South Korea – Halloween horror and Kim Jong Un

153 people have died in a crush in South Korea’s capital, Seoul, with another 82 injured as huge crowds gathered in a popular nightlife area for Halloween. Most victims were teenagers and adults in their 20s and the crush began in a narrow alley when people in a crowd fell over.

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse located to Seoul has Mars in Gemini on the Ascendant suggesting an accident. The Mars is emphasised/afflicted being inconjunct Pluto sextile Venus in Scorpio.

 These kinds of disasters occur all over but often they are advance (synchronous) warnings of more major events and upheavals to follow. The South Korea chart, 15 August 1948 12am, is being seriously rattled by tr Uranus square the 4th house Pluto just after this New Year with tr Saturn opposition the Sun before New Year and then the Mercury, Saturn, which tr Uranus moves to upend from June 2023 onwards into 2024 – so a bumpy eighteen months ahead. At the moment the Solar Arc Mars is opposition the Uranus for high tension and possible accidents plus Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct the SK South Node.

  What is causing great alarm in the region are indications that North Korea may be about to launch a nuclear test, the first in five years. Recent US, South Korea and Japanese large-scale military exercises have antagonised Kim Jong Un.  Over the past month the North has fired a missile over Japan, launched several other ballistic missiles, flown warplanes close to its border and fired hundreds of shells of artillery into the sea, which have landed in a military buffer zone.

An analyst said: “We have never seen this audacity and aggression before, it is different. It is the North acting like a nuclear state.”  On Thursday, the US Department of Defense warned that a nuclear attack by North Korea would result in the destruction of its regime. “There is no scenario in which the Kim regime could employ nuclear weapons and survive,” it said.

 Kim Jong Un’s motivations are, as usual, opaque but it could be a gesture to prove NK’s readiness to stave off invasion; or a ploy to get the US to negotiate on sanctions.

  Kim Jong Un’s Leadership chart, 29 December 2011 11.57am P’yonggang is on red alert over coming months with the explosive Solar Arc Mars opposition the Uranus, exact in 3 months but in effect for several more. It also, worryingly, has an over-confident, power-hungry tr Pluto square the Jupiter from late March 2023 on and off till late 2024 so he could go rampaging across the line of common sense and caution, believing he can’t lose.

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  1. My S. Korean contact tells me:
    “seems it’s in part due to the current president moving his office from the blue house (parliament) to the same district as itaewon.
    the police precinct has been complaining of staff shortage for months because about 700 officers are needed for the presidents protection.
    it just gets very busy with halloween because it’s the foreign district (near the us army base).
    there’s a lot of theories going round but as far as i know there has been no official conclusion.” [Punctuation added by me].

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