USA Pelosi attack – tensions rising pre-election

A savage attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband leaving him with a fractured skull has raised concern not only about this incident but about the increase in threats of violence against lawmakers, judges and political candidates with tensions rising before the midterm elections on November 8th. Threats against  members of Congress are up by a multiple of three since 2017. Both left and right politicians have faced threats but over the past decade rightwing extremists have committed three quarters of the 450 political murders, compared with 4% attributed to leftwing extremists.

 The attacker in this case who was disarmed and arrested has a blog, website and social media accounts filled with anti-Semitic memes, Holocaust denial, references to far-right websites and conspiracy theories such as QAnon. He also posted debunked allegations of election fraud. He appears to be a nudist activist and Green Party member.

  After breaking into the Pelosi house he shouted “where’s Nancy?” echoing the January 6 Capitol Hill rioters.

  The USA chart is still labouring under the Pluto Return and highlighting the fanatical Mercury opposition until late 2023. It is moving towards a Mars Return on November 25th, inflaming the vocal USA Mars in Gemini and sparking off the Sun/Uranus midpoint over the election which could lead to injuries and accidents. More significantly tr Uranus is square the US Mars/Saturn and Sun/Neptune midpoints exactly now from October 10th to November 7th – which is prone to explosive violence and disasters, as well as being nerve=stretched and leading to emotional crises.

 Paul Pelosi, born less than three weeks after his wife on 15 April 1940, is not having his best year with a drunk driving conviction after a crash in May though he is expected to recover from these recent injuries. The multimillionaire founder of a venture capital firm, he is a confident, lucky, go-getting Sun Jupiter in Aries square Pluto; with his Sun also conjunct Saturn in Taurus square Pluto so tough-minded and unyielding. His Solar Arc Saturn his squaring his Jupiter at the moment denting his confidence; and his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his North Node for his brush with the dark side.

   The Mercury Pluto on the US chart which has been under heavy pressure since 2020 (until late 2023) does make the national US temperament a sucker for demagogues, rabble rousers and agitators. Trump’s narcissistic rage of the thwarted man-baby has touched a chord amongst those of similar inclinations and given them tacit permission to run rampant. Pluto in Aquarius has to restore some balance and sanity – please!

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  1. Thank you for your work here Marjorie. Astrology, UK/USA politics/pop culture and human nature all in equal measure. So very enlightening.

    I did enjoy your twitter garden photos too.


  2. The USA natal chart has Mars in Gemini quincunx Pluto in Capricorn – and transiting Mars is in Gemini quincunx tr Pluto in Capricorn.

    And this same Mars-Gemini quincunx Pluto-Cap aspect is in the chart of Xi Jinping’s third term as well (from 23rd Oct 2022).

    What does it mean when this harsh aspect crops up all over the place, with the same signs and the same degrees? It’s also in Giorgia Meloni’s PM term chart as well as Rishi Sunak’s PM term chart.

    • @Candy: I am no expert in astrology but my reading of this aspect is being overtaken by circumstances. Action is promised (Mars in Gemini) but due to limiting conditions (Pluto in Cap) fails to materialise. With Xi for example I read that as be gets older he finds it increasingly difficult to make decisions, so nothing changes (e.g. Covid policy), leading to frustration and over exacting implementation of existing policies. Meloni has promised action on immigrants but the solution to this issue really lies outside Italy, where she has little or no control. Similarly Sunak has plans to reform the UK economy but may find himself thwarted every which way he turns. How this translates for the US suggests paralysis due to the constant bipartisan political warfare which obstructs progress for the American people. But that’s just how I read it. Maybe I oversimplify, I would also be interested to know what others think. I see that I too have this quincux aspect on my chart between Mars, Sun conj. in Leo and Pisces MC and indeed have great difficulty in making decisions and tend to overthink things with procrastination as the outcome and the stress that that creates.

  3. I disagree, Marjorie. It wasn’t a break-in but a break-out. The glass was on the outside of the property meaning it was broken from the inside.

    I’ve never heard about any incident where there’s been a break-in to a property where glass was on the outside of the property.

    The facts don’t support a house breaking but more someone tried to get out of the house.

    Sorry to burst folks’ bubbles.


