder Indigenous Papuan ethnic and tribal groups on the island. The international community doesn’t dare say anything about this genocide either because Indonesia is seen as a strategic business partner in Southeast Asia.

      With the exception of Canada, the international community totally ignored the Sri Lankan Tamil genocide that took place during the Tamil Eelam self-determination struggle.

      Last but not least, there’s still a horrific and unjust war, occupation, and genocide taking place in Ukraine as Russian invaders have already abducted over 700,000 or more ethnic Ukrainian children and placed them in re-education camps and adoption agencies in the Russian Federation, carpet bombings on a daily basis, looting of art galleries and museums, torture, imprisonment, rape, and murder of Ukrainian civilians and Ukrainian soldiers…and well, you get the picture. With the exception of the Global North / West (which has only been providing help in increments), most of the Global South remains indifferent or in denial about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

      In other words, I’m not at all surprised that the international community isn’t doing more to deescalate the situation in Gaza. The United Nations, in particular, has been all talk for many years.

      • Chris, Give it a break. Really!
        One thing I learnt from writing an astro book about the past 2000 years was that there is ALWAYS mayhem and carnage going on somewhere. And guess what? None of us are gods and none of us can do much about changing that.
        You have an obsession about horror situations and your harping on about them is exceptionally wearing. The Myanamar situation has been written up by the BBC/Telegraph and I think the Washington Post that I know of.
        I will cover situations where the astrology is pointed up but I will not be dragged into your constant frenzied anxiety about toxic hotspots there is little productive to say about.
        Wind it down or take a sabbatical.

    • Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Ceasefire will allow Hamas to regroup and mount more attacks in future. They need to go, full stop. But how to accomplish that without killing tens of thousands of Gazans is the problem. Way back at the beginning last month a commentator I quoted said Hamas would use civilians as human sandbags and stoke up worldwide criticism of Israel – and they seem to be succeeding. The Arab leaders know Hamas has to go as well as everyone else. The Israelis are like the Americans after 9/11, unified in a wish for retaliation and if there is collateral damage everyone shrugs and looks the other way.

      • So the reasoning is that over 11000 Palestinian civilians, and more, must be sacrificed? Whatever and however many it takes? And the West says nothing except for one man with some guts, Macron. Okaay then!!!

        • Blinken has also been piling on the pressure. And this latest hospital siege may also up the ante.
          If I were god which I am not I would send in an invading army and take over the whole thing and sort it out.
          But after Iraq, allegedly humanitarian invasions are not a viable option even if there was international will which there is not – and anyway it would spark off a wider conflict.
          It truly is an impossible situation which should never have been allowed to get this far – but you can’t turn the clock back.
          The only faintly hopeful sign is that Hezbollah seems not inclined to leap into the fray and if Hamas can be corrraled/contained/destroyed then at least the bombing will stop – though what comes next with Netanyahu and his rabble in charge is only likely to exacerbate any hope of peaceful coexistence in the longer term.

  8. “.. resentful temperament, prone to outbursts of aggression. Unfairness is a key trigger.”
    That’s mars/saturn right there.
    Is a 7 degree orb too wide?

  9. Am an Aries, have Saturn in Leo at 24 deg and Mars in cancer at 24 degrees. Is this a hard aspect Marjorie? Family and house life is always very difficult and 2022 was tumultuous very with upheavals in family. But house n family is something that always is very challenging primarily bcz of very abusive father who is now gone. Just want to forget the memories permanently, working on this.

    • Dear A: Sometimes the memories cannot be erased or even suppressed. I deal with this often as the images from being suffocated with a pillow, as a 1 yr old, continue to recur.

      Accepting what comes is terribly difficult.

      Recently, I started making fun of those horrible events in effort to turn pain into relief. That exercise has brought humor to the darkness.

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