SCOTUS pick – risk of a reverse

There is concern that a right-wing, religiously-oriented replacement for Ruth Ginsberg could upset Roe v Wade and Obamacare.

  Roe v Wade was signed 22 January 1973 at 10 am Washington, DC which gives a stalwart Aquarius Sun trine Pluto sextile Neptune in Sagittarius; with an optimistic Uranus square Jupiter Mercury; and a destructive Mars opposition Saturn. There are tremors of an upheaval this year until late December though nothing would be decided that quickly. Though an anti-abortion choice for SCOTUS might send shivers of fear through the chart. Where the major debate comes is 2023/24 with tr Pluto conjunct the Mercury with a seriously rattled and insecure Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Mars in 2024/25. Tr Pluto will also be conjunct the Sun in 2024 so that looks the most challenging time.

   Obamacare was signed in on 23 March 2010 at 11.56 am Washington, DC, and is a Sun Aries opposition Saturn in fair-minded Libra, trine Mars in Leo; with an emotionally intense and nurturing Cancer Moon on the Ascendant opposition Pluto square Sun Mercury.

  There’s a lucky, relief-bringing Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct the Uranus in 2021; although there’s also a directionless tr Neptune conjunct the Solar Arc Midheaven next year as well. A major pressure point could be 2022 when the Moon opposition Pluto connects with the 7th house North Node – which will test its mettle. 2023 will be nerve-stretched with tr Neptune conjunct the Uranus 

 Just when you think the USA can’t sink any lower. Sigh.  Why any sane, civilized country is still angst-ing about either abortion or universal health care is beyond my understanding. A true-believer Roman Catholic shamefully shoehorned onto the Supreme Court who might upset both would be a travesty – all the more so since initiated by a man with the moral calibre of termite.  

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  1. I’m a secular Roman Catholic (I was even born into the religion). I’m not anywhere near being conventional (since I strongly align with the New Age Movement)…but I do greatly admire Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, and our current Pope Francis. I also believe the power of the Rosary and our Patron Saints.

    That being said, I’m pro-choice, I support LGBTQIA+ rights, civil rights, social programs, environmental protections, and science. In fact, majority of Roman Catholics in the United States also support these things and I even saw a few polls in the past that show American Roman Catholics, mainstream White Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and even Muslims being MORE socially liberal than Evangelical Christians (who polled the lowest of all religious groups).

    In other words, it’s not Roman Catholicism that is a threat to social process in the United States – it’s fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity that is the real scourge in this society.

    I live in Northeast Florida – this part of the start aligns with the American Deep South (culturally, historically, and ideologically) and I’m surround by Southern Baptists and Evangelicals – most of them are total nutjobs and they’ve been totally brainwashed by Donald Trump and Mike Pence. There are a few sane and progressive-minded Baptists and Evangelicals (who I know personally) who detest Trump, Pence, and the Republican Party….but they are few and far between.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  2. As stated below, the whole “Democrats are opposed to appointing Amy Corey Barrett because they are anti-Catholic” argument is, obviously, ridiculous and very unlikely to sway Catholic voters who’ve paid attention.

    I also still have this gut feeling rushing SCOTUS nom will, somehow, bite GOP on back some way. There’s something absolutely panicky about how leading Republicans have been acting lately. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy didn’t honor RBG when she laid in state at Capitol. It seems like an odd move from people feeling they are in control.

    Wish I had something astrological to back this up. I think I’ll look at this as soon as I’m on my computer, I’ll check GOP 1854 and 1856 charts.

  3. Joe Biden is Catholic. He opposes abortion, but politically defends women’s right to have one.
    JFK: “I do not speak for my church on public matters and the church does not speak for me.”
    22% of USA are RC.

    • As stated below, the whole “Democrats are opposed to appointing Amy Corey Barrett because they are anti-Catholic” argument is, obviously, ridiculous and very unlikely to sway Catholic voters who’ve paid attention.

      I also still have this gut feeling rushing SCOTUS nom will, somehow, bite GOP on back some way. There’s something absolutely panicky about how leading Republicans have been acting lately. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy didn’t honor RBG when she laid in state at Capitol. It seems like an odd move from people feeling they are in control.

      Wish I had something astrological to back this up. I think I’ll look at this as soon as I’m on my computer, I’ll check GOP 1854 and 1856 charts.

  4. Trump won’t care about the opposition as he thrives on conflict. I think he will almost certainly choose a woman Roman Catholic because that is the most difficult candidate for his political opponents to block and may also benefit his chances of re-election. He wants certain sections of the Democratic Party to start using the candidates religious faith as reasons for opposing the nomination because if they adopt a suitably hostile anti Catholic rhetoric then it could potentially alienate a section of the Democratic parties own voting base. It should be remembered that somewhere between a fifth and quarter of US voters are Catholics and the demographic includes quite a few Hispanic voters in key states.