    • Unfortunately, Marjorie, it appears the right-wing trolls.who spread lies and disinformation have discovered your site. I’m so very sorry.

      • They won’t last long believe me.
        I left it up as an example of what goes on out in the twit-fox-osphere. It is extremely weird as well as damaging. I hate people screwing with my head and trying to tell me what I see/understand isn’t true because it doesn’t suit their warped agenda.

        • Thanks, Marjorie. I agree — and I can’t understand how anyone can fall for these extreme disinformation campaign lies.

          Is there any hope astrologically that these delusional cultists will soon crawl back under their rocks and disappear?

        • Everytime anything about US politics, wether here or on social media or UK newsites like the Times and Guardian. Absolutely swarming with them. On those platforms wether they are all American, or even human is another matter.
          Bots are increasingly lifelike, and Putin is ramping up disinformation again. And why wouldnt he?

  4. Trump’s nihilistic legacy has been a hideous stain on America in general, and the GOP in particular.

    The idea of America is far better than the ghastly reality.

    • This Frankie Howard lookalike is living proof, that a vast of money cannot buy you class or dignity.

      As Oscar Wilde once said: “A fool is someone who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.”

      This is a perfect summary of Mr.Musk. There is less to him than meets the eye.

  5. He was a right wing extremist hippie nudist Fox News viewer with pride flags and BLM signs draped all over his Berkeley commune. Makes perfect sense. No reason to doubt this narrative at all. What we do know:

    1. Assailant in his underpants 2. Paul Pelosi knows his name and tells police he’s a “friend.” 3. Assailant asks “where’s Nancy?” to make sure she’s not home. 4. Pelosi takes bathroom break from spat and makes 911 call.

    The blog with his far right screeds is very suspicious. The domain is 1 month and 20 days old as of the attack yet has ‘blog entries’ that date back to April somehow? Not possible. Domain registration address is fake, zip is CA but state is AL? Not possible. Phone number is also fake, business phone.

    Wayback machine has dozens of captures within an 8 hour period from 17:00 on the 28th thru the early morning on the 29th, the morning of the attack. No site that brand new with so little traffic is going to have any webcrawls that frequent. Website meta data suggest Oct 27th creation.

    Looking at his house that the FBI visited closely, back dated images from Google suggest further suspicious narratives. DePape hasn’t moved from that address in some time. So backdating to within his known residency, closer to election time 2016, Bernie signs are pictured.

    I understand people hate Trump. I was a Bernie supporter myself. However, jumping on the story created by the Left to protect Pelosi is lazy and feel good but definitely not the truth.

    • @Diane L, I would like to know where you got that information. The underwear detail was retracted by San Francisco’s local Fox affiliate, KTVU. I live in San Francisco and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is my Congresswoman whom I and all of us San Franciscans are proud of. As a San Franciscan I am devouring all the news I can on this. I have never read anything about Paul Pelosi being friends with his attacker so curious and will appreciate a link to the news you have access to on this. As I said earlier, the detail about the underwear was retracted by the news source that originally posted it. Thanks!

      • One of the charges against DePape was elder abuse. Which then raises the question of his existing relationship with the victim. Perhaps someone with California legal knowledge could weigh in?

        • Definition elder abuse:
          California Civil law The Welfare & Institutions Code § 15610 defines elder abuse as physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation, abduction, or other treatment resulting in harm, pain or mental suffering to an elder.

      • There’s a conspiracy doing the rounds alleging that Paul Pelosi was on Grindr and the attacker was a spurned ex lover. There’s really no limit to the mental gymnastics of the far right when it comes to their desperate attempts to force reality to fit their deranged mindset.

        • Fascinating point Virgoflake.

          Astro_Kate wrote recently on twitter that “Mars is in a lengthy station now square to Neptune. They’ll become exact again 19Nov. This aspect speaks of ‘Fog of War’ #falseflags & generally raises rumour, lies, fear, confusion. It’s linked to trouble at sea, fraud, gases, music, inflation, drugs, liquids, alcohol, fatigue &
          viruses and fungal infections. It speaks of focus on biological or chemical weapons. Imposters. Clouds. Smokescreens. Water. Things which spread. Delusions and anger at being misled. Double check whether things are real or true.”

