Hannah Waddingham – a Leo in her prime

The multi-talented Hannah Waddingham is on a roll, co-hosting this year’s Eurovision and recently Prince William’s Earthshot in Singapore and will be a constant presence in M&S and Baileys’ Christmas ad campaigns on TV. She is already laden with awards for Ted Lasso and has a substantial career as a stage actress and musical star on London’s West End and New York’s Broadway. She was described by one critic as the “Joanna Lumley of musical theatre”.

  She was born 28 July 1974 6am London with an opera singer mother and musical grandparents and grew up around the theatre.

  Her 12th house Leo Sun is conjunct her Leo Ascendant trine Neptune and sextile Pluto making her an entertainer with an ambitious streak. She is lucky with Jupiter in Pisces in her 8th, her gift from her ancestors. A 4th house Uranus will keep her on the move domestically, despite her settled 4th house Scorpio Moon. She’ll always have an ambivalence about staying in one place for long. Her Venus in Cancer conjunct Saturn gives her a sophisticated air though it won’t make finding romantic support easy, especially since both square Pluto. She’s used to emotional hardship.

 This year her Solar Arc Jupiter is square her Sun for a confidence boost. The recent Solar Eclipse was exactly opposition her Midheaven and conjunct her Uranus, which to all outward appearances seems to have brought all good news.

 Next year she will star in Tom Cruise’s next Mission Impossible – which may come with a caution warning given her Solar Arc Saturn square her Mars in 2024 which is accident prone.  His movies tend to be high on adrenaline rush and cliff edge stunts.

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  1. This photograph is a joy – a Betty Draper surviving a Don.

    Would love to see her onstage in New York…thanks is for putting this bright spot on my radar.

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