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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Marjorie! And shiny, joyful Yuletide greetings to everyone.

    In the seasonal spirit, amidst much chaos here, I looked at a bit of astrology for Wham’s “Last Christmas”, finally a Christmas number 1 hit after all these years. The transiting Nodes are exactly square George Michael’s natal Cancer/Capricorn Nodes, and have just passed the Capricorn Venus for the UK release, 3 December 1984, and Andrew Ridgeley’s natal Mercury, 22 Capricorn. Tr Venus in Scorpio is crossing the release date Saturn, and squaring George’s natal Saturn in Aquarius. For more old and new themes, tr Saturn opposes George’s natal Uranus in Virgo, while tr Uranus moves to square George’s natal Saturn. I still love that song!

  2. I suddenly realized the other day that the Esther Rantzen announcement came under a Mercury retrograde. So I wouldn’t be surprised if some kind of reversal is going to occur, if she will change her mind, if what she will get is not what she wanted to, or just generally if what now seems won’t be.

  3. Marjorie,

    Could you have a look at whether there are any parallels between the upcoming 2024 US elections and the 1892 elections, which saw the only other re-election of a former president who had lost the previous presidential election.

    Grover Cleveland had won the 1884 election, lost the 1888 election and then won reelection in 1892. He was thus the 22nd and the 24th President of the United States.

    Are there (a) parallels between the 1892 and the upcoming 2024 elections and (b) between Cleveland and Trump?

    Also, on another note, in 2024, there are elections in many of the world’s largest economies.

    The month of May or thereabouts will see elections to the European Parliament and to the Indian Lok Sabha. The US’s election is of course set for November 2024 and the UK’s election will be at some point in 2024.

    In your annual look at the year ahead for these countries, can you please look particularly at the elections in each of these major economies?

  4. Marjorie,

    Would you do a write-up about the awful mass shooting in Prague, Czech Republic if you get a chance? I read that 19 people will murdered.

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