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  1. Kathy Griffin, saw your last update was 2017 but wondering how she’s doing now. A while back she was diagnosed with lung cancer and now has a ban on Twitter. Thanks.

  2. Eminem:

    Hi Marjorie!

    I’m a fan of Eminem and he’s inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame this last Saturday he was there with his daughter Hailie which it’s rare as he has been very private and protective of her

    I wanted to know if you could tell me about his near future,love life ,if he plans on retiring and if he attending with his daughter means he is more relaxed and happy about his famous status

    Thank you very much

  3. Could you update us on Meta and Zuckerberg? Latest reports are depicting major layoffs for the company as the stock plummeted 70% this year. We’re heading into Pluto in Aquarius which will shake up the Capricornian chart. Does this suggest a break down of FB in the next few years?

  4. While we complain about our inflation rate running at about 10%, Turkey’s official inflation rate is running at 85% and is unofficially estimated to be as high as 185%.

    Part of the reason for this is that President Erdogan is holding interest rates down and fired four central bank governors in turn when they tried to increase interest rates. He then appointed his son-in-law to that role.

    Marjorie, can you have a look at Turkey and Erdogan, especially in June 2023, when elections are next due?

  5. Jordan Bardella: French National Rally has new leader to replace Le Pen


    France’s far-right National Rally (RN) has confirmed 27-year-old Jordan Bardella as the replacement as party leader for Marine Le Pen.

    Ms Le Pen will focus instead on leading the party’s group in parliament, after it took 89 seats in the National Assembly earlier this year.

    It marks the first time in its 50-year history that the main far-right party has not been led by a Le Pen.

    But the move does not mark a major change in direction for the party.

    • Yes, Larryc, I was intrigued by that news too. Jordan Bardella’s chart is already on Astro Database. 13th September 1995. A Virgo, Taurus Moon, with Sagittarius rising, and some interesting connections with the Front National planets, and those for France itself. You might be interested in what Marjorie wrote about Marine Le Pen in 2021:

      “And thereafter she’s heading for a totally trapped and scary tr Pluto opposition her 10th house Mars from early 2023 for two years.”

    • Larryc … I’m assuming you heard all about the goings on with NFL quarterback DeShaun Watson, refusing to play for the Texans then the masseurs’ lawsuits. Born the day after – 14 Sep 1995. There is something not right with these guys.

        • Was Houston Texans QB … absolutely stellar talent.

          Basically he refused to play for them after they hired coach/GM he didn’t liked. So he sat out the 2021 season rather than play. Lost a year’s salary and they couldn’t trade him because of what came next.

          He was hit with 24 separate lawsuits from masseurs alleging inappropriate sexual conduct during session. In fact, he apparently had used 66 different masseurs. That’s abnormal for a professional athlete who would usually only let one trusted person do their massage. Some of the details in the lawsuits have been described as vile. It’s clear something sexual happened because his lawyer made a statement about there’s no law against “happy endings” when it’s consensual.

          He refuted the claims and refused to settle. This was basically dumb because the odds of winning 24 individual lawsuits is low even if he were innocent. And the time he would spend doing deportations for them all and going to trial would distract massively from his football career. One week trial would be six months for example. So the only realistic option was to settle but he kept refusing to do so. And the situation just got worse over the winter and this spring.

          Finally he was traded to Cleveland where he received an unprecedented fully guaranteed contract of $230million.

          Then 21 of 24 lawsuits got settled and he issued an apology. Then later the same day seemed to contradict that apology by stating he was innocent.

          Currently serving a 10-game suspension imposed by NFL related to the lawsuits. Another two have been filed since.

          Why a NFL QB needs to be using masseurs to get sex when he could meet any woman at a club or on Tinder is one small mystery of the whole thing.

  6. Very intrigued what is going on at Twitter with introduction of monthly fee for blue tick, firing the board, mass layoffs including the team that dealt with fact-checking and misinformation. And all happening just before the US elections which means lack of fact-checking will be hugely problematic. Advertisers pulling out. Potential lawsuits for not applying labour laws correctly in dismissals.

    Can’t see how this works for Musk protecting his $44billion investment. It feels a little bit like Liz Truss taking over – wedded to ideas not reality! But also like he’s taken a self-destructive route against the company for being forced to complete his deal.

    I’m trying to figure out whether Twitter is too big to fail. Social media is totally dependent on its users. And if people start leaving and communication/posts dwindle it dies. Can that happen with Twitter? Or are there too many journalists, celebs, business people using it?

    All this with a crazy full moon coming up.

    • Funny that. I was thinking of almost exactly the same lines, of comparing Elon Musk to Lis Truss.