          Strange times.

        • Great the way Paul Pelosi was able to respond and call 911 without the attacker figuring it out. The attacker had a highly disorganized mind, which would make sense for someone who vacillates between alternating world views.

          Such attacks are not uncommon in San Francisco which has been turned into a mecca for drug use. Several drugstores have closed over violence and break-ins over the last two years. The attack was par for the course in SF, irrespective of politics. If you really follow it, many of the January 6th attackers and those who planned the attack on Gov. Whitmer of MI were heavy druggies, too. Yes, the far right will post crazy stories like saying he is a spurned ex-lover, but the far left generates a lot of equally dishonest news, perhaps the above-mentioned social media.
          In the 1960s, there were legitimate issues like the Viet Nam War and Civil Rights.

          • @JAS I live in San Francisco, and have lived in this city for over 35 years. The crime that has risen here along with many other cities is theft, violent crime-not so much. The violent crime rates according the CDC has red states ranking a whole lot higher than blue states. In fact, Texas has a higher violent crime rate and deaths than California and New York. As for me living in San Francisco, I can tell you that our homeless rate has gone up which surprises me because we have so many programs to get people off the streets and I suspect that many marginal people migrate here from other areas for the services and the weather. I have no proof of that but many homeless I see on the streets I’ve never seen before and i have to wonder where they are all coming from.

      • Hi Frank, it was the police dispatch: Paul Pelosi said, ‘He Doesn’t Know Who The Male Is But He Advised That His Name is David And He Is A Friend’
        I find it curious too that he called him a friend.

        A question I have is how did he get around the security system? They have said he was “out of touch with reality” in early news reports and generally someone like that (I would imagine) would not be able to circumvent a major security system. I’m sure the neighbors have cameras too that could show how he got in or give some clues as to what happened so I say they need to release those tapes.
        Time will tell, early reports are usually filled with errors.

        • @Diane Thank your giving me the link to where you’ve gotten your information, unfortunately I wasn’t able to read the article without having to register with the independent.

          Just so you know, the facts reveal the men were not friends. The attacker lived alone in a garage in the town of Richmond, not in Berkeley where there were gay banners. The attacker used a hammer to smash into the Pelosi’s back door. The attacker fancied himself as a right wing freedom fighter who was planning on kidnapping Nancy Pelosi to interrogate her and smash her kneecaps so she can use a wheelchair to go into Congress as an example for the Democrats who he said were all liars.

          Below is a link to an article from the LA Times that came from my Apple news feed for the latest news debunking all of the conspiracies you discussed. I hope you can link to it but you may need to copy and paste the link.

        • Diane – “I find it curious too that he called him a friend.” If this is indeed true, it makes perfect sense to me. When you are in a dangerous situation, dealing with someone whose mental health and intentions may not be stable, it is wise not to inflame things further. For this reason, UK police officers often call a perpetrator or suspect “mate”, when confronting them in a volatile situation. I have witnessed this myself quite recently.

          • Pelosi was able to trick the invader, call 911 from the bathroom, and, while speaking to the dispatcher “in code” to avoid suspicion, the dispatcher said he referred to the home invader at one point in that call as a “friend.”

    • Diane, I have an extreme loathing for lies and misinformation and leaping onto the bandwagon of every nutjob outlet, including Musk, does suggest a paranoid tendency to disbelieve every news story out there or alternatively a deliberate partisan inclination to do down the political party not of your choosing.
      I only left your post up to see what emerged – but I won’t tolerate reality-distorting mush here. You’re on warning.

      • Marjorie, what about Musk? I never said anything about him. The facts on this case have changed daily, for instance first reported they both were in underwear, then only one was and then yesterday neither were. At first there were two hammers, then one but reporting varied on who had the hammer.
        I can’t help what has been reported as truth one day and then it’s not.
        The info on this case has changed daily from initial reports. There is always the fog of war and as I said to Frank, time will tell. I think what is known now is all we are going to know unless security tapes are released which would clear it up for good. People will always, always speculate. And if anyone out there is cheering about violence happening to an 82 year old man, then that’s evil and I’m not one of them.

