Sergei Torop – the Second Coming under scrutiny

A Jesus Christ wannabe, formerly a traffic cop, Sergei Torop, has been arrested in Siberia where he has been running a cult for three decades. He claims the truth of his reincarnation came to him in an awakening in 1990 when he took the name Viaasrion. “I am not God. But I am the living word of God the father. Everything that God wants to say, he says through me.”

  He was charged with running an illegal religious organisation which extorted money from followers and subjected them to emotional abuse. An aide, a former boyband drummer was arrested with him. Several thousand followers live in remote hamlets in Siberia, including professionals from Russia and abroad. Followers wear austere clothing and count years starting from 1961, the year of his birth, with Christmas replaced by a feast day on 14 January, his birthday.

 He was born fittingly enough with a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in place, which is the conjunction associated with the birth of Christ. Though his is in Capricorn, whereas the putative Christ chart is in Pisces. Torop also has a Capricorn Sun and Mercury.

  One of the meanings of Jupiter Saturn is hubris – flying too high fuelled by Jupiter’s vision and then being cut down by a hard reality check from Saturn.

  Torop also has a creative, healing though can-de-delusional and detached-from-reality Water Grand Trine of Venus in Pisces trine Mars in Cancer trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by Venus opposition Pluto North Node in Virgo.  He’s certainly talented, a powerful influencer and tied into the zeitgeist.

  He may also have had a focal point Sagittarius Moon squaring onto Venus opposition Pluto which would make him persuasive and designed to work with the public.

   When he had his flash of enlightenment on 18 August 1990 he was on his first Saturn Return and his Solar Arc Sun was opposition his Uranus with the transiting Sun conjunct his Uranus. With his Uranus natally inconjunct his Sun I’d hazard a guess that his birth time would produce an axis which formed a Yod with this quincunx – since this was the point where he clearly got knocked onto his vocational path, however deluded.


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  1. It’s always puzzled me why religious zealots of all varieties are invariably misogynistic – and think the feminine has to be tramped under foot. It is not just modern-day Islam, think of the mediaeval Vatican, even Tibetan Buddhism. I don’t know enough about Hinduism to speculate, but India as a country is very patriarchal. Judaism – thanking god for not being born a woman.
    Neptune is the astro-ruler of spiritual beliefs – and in mythology Neptune waged war with Athena, in the course of which he raped Medusa, and this once-beautiful woman was dispatched off into limbo her face rendered so ugly men could not look on her.
    And the old Adam and Eve slander is still alive and kicking. Women are the bearers of sinful sexuality and tempt men away from the straight and narrow. Which is such horlicks you can’t believe sane men actually subscribe to it as a view. But they do. Talk about gaslighting.
    It’s a weird mindset generated by deep-rooted mother issues. Which in Christianity goes back to the Virgin Mary, untainted by sexuality – it’s a miracle she had a body from which to produce a baby. And presumably never consummated her marriage thereafter. Mind boggling.
    Underneath it all there is a terrible fear of femininity, the body and sexuality. It’s very schizoid.

    • Yes, sadly the fear goes back to before the rise of the religions around us today. Back in around 4,000 BC Sumerian women were doing well, owning property, running things, trading etc. Their goddesses were equally powerful, and not simply relegated to “fertility” roles. Women in ancient Egypt also owned property, and had equal legal rights with men, again there were powerful goddesses, and also female rulers. Whizzing forwards, Anglo Saxon women, for instance, also owned and inherited property, and divorce was a common and an accepted part of their society. The woman kept the household goods, and the rest was equally divided. After about the 9th century, all of this went into a terrible decline for centuries and arguably, even now in many countries. We still don’t have equal pay, which says it all really.

