Transactivism – bullying society ++ Ruth Hunt

“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions

which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. 

Most people are incapable even of forming such opinions”. 

Albert Einstein

In the aftermath of the Cass report which effectively undermined much of the damaging nonsense around the transgender argument, pinpointing inadequate medical evidence for intervention, there are understandable calls for consequences for those who added fuel to the toxic debate and shut down dissent. JK Rowling has been targeting the young Harry Potter actors as well as Mermaids.

  Trying to track an astro-timeline and reason for the hysteria which drove the movement, inflating a genuine though demographically small issue of the number of people suffering from genuine gender dysphoria, the mid 1990s was probably the start.  Mermaids, the Susie Green charity for transgender children, started then on the Uranus Neptune conjunction, which is a recurring theme in arguments which allow for no middle ground. See previous post 1 March 2024, Transactivism stalls.

 Uranus Neptune does have its inspired side but in negative mode can lead to extremism, rigid, unreasonable opinions and fanaticism, tending to force people into choosing sides rather than thinking through nuances. The young Potter actors were born with Uranus Neptune conjunct. Susie Green, if a Company Check is sound, was born 1 December 1957 with a pronounced Uranus square Neptune tied into the Scorpio North Node.  Even the Labour Party whom the Tories are now attacking for ‘shutting women up’ and stoking ‘atmosphere of intimidation’ for a decade over trans issues has a Uranus opposition Neptune from 1906. 

  Those who worked with Susie Green and observed her said she she could be ‘tone deaf’. “I thought she was that most dangerous thing, a person utterly certain of their own rightness.’ After her surprise resignation, she is reportedly working for GenderGP, a private referral service based in Singapore.

 Mermaids became a registered charity on 20 February 2015 on the exact, defiant, status-quo upsetting Uranus in Aries square Pluto with a Sun Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

  Stonewall which threw its not inconsiderable weight behind the argument in 2014 on the Uranus square Pluto as the fight against same sex relationships was finally won and it was looking for a cause to give it a raison d’etre, was started on the 1989 conjunction of Uranus Neptune in Capricorn.

  Ruth Hunt, now Baroness, took over as CEO of Stonewall in 2014 and steered the organisation  towards transgender issues feeding propaganda into a wide array of government and other bodies, to the dismay of a large section of the membership. Dennis Kavanagh, lawyer and director of the Gay Men’s Network, points to a 2012 survey of Tavistock patients which found that 90 per cent were same-sex attracted. He says: ‘The concern is that Mermaids are medicalising homosexuality, taking vulnerable, different children and putting them on a path to sterility.’

 Ruth Hunt, 12 May 1980, Cardiff, is a Sun Mercury in Taurus opposition Uranus square a leadership North Node in Leo – certainly a heavyweight personality – though lacking in the tell-tale Uranus Neptune. What she does have is her Sun opposition her Neptune/Pluto midpoint which is as un-Taurus as can be. According to Ebertin – impressionable, can be obsessive, and pursue fantastical ideas, prone to outside influences.

 JK Rowling deserves praise for her robust stance. She was in the fortunate position of being too successful to damage.

Graham Linehan, on the other hand, the Irish comedian and writer, effectively wrecked his life in his obsessive anti-transgender activism.  He was born 22 May 1968 8pm in Dublin, with a Sun Mars in Gemini in his 7th house and an Aries Moon in his performing 5th. He has a rebellious, mould-breaking Uranus Pluto in Virgo in his 10th. With two yods onto Saturn in Aries and Neptune in Scorpio in his 1st house. It is not exactly clear from his chart what drove him to such extremes though his emphasized Mercury in his 8th would give his arguments an edge of intensity. And Mercury square Pluto Uranus would not help. His Solar Arc Jupiter is now catching the Solar Eclipse and will soon oppose his yod focal point Saturn which may help to lift his fortunes.

Add on:Campaigners are calling for Ruth Hunt to be stripped of her peerage following the Cass report. A petition on  refers to Stonewall’s decision to oppose a research pack sent to schools warning children identifying as trans how there were possible risks to puberty blockers and untested drugs often being used as a “medical pathway” for transition. The petition says: “Stonewall Scotland told its tens of thousands of followers on Twitter: ‘We, in the strongest possible terms, denounce and condemn this [research] publication. If it lands on your desk, do the right thing: shred it.’”

