Sean “Diddy” Combs – a tough road ahead

Sean Combs – Diddy – the billionaire rapper and record producer, has settled out of court for an unnamed sum a slew of sexual assault allegations from a former girlfriend singer Cassie Ventura with no admission of guilt.

  His wide ranging career, drenched with music awards, including founding a clothes retailer, being a brand ambassador for a vodka outlet, and co-founding the television network and news website Revolt in 2013.

  He was born 4 November 1969 New York, with a father (former Air Force and and an associate of a convicted New York drug dealer) who was shot dead when Sean was two years old.

  His chart was rattled up by recent eclipses with his Mercury in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus in line with the recent Lunar Eclipse; and his Venus Jupiter in Libra catching the Solar eclipse. He does have an intense chart with a Scorpio Sun and Neptune in Scorpio on the focal point of a mini Grand Trine of Mars in Capricorn trine Pluto. The Mars Pluto Neptune a legacy no doubt from his military father with drug connections.

  His get-it-together 5th harmonic is exceptionally strong giving him the ability and drive to craft a solid life for himself. His 18H is also ominously notable with overtones of too much pleasure seeking not always from admirable diversions.

   Cassie Ventura, 26 August 1986, Connecticut, was in her late teens when she met him and he in his mid thirties and they were together for more than ten years.

  She is a Sun Virgo trine Neptune and sextile Pluto giving her an ambitious streak with her Sun square Saturn hinting her determination to be successful was fuelled by low self esteem.

 Her Jupiter in Pisces is conjunct his North Node which would bring them together to promote popular trends and her Sun is probably conjunct his Virgo Moon. But her Mars in Capricorn squares his Uranus for a clash of conflicting needs; and her Pluto conjunct his Mercury and opposition his Saturn would lead to no-win discussions and trapped situations.

  All of which is repeated in their relationship chart  with a controlling composite Sun square Pluto; a power-struggling, resentful and emotionally unhealthy and fraught Venus Pluto square Mars and trine Saturn; a chained together Pluto trine Saturn and an ever hopeful Sun square Jupiter.

  He is not moving into an easy few years with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars till late 2024 and then tr Pluto moves onto a discouraging square to his Saturn and Mercury in 2025/26 – which will be trapped, frustrating and scary. The fates doling out a taste of his own medicine perhaps.   There are various other allegations from several women which may now be pushed into further action.

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  1. If you are going to pass rumors at least get the misinformation correct.

    “Rumors say he is the one who plotted the assassination of Tupac and his ex wife (he was never married) died in misterious circustances (autopsy report later revealed that she had died of lobar pneumonia) because she was about to publish a tell all book.

    Apparently he is also a pedophile…(unsubstantiated but apparently you know)”

  2. I guess this is one of the outcomes of Jupiter retrograding through Taurus–legal cases involving the rich with regards to past/buried problems?

    I personally experienced assault during transiting Pluto conjuncting my Venus, and it was very painfully transformative (and still unresolved because the people involved are powerful).

    Some convincing elements for me from their composite chart:
    1. Pluto Venus conjunction w
    2. an approaching Sun that conjuncts the S node
    3. squaring onto Mars (knife/gun? or quintessentially male) and
    4. that yod culminating in the moon in the 8th-house, which it rules (transformation of the woman), from a base of a Sagittarius Neptune (legal deception) sextile Aquarius Saturn (the father figure, given Combs’s 16 years her senior. It also makes me think of Ann’s comment about a smear campaign–online I’m guessing, from the Aquarius.)

    Since the moon is in the 8th and Aries N. node squars the Capricorn Jupiter (legal issues as the relationship matures?), and Combs’s up-coming tr Pluto conjuncting his Mars (which sits 6 degrees from his ascendant in his first house and is the ruler of his Aries 3rd and Scorpio 9th houses–so more legal indicators), I would stay far far away from him if I were Ventura. I hope she has a reliable network of friends to count on and stays strong.

    Have you noticed other Venus Pluto hard aspects in the composite charts of survivors and perpetrators?

  3. He is not moving into an easy few years with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars till late 2024 and then tr Pluto moves onto a discouraging square to his Saturn and Mercury in 2025/26 – which will be trapped, frustrating and scary.

    If that means he’s going to jail or at least trial for the alleged sexual assaults then I will be satisfied.

    Combs has always seemed to have a dark aura about him so I am not surprised against him.

  4. In many cases, victims settle rather than going through the additional trauma of the trial, and she was going up against a billionaire who has lots of influence in a variety of industries. He already started a smear campaign against her.

    Taking the settlement actually BENEFITS Diddy, because it supports his claim it was a money grab and deflect sfrom the fact there was physical, sexual, and mental abuse he did to her and many other women in his orbit or control. She was luckier than most victims of Domestic Violence as their were witnesses in some of these instances and they confirmed what happened.

    Like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, etc there are rumors floating for years and after 1 or 2 women are brave enough to call it out and name their abuses, then the floodgates open and MOST of the rest of the women who were abused by these men start to feel comfortable coming forward and telling what happened to them. This is just the tip of an iceberg.

  5. Thanks for this Marjorie.

    There have been rumours about him for years…surrounding his repeated mistreatment of past label acts, and the supposed emotional torture of his now deceased ex wife Kim Porter.

    I find it hard to see how certain celebrities pictured just recently by his side, before this all broke will be able to associate with him freely without questions arising.

    I must say, her quickness to take the money doesn’t support her seeming willingness to be a new advocate for undertrodden and abused women around the world.

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