    • I’ve often wondered how the world might have turned out had they kept the original bible in which Lilith, not Eve was the first woman and wife of Adam. She was made equally from the soil as the indolent Adam and wouldn’t even ‘lie beneath Adam as she wanted to be on top’ which he didn’t like. That’s an eye-opener itself to be in the bible! How did the men of the day deal with this Lilith? Banish her to become the eternal whore to the fallen archangel, Samael, who is more of a Satan archetype. From this union she would birth into existence thousands of demons, incubi and succubi on a daily basis. So, quite a busy woman then, ha.
      Then the bible introduced the boring, subservient Eve who was born to Adam from his rib to do as she was told. Until she brought all of mankind down from eating that damn Granny Smith’s apple. Lilith is also believed to be the serpent in the Garden of Eden who tried to tempt Eve out of her shackles and to open her eyes. To be quite frank, I think I would have happily gone with Lilith to learn a knew way of looking at the world than stay behind to be some thankless doormat to an ungrateful slave master whose only existence is to pop out his even more ungrateful male progeny.

      I believe most biblical stories originate from Sumerian texts. Iirc, God was just a real man who ruled over people in a dictatorial fashion who often threw his toys out of the pram when things didn’t suit him. And we have been living within this context of imbalance ever since. A bit like when a family member becomes an abuser and then each generation afterwards just keeps repeating a variation of the same family pattern. We need to wake up and become conscious of this.

      I found that mystical texts saw the Divine Feminine as very important to attain universal balance but most of the knowledge has been lost. I think deliberately too. But I’ve had this feeling forever that the DF energy is coming back right now. For me, the validation is the sudden rise in consciousness of women across the globe who are saying enough is enough when the metoo movement happened. Ever since that exploded in November 2017 a number of movements have happened also on the back of it. However, I am also of the belief it will be the most violent fight even above racial tensions, class inequality, environmental factors, etc. Because it’s about the energy imbalance within each of us. And those benefitting from misogyny will not be open to listening about change from weak-minded women (and men).

      I remember hearing esoteric researcher, Drunvalo Melchidezek, who spoke on this Divine Masculine/Feminine thing. He said the role of the Masculine is to protect when the forces out there turn dark. When it becomes safe again, it is the role of the Divine Feminine to create and nurture into being a new way of life. It’s just the masculine energy has become deeply toxic because they haven’t handed over the reigns for a few thousand years! There is a universal law of balance, like the eternal wheel, that is now keeling to far to the right and desperately needs to orient itself back on course if we are to survive as a species.

    • “…and in mythology Neptune waged war with Athena, in the course of which he raped Medusa, and this once-beautiful woman was dispatched off into limbo her face rendered so ugly men could not look on her.”

      It speaks volumes that it’s the victim, Medusa who pays the penalty for the crime.

      • Medusa was one of three sisters, the Gorgons, and belonged to that group of mythical beings that came before the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. Her mother was an ancient sea goddess, Keto. Her father was also some kind of watery deity, son of two of the Titans. I think her rape by Poseidon/Neptune is a strange detail here – somehow linking her back to those ancient mythic roots and a previous mythology that connects her with the sea. An ancient mythology is subsumed into the newer one, featuring a much less visceral cast of characters, and also featuring the ascendancy of the masculine principle. Ahem.

        The snake element links her to all the many mythologies where snakes represent both chaos and creation, the endless cycle of birth and death. Her blood was said to offer the gift of life and healing, or death and destruction. Snakes are associated with divination in a number of world cultures. The Minoan Snake Priestess image is one of the most striking examples of women/snakes/magic and power. That all comes up against Athena’s intellectual attributes, maybe representing a new development in thinking and strategy. Air versus water and earth? Athena sets out to destroy Medusa, yet uses Medusa’s powers to turn men to stone by placing her on her famous shield……

        I wonder if this myth might be astrologically represented by the quincunx aspect – between, say, Gemini and Scorpio and so on through the Zodiac?

  2. I read this in the newspaper and everything about him is as far away from Christ consciousness as possible. He just wreaks of control, delusion, and above all, a staggering amount of narcissism where everything is placed in his world to fawn over him and him only. I’m not religious in the slightest, but I do know the Christ entity came across as far more humble than this awful parasite. It amazes me people fall into a cult like fashion for such abusive people whose actions are so overt. But I guess when you want to believe something so badly, you overlook these alarm bells.