    • Hugh, I’m fairly certain Trump isn’t capable of this far fetched strategic thinking. But this certainly was and is GOP strategy. I don’t know if that’s working, though. Some prominent Republicans, especially Catholic ones, have been baiting Democrats for days now, and I haven’t seen a biff. It may help that Obama appointed Justice Sonia Sotomayor is Catholic and Latina. Their presidential candidate Joe Biden is a practising Catholic, whose faith seems sincere. And, the highest ranking woman in The US Politics, Nancy Pelosi, is not only Catholic, but a mother of five, and, at least according to a story by her daughter Christina, asked her children if it was ok for her to enter politics.

      I also think that DNC and their leadership have adopted Obama Strategy (outlined at John Lewis Memorial and Convention) here. Their goal is to take WH, Senate and House. Expand Senate by granting District of Columbia and Puerto Rico Statehoods. And then expand SCOTUS to 11 judges. In case American Democracy survives, this will happen, anyway, by 2026, due to a simple demographic shift (which seems to be, BTW, fastenef by Covid-19 outbreak and California wildfires and Silicon Valley professionals packing to Nevada, Colorado, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee). 2020 seems not to have been on table for Senate just a couple of months ago, but Arizona and Colorado are almost certain Democratic pickups by all poll trackers, most have added a couple of more toss up States in just a couple of weeks, and at least a 50-50 Senate with VP as a tiebreaker seems possible.

  5. As if the US doesn’t have enough problems, we have the president (small p), stirring up more potential trouble regarding the election. It seem the stress here never stops. I think w/transiting Jupiter/Saturn conjunction coming soon, it will change the general vibe to a more progressive & future oriented one.

  6. The potential nominees being approved right away is igniting a backlash against Trump and several Senators. People in the middle and far left, especially women, will be more motivated to vote for Biden. The handling of the pandemic has driven older voters to prefer Biden too. Many of Trump supporters will lose their healthcare as well. Trump’s adverse Neptune, Pluto, Saturn transits are clouding his judgement and increasing his authoritarian tendencies.

  7. There’s been some breaking news today from The New York Times that Trump has decided to nominate Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court. I don’t agree with them trying to ram another justice through just 39 days before an election, but this is where we are.

    Again, looking at Judge Amy Barrett’s chart, there’s no mistaking she’s conservative. However, that Aquarius does have me thinking she might not be the ultra-conservative alt-right freak that many of Trump’s most ardent cult followers would likely prefer.

    Even some in the mainstream news media appear to have cautiously softened their opinion of Barrett. For example, they mentioned that Barrett had actually adopted some children from Haiti. That actually sounds like something with a lot of Aquarius in their chart might do. It also gives me some encouragement that Barrett isn’t a racist (because most ultra-conservative White people ARE racist).

    And reading through this updated post by Marjorie, it at least appears Obamacare isn’t in any immediate danger of being struck down…..which makes me think, regardless of what Barrett personally thinks about Obamacare, she’s unlikely to vote to strike it down given the political consequences it could bring to her Republican Party.

    All in all, I don’t feel as threatened by Amy Barrett as I originally did. However, depending on what skeletons start coming out of the closet, I may or may not feel differently about her in time.

  8. Maybe if RBG had been psychic as well as determined, compassionate, intelligent and well enough to do her job, despite cancer treatment, she might have chosen differently. (There are plenty of people with advanced cancer functioning at home and in the workplace everywhere…and we wouldn’t even know) Frankly, I think even if I was psychic 5 years ago and seen this coming I wouldn’t have believed what I was seeing!

  9. No sign of any outbreak of brotherly love across the pond I see. This is not going to be getting any better looking at the charts.

    The 1789 US Supreme Court Mars at 24 Cancer is currently opposed in transit by Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and square Mars in Aries. The US Supreme Court Progressed Chart currently has a Mars/Jupiter in Leo opposing Pluto in Aquarius making a fixed T Square to its progressed Sun in Taurus

    Mars retrograde in Aries will oppose the US National 1776 Mars which is also retrograde at 17 Libra in the week before the Presidential election. Mars will also be conjunct the US Progressed Chiron which is at 17 Aries and opposing the 1787 US Constitution Neptune at 17 Libra. In that pre election week the Moon will conjoin the US 1776 progressed Sun in Pisces and then transit across Neptune currently near 18 Pisces, Chiron currently at 6 Aries to conjoin the retrograde Mars. Emotions will run very high.

  10. “…since initiated by a man with the moral calibre of termite”

    That is kind of degrading to termites, most termites probably have more moral character than elected officials with R behind their name but I do understand the comparison, termites bore holes in wood, Republicans bore holes in reality.

    On a serious note, does anyone think there might be issues confirming a new SC justice during Mercury Rx?

  11. “A true-believer Roman Catholic shamefully shoehorned onto the Supreme Court who might upset both would be a travesty – all the more so since initiated by a man with the moral calibre of termite.”

    I think I put it out on comments, but I think Trump might pull a big one and come out with a name outside Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa, who are said to be frontrunners. Because essentially, he does not care about Roe vs. Wade, there are persistent rumors that (maybe confirmed by Mary Trump?) he pressured Marla Maples to have an abortion when she was pregnant with Tiffany. Also, he is OK with ACA, as long as it’s not called Obamacare, because it’s a very popular, if not perfect, policy. Many Americans would never admit they need it, because they truly fancy themselves as “temporary embarrashed millionaires”, but Republicans failing to come up with any true alternative was the reason they lost House in 2018.