      Marjorie, are there any astrological similarities between the two?

    • Too big to fail? Boeing was considered in that light; after the 787 fiasco and the 737 MAX crashes, the stock price continues to be artificially inflated. I just started working contract there again; offices are empty, same as the parking lots.

      • Of course, any company can fail. But a company like Boeing has been sliding for a long time because their products are poor.

        I see Twitter as more like a bank or investment fund. It’s dependent on confidence from everybody to keep it afloat. If investors start withdrawing their money, everybody else gets worried and does the same. Enough people withdraw money and the fund can’t survive. Without tweets, Twitter could become a ghost town in weeks, maybe days. Its product is created by the people who use it whereas Boeing tries to sell a product.

        My pondering is whether it has embedded itself as important enough as an instant source of online news that it will remain “valuable” to business, celebs and journalists for promotion. I remember Solaia saying it’s been useful for accurate reporting during the Ukraine war.

        So even if I personally think it’s a waste of time, it may have some use. That’s really what I’m pondering.

          • I was reading about Mastodon the other day on BBC. They were talking about a “lot” of people migrating but then later in the article, it said they’d had 6,000 signups on Friday. That’s not a lot compared to hundreds of millions of Twitter users. Just rechecking now and another article says 70,000 new signups on Oct 28th and that they had 1,028,362 active users in October. I’m not knocking the notion that people may transfer just highlighting the inaccuracy of speech.

            The question is can you create a system now that will hoover up enough people to make it interesting and worthwhile? Facebook/Twitter got in there early and used people’s address books to spread the word and people signed up out of interest before they saw social media could be toxic.

            I don’t know or have answers, I’m just riffing.

          • Gahhh… in danger of spreading misinformation myself!

            Here’s what it actually said “Today, Rochko said “We’ve hit 1,028,362 monthly active users across the network today. 1,124 new Mastodon servers since Oct 27, and 489,003 new users.””

  7. Not a specific query but I was wondering has anyone looked at this site?


    Very detailed astro analysis of the big picture and how the cycles play out over the centuries. Not sure of how he works out his calculations but he seems to know what he’s talking about.

    The idea of treating the astrological ages like waves breaking on a beach makes sense to me – energy builds up, then crests, breaks on the shore and floods over, but the momentum diminishes and eventually peters out, just as the next wave is cresting.

    Also this website explains why I feel that certain macro events in the last decade seem to have been an inevitability. The astrological periods simply dictated the general themes of the time.

  8. Hi Marjorie, can you do an update on Jim Jordan looking forward? He is already salivating at heading the judiciary committee next year and kneecapping current Dept of Justice and FBI Jan 6th right wing investigations. Downright scary.

  9. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights you could share regarding Iran’s increased involved with the war in Ukraine. It’s being reported that Iran is now expected to supply over 1,000 surface-to-surface short range ballistic missiles to Russian forces before the end of the year.

    These surface-to-surface short range ballistic missiles are more advanced and much more difficult to shoot down. Ukraine doesn’t have the technology available to them to counteract these missiles.

  10. Marjorie, Can you do an updated analysis on Russell Brand? He signed an exclusivity deal with Rumble after being censored on YouTube and he’s picking up followers and interviewing well-known guests on his show. Your last analysis in 2021 suggested he may disappear into a lower profile phase but it doesn’t seem to be the case. I am curious as to your thoughts now and what his energies are showing in the future. Many thanks

  11. @Xhane, yes, I have an eye on Prigozhin too! I feel he isn’t going to topple Putin, but will play a role after Putin is gone, with Wagner being much better equipped than regular Russian military. Interesting tidbit I came across – he seems to be astro twin to Paul Coffey, one of the all time best NHL defenders. I remember Coffey from legendary Edmonton Oilers lineup with all time best Wayne Gretzky, who is of Ukrainian heritage, and Jari Kurri, who tainted his name by GMing a KHL team with tight connections to Putin’s judo friends.

    • @solaia, thanks. He doesn’t seem at all afraid of Putin, possibly expecting him to be gone soon. I noted your posting on the chart Marjorie has put up. Always interested to see your views.

  12. Could you take another look at Matt Hancock’s chart now that he has joined I’m a Celebrity? The media are saying he decided to do it after being publicly snubbed by Rishi Sunak as he entered Downing St. What do their charts say about their relationship?

    • It’s unbelievable! Anyway, JD, you might be interested in what Marjorie said about Matt H (2 October 1978) in June 2021:

      “He’s not quite the bland nonentity he looks. Whatever happens he’s in for a shockingly bad 2022/23 with tr Pluto square his Mars/Pluto and Saturn/Neptune midpoints.”

