Alternative therapies get Royal approval

A homeopath has not been appointed as head of the Royal Medical Household, despite all yowls from the tabloid press. A GP with an interest in complementary therapies alongside conventional medicine and a pioneer of ‘social prescribing’, Dr Michael Dixon has been chosen. The latter aims to help patients improve their mental and physical health by connecting them to activities and groups in their local community, taken up by the NHS in 2019 thanks largely to Dixon, who argued it could help with over-medicalisation and soaring health costs.

 Though the Royals have famously always been advocates of homeopathy with Queen Elizabeth, her father King George V1 and the Queen Mother all known to be users.

  Homeopathy has always been controversial and attracted hostile resistance since it was first mooted in 1796. Working on the basis that ‘likes cures like’, it dilutes down substances that cause ailments to a degree where the additive is chemically indistinguishable, which is what riles the purist medics.

 The original inspiration came from Samuel Hannemann, a German physician, 10 April 1755 11.59 pm, Meissen, Germany,  who regarded medical practices in his day as being ineffective and sometimes harmful. He was a pro-active Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aries, keen to take initiatives. He also had an inspirational Fire Grand Trine of Pluto in Sagittarius on his Ascendant trine Moon trine an 8th house Neptune. And a Mutable T Square of Jupiter in Virgo opposition an experimental Mars Uranus in Pisces square good-for-research Pluto. A focal point Pluto can uncover deeply buried truths but tends to attract hostile resistance since often the ideas proffered are before their time.

  His healer 12th harmonic is exceptionally strongly aspected.

  Dr Michael Dixon, 12 May 1952, is a good match with King Charles since MD’s Chiron falls in Chas’ 6th house; MD’s Jupiter is conjunct Chas’ 10th house Moon and MD’s Sagittarius Moon is probably conjunct Chas’ Jupiter. MD’s Neptune is conjunct Chas’ Venus and MD’s Taurus Sun falls in Chas’ 10th opposition his Sun.

  I have never found homeopathic remedies worked for me but I like a good many of the alternative therapies and approaches, especially acupuncture and some herbal remedies. The French who tend to be hypochondriacs have a multi-faceted approach. In recent years having major dental work done I would be given a prescription before each surgery for antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, painkillers and homeopathic remedies as well. On one occasion I was even give a prescription for opioid painkillers and homeopathic pills all on the same piece of paper. Weird.

  French pharmacies will also hand out Red Yeast Rice for bringing cholesterol down as an alternative to statins which friends who switched to it said worked well. Not all alternatives are sensible as Tina Turner found out having relied on them to bring her blood pressure down and they didn’t. So common sense helps as well.

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  1. For readers across the pond, is the Royal Medical Household influential only because of treating a small collection of very famous patients as a Personal Family Doctor? Or is this a position with sweeping political power, more akin to the U.S. Surgeon General or the official head of NHS? I’m trying to understand how Dr. Dixon’s treatment philosophy would be of such great interest to the public.

  2. Some physicians like Dr. Haushka promoted reliance on natural remedies provided by nature’s larder, the Bach remedies use the gentle but powerful effects from trees and flowers, a realm two steps away from humans, different to using animal organs which are only one step away from humans.
    Th homeopathic remedies derived from yew and mistletoe, which is parasite, are used to combat cancer which is another parasite, a case of like fights like.

  3. Jane, interesting your thoughts about the spaces between that reflect and maybe radiate outwards. There are various ideas about how homeopathy works, such as the memory of water concept, but nobody really can explain it completely. Rather like astrology, I feel. Work in progress, so that’s why I wonder if Pluto (digging deep) in Aquarius (scientific matters) may help as time goes on.

    And thank you everyone for your comments and contributions on other alternatives. My husband’s recovering from serious balance problems after a car accident (which happened on an eclipse which landed on his angular Uranus in Gemini three years ago) and although he cannot do his usual Qi Gong exercises standing up yet, as he falls over and can injure himself, (and he’s too heavy for me to easily pick him up again!) we have a good video of Qi Gong for doing the movements sitting down, and this really helps his energy and balance. Conventional medicine cannot explain the meridian concept such as is used in acupuncture and in Qi Gong and Tai Chi and Shiatsu massage , yet these systems have been used for thousands of years.

