Serbia – stuck between Russia and the EU

In a rare flash of humour a Russian government spokesman  remarked “Our diplomacy has yet to master teleportation,” when Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was blocked from flying to Serbia because of the surrounding countries closing their airspace.  Serbia is totally dependent on Russian oil and gas, has not joined western sanctions against Moscow and been slow to condemn Russian aggression. It is stuck between its close historic, religious and cultural ties with Russia and its application to become a member of the EU.

 Serbia became independent on 5 June 2006 at 2.09pm in Belgrade (caveat – I dislike modern charts for countries with an ancient history, but it’s tricky to see what earlier chart could be used.) This one has a Gemini Sun trine Neptune and square Uranus – idealistic and rebellious, or vague and disruptive.  There’s also a mixed, enduring T Square both indulgent and hard-edged with Jupiter in Scorpio opposition Venus square Saturn Mars in Leo.

  It’ll face its greatest problems from 2024 onwards with a trapped/frustrating tr Pluto opposition the Mars and significant challenges in the years thereafter.

   Serbian president, Aleksandar Vučić, 5 March 1970, sworn in for a second term on May 31st, after a landslide election earlier this year, is a Sun Pisces with an intensely charming Venus in Pisces opposition Pluto; and Mars in late Aries conjunct Saturn in early Taurus.  He’s stuck this year, facing major aggravations this August to December and sensing his power diminishing into 2023 and beyond.

  His First Term chart as president from May 31 2017 is showing indications of instability this year and failure next. His 2nd Term chart has Mercury conjunct Algol square Saturn trine Pluto so his persuasive powers won’t be making much headway.

 Relations between Serbia 2006 and Russia 1917 will be in for a jolt and a shock come the middle of this month onwards on and off into 2023, with over reactions likely. Pressures will build through 2023 though tensions may ease from 2024/25. There are evasions and miscommunications this year flagged up on the other Russia 1991/Serbia chart; with confusions and mounting challenges 2024 to 2026.

 Sergei Lavrov, 21 March 1950, has been Foreign Minister since 2004 though is not thought to be part of Putin’s inner sanctum.  He’s a Sun Aries in an assertive/aggressive opposition to Mars in an uncompromising square to Uranus so will have a short fuse and be impulsive. He also has a persuasive Venus opposition Pluto but with Jupiter also in opposition to Pluto will be pushily over confident at times and bulldoze across accepted behaviour to get what he wants.

This year he’s having sagging moments of uncertainty, especially mid this September to late October; but also lucky, successful phases in late June to early August. His ups and downs continue through 2023. And it will be 2025/26 when he faces his worst moments as the tr Saturn Neptune in Aries squares his Uranus, is conjunct his Sun and then opposition his Mars.  

3 thoughts on “Serbia – stuck between Russia and the EU

  1. I absolutely agree on modern political charts often being of little use in general, but they can be indicative for modern constitutional democracies. I think Italian Republic Chart, and 5th Republic Chart for France work well. Also, Finnish Independence is straight forward, even if the Parliamentary Chart predates this.

    But Serbia, I feel we still need more evidence for the 2006 chart, which, in any way, was after Montenegro split from Serbia, is in anyway indicative.

  2. It’s fascinating to read that practically every country and it’s leaders are going to go through a difficult and transformative period between 2023-2026 including world banks. This is also the time when many outer planets will shift signs. It appears as though we will come out in a “New World” post this era.

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