        • @Diane I don’t know where you get your information but the facts about the attack have been consistent, it is the disinformation that keeps evolving and twisting. As far as the “fog of war,” the fog is one of deliberate misinformation that spreads among people susceptible to believing what they are fed from disreputable sources rather than the facts.

  6. The 1960s rattled up the other trigger point in the USA chart which is the Mars in Gemini which around Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy’s deaths was being squared by tr Uranus Pluto in Virgo and just before that with tr Saturn in Pisces in square as well – so a whirlwind of chaos and aggravation.

  7. Goodness. More questions than answers with this incident.

    Where was Pelosi’s security in all this? The spouse of such a prominent figure in the US government, must rate a bit of attention.

    Curiously, the attacker was a greenpeace supporting, hemp craftsman with blm signs in his window + rainbow flag on the front lawn. He was found in his underwear with no signs of forced entry.
    The window glass was shattered outwards.

    Possible psychotic break/random attack or previous acquaintance?

    How very strange. Especially when the Americans are on edge over the upcoming elections, judging from the comments below.

    • Family members don’t have a security detail that is only available for Nancy herself as speaker of the house, 3rd in line to the presidency, a high ranking position. Many others don’t receive any and are forced to pay for their own. When she left with her security detail, Paul was left by himself.

    • @PC, DePape, the attacker, was a clear Trump/Qanon lunatic cult member, not a Green.

      This Washington Post article (which my subscription enableds me to “gift” for free) is a real eye-opener about the type of followers Trump attracts.

    • @PC: KTVU in San Francisco is a FOX affiliate that has now retracted their story previously stating that the attacker was in his underwear. Why and how the FOX affiliate would state an incorrect detail like that in the first place are unanswered. The underwear story is now out there and living on even though it was retracted, generating all sorts of innuendo, re-posts, more disinformation and open derision of the Pelosis, all of it generated and sustained and spread by the American neo-fascist movement.

  8. Ugh. I was a teenager in the 60’s in the United States, living in a Northern most Southern state in a city that was on fire, witnessing assassinations and attempted assassinations of important politicians and change agents. The Vietnam War was a nightly show on our National News stations with fathers, sons and brothers returning home in body bags. Society was rearranging itself and the country was on edge. For many years. It was a challenging time and here we are again, only now I’m a grandparent. Is it worse now than during the 60’s? I don’t know. I’ve lived long enough that life seems circular. But, honestly, I don’t remember the entire planet feeling like it’s having a nervous breakdown.

  9. Just terrible what’s going on!, but consider had Paul Pelosi lived in ,for example, a state like Texas he might have been gunned down instead of injured by hammer because California has America’s toughest gun laws which might have saved his life.

      • Fact is Mississippi, Louisiana, Wyoming, Missouri and Alabama have the highest gun violence and death rates in the country, according to the CDC . Alaska, New Mexico, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee and Montana also have high firearm mortality rates. Note that all of the above states are run by Republicans with the exception of New Mexico.

  10. Unfortunately an event like this was inevitable given the hatred and complete departure from Reason that the post-truth, Trump movements and far right groups which have flourished in the U.S., the perp’s SM loaded with QAnon-inspired frothing, anti-Semitism, trans and homophobia and all the usual targets. Now sit back and see the American far right deny this ever happened, alleging ‘fake news’, etc, since they believe this is all an attempt by the Democrats to persuade voters in the midterms. Just how depraved can you be to attack a frail octogenarian with a hammer? But inevitably Trump will find a way to blame Biden for this.

  11. So to summarize what I’ve gleaned from various astrologers, Dems are likely to retain power in both chambers, totally going against what the polls, betting markets and several pundits are currently alluding to, which is a GOP takeover. This in turn is going to inflame the MAGA nuts to start screaming rigged and fraud election, and chaos shall follow the shock upset.
    Basically Jan. 6 the sequel and the Pelosi attack is the preview trailer; coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

    • Unfortunately the media is now constantly hammering that Republicans will win the midterms based on polling, while polling has been wrong on multiple occasions now so they’re giving the GOP the tools for election results denials.

  12. It occurs to me that until a few years ago, America always had an external enemy to ‘unite’ the country and project its hate onto.

