Stephanie Wolkoff – giving karma a helping hand

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, once Melania Trump’s senior adviser and best buddy until she was summarily fired, gets payback in her book ‘Melania and Me’, described by one reviewer as ‘a spectacular exercise in icy revenge.’

 Wolkoff was a fashion and entertainment executive prior to the White House job, producing the Met Gala and being founding fashion director for Lincoln Center; and had known Melania for 14 years. The ill-fated and under-attended 2017 Inauguration which she arranged, the most expensive in history, was the bone of contention for which she was blamed, though she says she was stitched up and didn’t see a good deal of the money that she was supposed to have spent or pocketed. 

  Melania comes across as cold, in control, fully aware of the marriage which gave her a gilded lifestyle, and uncaring about what anyone thought of her actions. Though she did appear to get heated about Ivanka’s efforts to upstage her and went out of her way to sideline her from photo ops.

 Wolkoff portrays all the Trump family in particular Ivanka as ‘scheming, manipulative and deeply unpleasant people’; though Wolkoff herself also comes across as thoroughly unlikable as well.

  Born 21 January 1971, Wolkoff is a Sun Aquarius in a controlling and influential trine to Pluto, sextile a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius. She shares Saturn in Taurus with Melania, so both are money-minded; and Wolkoff also has a Mars in unforgiving Scorpio probably conjunct a Scorpio Moon so forgiving and forgetting won’t be in her nature.

  Her relationship chart with Melania has a composite Sun trine Jupiter, which would make them enthusiastic about joint ventures; with a passionately enthusiastic though not always sensitive composite Venus opposition Mars in a publicity-attracting though not mutually supportive square to Neptune. Plus an up and down Saturn opposition Jupiter.

   Wolkoff’s relationship chart with Donald Trump is more obviously competitive and argumentative with a composite Sun opposition Mars. And her interface with Ivanka is worst of all with a composite Mars Pluto hinting at extreme dislike and a power struggle.

  It may well be that her exit in February 2018 was not just orchestrated by Melania who as I recollect was barely there in the early stages so it seems more likely that it was another of the vipers in the White House den that decided to kill two birds with one stone – shuffling awkward financial questions her way and leaving Melania without a senior adviser.    And now that I look at it Melania’s relationship chart with Ivanka was the one most stressed and aggravated at the point of Wolkoff’s departure – so the First Lady attempting to sideline ‘the princess’ may well have earned a kickback.  

2 thoughts on “Stephanie Wolkoff – giving karma a helping hand

  1. What a great book!! My major thing I learned from reading this book is how much more real and kind is the author when comparing her with Melania–just like her grandfather, Cynthia is so much more of a jewel is the author, rather than the president’s wife.

  2. As Oscar Wilde once said:- “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”
    The shadows are gathering very quickly around Donald Trump.

    His ego will eventually buckle under the fearsome psychic onslaught, and to think
    there is much worse to come.

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