Scotland – politicians fiddling as the economy burns

As an example of transformational government, the abject failure of the SNP in power in Scotland since 2007 makes one wonder what Pluto in Capricorn has really been doing. Educational standards have plummeted; on health, waiting lists are estimated in the worst cases to be 25 times higher than in England. The ferries service to Scotland’s islands is falling apart. There are too many ‘freebies’ – prescription charges, University tuition etc – and not enough economic growth to sustain the handouts

And now taxation is to rise sharply even for relatively low income earners which is likely to send the wealthy running for the border and make the economy less not more dynamic.

   Alex Salmond, a highly articulate and charismatic SNP politician, was sworn in as First Minister in May 2007 just as tr Pluto was poised to move in Capricorn and was succeeded in 2014 by Nicola Sturgeon who made her controversial exit in early 2023 as tr Pluto was about to move into Aquarius. So the SNP tenure has been firmly stamped by Pluto in Capricorn. The patriotic theme of Capricorn makes sense as does a degree of arrogance, and can go along with dictatorial regimes, but not the practical incompetence.  Nor the tiresome and toxic ranting cybernats who are still screaming blue murder if anyone voices  criticism = points out the truth.

 Scotland’s current GDP deficit is 15.1 per cent compared to the UK’s 5.2 per cent;  the annual public sector expenditure is currently almost £107 billion, while total revenue from taxation is only around £88 billion.

   Both the Scotland Devolution Act of 17 November 1998 and the Scottish Parliament opening 1 July 1999 are afflicted with quincunxes. The 1998 chart has Mars sextile Sun Venus inconjunct Saturn in Aries which requires maturity and self-discipline to make it work; otherwise it can be self-defeating. The 1999 chart has the Sun and Pluto on the focal point of two separate yods, the downside of which can be ego-centric and control-freaky if not handled skilfully.

The SNP chart, 7 April 1934 with its Aries Sun, Mars and Uranus opposition Jupiter square Pluto in Cancer opposition Moon was always going to be ramped up and in fighting form through the past decade. But that momentum has now faded. The Libra eclipse recently and the Aries eclipse in April 2024 will give the SNP chart a major jolt.

   An oddity en passant – Salmond was sworn in with a Taurus Sun conjunct Algol (square Neptune opposition Saturn). Sturgeon was sworn in with the Sun Saturn in Scorpio opposition Algol – so hugely potent energies were bubbling.

  I am still intrigued to know what is going on with the Scotland Act of Union (with England) chart 1 May 1707. It has a Taurus Sun square Jupiter Pluto in Leo so was always strongly tied together and was never going to be an easy split – which looks even less likely now. But there are hints of a shift with tr Uranus conjunct the Sun and square Pluto Jupiter in early 2024; with uncertainty mounting over the coming months as well from SA Neptune square the Saturn, followed in 2025 by SA Mars conjunct the Neptune which will be panicky and undermining.

 Not sure what any of this adds up to but interesting to see the SNP peak and retreat, as well as pressure mounting to revisit the terms of devolution perhaps. Politically the way ahead will not be clear since Scotland’s recent addiction to free entitlement is likely to lean them towards Labour but that won’t do the economy any good.

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  1. Blair devolved power to Scotland when Labour were in power and the SNP were more of an irritation. The assumption at the time was probably that Labour would continue to control Scottish politics. How wrong that was! If, as suspected, Labour claw back many Scottish seats at the next GE, would a Labour government actually compound the existing problem and, as some suspect, come up with Devo 2?

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