The Cass Review warned how treatment with puberty blockers “may change the trajectory of psychosexual and gender identity development” but critically did not change a patient’s body dissatisfaction or gender dysphoria. The report called for “unhurried” care of those under-25s who think they may be transgender.

Ruth Hunt does have tr Uranus upending her Fixed T Square of Taurus Sun Mercury opposition Uranus square North Node at the moment and through till early 2025. The Cass Report was published as tr Uranus was exactly conjunct her Sun and the Solar Eclipse was opposing her Pluto and possibly conjunct her Moon – for a mammoth upset. She also has an undermining tr Neptune square her Venus from May onwards into 2025. 2025 also has the trapped, infuriating and humiliating SA Pluto square her Mars – so she may well be backed into a corner and forced to relinquish her prize.

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  1. Maggie – You’d stated, “…They did a big study and it turns out the puberty blockers and hormone treatment use do not show anything beneficial in terms of whether children or even adults are happier and better off afterwards…” So, in fairness to the facts, can you back up that claim with the information needed to locate that study (as I assume that Ms. Orr does not allow links to be posted)?

    Now, here’s the information one needs to locate a peer-reviewed study titled, ‘Pubertal Suppression for Transgender Youth and Risk of Suicidal Ideation, from the American Academy of Pediatrics, 02/01/20’ that concluded “…These results align with past literature, suggesting that pubertal suppression for transgender adolescents who want this treatment is associated with favorable mental health outcomes…”

    I hope those of you with negative opinions about the medical needs of transgendered youth will, at some point, be able to meet some of them and their families, and finally get to hear, firsthand, about their lives.

  2. Jane – Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Additionally, it looks to me that offering our hand in compassion, and simply listening to what these young people, and their families are saying, is the healthiest way to move forward regarding this complex issue.

  3. What a whirling fog this all is. I think, astrologically, it is interesting that Saturn, planet of bones and foundations, rules and structure, is in Pisces at this time. It’s leaden presence joins Neptune in the watery dual sign – and although not conjunct, yet, seems to be offering a challenge amidst all the confusion. Pisces is a ‘healing’ or medical sign sometimes too, perhaps connecting the idea of helping a child with gender dysphoria with drugs (Neptune) and surgery?
    Our society’s own confusion around binary gender stereotypes has not helped either I feel. What has been alarming about puberty blockers is just how young the process of puberty can begin.

    “The average age for girls to start puberty is 11, while for boys the average age is 12.
    But it’s perfectly normal for puberty to begin at any point between the ages of 8 and 13 in girls and 9 and 14 in boys.” NHS UK website.

    At the younger end of this scale, children are 8 or 9 years old. Everything is still developing, and they are most definitely still little kids emotionally and psychologically. UK government guidance says a child under 16 should not be left alone at home overnight, which perhaps demonstrates the fact that this is a child… In terms of early puberty, (not gender dysphoria) the NHS says:

    “Treatment with medication is usually only recommended if it’s thought early puberty will cause emotional or physical problems, such as short height in adulthood or early periods in girls, which may cause significant distress.”

    It may be relevant that the first Saturn square we all experience is at ages 7-8, and around 16 is the first Saturn opposition. These are notable points in our development and long journey towards maturity.

    What’s bewildering is that trans people have always existed, in relatively small numbers, throughout history. But sophisticated, lifelong, medical intervention has not. That intervention has largely ignored mental health issues or neurodiversity in children, as we have seen. Some of this has seemed puritanical to me, as PC says. I have struggled to understand it, and I do know some older trans women as well as gay men and women. Conversations with them have also revealed that they are also bewildered by where we are now.

    Hopefully, a more relaxed and cautious approach will eventually emerge for the benefit and health of everyone.

    • @Jane I am not being flippant but what happens when a child identifies as a cat for instance, as I understand has happened, do they send them to a vet?