    • Can’t praise Shiatsu enough. I recall injuring my calf and literally couldn’t walk. Conventional medicine prescribed strong painkillers that produced negative side effects for me to the point of crying, for a week. I had a light bulb moment out of nowhere and googled Shiatsu. He saw me straight away and after an hour and a half session I walked out of that treatment room with a skip and a jump. No exaggeration.

  4. My partner has quite severe Parkinson’s disease and has benefitted greatly from Qi Yong exercises on YouTube therefore completely free. He is registered with an NHS consultant who was amazed when we told her about he was able to walk again after a few months practice whereas his prescription medicine has had little effect if any.

  5. It is encouraging to hear that properly trained doctors are looking to widen the way that patients are treated, moving away from allopathic medicine which treats the symptoms and beginning to look at the whole person, their circumstances, their environment, diet, etc.
    It is no coincidence that people in better off areas enjoy better health and that looking at circumstances it may improve the life style of those who live in poorer communities. A great many complementary treatments activate the whole person.

  6. In answer to El Aznar, the book Healing Negative Energies by Anne Jones may be of interest. It has been in print many years and translated into several languages.

    • Wow, Judy! Thank you so much! This seems like something that really one should study and probably apply. You’ve had positive experience with the method?

  7. Not really homeopathy, but speaking of “alternative”…

    Does anyone here believe thay you can somehow energetically be healed to stop attracting people that damage you and ending up in a job that is very difficult to deal with emotionally and in terms of energies it sucks out of you?

    And if it’s possible – how do you do it?

    I’ve encountered videos on YouTube with solfeggio frequencies, subliminals, reiki, tapping, probably some other stuff too, and I see in the comments people say it helped them so much, yet I can’t really say I got results.

    • Hello – I believe that depends on the cirlce/network of people. Those outsiders can become soul-sucks…yet others are easily avoided simply by walking away. This sounds corney…but your mileage will vary.

      • A wise woman told me a few years ago when I was retelling her a story about a man who as a new parent had to juggle sleepless nights with children not going to bed when they should (or waking up at night) and his daily job and who asked the Heavens Why me? that that is a wrong question – the right one is What can I do to change this?

        And I believe that, at least in part, she was right. But, on the other hand, it is difficult to understand why some stuff happens to certain people – why am I where I am and how is it that after years of trying to espace to better pastures I am still where I was. It’s easy to become itchy, fidgety, nervous, disappointed, drained.

        So maybe something alternative can spin the wheel in another – much better! – direction.

        • If it keeps happening then it is something to do with you and not the outside world or fate being hostile. Some alternative therapies may help but the ground rule in this situation is find yourself a decent psychotherapist and sort out what is going on in your pattern that attracts the negativity. Good luck

  8. The hospital where I worked used acupuncture in their Pain Clinic. This was funded by the NHS and they found it cost effective when other painkillers didn’t work.

  9. When I had a chronic pain condition about 10 years ago (Chiron was transit in my 6th) along with the meds and physio I had acupuncture which many physio clinics now offer. After about 12 sessions or so my pain was substantially reduced. I was desperate at the time and was willing to try anything and astonished at how effective the treatment was. There is no provable, scientific basis for Chinese acupuncture however. Apparently it was the Dutch East India Company that brought Chinese acupuncture to Europe in the 17th century.

  10. I love your recent article WHAT THE LOBSTER CAN TEACH ASTROLOGERS ABOUT CHANGE in the new issue of The Astrological Journal, Marjorie. Especially your succinct comments such as ‘Pluto deconstructs. Neptune undermines. Uranus blows up.’ How true!

