Paula Vennells – wrong hand on the tiller

Paula Vennells, former CEO of the Post Office from 2012 to 2019 who is being investigated for misleading parliament over the Horizon IT scandal, has come under scrutiny for her decision to spend millions of pounds to contest sub-postmasters’ claims that they were not responsible for alleged accounting shortfalls. She has already handed back her CBE and is due to give evidence in May as the evidence against her stacks up.

 Born 21 February 1959 London, she has her Sun and Mercury in Pisces opposition Pluto square Mars opposition Jupiter – a Mutable Grand Cross, giving her a curious mix of do-or-die determined/obstinate to the nth degree from Sun, Mercury Pluto and Mars alongside a scattergun temperament from too much Mutable. That will make her inconsistent, indecisive, tending to bend in the breeze. She has a Half Grand Sextile which should make her talented but more to the point lucky with Sun opposition Pluto sextile Neptune and Saturn. Backing up her stubborn, irritational tendencies is Neptune square her Uranus.  

  Her Mars in Gemini is on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Saturn sextile Neptune – giving her a difficulty in asserting herself in a consistent way – either far too much or the opposite.

  She has been moving through a confusing, not to say devastating time over the past three years as her Grand Cross moved by Solar Arc to hard aspect her Neptune with her Solar Arc Sun in an undermining opposition to her Neptune this year.

 Where she will catch the worst of the celestial winds is when transiting Uranus moves into Gemini in 2025 and beyond tugging on her Mutable Grand Cross.  In 2026 particularly she will have tr Uranus square her Sun and Pluto and more significantly conjunct her yod focal point Mars knocking her onto a totally different trajectory in her life. A game changing moment and none too soon either.  

5 thoughts on “Paula Vennells – wrong hand on the tiller

  1. “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”
    ― Sun Tzu

    Alan Bates would agree that this is a fitting epitaph for this odious, pompous woman who has bought misery for
    many innocent people.

    Her very public humiliation and downfall will haunt her forever.

  2. Alan Bates has said that he is prepared to launch a private prosecution against the individuals responsible for the cover up if, as so often happens the powers that be decide to allow them to escape justice and that he will do so using crowdfunding. I have little doubt that he would receive massive support from the general public.

    All this got me thinking about Pluto in Aquarius and the potential ways in which corporations can be held to account by the strength of people power.

  3. Thank you Marjorie. I watched a program on this last night and couldn’t believe the travesty of justice. I am an American but any miscarriage of justice makes my blood boil. Those poor post masters! I wonder where all of the money went from those who paid for their ‘shortfalls’. It seems someone benefitted but it sure wasn’t the post masters. I hope the government gets to the bottom of this mess and the victims get their names cleared and receive their money back.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. I heard some horrifying Post Office investigations on ITV News this past week. They broadcast taped conversations that are very concerning indeed. Hardly bears thinking about when you consider this woman wanted to be Bishop of London! Beyond arrogant and lacking in self-awareness….and the harm she, and others, have done is heart-breaking.

    I’m curious to notice that Paula Vennells’ natal Sun/Pluto opposition aspects the UK 1801 Pluto in Pisces. Her natal Nodes in Libra/Aries are the reverse of the UK Aries/Libra Nodes. The return/opposition is in June. In May, the Full Moon in Sagittarius makes a t-square with PV’s Sun/Pluto, and squares UK Pluto in Pisces. I hope she, and some of the other Post Office management, are held to account. Perhaps they might contribute generous sums (!) towards the fund to recompense all those they have harmed for so many years.

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