Simon Harris – new Ireland leader

Simon Harris was elected as taoiseach (prime minister) to become the youngest person to lead the Republic of Ireland last Tuesday April 9th. He was the only candidate following the surprise resignation of his predecessor Leo Varadkar. He leads the coalition government with a general election due by March 2025.

 Simon Harris, born 17 October 1986, started in politics in his teens and became a member of the parliament at 24. He has a Libra Sun opposition an Aries Moon and Aries North Node as well as an ultra-determined Mars in Aquarius square Pluto and sextile Saturn. With an amplified Jupiter in a lucky square to Uranus, a confident trine to Pluto and to a persuasively charming Venus Mercury in Scorpio.

 He is on his Nodal Return for his elevation to the highest office; with this month’s Solar Eclipse probably conjunct his Moon, conjunct his North Node and opposition his Sun for a destiny-changing moment. His Solar Arc Mars will conjunct his Jupiter for a hopeful push in 2025 with a confident Solar Arc Jupiter opposition his Sun in 2026. Though 2026 will see the start of a foot-dragging, frustrating three years as tr Pluto is conjunct his Mars and square his Pluto.  

 He took the Seal of Office around 2.30 pm on the 9th (anyone with an accurate time I would be grateful to know). The day after a Total Solar Eclipse with a Mars Saturn conjunction in place hints at trouble ahead with setbacks and challenges. The Mars Saturn conjunction draws to an exact conjunction in 2025 for a crisis and blockage. There is a lucky, risk-taking Jupiter Uranus which will help. But Pluto square Moon hints at a mutinous electorate.

  The Bank of Ireland chart, 1 January 1972 hints at major financial problems in 2025/2026 with tr Neptune and Saturn in Aries conjunct the Mars and opposition Pluto; and tr Uranus conjunct the Saturn.

 The Ireland 17 April 1949 11pm Dublin chart, has an Aries Sun, Venus, North Node and Mars – with the Aries Solar Eclipse this week conjunct the Mars – so a significant turning point though an edgy and combative one as Harris ploughs straight into the Palestine problem. Tr Pluto will continue to conjunct the Ireland Jupiter until the end of this year for a confident high but there will be a slow down and blockage come 2025 as the SA Pluto opposes the Sun and Venus; and tr Uranus squares the Saturn for high tension and eruptions.

  Simon Harris fits the Ireland chart with his Aries Moon North Node keying into the Ireland Aries Mars North Node – there will be rough edges and arguments but he understands the country’s aims and spirit.

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  1. It seems that wherever one looks there is no respite in sight. Only a brief change of gear and a tiny bit of hope, but it seems we are not out of the woods yet. Here is hoping that times more beautiful than we thought possible are coming.

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