    I also found your article here: Alternative therapies get Royal approval’ particularly interesting, as I’m a retired licensed homeopath and astrologer who ran a creative activities project in an NHS hospital in Cheshire for 20 years, where I introduced patients to their astrology charts and also gave talks about the beneficial uses of homeopathy. As well as using all the creative arts such as music, painting, poetry, creative writing, gardening etc with a wonderful team of dedicated Age UK volunteers, I also ran a separate clinic in this hospital in the Occupational Health Department for frazzled NHS staff and had many patients there who found the remedies I prescribed very helpful. With the permission of hospital consultants, and the relatives of some patients, I also treated coma patients with homeopathy as the doctors could not help them, and in some cases had some extraordinary recoveries, and these couldn’t be explained by saying it was ‘a placebo effect,’ as the patients were unconscious. This also applies to vets who use homeopathy with their animal patients.

    In my experience homeopathy is not the be-all and end-all religion that some homeopaths make it out to be, as it is a very difficult skill to master, but in many cases is very beneficial. When training in London, and Manchester I learnt the methods eminent Indian homeopaths such as Dr Sehgal, Dr Sankaran and Dr Banarjee who came to this country from their hospital work in India to give seminars, and when training we also had to learn conventional medicine and were required to spend many hours in clinics before we qualified. And when I trained for my Diploma with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, one of our tutors was Sue Tompkins, a registered homeopath and astrologer whose work I greatly admire.

    So there’s a lot more to learn when investigating alternative therapies, and I hope with Pluto going into Aquarius we can begin to understand more deeply about these areas, which can benefit us all if we are open-minded enough.

    • Very interesting Rohana. It occurs to me that some complementary therapies, possibly including homeopathy, might also work rather like harmonic charts do in astrology. And perhaps midpoints as well. That it is the spaces in between that reflect and radiate outwards, towards the more ‘earthbound’ points in a living creature?

      I’ve had excellent amateur results with horses, dogs and cats using animal friendly shiatsu type massage, and basic hands on healing techniques. Animals respond well to homeopathy, and I believe also acupuncture as well. Cranial-sacral osteopathy is another ‘alternative’ technique that is very effective for things like frozen shoulder, and general malaise of various kinds. Plus, it is hard to beat a full-on four handed ayurvedic massage, or Shirodhara where oil is slowing poured onto the forehead – extraordinarily relaxing, no drugs needed. I was sceptical until I tried it myself.

    • You are a gem! I’ve used homeopathic medicine my entire life, (I am 63) and found it much more helpful (and gentler) than traditional medicine, (for me). Having traveled to India since 1997, and while staying extended periods, I was introduced to the Ayurvedic approach to healing and lifestyle, which 100 percent works with my body/mind/soul. I’m a 35 year Vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker, and do a yoga practice. If the world could combined both systems of medicine, (Eastern and Western) we’d have a healthier world. Perhaps my Moon in Capricorn (conjunct Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn) is drawn to the ancient methods more than the modern ones. Acupuncture healed my gallbladder issues in the 1980’s- (and the white coats wanted to cut it out- I still have it). That made me a firm follower of alternative medicine. Thank you for your service and sharing!

  11. Thank you Marjorie. The tabloid “yowls” have been entertaining, and ridiculous. Dr Dixon is a fully qualified doctor, as you say. The reaction has been unbalanced too, since complementary medicine and therapies can be very helpful – osteopathy, for instance, which has been regarded as pseudoscience in some quarters. Botanicals, too, in many forms, often work very well and many contain powerful chemicals of course! Digitalis and salacin (like aspirin) from willow bark are two examples.

    I thought of another alternative Taurean, Sebastian Kneipp, 17th May 1821 – the foundations of his naturopathic philosophy were very sensible: hydrotherapy, good nutrition, exercise, and botanical medicine. He was German. Also Austrian Scorpio Dr Rudolf Hauschka (6th November 1891), who favoured a biodynamic approach, plus good nutrition. There are others, such as Swiss Dr. Bircher-Benner (22 August 1867), ‘inventor’ of muesli.

    These general ideas appear to have taken root in Europe, and continue to this day. Now doctors here in the UK are encouraged to ‘prescribe’ walking, socialising, and so on. As for good nutrition…..much needed, certainly here in the UK. And in many hospitals, where the food is simply atrocious.

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