      Plus, I’d say that with Uranus 14 Scorpio and Venus 18 Scorpio, he is probably feeling the effects of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in a few days’ time. Symbolically, he really has ‘gone down the garden to eat worms’…..if you recall that childhood chant!

  13. Hi Marjorie,

    Could you shed some light on the Tropical vs Sidereal zodiac debate if possible?

    My query is this:

    In 1517 under the Saturn/Pluto conjunction Luther nailed his theses to the door of the church and started the Protestant Reformation.

    Using the accepted conventional Tropical zodiac this conjunction takes place in Capricorn. Using the Sidereal zodiac, however, puts it in Sagittarius.

    This is interesting as theoretically you can argue for both interpretations. Capricorn because Luther was going against the established church, or Sagittarius because it was a religion-based upheaval.

    So does this validate the Sidereal zodiac to be considered as of equal weight to the Tropical one?

  14. Hi Marjorie just wondered if you have time you could look at Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin 1/6/61, head of the Wagner group established 1/5/14. He has been unafraid recently about criticism of how Putin’s invasion is going and yesterday openly praised Zelensky. Thank you

  15. Marjorie, I don’t know if you’ve written about degrees and houses running in families. I have searched but don’t see much about it.
    Examples: My moon, my mother’s Venus, my dad’s Sun and my son’s ascendant are all 16 Virgo. My Mars, older brother’s Venus and sister’s Uranus are 29 Virgo. My dad, one brother and sister have Mars in first house. I have sixth house Sun as does daughter. My husband’s Aquarius Sun is in 4th (Cancer’s home) and son’s Sun is Cancer in 11th house (Aquarius’s home).
    Just wondering what light you can shed on this. I’ve also wondered if adopted children have planets/houses similar to their adopted parents.

  16. Hi Marjorie, I was wondering if you could please look at the astrological aspects around a recent piece of news that caught my attention about the ethical questions raised by some research work done by Boston University, as it seems they have developed a new covid strain that is 80% more deadly (only on mice, they say). In social media some mention the link between Bill Gates funds to this research – is there any truth in this or is it all leading to another conspiracy theory? Thanks

    • Given the US involvement in the Wuhan lab this is alarming news. Whats the point of creating these horrors for research if human error clearly and endlessly puts us at risk of that very thing.

  17. Greetings Marjorie.
    Michael Moore has been going against the grain with his predictions for years. And he’s generally proven right. As he forecasted Trump’s victory in 2016, he’s now preaching a Dems win.
    His birth time is 12:45pm(a Leo asc.), so could you take a look at he and Barack in how they look over the next couple of weeks?

    • @ Troy, Michael Moore is delusional.
      From my overly simplistic observation during this past year when Uranus was direct Democrats were edging ahead in the generic polls and Uranus was direct when the pro-choice side in Kansas won by 18 points.
      Since Uranus has slowed down and gone retrograde it seems as if Democrats have lost ground and now that Saturn has shifted from retrograde to direct Republicans have gained in the polls to where some reliably Democratic districts in NY are at risk of turning Red.
      Also retrograde Uranus is conjunct the Moon on Election Day.
      I assume that the Moon represents either American women are the populace in general and I don’t think that Uranus being retrograde bodes well for Democrats and the abortion issue.
      One thing that most astrologers don’t take into account is that most states have early voting so I don’t understand how they take into account the votes that are cast before they are tabulated on Election Day.

      BTW Election Day 2016 was also November 8th so we know how that turned out.

        • Exactly Marina. The idea of men in women’s prisons is abhorrent to most. Male bodies should be accommodated in the men’s estate.

          As people come to understand the implications of self id, they see how unworkable it is.

          A supreme court justice unable to define a woman, was another remarkable prompt to the undecided.

  18. Thank you for all your work, always timely and another take on the news. I have two requests for consideration please, one very unwieldy I suspect. I heard that France and Germany are really having a dip in relations, although I realise this may have been signposted in an earlier wider EU post. The other thing, I have been thinking about he outer planets and generational astrology. E.g. my gang (mid 40s) have none in Earth (libra, scorpio, sag), how are the diff gens making (or not) their mark. More of a series I guess, and I know you do touch on it e.g. the late millennials with heavy capricorn, but it interests me for what the future might hold as the ‘power’ shifts. Sorry for rambling.

    • @Roderick, I haven’t been obsessing about this, but from what I’ve seen, early voting turnover has been high. I’d say from earlier examples it bodes well for Democrats in general, Arizona being one State too close to call.

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