    The Cold War provided an ongoing background from WWII until the early 90s with things like Korea, Vietnam, the oil crisis caused by Arabs, Iran, Cuba, Grenada, Libya and Colombian druglords all providing specific things to grab the attention throughout. Then 9-11 brought Afghanistan and Iraq as a new focus.

    Russia and Putin should provide an easy enemy to do this now but the hate within the States has been stoked to the point where it doesn’t seem able to unite. Hard to see how they get out of this one without bloodshed being the driver for everyone to be more tolerant and willing to compromise.

    • @GD, the ’60s we’re pretty violent in the US, too. I remember them well. At 13, in the early ’60s, I was threatened by a “frenemy” with having a cross burned in front of my house by Klan adherents because of my own and my older sister’s activism. She was then a civil rights worker in Mississippi and I was considered a traitor to my race. This was in Northern Virginia, outside Washington, DC. In the cities there were lots of riots in the streets, too, with whole neighborhoods being burnt down. My sense is that this coming violence is going to be far worse. It was such a relief to go to England to boarding school and later university to escape all the hatred of the era.

      • Thanks for sharing that Nicole. Quite something to have lived through.

        I don’t pretend to understand all of it. and as you imply, racism has always provided an in-country group to hate. It just seems to me that without the external enemy as well, America has nowhere to turn but on itself.

        One thing I do know is, people who are full of hatred will always find someone or something to hate.

        • There’s always been a deep vein of hatred and resentment embedded in the American culture. Yes, there definitely seems to a strong need to hate “the other,” whoever “the other” of the moment may be. And the heavily armed, entitled white supremacists feel unusually threatened now that they’re no longer in the majority in many states and see their dominance power slipping away.

      • The student protests and the over-reaction by police. The left-wing groups that blew up stuff.
        All the protests.
        the 60s and 70s were tumultuous.
        When I was little, my mom, a student at UCLA, drove us through the campus during a protest. It was super scary. Then of course, the assassinations too–JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, RFK.
        Student protests were world wide as I recall. Lots of strikes, some monkey wrenching.
        There’s nothing new under the sun.

        • I watched, from a distance in Virginia, the flames and smoke over Washington, DC, as the city burned in ’68, after the MLK assassination. And I regularly participated in peaceful protests in front of the White House, while my sister was arrested four times in Mississippi.

          Simultaneously my now-husband was inside two buildings on the Stanford University when they were blown up by anti-war protestors in the ’60s — and he was also anti-war.

          Turbulent times both then and now. But I ‘m glad I’m now in safer California.

    • Such horrible news. I hope he recovers.

      Reading these comments here prompted me to look at the history of race riots, times when America has turned on itself. I wondered if such things may erupt when Pluto in the 1776 chart is triggered – currently as we know, the Pluto Return is happening. The so-called ‘Red Summer’ of 1919 would be one such important time:

      “The Red Summer saw Black populations fight back aggressively against racial violence and intimidation in ways that were not typical before. The Red Summer of 1919 did not intimidate African Americans into submission, as their tormentors had hoped. Instead, African Americans emerged from the violence of that bloody year with a greater sense of shared purpose, identity and pride, which served as a vital foundation for the civil rights movement to come.” (

      26 Cities in the USA were in turmoil. The Chicago Race Riot, for example, erupted on 27 July 1919. Saturn and Mercury, conjunct at 27 Leo, were quincunx US Pluto 27 Capricorn. Neptune at 8 Leo was conjunct the US Node at 7 Leo. Jupiter opposed US Pluto from Cancer. And transiting Mars in Cancer was conjunct the US Sun, and square the US Saturn in Libra.

      As Marjorie says, the US “is moving towards a Mars Return on November 25th, inflaming the vocal USA Mars in Gemini and sparking off the Sun/Uranus midpoint over the election which could lead to injuries and accidents”

      The Mars return is happening alongside the Neptune in Pisces opposing itself in 1776 Virgo. Plenty of delusions, religious or fanatical overtones, and utter confusion there too. I very much hope for a new, peaceful era, but fear things must get worse before they get better. A kind of ‘healing crisis’ may be the only way to trigger peace.

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