Scott Adams – Dilbert dropped over hate claim

Scott Adams, the American cartoonist, creator of Dilbert, has wrecked his career by saying that white people should stay away from black people whom he regards as a hate group. All of his media outlets promptly dropped him though Elon Musk in his  campaign against the cancel culture appears to be in support. Despite claiming no political affiliations Adams has in the past spoken up in favour of Trump and against Biden.

  Adams has now claimed his statement was similar to Mike Pence’s advice for men to stay away from women during #metoo fervour.

  Born 8 June 1957 2.30am Windham, New York, Adams is a Sun Gemini opposition an 8th house Saturn in Sagittarius – scattered and rigid; with his Sun in a confident square to Jupiter. His Mercury is prominent being in stubborn Taurus, in a dogmatic and can-be-fanatical square to Pluto, and sextile an excitable Mars in Cancer as well as trine Jupiter. No surprises that he lets fly with both barrels when voicing his opinions. Mars can be volatile in Cancer and it also squares his Libra Moon which is another hint of a short-fused personality, easily prodded into over reaction.

  His Mercury is conjunct his South Node which is intriguing since his Scorpio North Node carries a message that letting go of everything is the road to transformation. He’s certainly burnt his bridges behind him though whether enlightenment will follow looks doubtful.

  What is around is a devastating, confused and marginally tormented introduction to Pluto moving into Aquarius which will conjunct his Neptune from late this March as his Solar Arc Pluto sits on top of it as well. A double whammy of obsessive, brain-meltdown.

  Musk, 28 June 1971, being a Cancer Sun and Venus in Gemini chimes with Adams’ Gemini Sun and Venus in Cancer.

Adams birth time is from memory – and the Midheaven/SA Midheaven does not reflect anything ongoing career wise at the moment so may be wrong.

5 thoughts on “Scott Adams – Dilbert dropped over hate claim

  1. Hey everyone, it’s ok to be white. It’s ok to be any color. It’s ok to be black. It’s ok to be a woman and it’s ok to be a man. It’s ok to be gay or neither. It’s ok to be old and it’s ok to be young. It’s ok to be religious and it’s ok to love astrology. It’s ok to be democrat or republican. Like when is this going to stop? Let us be who we are because there’s nothing wrong with that!

    • Harmony,
      Your heart seems like it’s in the right place, but I’d like to provide you with some information about the slogan “It’s okay to be white.” It is not a “let’s everyone join hands and overlook one another’s differences” initiative.

      (The following information is from the ADL, Anti-Defamation League, website.)

      “It’s okay to be white” was popularized by the controversial online discussion group 4chan. The original idea was to choose an ostensibly innocuous slogan, put that slogan on flyers bereft of any other words or imagery, then put the flyers in public locations. Originators assumed that “liberals” would be incensed and pull down the flyers, thus proving that liberals didn’t even think it was okay to be white.

      Whether or not the originators were white supremacists, actual white supremacists picked up the slogan and started to promote the “It’s okay to be white” campaign, often adding links to white supremacist websites to the flyers, or combining the slogan with white supremacist language and imagery.

      The original flyer campaign took place in 2017 and a similar campaign took place at the same time in 2018, but use of the phrase has extended far beyond the flyer campaigns.

      • Thank you for adding this. Too many people look at what seems to be a benign statement and don’t understand the malignant background and intent.

      • And you are doing what Scott said most people do, using the quote and ignoring the context of how and why he used it.

        In a Rasmussen Reports poll that asked whether people agreed with the statement “It’s OK to be white.” Among Black respondents, 26% disagreed with the statement and 21% said they were not sure — a total of 47% who didn’t think it was OK to be white. He was pointing out that is racist. He also said that nobody would disagree with his two main points, which were “treat all individuals as individuals, no discrimination” and “avoid anything that statistically looks like a bad idea for you personally.” He also disavowed racists.
        I’ve listened to Scott for a long time, he’s brilliant and exaggerates a lot to make his points. He is calm, logical and a natural teacher. He purposely does not vote in order to not take sides, and has long stated his politics are Left of Bernie.
        Here is part of what he said:

        He’s been building up to getting cancelled for quite a while, I believe in order to make a point about cancel culture. He’s made his millions, he doesn’t need Dilbert though he’ll continue posting it on his website. I believe he will come out of this fine despite the terrible, predictable reporting that is happening. I noticed instead of his Twitter feed going down, it’s up by 25,000 since this happened.

  2. Marjorie; you stated that “Adam’s Chart is from memory”. Could there be a possibility of his Moon actually being in a “tight conjunction” with Neptune? Making his Solar Arc Pluto in Scorpio incredibly powerful. Transiting Pluto will square this Moon/Neptune conjunction, making confusion or suppressed feelings easily emerge. It is certainly within orb. Especially as the elements interplay will are air and water= mist/fog. Neptune and Pluto have mythological stories connection with the underworld. If the Moon is in Scorpio it would feel submerged or even fatigue? Venus could also be trining this conjunction. Which would tie in with the ease of loss of communication; something much loved? Uranus ( ruler of Aquarius) in Leo would square a Moon/Neptune conjunction – a sudden loss of a birth/creation. All this is hypothetical, yet would work.

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