Harry & Meghan – on a hopeful but perilous journey ++

A mega-million dollar deal with Netflix should set Meghan and Prince Harry on the road to solvency as well as giving them a purpose in life. But no sooner had the hyped-up news been announced than cynical insiders started raising questions about the pair’s lack of experience and the uncertainties of a ruthless business. What hasn’t helped is the Obama’s foray into this market which kicked off with an Oscar winning documentary, which may have given them an inflated notion of what’s possible.

 On both their charts they have the conflicted Progressed Moon moving through their respective 8th house of joint finances for another year. That does bring anguished questioning about values and life ambitions, but often also throws up financial headaches in particular to do with loans and credit or joint ventures.

  They were both always due an uptick financially before restrictions kick in. In Harry’s case Jupiter goes into his 2nd from February 2021 for fifteen months which is generally good for attracting money though it tends also to be spendthrift. Tr Saturn moves into his 2nd briefly from March to July 2021 and then digs in for a three year haul from January 2022 to 2025 which is usually shorter of money than before, necessitating a reorganisation and a time of belt-tightening.  

  Meghan has relatively similar on the opposite side of her chart. Tr Jupiter through her 8th March 2021 to March 2022 is usually favourable for joint and business finances. But tr Saturn from March 2022 till early 2025 through her 8th suggests that credit and loans or generosity won’t be forthcoming and she’ll be thrown back on her own resources.

  It’ll be a bumpy ride for both next year with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting off Harry’s Pluto in Scorpio and then his Midheaven; and Meghan’s Leo Sun. Both their charts look frustrated and bad tempered and Harry’s Virgo Sun will be catching the undermining tr Neptune opposition from April 2021, on and off till late 2022.

  The financial consequences of their bolt from Britain haven’t impinged greatly since Prince Charles has evidently been footing some of the bill. But between them they have little sense of the realities of life. Meghan has no Earth planets and Harry has no experience of life outside a protected Royal enclave. Their relationship chart has Neptune in the financial 8th conjunct the South Node which does not bode well for a hard-headed approach.

  Their relationship chart will be under severe challenges and stress emotionally through the near future until tr Pluto clears the composite Moon opposition by early 2024.

  While the figure being bandied around sounds enormous – $150 million – there’s no saying how many years this will cover. It will have to fund staffing, development and film production costs which don’t come cheap; plus their domestic running costs with security for a millionaire-row house, plus mortgage payments plus repayments for Frogmore in the UK – all of which will add up to an eye-watering sum.

  The Obamas are not a good comparison for them since Michelle evidently made $36 million from her book; and they, in any event, have a good deal behind them in terms of career achievements, previous books and other strings to their bow.

Add On: Latest media slant is that the big boss of Netflix, Reed Hastings, known for his aggressive management style, described by some as North Korean, will be an unforgiving overseer – so the Royal couple will not be handed unfettered creative control and likely only paid when they deliver on acceptable ideas.

  Born 8 October 1960, Hastings has a Libra Sun on the focal point of a Cardinal T Square to a hard-edged Saturn in Capricorn opposition Mars in Cancer; with his Saturn in an unyielding trine to Pluto sextile Neptune Mercury Venus in Scorpio. Meghan in particular will find his strictures aggravating since her 12th house Mars in Cancer square Saturn Jupiter Moon in Libra collides with his Mars Saturn Sun. Their relationship chart has a combustible composite Mars square Uranus.

  Harry also will find the relationship with Hastings disruptive, since RH’s Uranus Pluto fall in Harry’s financial 8th; ReedH’s Saturn is conjunct Harry’s Ascendant, having a dampening effect on his image; and ReedH’s Neptune, Mercury, Venus are conjunct Harry’s Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio. That relationship chart has a controlling composite Sun Pluto in a power-struggling square to Jupiter.

  It’s not that is couldn’t work but it’ll be exceptionally fraught and require cooler heads, thicker skin as well as more humility and hard pragmatism than either of them appear to possess.  They really do seem like babes in the wood who’ve fallen gleefully into a shark pond.     

7 thoughts on “Harry & Meghan – on a hopeful but perilous journey ++

  1. News !

    “The Duke of Sussex has paid back £2.4m of taxpayers’ money used to renovate Frogmore Cottage, his spokesperson has said”

    It was paid from their NETFLIX deal – not Prince Charles – Can people just be more kind to them now – I was watching the CNN series on the Royals last night ( the one based on the recent past – Diana and all) And it is a miracle that both William and Harry have turned out so well –

    good luck to all

  2. Why is everyone so hateful of these two?
    They divorced the Royal family and now that they are earning their own money yet people still hate them and think their have over-inflated egos.
    I guess they just can’t win.
    Let people live.

    • I assume they won’t agree with you 😉 . They need people to talk about them – love or hate is secondary. Do either of them have experience to warrant 150m dollars? I guess not .. the public attention is what gets them the money ..

    • Probably because they said they wanted privacy, yet have signed up to Netflix for a program about them?! Even when they said all they want is privacy? Do you not see the flaw in their argument?

      And I don’t hate them, BTW. But Prince Charles’ money is from the Duchy of Cornwall which in itself came from the taxpayer. Us! And how exactly, is Harry earning his money? If he wasn’t royal, he’d have few skills and might eventually have a job in the skilled labour market and she wouldn’t have looked twice at him.

      • It is called controlling your image. Allowing people to know you on your terms.
        None of the royals have ‘skills’ because none of them were allowed to have a formal education, but maybe Harry is taking courses that you don’t know about.
        So now you can read Meghan’s mind and know her intentions.
        There’s a lottery in the U.S. tonight called the Powerball. Since you know the future could you give me the winning numbers.
        Now that they are earning their own money they won’t need any from the British taxpayers–win/win.

    • The problem is that they have taken the royal status, property, wealth, public money, and titles, and in return for these gifts they are required to dedicate their work in charity to the furtherance of the good of the british people, they become our top public servants. This was optional, they did not have to take any of these public gifts. They were given the option at the time of their wedding & chose to take it all from the people. You cannot take and not give back.

      But they have taken all the gifts, money & status, and instead of giving back to the people, they are monetizing those gifts for their own personal profit. If they want to private citizens and make their own money, they cannot take public money & titles etc.. Its like Donald Trump, as president, promoting his own business interested and having global heads of state staying at his Washington hotel for his own personal profit, instead of dedicating his presidency to the furtherance of good for the american people.

      Its egregious to exploit their status as part of the UK governance to make money for their own personal benefit.

      • Yes I äm inclined to agree. Its obviously a lonely life being a royal. One of the most interesting things in that dreadful Prince Andrew intervirew was when he said he had no regrets because Epstein and Maxwell “opened doors for him” Like he was so tired of going around in a litle goldfish bowl. One can break out of this goldfish bowl but then there are all sorts of other people waiting to use you. And unless you keep a very low profile (which neither of the second sons seem to manage) it is going to backfire.
        I agree also with the comparison to Trump, esp with their marketing of what they are calling “progressive”, these are all thing whiich so many people have worked so hard for, and they are just bundling them up, and patenting them for their own interests. The buying a house from a Russian oligarch with a dodgy past for a cut price deal is no different to Trump / and Prince Andrew also,
        On the other hand the royal family should have learnt that there is a prob when second sons leave their military careers.. and helped him find another role. I get the feeling he hasnt had much guidence from his Dad,

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