      • Virginia – you made me smile, and I know you said you’re not being flippant. I think the cat thing is some sort of ‘fake news’ though. We all play let’s pretend as children, and I knew two girls at school who spent every breaktime pretending, quite obsessively, to be horses. They were 11 at the time. Both now perfectly ordinary women!

  4. Brigitte – In fairness to your point, the conclusion you’ve drawn is accurate, if one does not know that a human brain can be wired as female, and yet have the body develop as male, or vice-versa; and as science has learned more about the brain-body connection, it’s now clearer that transgenderism, though quite rare, is a biological reality.

    Now, the current push by some on the Far Left to assume that every youthful notion regarding sexual-identity, necessitates cutting off some body part – well, those are outlier-ideas that are unhelpful to the genuine, and necessary discussion that society would be best served to have, regarding the biological nature of transgenderism.

    Interestingly, there are native tribes that recognize some individuals as ‘two spirit;’ and those people live normal lives, and serve many functions, some quite spiritual, within their tribal environments.

    So, there really is more here to contemplate than some would care to; but, dismissive and angry reactions are, unfortunately, the norm these days when it comes to discussions about sexual-identity.

    I am, though, hopeful that the overcompensation by the Far Left is finally seen as being contrafactual, and unhelpful to the discussion; and that more accessible, medically-based information will come to inform the subject.

    • I personally accept differences in everyone and I always have. I have Uranus on my Moon, Venus, Mercury and Saturn. As well, I have Aquarius on the cusp in my 2nd house and a hearty 11th house. I work in a part of Seattle that has a high concentration of trans individuals and I’m also a biological woman going through the VERY real transition of perimenopause. A person born with a penis will never experience what I’m going through. They are NOT a woman. That’s the science you are looking for right there. Why is this so hard?

      Trans people live with a downstairs mix up & it sounds like a nightmare but someone born with a penis is not a woman and never will be.

    • The term 2 spirit was entirely made up by a handful of academics at a Winnipeg conference in 1990.

      Will we ever move on from the concept of the noble savage, I wonder?

      Is does pose a question whether this phenomena is more akin to a religious phenomena best treated with sweat-lodges and sweetgrass or medical intervention with surgeries and hormones?

  5. Trying to force me to believe that someone born with a penis is a woman, is gaslighting, and gaslighting is a form of abuse. As far as biological males competing against women in sports… it’s only been allowed to happen thus far because it’s only been WHITE males attempting to compete against women. The first time a black man in a wig and eyelashes tries to compete against women, especially little white girls, the conversation is over because… THAT’S A MAN.

  6. PC – Yes, I sincerely hear what you’re saying; and, as you point out, the use of GnRH analogs, such as Lupron, is not without controversy; though, within that category of drug, there are safer choices, and delivery-methods available.

    Now, if a prospective male-to-female teen completes puberty (particularly if they come from a high-testosterone lineage), they will largely be unsatisfied with the longterm results of their transition, as their bones will likely have ‘set’ by the time they’re 20-years old; and there’s currently no way to do much to remedy that.

    And that’s become the root of the indignation that surrounds male-to-female athletes competing in women’s sports; as those athletes ARE bigger and stronger, due to the permanent effects that pubertal testosterone bestowed on them.

    Also, what’s overlooked by the public, is that going through puberty is usually what precipitates suicidal behavior in teens with transgender intent; so, that is another reason why intervening just prior to puberty can be of necessity.

    In fairness, I realize these additional perspectives are miles away from the public’s perception of what it means to be a transgender teen; and, at this time, there are no easy answers to the questions that this situation raises – for the teens, their families, or for the public at large.

    But, giving those teens, and their families, the grace to come to their own conclusions, is the most compassionate way forward, in my opinion.

  7. Respectfully Dean W. that is a shockingly dangerous thing to suggest.

    Especially considering that over 90% of the children with this condition desist once they complete a natural puberty.

    A slipshod use of drugs like Lupron, as you propose, is insupportable. Those are potent drugs affecting brain development as well as all the rest.

    They had been used to chemically castrate sex offenders until the ACLU sued citing the practice as cruel and unusual punishment.

    The fog and mirrors of Neptune in Pisces seems to be lessening.