    The only thing Trump, or the people he listen to now, mostly Ivanka, I suppose, truly care about now is selfpreservation. You must remember that most of the Trump family is in deep legal trouble. They need someone willing to drag The Election as long as possible, because with a stable lead of 7-8 points Nationally in public polls and States like Iowa now tied (with Senatorial races closing in, as well), I think their internal polling must be obscenely bad.

    And no matter how scary these Conservative “Lady Judges” seem, Barrett seems to have a “True Believer” chart making her a possible Gorsuch – a socially Conservative Justice, who, however, is deeply principaled on Rule of Law. I haven’t checked Barbara Lagoa, but she is a November 2nd 1967 Scorpio Sun. I actually know a person born November 1st 1967, and this person, while maybe a polar opposite to Lagoa on opinions, is truly one of the most principaled people I’ve ever met. I think this showed at his chart, as well.

    So, it seems that these people might either prove “disappointing” for Trump or for all these Republican Senators foolishly thinking they’re playing him.

  12. Also of great concern is a new conservative Justice placed on SCOTUS by McConnell’s GOP majority before the November 3rd Election. Declining to accept the results in the event he loses, Trump says he wants a conservative majority on the Supreme Court in case of an Election Day dispute this counting on the conservative SCOTUS majority to hand him the presidency. The stress in Marjorie’s recent SCOTUS Chart indicate that all the conditions around this election are ripe for a constitutional crisis that could leave the nation without an authoritative result. We have no fail-safe against that calamity since the peaceful transition has always been presumed to happen. “We could well see a protracted postelection struggle in the courts and the streets if the results are close,” says Richard L. Hasen, a professor at the UC Irvine School of Law. A very troubling outline is presented in this article.

  13. Agreed. However, this could have been avoided. Ruth Ginsberg had been ill with cancer for some years. If she could have been prevailed upon to step down whilst Obama was still president, another moderate could have been appointed to the Supreme Court, and the current delicate balance of power retained.
    Not remotely surprised that Trump chose to ignore the wishes of a dying woman, but amazed that some commentators appear to expect him to behave other than in his usual ruthless and Cavalier way…

    • Adele, you fail to acknowledge that Republicans held Senate for for 6 years of Barack Obama’s 8 year term. They would not have put through anyone even remotely as Liberal as a RBG. Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia died unespectedly over 8 months before 2016 Election, and Mitch McConnell now hellbent to have a SCOTUS in less than 50 days, filibustered Nomination of a Liberal Judge Merrick Garland.

      Also, as a non-American, I was curious on why it takes 67 Senators to remove a President, but only 50 + VP as a tiebreaker to nominate a SCOTUS, a lifetime role. Now, I learnt it didn’t use to be like this – until 2013, it was three fifths, and 1975 two thirds supermajority. I think 2013 decision was also partially due to Democrats (Harry Reid?), but as an outside observer, I can say it was horrible, and has further broken US politics. Someone like Brett Kavanaugh would not have even been put there by any sane President if he’d needed at least 7 Democratic votes.

      • @ Solaia, no the Republicans held the House for six years out of the eight years of Obama’s presidency. Republicans only took control of the Senate in 2015 so RBG could have retired in 2013 to have avoided an election year fight.

        As for the SCOTUS until 2017 the Senate required 60 votes to end debate on a SCOTUS nominee. McConnell changed the rules because his entire objective was the pack the U.S. federal judiciary with young right-wing judges and unfortunately he has succeeded.
        Harry Reid only abolished the filibuster ( 60 votes) for Cabinet nominees because even after Obama was re-elected in 2012, Senate Republicans were still blocking Obama’s nominees.

        • Roderick, thanks for clarifying this! Yes, I now recall Obama nominees being blocked, even if I wasn’t half as obsessed with US internal politics in 2012 than I’m now. It didn’t seem as consequential to usbabroad, and US foreign policy role was relatively stable.

          In this case, I think 2014 might have been a good point to retire for RBG. But this is all hindsight. If we were to go down this road, the next thing we should be questioning is Joe Biden not running in 2016, because if he had, he’d probably wan (latest Fox News – ! – poll seem to have him doing much better among blue collar Pennsylvania voters than Hillary, and this is where Hillary lost) and you’d have SCOTUS Merrick Garland (I’m fully aware he wasn’t running because of Beau, he is still shaken enough by this for me to understand how devastated he must have been in 2016). It also expects SCOTUS to “politize” themselves to an extend strategizing their tenure. I know at least some Republican nominated SCOTUS are doing it, but I guess RBG may have had objections on that.

          • All true. The sad thing is that it has been reported that her hope was to retire under a female President and it was evident early on that Hillary Clinton was going to run & she finally announced April, 2015. Given who Ginsburg was & what she stood for I don’t think we can fault her for that. As we know all the polls suggested Hillary would win.

          • From what I have read astrologically no one was going to beat Trump in 2016 so he was kinda destined to become president.
            No one even Trump expected Trump to win and there was so much craziness that happened in 2016 that everyone would change if they could.

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