    • Jo, I just read this post and totally agree with you. How can someone with Su/Merc/Saturn/Jupin Capricorn be ‘spiritual’? His vocational indicator is Saturn esp strong in its own sign, conjunct Jupiter – classic sign of a businessman! Pure ambition and with the maverick Sag Moon, he’s taking them all in – half his cheek, so bizarre – what a madman to give his real details! he could have asked an astrologer to concoct a spiritual chart for him…..this was my best read today!

      • I just found this short documentary on YT and remember when this was aired years back and it wound me up even then – I’d forgot it was about this guy in the news today though. The misogyny is absolutely rife in this cult and makes me angry, the film makers looked genuinely scared when they realized they handed their passports over to this isolated community (I mean, that in itself is super creepy to hold peoples passports hundreds of miles from anywhere, isn’t it?)

        And then when they interview this self-absorbed parasite, he barely looks them in the eye most of the time and talks in such a vague and infuriating way, it’s rediculous. The entity that was Jesus was so much more lucid in his expression. But this guy is so far up his own arse it’s laughable and he clearly relishes being vague to give him that air of mystery. I think had I been there I would probably have ended up buried under one of their vegan garden temples for losing my temper with him!

        To say women have to know and understand that man is master and should know their place, that if a woman is too strong it causes disharmony in relationships and they must be separated from men. Then go on to say God will send sickness her way for daring to step outside the expected boundaries, just enrages me. It’s the main crux of why I despise religion because it’s damaged the equalibrium between the Divine male and feminine principles that was held in high regard before the evil Abrahamic religions crushed the ancient ways into the ground and turned ireligion into this ugly, toxic war-like misogyny that has been birthed out of it. My pet-hate is misogyny (I think it might be my Mars-Pluto conjunction in Libra as I despise power imbalances especially coming from men) and I’m absolutely pig-sick of seeing weak-spined men like this end up leading cults or ruining countries, never mind the day-to-day mundanity of average relationships.

        I’m not a particularly violent woman, but I just want to punch this creep in the pie-hole! His energy is dark. Then I would want to go around and slap everybody silly to damn well wake up. No doubt, these actions would have lead me to be lying under a cabbage patch in the Siberian landscape for overstepping my womanly boundaries. EEeeurggh, I despair in people quite often!

        • I’m Sun in Libra and I despise these sorts of men and the power imbalance they promote too.

          Yesterday I was listening to a podcast, “This is Actually Happening” about a woman who grew up in a cult in America. Her mother had just ended her relationship with her husband, who was a drug addict and alcoholic and was then drawn into this cult, which naturally followed a similar pattern to this Siberian ‘Jesus’, ie, absolute submission and shunning by the rest of the community if you didn’t live up to the stringent rules. It occurred to me that abusive relationships and/or growing up with toxic parents and abusive religious cults are not so far apart and may be the reason that so many women are easily drawn to and susceptible to these manipulators.

          • Yes, I’ve often wondered this too, VF. It just goes to show how broken we are as a human species, really, doesn’t it? And unfortunately, it also falls into that psychological programming of men usually being the perpetrator and women the victim who won’t stand up for herself (this is often a survival instinct in itself, actually, but still.)

            Also, talking of religion, it’s often been debated about Jesus being a feminist with quite a lot of evidence to prove he was just that, which stood in opposition to the ideology of his day. And yet, Christianity has been taught in such a dark, derogatory way that women have almost been eradicated completely from it’s biblical work, as well as art, and what not. It’s been used to promote misogyny to such lengths that has ended up with this toxic masculinity feeling compelled to rage wars with others.