  8. I’m shocked at the level of discord that trans-activism triggers in people.

    Both sides of the issue apparently want to remain ignorant of the biology that’s involved – that if one doesn’t address a disphoria-issue before puberty (usually by using hormonal-blockers), then the physical outcome will, in the long run, be frustratingly unacceptable to the transitioner.

    And, on the other side of this clearly ideological argument, allowing post-pubertal male-to-female athletes compete in sports is unfair; and for the very reason that I’d stated above – male puberty gave them many physical advantages that post-pubertal estrogen will not correct.

    The sheer vitriol surrounding this issue, when the medical facts are readily available, is disappointing to see.

    • There is no strong evidence or even weak evidence that puberty blockers for children with gender dysphoria will turn out well. The assertions are not backed up by any quantitative science. They did a big study and it turns out the puberty blockers and hormone treatment use do not show anything beneficial in terms of whether children or even adults are happier and better off afterwards.

      And BTW, if the science said the opposite, you would still handle it the same way. Suppose they did have evidence, and it showed 2/3’s of the kids (who wanted to transition as kids), were glad they did? Now, that’s not the case but if it were, would that be a strong argument to transition children?

      No, never. If 1/3 would be worse off and children can’t make decisions, it just makes sense to wait. Because no parent can make that decision for them. And even if the science were the other way, it still makes sense to wait. Children are too young to make those life altering decisions.

      The decision making and reasoning area of the brain is called the amygdala and it doesn’t fully form until early 20’s at the soonest. It’s why we make so many poor decisions when we are young like drinking and driving. Parents must parent and not let kids take the wheel on anything like this. As I said, does anyone want to side with Nazis who did experiments on children?

  9. This ideology is going to take many years to be abandoned despite growing opposition. People will double down. You can’t be brought up being part of a special group of oppressed people, surrounded by a supportive narcissistic community that relishes every opportunity to be validated, being told the way to deal with uncooperative family members is no contact, knowing you are always morally right, believing that you can physically change your sex not just socially and that those who don’t accept you want the genocide of your kind.. and all of a sudden realise it was all tik tok grooming and give it up. Many will but some won’t be able to. All of the young teachers who were told that by hiding little johnnys pronouns from his, probably just baffled or upset, parents was saving them from harm.. the parents who encouraged transitions because of their own narcissism or fear they would have a “dead daughter or a living son”… how can they face the fact that they just fuelled a social craze at best or considerable damage to the lives of those they love at worst? Even the Cass report is politicised. It’s seen as vindication and as terf rubbish. The vast majority of people in the middle just want to be “kind”. That’s what will change, the madness of “you are who you say you are” may go away to certain extent but the people who believed this with every fibre of their body are going to struggle, double down or lose connection to reality and feel like the victims of a tragedy. We will see a lot of lawsuits and many lives damaged by medical interventions. It’s really sad. The fetishistic AGPs can crawl under a rock again and keep their kinks private though.

  10. For this to batten down and I mean for children to stop being exploited for money and fanatical gender theories, there will be a nasty row between both sides, which may well last for some time. Many people have jobs in the trans theory industry. Across various occupations. Thanks for this Marjorie.

  11. I’m middle of the road and believe adults can do what they want with their bodies. I do think some are not fully informed as to what will happen to them though.

    As far as children, there should be a ban, IMHO, until they are of age and understand fully what will happen to them. I always wondered if the mother of Jazz Jennings (Oct 6, 2000, no birth time) pushed her to change sexes, maybe a Munchausen-by-proxy mother who wanted a girl and got a boy instead?

    Jazz had a bad time as she got older, gained a lot of weight and was suicidal, and dropped out of Harvard. Her mother was on her back to dilate the “hole” (for lack of a better word) two hours a day to keep it open. This is supposedly very painful.

    I saw a photo of a newly fashioned penis a surgeon had attached and there would be no way for it to be functional. Are patients being fully informed in the rush to get the surgery?

    I say let your child explore, dress like the opposite sex, be called a new name but absolutely wait as some children who dressed and identified as boys (Angelina Jolie’s daughter) grow up and decide they are actually the sex they were born.

