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  1. Trump’s tax records for the past ten years appear to have been leaked. It seems he paid practically no tax for 10 of the past 15 years and the tax write-offs included stuff like $70,000 for his hair stylists, etc.

    Didn’t Marjorie say that Trump may come under pressure in October?

    As an aside, saw a tweet that said that if Trump can get Clarence Thomas to stand aside, he may be able to appoint another justice in the lame-duck session. Marjorie, any thoughts on that? How does Clarence Thomas’s chart look?

    • Who is tweeting this? Replacing Clarence Thomas is not going to happen before Nov 3rd. Lindsay Graham, who is chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee put forward a timeline on ACB confirmation. Senate Judiciary is expected to put her through on Oct 22nd. The confirmation will come literally days ahead of Nov 3rd Election. And, a little known fact, some of the newly confirmed Senators – this is the case for Arizona, at least – will swear in by the end of November, after which the Senate will recede for holidays (early November election date is not casual).

      As for Trump taxes, he is also over 1 BILLION dollars in debt, per Dan Alexander of Forbes, who summed them up. Previously, it was reported over 400 million are due in the next two years, but liabilities go furthet. He is essentially broke, and using his golf trips etc. which require Secret Service surveilance on his premises, to ciphone money to his businesses. David Farenthold of WaPo has been on this for years now, so I’d expect some cross referencing on this.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    Could you look into Chuck Feeney ( as the headline on the BBC website says ‘The billionaire who gave it all away’) please?
    He was born on the 23rd of April 1931 in Elizabeth (NJ, USA) no birth time. Thank you!

  3. As I recall, Marjorie said that abolishing Obamacare would be a very steep uphill fight and therefore probably won’t happen. On the other hand, she seemed to think there was a good chance Roe v. Wade might be overturned. Correct me if my memory is faulty.

  4. Hi Marjorie
    Singapore is in a deep recession, very much impacted by COVID-19, being a tourism and transport hub with a very open trade-based economy which contracted 41.2% in April-June.
    Will the economy rebound or will things get worse ? Thank you if you can have a look.

  5. Hi Marjorie in light of China’s announcement today regarding 2060 and the fact that energy and politics are intertwined. I was wondering or should I say hoping, the international climate change summit in Glasgow. 1- 12 November 2021 will bring real chance any astrological cues?

    • There’s an upbeat Jupiter Pluto conjunction on the final day so will end on a high. But these summits tend to speak big and then don;t deliver sadly.

  6. Morning…I have already placed this on the Supreme Court thread but as this is a later comment section I am repeating the news that the announcement for the SC nominee ia supposedly this coming Saturday at 5pm. Any thoughts? Thank you.

  7. Hi Marjorie, could you look into Frederik and Mary, The Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark, please? The Prince Frederik born on the 26th of May 1968 at 23:50, Copenhagen, Denmark. The Princess Mary born on the 5th of February 1972 Hobart, Australia (no birth time available). Thank you!

  8. A Russian man claims he’s the reincarnation of Christ.

    Vissarion claims that on 18 August 1990, when he was 29, he had a revelation that he was the reincarnation of Christ.

    He first spoke publicly about his claim in Minusinsk on 18 August 1991.
    Born: 14 January 1961, Krasnodar
    Founded: Church of the Last Testament

    He has been arrested and held in his country on various financial crimes. Apparently has a significant group of followers.

    His birthday is January 14 1961 is not a far cry from a Jeanne Dixon prophecy that the Anti Christ would be born February 5 1962.

    There are a couple similarities in Vissarion’s bio and the description of Dixion’s Anti Christ.

    Vissarion claims that on 18 August 1990, when he was 29, he had a revelation that he was the reincarnation of Christ.

    He first spoke publicly about his claim in Minusinsk on 18 August 1991.

    Dixon Anti Christ Prophecy

    Jeane Dixon – February 5, 1962
    (at just after 7 a.m. Eastern Standard Time)

    Jeane saw his impact felt by the world by the year 1991-1994. Even though he obviously was not revealed yet.

    She supposed him to be of actual ancient Egyptian lineage of the Pharaohs, he was really living in another part of the Arab world. She also saw in this young man, who becomes leader of Egypt, the figure of the Pharaoh Amenhotep with his Queen Nefertiti. Amenhotep was the heretic that eventually turned the world from its former gods to worship himself!

  9. Greetings Marjorie.
    Chasten Buttigieg released a book recently. Given his seemingly sensitive nature, how is he looking over the tumultuous period, particularly the inauguration?

    • He looks devastated and discouraged now till late November; and hugely frustrated late Nov till late December. After that till late January he’s more upbeat. Though that could be for any number of reasons.

      • SCOTUS nomination is a good guess. This will be absolutely devastating for many LGTB people in Red/Reddish States. In Chastain’s case, I’m 100 per cent certain he would love to have children either through a surrogate or adoption, and this is something having a more Conservative Supreme Court affirming State rights over Federal policy would affect.

  10. Marjorie,

    I know you’ve written a million posts about this in the past, but since the topic has become relevant again, I was wondering if you had any current astrological insights regarding the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and Rowe vs. Wade.

    Obamacare, in particular, is currently in litigation as a result of a number of red state attorney generals filing law suits over its validity. The Supreme Court was expected to review the case after the election (they tentatively said around November 10th). However, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sadly passed away unexpectedly and it’s obviously disrupted everything.

    Any insights regarding Obamacare and Rowe vs. Wade you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    • @ Chris, both the ACA aka Obamacare and Roe v Wade are both gone after Trump nominates his THIRD Supreme Court judge. The end!!!
      Has any president nominated three Supreme Court judges during one term before? *sigh*

      • Roderick,

        Not necessarily. I do remember a post Marjorie wrote a few years back discussing how Obamacare would have a bumpy ride until 2019…but might have a lucky break around mid or late 2021.

        I don’t remember what she predicted for Rowe vs Wade, but i suppose i could find it if i did some searching.

        If this functions were overturned, the GOP could risk losing any chance of ever being reelected. SCOTUS might be conservative, but the justices are smart enough to know this…and I’m sure they would love for Republicans to continue being reelected.

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