            This article below talks about Jesus’ possible feminist leanings. Imagine men of the cloth actually stopping to think what his word actually meant rather than accept another’s version of it all to keep breeding the cancer in each generation. By the way, misogyny to me isn’t just hatred of women. It’s hatred for the feminine within the masculine self, hating the expression of emotion (which is why many men commit suicide because of this toxic culture because its seen as weak), hating on the LGBT folks, etc. It ramps up this perverted sense of manliness that then begins to divide what he sees in front of himself in which self-entitlement drives his engine (I shouldn’t just put the blame at men’s feet, women are often a victim of it, but often perpetuate the psychological side/beliefs but are usually less violent and dangerous with it.)

            There comes this sense of needing to be victorious over others at the expense of even another’s life. No surprise that domestic violence is almost always done by misogynists and is even rooted and found in all global terrorist attacks. I personally believe misogyny is the root cause to ALMOST ALL the problems we have in this world and it’s putting us perilously close to the end of the human species if we don’t wake the hell up and address it!

          • Yes, Jo – isn’t it the case that men who perpetrate mass shootings are almost always also domestic abusers? As for the teachings of Jesus, I don’t mean to offend anyone but from what I see of evangelical Christianity in the US, it bears no resemblance to the teachings of Christ, in fact I wouldn’t even call it Christianity – more of a degenerated ‘folk’ religion.

            I note the Manchester Arena inquiry is taking place at the moment, a crime which deliberately targeted women and girls. I remember the natal chart for that incident had, iirc both Moon and Venus in Aries, which at the time said to me, ‘war against the Feminine’.

  3. Thanks Marjorie, this is fascinating. Grand trines are such slippery things I think. Your post prompted me to look at Rasputin’s natal chart – 21 January 1869 (GC). Another charismatic, “spiritual” Russian mystic. He had a Grand Trine in fire – Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter/Neptune in Aries, North Node in Leo. Mercury (Aquarius), Uranus (Cancer) and Pluto (Taurus) all aspect this. Rasputin came from Siberia, so I wonder if this was one of the factors influencing Sergei Torop when he chose Siberia as the location for his cult. Traditional shamanism is also widely practised in Siberia, and attracts people from Western cultures.

    • Rasputin came to mind, too. These religious practices can mostly be traced to Old Believers and other mystic Russian Orthodox sects, who either seeked refuge or were exiled to Siberia starting from the late 17th century. These could be wild, to say the least. Khlyst founder Daniil Filippovich also declared himself Lord Sebaot. While Khlysts died out, it’s not hard to see where the roots of these believes are.

      • Yes, it seems this man is just the tip of the Siberian cult iceberg. According to this article, there are about 4,000 distinct cults involving 800,000 people in and around Siberia. “Gurus” like Sergey Kirienko (Kaula Dharma) and Konstantin Rudnev (Ashram Shambala) have been arrested in the past. I wonder if there’s anything in Russia’s chart (s) that points to this widespread phenomenon?

        I once came across a Russian sex yoga group in an out of the way location in rural Thailand. The men running it were very secretive and both looked pretty intimidating. We steered clear of them all, and never discovered exactly what was going on.

        • It may be no coincidence that Tsarist Russia fostered a cult-like worship of the Tsar, who was seen as an embodiment of god and with godlike healing powers, not unlike the way monarchs were perceived in Medieval Europe. There was a deeply mystical aura around the Tsar.

          My great-great aunt was a Tolstoyan and lived in a commune for a while. Although Tolstoy didn’t formulate a doctrine as such, he referred his followers to the teachings of Christ, in particular the sermon on the mount. My other great great Aunt along with her husband started a Tolstoy commune in Essex after they fled to England, following the Revolution. Interestingly, Tolstoy’s astrology has an Earth element emphasis with Sun/Moon/Mercury in Virgo, Mars/Neptune/Uranus in Capricorn.

          • Correction – my g g aunt and uncle actually left Russia in 1897 and lived in the Purleigh commune in Essex. Other family members left Russia in 1915 and others remained in Russia until the 1920s.

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