    I also believe the explosion of TikTok videos, obsessively watched by young people, can groom them into wanting to be trans. The numbers can’t be explained any other way except brainwashing by social media.

    My daughter has a friend from college who is now male and the problem is he is on testosterone which induces rages and no one wants to be around him and not because of his new sex, her age group is very accepting.

    There have been six trans school shooters identifying as male and I have wondered if testosterone is part of the reason.

    • We met a young trans woman in her 20s working at a winery and found her amazingly mature and wise; we wouldn’t have known she was trans but she told us when the issue came up in conversation. She said she realized she was in the wrong body in her early teens. Mother was accepting and supportive, father initially not, but had since accepted her as she is. She said she knew instinctively to delay hormone treatment until she was 18 and was still delaying surgery until she felt ready. She is an activist but, feeling safe in coastal California, on a whole array of other political issues she cares about.

  12. From what I’ve read here and in The Guardian, the anti-trans activism in the UK seems different from that in the US, where it’s very much driven by intolerant evangelicals and extreme right-wingers.

    Am I right in thinking this?

    As I’ve mentioned here before I have four friends with trans kids and know several adults who’ve happily transitioned after years of questioning their sexuality. All these people I know aren’t activists but just want to live their own quiet, best lives.

    • I think it is different. The evangelicals are hair-raising but mercifully not a UK phenomenon really.

      What is weird is that the trans activists seemed to be using the issue of gender dysphoria as a rallying cry for something that had entirely different motives. As you say genuine trans people generally want to live a quiet life. But their cause was appropriated by people who did not have their best interests at heart.

      • That’s so often the case. Thanks for your insight; it’s what I suspected. I fervently hope we regain sanity, understanding and tolerance on the near future, but I’m not holding my breath

        Here in the US the anti-trans ferver is definitely fueled by hatred of trans people and, I think, political opportunism. It’s so easy to hate “the other” you don’t know or have never met.

        It’s so sad knowing my physical therapist’s talented trans son, who’s about to graduate from college with a degree in music education, understands too well that he can live, seek higher education and work only in tolerant areas of Democratic blue states that are accepting of LGBTQ and especially trans people. Fortunately California is among them.

        • I’ve always thought that one of the great advantages of living in a godless, heathen nation like the U.K. is that we are mostly free of swivel-eyed evangelicals of the brimstone variety, worming their way into politics.

    • You can go too far both ways. Look at Josh Duggar, poster boy for pedophilia and a product of his parents repressed rules for Christianity, no doubt a narcissist who felt he wasn’t subject to the rules his parents enforced.

      Then look at Jeffrey Marsh, the nightmare under everyone’s bed who grooms children in his own special way. I think red and blue states can come together and agree that neither is someone you want around children.

      I think my state is purple now, but we do embrace differences. Look up William Windsor, Baby Man. His fetish was dressing as a baby and I’d see him walking up and down the sidewalk where I used to get my haircut. No one bothered him, he was just part of the fabric of a big city. People who are different can be embraced by a whole city. We had a mysterious lady here who was called “umbrella lady” as she would walk for miles dressed in an anime type costume with an umbrella. She refused offers of rides, she liked spending hours walking. No one ever knew her name until she was struck by a car and died. The outpouring of love for her was enormous and we are waiting to see when the perpetrator will will have her day in court.

      I really don’t like demonizing a whole group of people as evil. It didn’t turn out well for the Nazis, who by the way, did experiments on children. We are all individuals who have different religions and beliefs. And that is what can be wonderful about being American.

      • @ Maggie,

        Marsh was born in York, Pennsylvania, to Steven and Stacy Marsh, and grew up on a farm nearby.[3] Stacy was a Lutheran pastor.[3] Marsh has spoken about having felt misunderstood during a self-identified rough childhood, though they felt supported by their parents, describing their parents as their biggest fans

        You were saying???

        I can say from personal experience that growing up in a religious household I felt hopeless especially after being told often that I was going to hell and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

        That’s why I stopped following religion–it is poison to the soul.

