Brad Pitt – a love life with maximum drama

Brad Pitt has been romancing his latest amour in the south of France recently. German model Nicole Poturalski, from reports, appears to be in an open marriage to a 68 year old restaurateur husband, whom she’s been with for eight years with a seven year old son. Born 2 January 1993 (net sources) she’s a highly strung, uncompromising Sun, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn in a volatile opposition to Mars in Cancer square a confident Jupiter; with Saturn and Venus in Aquarius both square Pluto.

  I might have been inclined to assume her birth date was wrong or the affair was a publicity stunt since the astro-crossovers are hardly enticing. But considering his past choices – Jennifer Aniston with Mars Neptune in Scorpio square an Aquarius Sun and Sun inconjunct Saturn and Pluto – and Angelina Jolie with her Moon Mars opposition Pluto square Saturn – he clearly likes complicated women.

  Nicole’s three Capricorn planets clash and mix with his Mars, Mercury, Moon, Venus in Capricorn with her Mars in opposition. Mars contacts can initially give a spark of passion and hot blood but long term tend to be competitive and argumentative. And her independent-minded and elusive Uranus Neptune may perplex his Moon Venus.

  Their relationship chart is tricky to put it mildly. There is on the plus side an enthusiastic, supportive Sun, Mercury, Jupiter conjunction. But that trines a dominating composite Mars Pluto which won’t be easy to handle after a while; and more so since it trines Saturn Venus. So hot it could turn toxic all too easily. And the composite Venus Saturn is in an unstable square to Uranus. Interesting to see how it rolls. But unlikely.

6 thoughts on “Brad Pitt – a love life with maximum drama

  1. I was kind of hoping Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would patch things up; they made such a good couple. They also did a lot of humanitarian work together.

    The age difference between Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski is too vast – Pitt is 30 years older than Poturalski and he’s literally old enough to be her father. I can’t imagine what these two could possibly think they’d have in common with one another.

    Of course, until reading this post, I was unaware Nicole Poturalski was involved in a relationship with a 68 year old businessman. So, apparently Poturalski has a specific preference for much older men.

    • In some places he’s actually old enough to be her grandfather! It’s so creepy and yet so ‘expected’ in our culture. It wreaks of emotional immutarity, I think. And she just sounds batcrap crazy with daddy issues.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I hope it’s just a fling but apparently she’s been referring to him as “my love” and “my better half” on her Instagram. The age gap is ridiculous even by Hollywood standards. Pitt lives in LA and she’s based in Berlin for the time being so hopefully with continued COVID restrictions and the distance the heat will cool and maybe friends and family could talk some sense into him and maybe she should sort out things with her husband and father of her child. He’s still scrapping with Jolie over custody and money with their divorce which has now been dragging on for almost four years! That’s enough drama for anyone!

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