        • I was saying that ultra Christianity can be harmful, whether it’s Josh Duggar or from the info you gave, Jeffrey Marsh.

          Josh is a certified pedophile and Marsh comes across as a scary creep that I would never allow my children to watch or be around.

          “The Gift of Fear”. Gavin de Becker wrote a great book about it. Fear is instinctual and we tend to brush it off as irrational when it could save our lives. I look at Marsh and the hairs on my neck stand up and I believe my instincts. I don’t care (tho it is interesting to know) what caused him to become the person he is because his actions in the here and now are what count.

    • @Nicole, save your breath. The sad part is that fear wins because most people aren’t able to be stand outside of themselves and see themselves as they are and not whom they want to see.

      They see themselves as tolerant or evolved but they really aren’t as far along as they would like to believe because they don’t use certain words or are overt in their prejudges.

      I think the trans thing will work out like gay marriage did in the U.S.

      The right-wing brings it up as a boogie man. They get some political milage out of it and win the initial battles, but in the end they lose the culture war and people come to their senses and we end up with live and let live.

      • You do realize it’s ok to be intolerant and not to just go with the flow? I’d like to know why the woman’s movement isn’t calling out trans men who compete in women’s sports? Why is it ok for these same trans men to cause injuries to the women competing against them? Why is it ok for a third rate swimmer with a man’s greater body strength to win every race against their women competitors? Why can these same trans men severely injure women playing against them in basketball? Why aren’t they trying to protect women in changing rooms who have been assaulted by these same trans men or are subjected to seeing them naked? Why are they not offended at men trying to look like women?

        Neptune has great strength in Pisces causing illusions, delusions, great lies and it also hampers seeing thru the fog. I think the kickback will happen when it enters Aries.

        • I do hope you’re right, Roderick, that eventually things settle down, as with gay marriage, and we get to “live and let live.”

    • Respectfully Nicole, you may be overlooking the puritanical nature and evangelism of gender ideology.

      The policy of “no debate” withers reasonable discussion of the topic. There’s good reason for that, it doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny.

      You merely have to take it all on faith. The inability to question any of the gender dogma leaves one challenged to find out the basics. There is also the obligatory reciting of mantras like TWAW, accompanied by purity tests like announcing preferred pronouns.

      Essentially it’s a faith based system with the core belief that gender, something innate and subjective, is akin to a soul.

      This soul somehow, sometimes ending up in the “wrong” body.

      The justifications for being in the wrong body are always based on regressive stereotypes like bookish, non sporty boys who like to cook or conversely what used to be called a Tomboys.

      Gender ideologues can’t even define a woman without resorting to a circular answer.

      Up until quite recently we’d seemed to have collectively agreed that the kids are fine just the way they are and not be concerned if they are non conforming.

      Now we are advised that the kids are defective and we need to correct their abnormalities with drugs, clothing, accessories and multiple surgeries.

      As any of the systemic reviews on these practices will tell you, this is gay conversion therapy on an unimaginable scale. Many present with untreated co-morbidities like autism, self-harm, depression and the like, yet are only treated for gender.

      It’s heartbreaking that anyone questioning their sexuality would resort to such extremes for approval rather being accepted for who they are.

      A generation of gays and lesbians has been devastated by this profoundly homophobic and regressive movement.

  13. It may not be the exact timing of Stonewall’s chart, yet it appears to fit their narrative. If slightly a bit of a romanticism. Stonewall’s Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn would wish to bring form to an unusual concept. Capricorn’s Saturn in the fifth house, the house of children and creativity. Would need to create a new birth of conception in a concrete form. Their Capricorn Moon could possibly be sitting on its Neptune. Becoming carried away with any possibility of birthing or gender. There would be a desire to become an authority on creative possibilities. As Leo rules the fifth house – love of children. Perhaps the creation of a possibility of anyone having children, giving birth and being creative could was conceived? Stonewall’s South Node could really be on the Leo Ascendent lending more need to be the new Kingmakers of any new concept. Pushing their North Node’s Aquarian group egalitarianism concept of human equality as far as possible? It may be a fanciful look at their chart, yet there may be reasons as to why Stonewall became so entrenched in this concept.

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